Angelina Jordan - Bohemian Rhapsody - America's Got Talent: The Champions One - January 6, 2020
#Angelina Jordan - #Bohemian Rhapsody - #America's Got Talent: #TheChampionsOne January 6, 2020

  • dan

    if Judge Simon Cowell says it right you have to worry, because she said Jennifer Hudson didn't have a great voice, so she had to worry about him.But if he's a legend like the girl says it's ok😔

  • Zeydenn's Mom
    Zeydenn's Mom


  • JackLivesTogether

    It's a real shame that the signers who are good don't go farther outside of this show.

  • John Lenard Adobas
    John Lenard Adobas


  • emma ransford
    emma ransford

    Masterpiece of a performance xx

  • emma ransford
    emma ransford

    Awe inspiring omg 🤗

  • Robert Depratti
    Robert Depratti

    Impresionante, celestial.

  • Mark Kahn
    Mark Kahn

    This is hands down the best performance on any talent show, ever

  • Arcadia

    Anyone seen my shoes?

  • Mustapha Elkasimi
    Mustapha Elkasimi

    A contestant did well. Howie Mandel: this performance is going to change your life for ever

  • kmcoolady

    13?! Are you kidding me? This was chilling it was so good!!

  • Nabil BOUCHTAD
    Nabil BOUCHTAD

    AMAZING !!!

  • ssostepper

    Ok this is America has talent so why are two brits, a german, and a Canadian judgeing the show?

  • Dreizehn

    Yeah fuck it. I can't handle - amazing. I'm out. Woah.

  • joaquin Cartagena
    joaquin Cartagena

    She is incredible, never a singer left me like this.It's incredible, what an angelic voice.

  • a n t i c h r i s t
    a n t i c h r i s t

    this is literal cancer to my ears

  • شر البلية
    شر البلية

    Simon is a legend 😂

  • Yadhul Suresh
    Yadhul Suresh


  • Dana Dane
    Dana Dane

    Prodigy. She went on that show. Sang better than anyone before her, including those judging her. She got her record contract without Simon... Sorry, Simon ;)

  • Freddie Sharp
    Freddie Sharp

    What this also proves is the songs from (in this case LONG before they were born) still have the power today...

  • Shamsudin Yati
    Shamsudin Yati


  • Sarah Bauer
    Sarah Bauer


  • babitha singh
    babitha singh

    May 2021..awesome made it current


    My heart : damn she's beautiful My brain : FBI !! OPEN UP!!

  • Kk’s Bars tutorials
    Kk’s Bars tutorials


  • Jesus 2030
    Jesus 2030

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    • Jesus 2030
      Jesus 2030

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    • Leo D
      Leo D

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    • Jesus 2030
      Jesus 2030

      @Leo D we will See ..

    • Leo D
      Leo D

      jesus will come very , that has been said the last 600-700 hundred years , yepp keep on dreaming

  • Joseph Jackson
    Joseph Jackson

    Using autotune again. Sing with your talent voice. Don’t be scared

  • Neiphio Rio
    Neiphio Rio

    I wish Freddie himself comes down and congratulate her himself. She's beyond good

  • Jeff Kerr
    Jeff Kerr

    My tears of happiness for this girl makes it hard to type well done. Best wishes for your future.

  • Rabindra Palai
    Rabindra Palai

    According to u I love u Dear

  • Rabindra Palai
    Rabindra Palai

    Love u

  • Edward

    As good as any voice in existence today

  • Wendy McIlroy
    Wendy McIlroy

    You made Freddie very happy, Angelina!!...♥️

    • James Michael
      James Michael


  • Isylium

    at and of amaizeing perform we buzzd for "yer let's do this, poor youtube

  • selma silva
    selma silva




  • F Elix
    F Elix


  • Quote Pico
    Quote Pico

    Check out her other songs and covers. Especially of Amy and lana del Rey. So much soul. I can't get enouvj

  • dimitris dimi
    dimitris dimi


  • Andre Luiz Carvalho Pires
    Andre Luiz Carvalho Pires

    ❤️❤️ Amazing 👏👏👏👏

  • B Me
    B Me

    Hated it.

  • davo7370

    Wow.. what a beautiful rendition of an absolute classice.. Well done young lady

  • thegolfballshop

    For en vakker gjengivelse av Bohemian Rhapsody. hun er bare 13 år, så forestill deg hva vi skal høre i fremtiden. Familien min er fra Norge, og jeg er sikker på at alle i Norge er så stolte av henne. Takk Angelina

  • Ken Hamaker
    Ken Hamaker

    She sounds alot like Amy Winehouse

  • thegolfballshop

    If I was in that competition I would have to ask myself; What Would Tonya Harding Do?

  • Laura Alfieri
    Laura Alfieri

    Freddie would be proud 💖🇨🇦

  • ยอดชาย ศึกษาชาติ
    ยอดชาย ศึกษาชาติ

    It very nice guy

  • Arman Hossain
    Arman Hossain

    how disgusting

  • Сергей Морозик
    Сергей Морозик

    Господи, помоги этой девочке не растерять такой дар в грязи шоу-биза.

  • **


  • Youtube Comments
    Youtube Comments

    Her voice is just magical. Is there a golden buzzer. If so it’s instant golden buzzer for me

  • Mafinga Ralte Mafinga Ralte
    Mafinga Ralte Mafinga Ralte

    This is not the melodies of Bohemian Rhapsody. Please don't make it boring again. 😡😡😡

  • Pauline Matuszak
    Pauline Matuszak

    Love this girl iv loved her since her first performance she was about 7,,😍🥰

  • morningstar

    Another Norah Jones wannbe

    • 103mrg

      morn Meaningful commenter wannabe.

