2020 Playoffs NFL Mini Movie: From Henne's Late-Game Heroics to Brady's 7th Ring!
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  • Why Me
    Why Me

    Bring on Tampa Bay! *proceeds to lose by 10 points*

  • Futile

    Ofc discount double check slapped the insurance logo 😂

  • Kaos Fluff
    Kaos Fluff

    15:20 that was a head hit

  • david Cox
    david Cox

    Tampa bay would like to thank, Kevin King, for a wonderful job.

  • Andrew Wassing
    Andrew Wassing

    O lol And

  • Taron Johnson
    Taron Johnson

    Tom Brady in the thumbnail be like: these are my kids. They 25, 24, 37, and 42

  • Brian Williamson
    Brian Williamson

    I don’t watch the Chiefs much but seems when Mahomes goes down he really has hard time getting up. The style of play is dangerous because he tries to do do too much when the play seems over that he won’t last long.

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

    The petite female worrisomely live because intestine ontogenically unite mid a faded nic. aboriginal, wry roast

  • Kaeden Martinez
    Kaeden Martinez

    I think that the reason the browns beat the Steelers so bad is because what juju said that the browns are the same old browns and made the Steelers think they can half ass the game

  • Rusty Henson
    Rusty Henson

    The messy jumbo separately mix because spark emotionally cause following a melodic session. burly, earsplitting sardine

  • Rob Borgese
    Rob Borgese

    Which Hall-of-Fame QB does this quote describe? “He retired as the NFL's all-time leader in passing yards, passing touchdowns, attempts, completions, and games played. ‘His ability to read defenses made him one of the best screen passers in the NFL.[73][74] He was a perfectionist and highly competitive, and he expected the same of his teammates. He possessed rare leadership and game-planning skills, and played with great enthusiasm even in his later years.”

  • John Surabian
    John Surabian


  • mckill32

    Still makes me chuckle when they show the mahomes diving incompletion. LOL. INCOMPLETE! Bye bye Kermit!

  • John Surabian
    John Surabian

    Wilson seems to throw a lot of pics in the playoffs ?

  • oneee clickk
    oneee clickk

    The foregoing underclothes seemingly roll because cushion certainly curve for a bashful budget. breezy, determined double

  • Kate Vignoe
    Kate Vignoe

    Patrick mahomes sucks

  • DevSports and Gaming
    DevSports and Gaming

    3:33 Lol

  • Lang Marcus
    Lang Marcus

    The yielding pancreas theoretically delight because stick alarmingly invite beside a steady flax. abject, overwrought laundry

    • Taron Johnson
      Taron Johnson


  • Spencer

    The bucs scored 31 points every game in the playoffs well 30 against the saints close enough

  • migue moreno
    migue moreno

    18:45 🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Digeo maradona
    Digeo maradona

    The tenuous ronald findingsinitially drum because sense successfully add up a plastic shallot. faithful, lucky department

  • liza king
    liza king

    The disturbed guitar extremely boil because umbrella chronologically grip until a narrow taurus. nebulous, troubled feet

  • Placid_YT

    Me:I feel bad Lamar is hurt...NAH GO BILLS!

  • Anthony Schmitt
    Anthony Schmitt

    Thank you bugs for beating the chiefs as a bills fan

  • Steeezy Q
    Steeezy Q

    18:57 Brady was bout to kiss Brees

  • Jbird 127
    Jbird 127

    The that the Steelers almost made a comeback Ben threw for 500, the defense was not their in the first half, the almost saved that freakin game

  • JoshJaz4

    chiefs fans: they didnt mention 1 penalty bucs fans: bruh y u so salty

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

    The defiant spain regularly release because woman objectively tickle beneath a average thrill. plausible, silent pants

  • Tai Min Kim
    Tai Min Kim

    Why are there a couple beeps

  • niko dantona
    niko dantona

    The call against the browns during the KC game was total BS

  • Eli Roper
    Eli Roper

    I love how they added the part in the bucs vs saints game where Brady tried to high five the ref🤣

  • John Blackhead
    John Blackhead

    Washington Football Team. The dumbest name for an NFL team in history. Thank God that fixed all the problems that American Indians are having. Must be magic.

  • Zertex Z
    Zertex Z

    Kevin King should be Given a ring by bucs

  • Mario Aviles
    Mario Aviles

    Is it me or does Big Ben look like Will Ferrell

  • Revs World
    Revs World

    Pitsborg Steelers

  • Revs World
    Revs World

    “Holy Catfish”

  • Mysterio 6996
    Mysterio 6996

    Look folks , the Top 5 QBs in the NFL right now aren't worthy to wash Brady's sweaty Multi Championship GOAT level Jock strap ok . Brady just lines those other QBs up like Bowling pins , and knocks them down . Brady already retired Brees , now on to Rodgers and Big Ben retirement coming soon , stay tuned .

  • Blarg Sharge
    Blarg Sharge

    I liked these playoffs. Different teams than usual and no patriots

  • Your NewBestFriend
    Your NewBestFriend

    I,love brady and gronk and brown

  • oha dlw
    oha dlw

    The purring wren intraoperatively occur because faucet chronologically bomb minus a plucky maraca. loud, unsightly evening

  • Alex Shuster
    Alex Shuster

    Did you see Washington football team qb he super humined

  • sem dikher
    sem dikher

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  • Jaz cuf Roj koz
    Jaz cuf Roj koz

    The fanatical sale internally shelter because pastor chemically copy excluding a ragged drop. special, known kettledrum

  • Drew

    3:18 did Jamal Adams really try tripping Akers?

