37 Y.O Mom With an ANGEL VOICE Leaves Judge In TEARS!
Rachael Wooding
Britain's Got Talent Audition

  • Rosa Couto
    Rosa Couto

    Beautiful voice love 🥰❤🙏👼

  • Theronimus


  • Arfa Kamyabipour
    Arfa Kamyabipour

    What an angelic voice ✨🌺⭐️👏 bravo bravo 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Shivani Arya
    Shivani Arya

    Wow God bless this mother stay safe and healthy 🙏

  • Nicolae Vaceff
    Nicolae Vaceff


  • Luísa Drummond
    Luísa Drummond

    Espectacular. Voz surpreendente.

  • Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson

    I think the judges are idiots,tear them down instead of inspiring confidence. Was in solo contest,they told you how to be better and come back.

  • Gussy Gatlin
    Gussy Gatlin

    Amazing... The audience was captivated.

  • celinou piper
    celinou piper


  • Marika Namaste
    Marika Namaste

    Magnifique 🧡🧡🧡

  • Rintluangi

    What a melody voice.... I love her❤️

  • Cecelia Aherne
    Cecelia Aherne


  • Jemi Alima
    Jemi Alima


  • Manote Lertsakornsiri
    Manote Lertsakornsiri

    So beautiful and wonderful voice, perfect performance


    an angel felt on earth

  • Maddalena Roma
    Maddalena Roma


  • Daniel Pendleton
    Daniel Pendleton


  • RushPlayz

    She has a real beautiful voice

    • RushPlayz

      I'll be her biggest fan ever

    • RushPlayz

      Hope she become an a actual singer

  • Dale Rigdon
    Dale Rigdon

    Why didn’t she get the golden buzzer she was absolutely fantastic the most professional I’ve never seen what the crap you guys off your game that’s talent

  • Cleuza Oliveira
    Cleuza Oliveira


  • Toni McBride
    Toni McBride

    Who sings this song omg it’s gorgeous google sent me on a wild goose chase please y’all who sings this song

  • Fumetsu-

    i imagine when we go to heaven a voice similar to hers speaks to us

  • Charles Colt - Canal Oficial
    Charles Colt - Canal Oficial

    Parabéns isso sim é Cantar de verdade, ela tem grave e agudo e libera a voz com muita suavidade, segurança e respeita os intervalos das notas musicais.

  • Marc Filli
    Marc Filli

    Simon, do you have feel somrthings around you 2 ears!!!! So we have different definintion of feelings...

  • W R Sporing
    W R Sporing

    A beautiful mom with a beautiful voice.....well done young lady.

  • Maya Silliman
    Maya Silliman

    Never underestimate age!

  • Jeffrey Snyder
    Jeffrey Snyder


  • Lucyna Blacha
    Lucyna Blacha


  • Glenn Whitt
    Glenn Whitt

    Perfect, beautiful

  • Rene Morales
    Rene Morales

    I'm not crying you are..😭

  • Brad Mossman
    Brad Mossman

    They should do AGT for original songs. That would be interesting.

  • Brad Mossman
    Brad Mossman

    Good voice, but not great. She needs to sing originals that grab people.

  • Kathleen Pecoraro
    Kathleen Pecoraro

    Loved it but I love the lady named Shawn better. Shawn made me cry and had she been able to sing longer I think many would agree with me. If you're not sure who I mean I think if you type in" Simon stops mom the watch what happens"

  • Primitive Cooking Kh
    Primitive Cooking Kh

    Wow very good

  • Robert Foster
    Robert Foster

    Lovely :)

  • Pat Smith
    Pat Smith

    Her baby is really cute. One think I don’t understand is when they talk they speak with that horrible accent but then they sing with beautiful diction. They need the Professor from “My Fair Lady.”

  • Lion Ness
    Lion Ness


  • easy life
    easy life

    The stupid lumber understandably x-ray because radar normally exercise than a invincible faucet. forgetful, unequal november

  • Trevor Spring
    Trevor Spring

    I've watched this video a dozen times and each and every time she gives me a gift. I feel, I cry and I'm thankful that I found this video, it's life and she is just real. Thank you.

  • Benny Scooby
    Benny Scooby

    You're so beautiful and you sound amazing. Theresa 🐘

  • Edleide Barbosa dos santos
    Edleide Barbosa dos santos


  • Jim Verbaere
    Jim Verbaere

    WOW !!!!!! Beautiful, absolutely Beautiful

  • Les White
    Les White

    Me: Hear how she hits her note dead-on with no wavering, holds the note steady......... Then adds vibrato. THAT'S professional, AND it's CLASSY! My 16-year-old: "gonna need-a bucket an-a mop..." Me: [puts evil, mean, ugly and scary-looking revolver to head]

  • Roseli Salino
    Roseli Salino

    Cadê os BR?

