Adopted By MOBS In Minecraft!
This little Minecraft Player gets adopted by Minecraft Monsters!?
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  • Robson Pacheco
    Robson Pacheco

    why is Ein so dum and why does Ein like gold

  • Sophia Mckean
    Sophia Mckean

    It’s weird that they gave her what what they are made of

  • Nicholas Matthews
    Nicholas Matthews

    I meant did mention

  • Nicholas Matthews
    Nicholas Matthews

    Game fury didn't mention that endermans are made of humans that didn't have normal fruit that go to the end and they run out of normal food so they had to go with Cora fruit date so much chorus fruit that they have the power to tell teleport on their own

  • Franchesca Khloe Dela Paz
    Franchesca Khloe Dela Paz

    Kawaichan is so nice and sweet but Ein is the only one that looses a bed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • azhar ghazali
    azhar ghazali

    Are you adopted

  • Madisen Hemphill
    Madisen Hemphill


  • Olivia Panichella
    Olivia Panichella

    Adopted by mobs? Should have not done that!

  • rebecca may
    rebecca may

    or a frender men XD

  • 大大米

    Aphmau No!

  • 大大米


  • Iqbal Jafri
    Iqbal Jafri

    She always sleeps in Eins bed

  • Emily Chavez
    Emily Chavez

    I love your videos

  • KV - 01KJ 920417 Ridgewood PS
    KV - 01KJ 920417 Ridgewood PS

    Aphmau is the best

  • Henry Portillo
    Henry Portillo

    Bruh adopted my wolf's bees dragons and now mobs?

  • mim g
    mim g

    What mod did you use for this video me and my cousin really want to play it

  • Rina Ramy
    Rina Ramy

    Being a ender man is cool because ender man can blink and move blocks

  • muza Nurrizki
    muza Nurrizki

    Nheddy Dccxxc😂

  • Julian Davila
    Julian Davila

    The kid is so cute ☺️

  • Julian Davila
    Julian Davila


  • Julian Davila
    Julian Davila


  • Abigail Burnett
    Abigail Burnett

    Baby Aphmau is soo cute all so much more cute than a panda

  • Caleb Gadiel Gomez Paez
    Caleb Gadiel Gomez Paez

    🍫🥠🍙🍚🍘. 10’0000000000 Fuc

  • Bich Bui
    Bich Bui

    Noi:rotten flesh!! Kawaii~chan:true!! Me:don't you drop rotten flesh-?

  • 80sdodo


  • West Africa Trades
    West Africa Trades

    Yeah she is cute

  • roselys betancourt
    roselys betancourt


  • komal savdekar
    komal savdekar

    Aphmau always take eins bed

  • komal savdekar
    komal savdekar

    Aphmau is so cute as a baby

  • Azliana Ismail
    Azliana Ismail

    I love when aphamu shoot ein and making noise is cute

  • King Chheng
    King Chheng

    ha a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • wonkier gruff
    wonkier gruff


  • Maria Paiva Paiva
    Maria Paiva Paiva

    Z a n e

  • Nik aminuddin Bai saladin
    Nik aminuddin Bai saladin

    Im sarmte if you want to kill a ender man use a boat

  • Nik aminuddin Bai saladin
    Nik aminuddin Bai saladin

    Butt wy ahmau is ussing a sword is usslse axe haas 9 and 13 damage go luke at the axe Lol

  • Nik aminuddin Bai saladin
    Nik aminuddin Bai saladin

    A golden hoe is usselse

  • Nik aminuddin Bai saladin
    Nik aminuddin Bai saladin

    I know minecraft and ahmau is cutee butt ein is rigth gold is faster dan diammonds

  • Nik aminuddin Bai saladin
    Nik aminuddin Bai saladin

    Wy i luke at ender man is so cute if a creeper head i wrea it and i lukeat the ender man

  • Dylan Comia
    Dylan Comia

    Noi is cute

  • Dianna Morales
    Dianna Morales


  • Metzeri Sandoval Cintora
    Metzeri Sandoval Cintora

    When he says Awwwwww it is kinda funny😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Dãisy_gírl

    When aph said "im not zombie!" She sounded like little miss fortune!

  • じゃろべ・実況ch

    It's a comment from Japan. Thank you for making good movies on BG-chat all the time

  • Ayen Cabatino
    Ayen Cabatino

    Aphmau i love all or ur vids! I still cal you aphmau btw XD And this is my favorate video ( Adopted By MOBS in Minecraft!) Thx for the vids That cheers me up!

  • •Audrey Humaira Gaming YT•
    •Audrey Humaira Gaming YT•

    I love how ein in all of adopted His always like "I do not trust that baby"

  • Harsahaj dhaliwal
    Harsahaj dhaliwal

    Aphmau has been adopted by her friends like a lot

  • Sugar kawaii cookie Aka infected Kitsune
    Sugar kawaii cookie Aka infected Kitsune

    enderman is like a cat dosent like water but can pick up blocks

  • That One Ravenclaw Potterhead
    That One Ravenclaw Potterhead

    Ein in every single episode after kawaiichan says were going to adopt her : WHAT

    • Derek Watson
      Derek Watson

      Ikr it’s so funny

  • Star fox and daily nights nights
    Star fox and daily nights nights

    I love how Aphmau shoots ein with the explosive arrow

  • Yuki Lu
    Yuki Lu

    Did anyone have seen the adopted by bees???

    • Yuki Lu
      Yuki Lu

      Tell me if you have seen it!!!!

  • [Dark_ XxxXxx•
    [Dark_ XxxXxx•

    fun at 7:15 I got jump scared

  • Kary Reid
    Kary Reid

    When Ein went in the water and died it scared me!

