Angelica: Shy School Girls Bring The House To TEARS!! | Britain’s Got Talent 2017
Full Segment | Britain’s Got Talent Season 11 | Auditions | Episode 5

  • Savannah Davis's channel
    Savannah Davis's channel

    this is making me cry so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • Savannah Davis's channel
    Savannah Davis's channel

    wow there sing like people in church! Way to go to there teacher

  • Peter McGreevy
    Peter McGreevy


  • Carmencita Phillips
    Carmencita Phillips

    Touching rendition

  • Santo Pino
    Santo Pino

    Please stop overreacting rolling the "r".

  • thomas pearson
    thomas pearson

    I am in tears watching this.


    I'm speechless. Perfection

  • Reiner Schoenert
    Reiner Schoenert

    angel voices ? whow do you know ? are you in heaven ??.......but verry nice singing !!...

  • mike heslin
    mike heslin

    very good

  • challenger william
    challenger william

    unbelievable, outstanding, brought a tear to my eye.

  • Gerrard Stone
    Gerrard Stone

    Well that had me In tears.. Totally amazing..

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

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  • Pawan Mishra
    Pawan Mishra

    हमारी ज़िंदगी में एक ऐसे शिक्षक ज़रुर होते हैं जिनकी मधुर भावनाओं से हम बहुत गहराई से जुड़ जाते है।जब मेरे प्रिय शिक्षक की स्कूल से विदाई समारोह हो रही थी तब उस दिन मुझे महसूस हुआ कि मेरा सब कुछ खत्म हो चुका है।मुझे याद है उस कार्यक्रम के बाद हम लड़के-लड़कियाँ अपने शिक्षक के साथ हाॅल में इकट्ठा हुए थे और इतना रोये थे कि माहौल बहुत गमगीन हो गया था..।

  • Ja Ja Capo
    Ja Ja Capo

    Thank yew so mooch dailin

  • Nel Pe
    Nel Pe

    That's a teacher with a hear & soul, fighting to leaving this world better than one finds it. RESPECT!!! We all need to take inspiration from THAT TEACHER❤🏆

  • Eileen Richard
    Eileen Richard

    Just SUPER!!!

  • George Baker
    George Baker

    Music to clean out our ears from the garbage noise that assaults us every day. Beautiful!!!

  • Laith Kofahi
    Laith Kofahi

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  • Henrik Frederiksen
    Henrik Frederiksen

    God bless you girls

  • Margaret O'Hara
    Margaret O'Hara

    They are just heavenly - what voices. Beautiful beyond words.

    • Margaret O'Hara
      Margaret O'Hara


  • Claudia Benade
    Claudia Benade

    Who 'translated' the Welsh English into 'English'. We all left South Wales this morning, has become We All Let Some Wheels.... Another girl says they became part of the Choir, which gets translated to part of the Quarry. Sure the Welsh accent of these girls isn't always easy to grasp, but please...get a competent translater. Thank you.

  • Digger Gardi
    Digger Gardi

    Brilliant girls!

  • deanna hopkins
    deanna hopkins


  • Peter Hansen
    Peter Hansen

    The swan music

  • Pawel Sawicki
    Pawel Sawicki


  • J D
    J D

    hahaha i'm pissing myself because the look on Simons face is a massive WTF

  • Keith James
    Keith James

    Beautiful, the People from Wales all have great voices.

  • Deborah Knights
    Deborah Knights

    I love simon face

  • Steve Cline
    Steve Cline



    Wow wow wow

  • Nancy Korpics
    Nancy Korpics

    I am speechless!❤️

  • Ttony Payne
    Ttony Payne

    What are these girls doing now? together I hope.

  • Jay R
    Jay R

    The female version of Libera

  • Rosalie Caliendo
    Rosalie Caliendo

    My God they're wonderful.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Vintagebike21


  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    What is with the Welsh? That part of the world seems to produce amazing singers.

  • Christopher Woulfe
    Christopher Woulfe

    They're gonna sing Nessun Dorma. Hmm. Oh yes . . . then, a version of Nessun Dorma never to be forgotten. I'd write more but tears of joy . . .

  • Andy Morgan
    Andy Morgan

    Their singing is amazing !

  • Sherry Desmarais
    Sherry Desmarais

    Leave it to a a Williams to make a bunch of young ladies sound like that! Well done sir!

  • captebbtide

    That was a great version, and "Blondie" who seemed to do the main singing may well be a future opera star.

  • Jonni IInferno
    Jonni IInferno

    Truly Angelic - brought tears to my eyes...

  • Parkinsons John Gray
    Parkinsons John Gray

    Beautiful to see young women devote their time and talents in such a beautiful way. Robin

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous


  • V Yermakov
    V Yermakov

    Very interesting, what happens with them 4 years later?

  • David Thistle
    David Thistle

    Amazing! Just simply beautiful! My eyes are melting on my face...

  • Claude Maassen
    Claude Maassen

    Wales has fantastic singers.

  • Rene Hunt
    Rene Hunt

    A preview of what true angels sound like!!!

  • CountryBoy Williams
    CountryBoy Williams


  • Alae Farm Estates LLC
    Alae Farm Estates LLC

    This is by far the best school choir I’ve ever heard. I was in a choir, we were terrible lol

  • Martin Williams
    Martin Williams

    Ah, Wales which is my family background. Not for nothing is it called the 'Land of Song'.

  • Christopher

    How did they NOT get the Golden Buzzer?