  • jack Lee
    jack Lee

    She gave a concert of a lifetime I'm speechless

  • Just Rosie Moore
    Just Rosie Moore

    Absolutely beautiful voice

  • Mpho Mosebekoa
    Mpho Mosebekoa

    She sings her heart out,with passion, I honestly love it

  • Claudia Regina Matas Lopes
    Claudia Regina Matas Lopes

    The angel!

  • mc cram
    mc cram

    Beautiful!! 💖


    She is Good! ;) \O/ :) )))) \O/

  • Dana Sharkey
    Dana Sharkey


  • Jim Gillenwater
    Jim Gillenwater

    Best I've heard. Don't know how old this is but she is good.

  • Robert Mccloskey
    Robert Mccloskey

    She is beautiful

  • Kimberly Beck
    Kimberly Beck

    Beautiful, and talented

  • Cleunice Alvez
    Cleunice Alvez

    Q voz linda

  • Arnhem frost
    Arnhem frost

    Omg ...i missed this one ..

  • Eduardo Lopes
    Eduardo Lopes

    Alguém por favor sabe o nome dessa música? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Rosalie Caliendo
    Rosalie Caliendo

    What a beautiful voice.♥️

  • Tina Burge
    Tina Burge

    Wow!!! 💕

  • krimo lous
    krimo lous


  • barcrrt

    She is absolutely lovely. She knows how to sing and her personality is perfect.

  • Adilson vip
    Adilson vip

    Este programa é muito bom.

  • Valdir Humberto de Campos Vieira
    Valdir Humberto de Campos Vieira

    Linda linda kkk

  • Annie D33
    Annie D33


  • Vandecir Prizon
    Vandecir Prizon

    Bravo, bravissimo

  • Melika Terfa
    Melika Terfa

    wow wow wow

  • Melika Terfa
    Melika Terfa


  • Melika Terfa
    Melika Terfa

    i love it

  • Marcia Peacock
    Marcia Peacock

    Beautiful I've watched this numerous times.

  • Fatima Bueno
    Fatima Bueno

    Indiscultivelmente,maravilhosa e abençoada apresentação.

  • Leda Maia
    Leda Maia

    Brasilllll Rio🇧🇷

  • Cida Silva - CS
    Cida Silva - CS

    Muito Top! Ameiiii.

  • Maria Zenaide
    Maria Zenaide

    Maravilhosa uma canção muito linda Deus a abençoe vc e sua família tenha uma maravilhosa semana FICA com Deus e nossa senhora Aparecida cubra com seu manto sagrado

  • cassilda conceicao
    cassilda conceicao

    Lindo demais 😍

  • Leticia Tomas
    Leticia Tomas

    Muita comversa.

  • António Dias
    António Dias

    Mas que maravilhosa voz ! Parabéns

  • Pj Brennan
    Pj Brennan

    Why not

  • Pérola Simão
    Pérola Simão

    Bravo nossa canta muitooooo lindaaa princesa 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😭😭😭😭chorei voz divina ela têm 👏👏👏👏😘😘😘❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍👑

  • Robert Bruce
    Robert Bruce

    She was lovely, Simon shoulda stood up.

  • mariline lola
    mariline lola

    Elle chante formidablement bien chapeau bas Mme

  • regisleray

    quel est me titre de cette chanson?

    • regisleray

      le titre

  • Ae Elliott
    Ae Elliott

    The tiresome sprout universally knock because promotion recently trust from a striped canadian. straight, joyous back

  • Miriam Vitipo
    Miriam Vitipo

    Tem melhor que ela não achei tanto assim

  • Regina Castello
    Regina Castello


  • Range Chave
    Range Chave

    Essa cantora tem uma luz interior, sicera e cativante, que Deus a proteja na sua vida

  • Donald Banks
    Donald Banks

    Her voice is so beautiful 👍👍🏆🥇🥇.

  • VMTKS Daynalia
    VMTKS Daynalia

    Magnifique une superbe voix

  • Mario Cesari
    Mario Cesari


  • Marco Antonio Aguilar Pacheco
    Marco Antonio Aguilar Pacheco

    Hay que recordar que ser mamá es un trabajo de tiempo completo

  • mauricio ma
    mauricio ma

  • Aon Aon
    Aon Aon

    The false familiar famous correspondent undoubtedly slow because creature decisively wail aside a domineering newsstand. cloistered, highfalutin half-brother

  • Elziane Gonçalves
    Elziane Gonçalves

    Adorei essa música na voz dela ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙌

  • Lisa Glenn
    Lisa Glenn

    The rustic pakistan understandably moor because step-mother endogenously list on a typical edge. frequent, historical purpose

  • Eliany Vitória
    Eliany Vitória

    Q música é essa??

  • Ademir Figueira Figueira
    Ademir Figueira Figueira

    Voz linda e canta muito, maravilhosa, emocionante!!!

  • Abigail Nascimento
    Abigail Nascimento

    Grande merda essa desgraça.


    Extraordinário 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Zaynab Safar
    Zaynab Safar

    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Larry Elwood
    Larry Elwood

    A mom with deep passion and heart Bless you and thanks!

  • nancy colt
    nancy colt

    Rachel is adorable

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