15 Y.O Gorgeous Girl Wows Judges With Alicia Keys' Hit | Audition 1 | The X Factor UK 2017
Holly Tandy - The X Factor UK 2017 - Full Audition
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  • Kennetta Bradford
    Kennetta Bradford

    She is very pretty. She looks like a Victoria secret model

  • Tatum Noel
    Tatum Noel

    She doesnt even look 15. She looks like shes 18 or like 20 or somethin lol. Shes really pretty tho! 😊 Also shes got a really good voice!!! 😱

  • Leonie Arries
    Leonie Arries

    Wish I had a gramps

  • Renan Cunha
    Renan Cunha

    Totally Margot Kidder (Lois from Christopher Revees' Superman movies)!

  • glenn curley
    glenn curley

    She has such long fingers! She is special.

  • Yank ee
    Yank ee

    Talented girl. She's young and needs work. The lyrics to this song are terrible.

  • Andy Morgan
    Andy Morgan

    She is amazing !

  • Warren Albert
    Warren Albert

    Very well deserved.

  • William Wolfert
    William Wolfert

    Great voice beautiful young lady those eyes man

  • Edecio Paredes
    Edecio Paredes

    Another Victoria secret model. This baby girl is stunning...

  • Lucrecia Elliott
    Lucrecia Elliott

    Beautiful voice so talented!!!

  • Cynthia Williamson
    Cynthia Williamson

    She's good and much better than a lot I've heard.

  • Windy Slayman
    Windy Slayman

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  • Rosalie Caliendo
    Rosalie Caliendo

    Nice voice and see how proud her Grandfather is.

  • B Riley
    B Riley

    I think your a super star. X

  • Troy I
    Troy I

    The most beautiful smile ever.

  • Ed Ochs
    Ed Ochs

    A YES from me too...

  • Sergio Calvoso
    Sergio Calvoso

    Com esses olhos e sorrisos ela irá longe; Boa SORTE.

  • Melissa Hinson
    Melissa Hinson

    I love her. She's gorgeous and has that wonderful voice. She's only 15 here, too. Zowie! I love how she comes to the end of her song, and it's like, Boom. Period. It takes the judges a minute. Their like wait, what? Lol.

  • Olivia Wu Tran
    Olivia Wu Tran

    Holly Tandy is not a girl, she's a woman ❤️❤️

  • RC Stuff
    RC Stuff

    Someone needs to find this girl, work with her, refine some of the incredible potential she has, and then promote her to the world. There is something here that SHOULD NOT go to waste.

  • KeyofG

    I don't see how the judges are even questioning it. She's one of the best singers I've seen on the X Factor ever. Of any age.

  • prndownload

    Geez to get up there at 15 without even a mic in hand and perform directly to 4 celebrity judges like that is amazing. She nailed it too.

  • Core Puncher
    Core Puncher

    Is it me, or are those stoned eyes?

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    Tough song to sing and she did it justice.



  • Daffy BIgbear
    Daffy BIgbear

    Why aren’t there any social justice warriors bitching that the title is “gorgeous” girl. Why not just girl wows judges or non binary person identifying as female wows judges.

    • in ter
      in ter

      hilarious, notwithstanding that it was posted 3 years ago.

  • Dan

    No audience must be brutal for these young performers.

  • Harper Welch
    Harper Welch

    Thanks for posting her name.

  • Stacey Demory
    Stacey Demory

    Awwww I want to hug her grandpa…

  • Pamela Roach
    Pamela Roach

    My mom was British. I miss her so much.young lady has a beautiful smile and family and she's talented.

  • Anastasija Koch
    Anastasija Koch

    She's never 15 looks like 18 or older

  • Crag Jones
    Crag Jones

    zero chance she is 15 here..

  • Mercy T Panmei
    Mercy T Panmei

    I love this.... Can she just get more attention than she is getting now?

  • Jack Gallivan
    Jack Gallivan

    grandpa broke me

  • Frances Powell
    Frances Powell

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  • Chris Morgan
    Chris Morgan

    She might want to look into modeling.

  • Kathy Mateer
    Kathy Mateer

    When her grandpa started crying, so did I.

  • G Sandy
    G Sandy

    didn't understand Simons comment at all. She kllled it, but oversang it, Does Adele bring it... maybe she does the same

  • AM Distant
    AM Distant

    There's a thousand people I can get from the local mall that sing well. Singing is not a talent when a lot of people can do it.


    What a lovely girl, loved her accent as well as her voice but her face and personality are beyond all the words I could use to describe her!!!!!!!

  • clarissa

    I love how it says "schoolgirl" under her name , when she left school


    This title is slightly CREEPY but she can SANNG

  • Tony Donlin
    Tony Donlin

    So butiful! Great voice Great smile

  • Beth Watkins
    Beth Watkins

    I’m a happy American who worked for our democracy to prevail here again watching this lovely authentic young woman seeking to prevail. And she did. Brava all around. 🙋‍♀️

  • yazz y
    yazz y

    Uuumm.. are you sure she’s 15?!

  • Dash

    If she's 15 she's dangerous she's gonna get alot of guys in trouble!!