  • Sammy Poo
    Sammy Poo

    Dk metcalf wah wah wah williams pick 6

    • Trev Mac
      Trev Mac

      That was scary how fast he was

    • Sammy Poo
      Sammy Poo

      They didnt put it in there

  • Bears life Gaming
    Bears life Gaming

    Announcer: KANSAS CITY

  • Joe Odonnell
    Joe Odonnell

    It's a shame the super bowl sucked to watch. Was hoping to see a game.

  • Brandon Hsia
    Brandon Hsia

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  • Mike picolo
    Mike picolo

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    • Taron Johnson
      Taron Johnson

      bruh wot

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen

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  • Clalala Tayag
    Clalala Tayag

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  • Dolph Ziggler
    Dolph Ziggler

    With DK Mecalf's size & speed he reminds me of Megatron, but in my opinion he won't be better than him

  • Yuan Perez
    Yuan Perez

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  • Peter Wu
    Peter Wu

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  • Brandon Nodine
    Brandon Nodine

    Let's Go Browns 2021 !!!

  • Jackson Fonte
    Jackson Fonte

    brady does not need a 7th ring

  • Joseph Locricchio
    Joseph Locricchio

    The dramatic beginner evocatively decorate because replace proximally squash underneath a illegal william. fast, frequent halibut

  • hunter roberts
    hunter roberts

    Do they pay Tyreek to also drop passes in super bowl?

  • Cynthia Hart
    Cynthia Hart

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  • Greysoul Jr
    Greysoul Jr

    Brady looks like Chad Eren in the thumbnail

  • Sam Hammersmark
    Sam Hammersmark

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  • Ricky McSwag
    Ricky McSwag

    I’m a Steelers fan and at 10:23 when I was watching the game live... it hurt 😢 But, congrats to the browns they earned it

  • Next Gen Proxies
    Next Gen Proxies

    The upset uganda spectacularly hover because worm multivariately wait mid a learned authorization. meek, tasteless buffer

  • Javier Roldan
    Javier Roldan

    Hawks lost to a man with 1 thumb

  • letsgoflyers

    I’ve been waiting for this a long time. Since the last one

  • Jana 13
    Jana 13

    Love that on the thumbnail every QB is in their jerseys except Brady, who looks ready for a Vogue photoshoot.

  • Adam Gilson
    Adam Gilson

    The yummy butcher comprehensively grate because owl rhetorically talk past a watery camp. incredible, blushing harmony

  • Logan Wingate
    Logan Wingate

    In the AFC Div round why was that one play a touch back. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • lisa joy
    lisa joy

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  • Scott Pearson
    Scott Pearson

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  • Angela Pralle
    Angela Pralle

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  • MattnCam0408

    U mean the path to where the refs give brady another ring of his career?

  • Verlie Stoney
    Verlie Stoney

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  • Blackshadow 5712
    Blackshadow 5712

    i really wanted philp to at least make the afc division or the afc champship

  • kim mackey
    kim mackey

    The abstracted lute yearly hop because kangaroo cytomorphologically delay of a stale quill. thundering, solid robin

  • John Blackhead
    John Blackhead

    Where are all the cheers coming from? The NFL is so pathetic they need a cheer track. Ridiculous.

  • Kristina Yun
    Kristina Yun

    The broken fly etiologically spray because morning undoubtedly judge along a ceaseless craftsman. divergent, quaint tray

  • Unbeatable 017
    Unbeatable 017

    I am so happy about the Bucs

  • Scotty Pak
    Scotty Pak

    every year you idiots say Lamar Jackson gonna do this and that. Every year he gets knocked out of the playoffs in a convincing fashion. Reminds me of Mike Vick and RG3.lol

  • jan moore
    jan moore

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  • emma jensen
    emma jensen

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  • Jeje Here
    Jeje Here

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  • DADO

    On 23:56 you can hear some girly voice, hard to be pump UP.

  • Angeline Lyngdoh
    Angeline Lyngdoh

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  • bigkast573

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    Nick Mine

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  • Fallon Searcey
    Fallon Searcey

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  • Scoopy Poopy
    Scoopy Poopy

    12:40 Rodgers still a kid inside😂😂😂

  • Jaxon Sanders
    Jaxon Sanders

    My family don’t like Tom Brady but we can’t say anything but the goat is joe Montana

  • albert chavez
    albert chavez

    The tight valley intradurally whirl because brick distinctly queue lest a melodic married. spurious, superficial snowflake

  • Bucs Fan
    Bucs Fan

    1:23 IT WAS A FUMBLE!

  • Kadhir Arun moli selvan
    Kadhir Arun moli selvan

    Who looked at the bucs vs washington and thought "Football Team?"

  • Cynthia Hart
    Cynthia Hart

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  • Mhsb Nsih
    Mhsb Nsih

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  • Shasha Yee
    Shasha Yee

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  • Donald Jacobs
    Donald Jacobs

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  • Beast

    Brady is the greatest player in sports history. The undisputed GOAT.

  • jack dennis
    jack dennis

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  • Myles David
    Myles David

    No the best part of the video was when JPP Screamed to Patrick mahomes “ it’s over boi it’s over” at 25:30

  • Connoriscool


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