  • Chico Flores
    Chico Flores

    Can you make a video before to death Of cows

  • bhargavi m
    bhargavi m

    Yes 👏 and his kids have been doing the kids and he has a good time to attend the kids and lwyay

  • MrTeenwolf82

    Please i wanna join your group but i am just a kid and my dad or mom will probably not register😢

  • Fern Fun
    Fern Fun

    Your in creative again Aphmau

  • Di Gamson
    Di Gamson

    Every time she gets adopted she sleep in ein's bed XD

    • Henry Juarez
      Henry Juarez


  • The Bois
    The Bois

    enderman get shot by bow and is in water

  • Yishen Hey i like get
    Yishen Hey i like get


  • NickMortuus

    I love minecraft

  • Lexi Paul
    Lexi Paul

    How are adotid by dragons to

  • Cully Johnson
    Cully Johnson


  • Gebra Flower
    Gebra Flower

    Okay so one night you turned into a zombie and then you go on the part is the Somerley

  • Maggie Nickerson
    Maggie Nickerson

    You should do adopted by cats

  • Charlyuledivian

    Say fair your family

  • KaRyzma Riddick
    KaRyzma Riddick

    Her voice sounds like Kim aphmau new friend kim?

  • Swift Gaming
    Swift Gaming

    Noi and Aphmau are the Most Adorable Duo

  • Alice Almahamid
    Alice Almahamid

    Kawi chan is in love with zane

  • Lillyyahla LillyHolmes
    Lillyyahla LillyHolmes


  • • Chi Fnaf •
    • Chi Fnaf •

    The fact that Ein could actually make a good father role for her is adorable- I mean... just think about it: if Ein actually put his mind to it he could fulfill a bit of the things a father needs too. He also is kind of fond of Baby Aphmau and though Kawaii~Chan mainly fills out the part as Baby Aph’s mother, Ein could potentially put her out of the parent spot. He cares for Baby Aph’s safety (when he says “Just be careful with them” or “don’t hurt yourself” or something along those lines when he gives her the ender pearls) however Kawaii~Chan and Noi never said that as far I can tell. They only tried to teach her stuff and became worried when Pierce stole her. Enderman Ein as a dad to Baby Aph would be adorable though, ngl. Sorry for the long comment/rant or whatever you wanna call it, just wanted to point out how cute this would be. :> Edit: Would also like to point out in the beginning he talks to her as if he was her dad, “Put that bow away, Missy!” Or something like that. Also he was the first one she saved when it would have been easier to save Noi and Kawaii~Chan (she could of easily shot the arrow from where she was and then gone to save Ein). Also the fact that she could have taken Noi and Kawaii~Chan’s bed (after their friendly impression with her) she chose Ein’s bed (who wasn’t fond of her at first but grew to be a dad-like figure to her). Also he was still a bit worried for her when she jumped in the water unlike Kawaii~Chan and Noi. I still think it’s so dang cute- I wanna call Ein “Enderdad” so badly lol

  • P Green
    P Green

    Ein: well hello there little girl Aphmau: I can't look at him pow Ein:haaaaa

  • gaming with wolf moon#sofi
    gaming with wolf moon#sofi

    Always ein bed🤣

  • Cris Mckeller
    Cris Mckeller

    Thet records

  • Cris Mckeller
    Cris Mckeller

    Cuz you awayls Bully on the youtuber

  • Cris Mckeller
    Cris Mckeller

    Youvlike canda from freb and pheans

  • Cris Mckeller
    Cris Mckeller

    Ender guy


    How do you u guys know theese potion making-

  • I am crr Fane
    I am crr Fane


  • angel Poblete
    angel Poblete

    Hi kawaii chan

  • Valentina Cristea
    Valentina Cristea

    omg aphmau your so cute

  • Anita Setyorini
    Anita Setyorini

    Its so funny Ein is always shotten.....

  • niz Ali
    niz Ali

    Can you tell me this Minecraft mean so like we can be in on you and we can be a big dragons sister goodbys

  • Rody Kasman
    Rody Kasman

    Aphamu if pierce take you use the bow

  • simply mom
    simply mom

    not all the time ein is somtimes nice

  • Ashmik Dev b
    Ashmik Dev b

    Wait she is a legend she looked and the enderman eye and killed it with a bow impossible

  • Rhenz Enrique
    Rhenz Enrique

    I laugh when noi said"thats my fourth one this week"

  • Hoshi Afton
    Hoshi Afton

    plis subs in spanish :'i

  • Matthew Camberos
    Matthew Camberos

    Zombie where baby not jump in the door you need to call me dummy

  • canal do marinho tube Choma
    canal do marinho tube Choma

    the name of youtuber is JP plays

  • canal do marinho tube Choma
    canal do marinho tube Choma

    there is a guy who is Brazilian is making the same video of you

  • Andrea Ortiz
    Andrea Ortiz

    2 things 1 WHY ARE BABIES SOOOOOO CUTE 2 why do you sleep in Ein bed 🛌 :1

    • Andrea Ortiz
      Andrea Ortiz



    Ein screams like a girl XD

  • gmeezie

    What does kawaii Chan look like

  • gmeezie

    Can you make more Zane and Kawaii Chan love stories


    aphmau. im so hungry but her food bar is full but its ok bc your so cute

  • June Cain
    June Cain

    I love your videos

  • Arianna Ponce
    Arianna Ponce


  • Javi D p
    Javi D p

    What no inglihis

  • Javi D p
    Javi D p


  • kids and toys
    kids and toys


    • Sindija Puzule
      Sindija Puzule

      Mani sauc sindija 😃

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