  • Jenn Pham
    Jenn Pham

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  • Torben Hornbak
    Torben Hornbak

    Amazing how a voice like that can actually from a human, jesus christ I hope they are going special places. And for the teacher? God bless him.

    • Jonni IInferno
      Jonni IInferno

      they are not human - they are a choir of Angels - thus Angelicus Celtis =P

  • JFK64 Kennedy
    JFK64 Kennedy

    any teacher that can inspire (my father was a teacher/school administrator) his students to this degree, has my huge respect....

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson

    Who is the lead singer ?

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson

    Very strong role models for girls and boys.

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson

    Classy and Amanda is so kind.those young l series will never forget that random act of kindness.

  • thinkBIG

    Cymru..the land of souls, hearts and voices.

  • Michael Muirhead
    Michael Muirhead

    Look... call me cynical... it's plain the beautiful blonde soloist with the incredible voice is why the man continued to teach/coach these girls/women to be a CHOIR after getting his body wrecked. Every single one of them deserves that applause, and HE deserves it all the more for keeping faith with them all so they could do this.


    This gave me the chills. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when she opened her mouth my chin dropped. And they are all in harmony Beautiful performance!!!

  • Scott Ryan
    Scott Ryan

    Angelic voices , wow.

  • DrZook

    For those who do not know, the aria is entitled "Nessun Dorma" which is Italian and means "None Shall Sleep". The aria is from the opera "Turandot" written by Giacomo Puccini. "Nessun Dorma" was actually written to be sung by lead male character in Turandot named Calaf. Wikipedia has a good article about "Nessun Dorma" which explains the context of the aria.

  • Navy Veteran
    Navy Veteran

    Holy c&^p, awesome

  • Lew Thrasher
    Lew Thrasher

    Awesome and amazing

  • Andy Morgan
    Andy Morgan

    Not my sort of music ! I have only watched this about 30+ times so far, amazing !!!

  • Pawan Mishra
    Pawan Mishra

    दिलकश और भावपूर्ण प्रस्तुती..गुरु और शिष्य की ये पेशकश अनुकरणीय है..।

  • The Duke of Skull
    The Duke of Skull

    I pray that Mr. Williams is back to full health by now. 👍 This proves that America is... "The crazy people with guns." Britain has all the real talent !

  • Emel Aydan
    Emel Aydan

    It's so beautiful

  • Jenn Pham
    Jenn Pham

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  • Crazy Jake
    Crazy Jake


    • Jonni IInferno
      Jonni IInferno

      me too

  • Johann Winkens
    Johann Winkens

    Tolle Musik aus England

  • Glenn Watkin
    Glenn Watkin

    Green dress she's better than Catherine Jenkins ❤️

  • IamCerdick

    wowv wat a great performances

  • familydoggs

    Lovely as so many people have said - just odd that the lead singer was so obviously (I assume) older and probably in something like a music college or even a professional singer. But still a lovely performance.

  • Janka Michaľovová
    Janka Michaľovová

    OMG! Absolutely Beautiful audition! I’m in tears. They have angelic voices. Love it!!!♥️♥️♥️

  • Barb R
    Barb R

    Great group and lead was very good, need to trim back slightly on vibrato and trilling, but otherwise very, very good

  • The Bops
    The Bops

    Where was the GOLDEN BUZZER??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Dick budig
    Dick budig

    Please . . . does anyone know what became of these angelic girls???

  • Robert Shand
    Robert Shand

    What can anyone say about this amazing group of singers and their teacher but "You Are Absolutely Truly Wonderful" they are the Very Best - Thank you all......

  • Micheal Pallett
    Micheal Pallett

    Angles singing beatifull

  • Jennifer Warshiniack
    Jennifer Warshiniack

    I'd like them 2 b singin the sound of music.the classic.😊🥰😇😇😇😷💯❤❤❤❤❤💣💥Boom Baby.!!!!!!

  • Christopher

    How did they NOT get the Golden Buzzer is criminal.

  • Tuck Contreras
    Tuck Contreras

    Weight hayse

  • Roderick Wheatley
    Roderick Wheatley

    The sub-titles are rubbish

  • goatbut29

    This made me feel empty and hurt somewhere inside I could not point to.

  • joe mchale
    joe mchale

    simon was entranced

  • 2muchtv

    They were great. The only thing I can pick on is breath control.

  • sclm55

    Beautiful and uplifting! Mr. Williams can be proud of the work he has done with these young women. It was so touching to witness the respect, honor and care these girls displayed for their instructor. Each one of these girls look as if they have fine and caring parents as well, who take special care to love, guide and guard them. Bravo to them as well. My sincerest of prayers go out to each and every one of them for their future pursuits as God leads them.

  • Wrathlon

    Not even my type of thing but I couldn't stop listening they are out of this world.


    beautiful ... bravo

  • Nicole Tomédé
    Nicole Tomédé

    Ça mérite un golden buzzer!!!!¡!!!!!!

  • Moffe Liten
    Moffe Liten

    They are just her backing singers. They are not a choir.

  • Miguel Acaba
    Miguel Acaba

    They give Justice to their Choir Name

  • Mike Sims
    Mike Sims

    BRAVO!!! Excellent!

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    Bear's Den


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    Snow Cloud Doggies


  • Anoni Mouse
    Anoni Mouse

    Start 2.18

  • Gary Hinkley
    Gary Hinkley

    im not crying

  • James Cook
    James Cook

    This song (Nessun Dorma) is better with a male singer. The choir was good but could be much better.

  • William Fabiano
    William Fabiano

    the lead singer is sooooooooooo beautiful and matched her sweet voice. The rest of the girls were doing great.