  • Kelly Kim
    Kelly Kim


  • Douglas Dennett
    Douglas Dennett

    Please Welcome! Miss Angelina Jordon: "The Emerald Pearl of Norway" Greatest Voice in Human History!!!

  • Wild People And Food
    Wild People And Food

    Good !!!

  • Raghav Sehgal
    Raghav Sehgal

    Wow!! I got goosebumps 🔥

  • Carson Grace
    Carson Grace

    I just know Freddie would be proud.

  • Rebecca Joyce
    Rebecca Joyce

    Her range makes me cry.. there I said it

  • Adrienne Mintzer
    Adrienne Mintzer

    Tears in my eyes💕💝❤️

  • Dave C.
    Dave C.

    LOL! How ridiculous.... TV babies and fake emotions and idols

  • Wluizleal Santos
    Wluizleal Santos

    Sehr gut

  • Marc-Andre Doucet
    Marc-Andre Doucet

    When a video makes you clap at home by your self amazing!

  • Beck

    I know her from the time she sang "fly me to the moon" on a show when she was a child

    • James Michael
      James Michael


  • Pamela Greene
    Pamela Greene


  • Ruben Rosales
    Ruben Rosales


  • Annette Turnbull
    Annette Turnbull


  • Joaquin Dimitri
    Joaquin Dimitri

    When she started singing... Goosebumps

  • Tenzin Desel
    Tenzin Desel


  • ジョゼ

    Queen 👑, dommage que cela soit si court, on voudrait que ça dure toute la chanson.

  • Richard Harvey
    Richard Harvey

    im lost for words that was truly truly amazing . truly amazing .

  • russafonpavel4


  • Sofies Choice
    Sofies Choice

    I quit watching that show when she lost. Bunch of crap. She is amazing!

  • Irsyad Nazhan
    Irsyad Nazhan

    Harry Maguire?

  • Destiny Gentry
    Destiny Gentry

    I'm actually crying. That's never happened to me

  • Septian Amrin
    Septian Amrin

    This is Beautiful❤ Masterpiece..Amazing 😭😭

  • T A
    T A

    Best cover ever!! Need more from her

  • Mike J
    Mike J


  • Potpot samson
    Potpot samson


  • Muhd Cepppss
    Muhd Cepppss

    Replay this video multiple times just to remind me that she is 13 years old

  • Janie Simmons
    Janie Simmons

    WOW!!! 💕

  • Ace Fernando
    Ace Fernando

    Thats good for her bohimian rhapsody song fitted for her voice .excellence. song all of me is not fitted for her voice.

  • sara k. Tvedt
    sara k. Tvedt


  • Parker Osterink
    Parker Osterink

    It’s ok, you aren’t the only one watching this masterpiece in May 2021

    • Visa Chusi
      Visa Chusi

      What a coincidence 😁 last night i saw one video on what app status. Like it a lot.... I searched it, got her and ,after listening to her song searched for more songs and then am here.. She's is amazing 👍🏻

    • Dennis T
      Dennis T

      Her rendition is really, really beautiful... She's got a really unique voice.

    • Move it Extras
      Move it Extras


    • Dainti G
      Dainti G

      Really then why you not facing reality?

    • kenneth chia
      kenneth chia

      oh yeah

  • Pratik Khadka
    Pratik Khadka

    Oh...My ... God... THat just came outta my mouth Automatically ,,,, !!. Amazing. !

  • Evelyn Delfin
    Evelyn Delfin

    Wow your the best I love you idol ❤️

  • Jovelyn Ramos
    Jovelyn Ramos

    This is great!

  • 7th Son
    7th Son

    Only QUEEN can do queen's thing.. You are a queen of melody...

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H

    Funny how these lil girls adore Simon so much 😋

  • Donna-Marie Nevin
    Donna-Marie Nevin

    This little lady's voice absolutely mesmerizes me. 🤩

  • Bojack Horseman
    Bojack Horseman

    I think the new Ariana Grande is coming

  • Antonio Banks
    Antonio Banks

    My goodness

  • Chewy Bacca89
    Chewy Bacca89

    She butchered that?! Are we kidding here?!

    • Yves Harms
      Yves Harms

      The answers to your questions: No and no. Queen twittered "Wow. What a rendition."

  • Old Prankster
    Old Prankster

    Totally mesmerizing, unique and incredibly sophisticated for a 13 year old. To be such a mature song stylist at that age is unbelievable.

  • Chewy Bacca89
    Chewy Bacca89

    Biggest opportunity of her life? She’s only 10. Why are people so stupid. I hate all of you.

    • Dave C.
      Dave C.

      Turn from your idols America!!

  • Tizu Claudiu
    Tizu Claudiu

    At 13 you've done this , what's next ?!?? Magic performance !!!

    • Yves Harms
      Yves Harms

      Next was realeasing two originals that entered at #1 in Norways Itunes charts and performing for the virtual state visit of Norways Prince Hakonnen to California.

  • mark nvt
    mark nvt

    For a new song, it sounds great, but it doesn't do any good to the old song. The original has so many difficult stages of the song which she skipped all. You just have another song here that has nothing to do with the old song.

  • Christine Creasey
    Christine Creasey

    What a pretty voice⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Reeham