    15 no way, surely not, looks easy 20

  • P Dig
    P Dig

    Appsolutely beautiful when a parent or grandparent cries it's just so special you could see how proud they are of their child / grandchild love this !!!

  • Q sent me
    Q sent me

    She has it all. 2021

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith

    She deserved better comments!

  • Deborah Hoffman
    Deborah Hoffman

    Simon 🔴 let her be her.

  • Linda Densmore
    Linda Densmore

    Some people are just born perfect

  • Annie And Maisie
    Annie And Maisie

    I'm not even joking she came to my school when I was in year 2 her full name is holly Tandy she is from mappwell Barnsley in England and came to well gate primary school

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Amazing she is here singing this historical song by Alcoa keys so brave so well done by Holly Tandy here wow wish her well in her journey n happy new year 2021 to her n all people here

  • James2020


  • Rob Relevant
    Rob Relevant

    Singing modeling skys the limit for her.

  • Simon Pilkington
    Simon Pilkington

    No way does she look 15.. more like 21...

  • Danny M
    Danny M

    i got fear bumps listening to her

  • Vince Stubits
    Vince Stubits

    Gorgeous and her voice is beautiful also!!!!

  • Jane Hunter
    Jane Hunter

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  • Geopan Heating & Plumbing - Lennox dealer, HVAC contractor
    Geopan Heating & Plumbing - Lennox dealer, HVAC contractor

    You make me cry with happiness. So talented. 💖your determination🙏

  • Phil Minty
    Phil Minty

    Seeing you people drool over a 15 year old child is disturbing

  • Jane Hunter
    Jane Hunter

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  • Diane Hutchinson
    Diane Hutchinson

    Proud Grampa🥰

  • BobsArtGallery

    What a charming beautiful sweet good singer...

  • My Funny Grandkids
    My Funny Grandkids

    She was great

  • lee beckett
    lee beckett

    any one think missy booth ackley bridge

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez

    Es maravillosa en su vix

  • Katina Botten
    Katina Botten

    I think she is gorgeous

  • Loriann Schlagdenhaufen
    Loriann Schlagdenhaufen

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  • PAULO Bernardesss
    PAULO Bernardesss

    Este silencio...depois de uma apresentacao...dsaaa...coroa...rnaltece

  • joanne smith
    joanne smith

    damn them eyes and that smile wow . stunning looking and great singer

  • Nia Granger
    Nia Granger

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  • Phung Tien vo
    Phung Tien vo

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  • Manawanui Tini
    Manawanui Tini

    🧡🖤💗 Holly Tandy 👍🏼Thank you xo

  • Belarmino Bautista
    Belarmino Bautista

    Nicole: I like you... you were looking at us in our eyeballs I'm died 😂

  • big d
    big d

    I forgot she was only 15 😮😮😍😍

  • Dan Luther
    Dan Luther


  • carnelious jordanous
    carnelious jordanous

    why she look 23 though?😮

  • Hunter Logan
    Hunter Logan

    --- very nice family!!

  • Paul Price
    Paul Price


  • Dennis Ryan
    Dennis Ryan

    Biggest beautiful blue eyes ever!

  • martin barkley
    martin barkley

    Awwww....So Happy for her Grandad to be there. She does look twice her age. Is that a British thing ?

  • Ayre John
    Ayre John

    She has the most gorgeous eyes.

  • Ava Telep
    Ava Telep

    the look on her face when they were silent... omg im deadddddd

  • Robert Abraham
    Robert Abraham

    What???? 15! Holy Smoke Looks to match the voice!

  • honey 24
    honey 24

    Holly: "I'm 15 years old" Me: "Liar, liar, plants for hire"

  • Rich Jake
    Rich Jake

    And this is how men go to jail.

    • honey 24
      honey 24

      This girl looks MUCH older than 15! Wow! Her demeanor fits someone in their 20s!

  • Madz Channel
    Madz Channel

    I did panto with holly

  • Nia Granger
    Nia Granger

    why she look 23 though?😮

  • jay cao
    jay cao

    those heels were higher than my grades when i was in high school

    • Giona Grace
      Giona Grace

      Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • charles incharge
    charles incharge

    she looks double her age, is it the makeup?

  • Phung Tien vo
    Phung Tien vo

    Something about her reminds me of Lucy hale, I think it's the smile or the nose?

  • ben pikulski
    ben pikulski

    nfw she is 15

  • JohnMac

    girls like this are why 40 year old guys get into trouble.

  • Anna Costa
    Anna Costa

    Girls nowadays look much older than they are. When I was 15, even 17 I looked like a child. Maybe because people from my generation didn't wear that much make up. She is definitely talented and gorgeous, but looks much older.

  • vinobody

    here in France Vanessa Paradis started her a carreer at the same age with similar looks and attitude...

  • Tony Watts
    Tony Watts

    Wise beyond her years.

  • ted evans
    ted evans

    Wow , she can sing and she looks at least 20+ , what a gorgeous young girl ! She will be a star for sure. After seeing some of the nightmare singers , why were the judges almost not saying yes ? Nicole was being funny with her yes , but the others seemed not really convinced . I think they need to look back at their worst contestants and appreciate ones like this girl , MORE !

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