Asking an AI for silly redstone ideas, then building them
The world of Computer A.I and Artificial Intelligence is a fast developing space, with tools like GPT-2 and GPT-3 created by OpenAI available for use by the public. In this Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo inputs the ideas from the most recent 'I build your silly redstone ideas' and then asks the A.I to expand on those ideas.. and it did! All the ideas featured in this video were generated using Artificial Intelligence.
Inspired by this video by Tom Scott:
I asked an AI for video ideas, and they were actually good:
Corridor Digital, Avatar 2:
A.I text generator:
Filming channel:

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    I thought I had fixed my popping issue audio wise... BUT! ALAS!! It is still there. I will eventually fix this!

    • Shylok

      Silly redstone idea: An elevator that bullies you verbally and physically for 5 minutes straight before finally letting you use it

    • Pepperoniman

      Shhhh... I have an idea don’t tell anyone. You should randomly put a video about one of these ideas with that idea as the title

    • J. Hawkins
      J. Hawkins


    • Julia Sowka
      Julia Sowka

      @Георги Вълчев KnoWLedGE

    • Shoto Todoroki
      Shoto Todoroki

      Make a village styled house that turns into more of a defended castle

  • GlowBlock64

    Everybody gangsta until Mumbo casually calls pig a piece of bacon...


    Now I want to know what the world of Elen is.

  • DiamondIngot 685
    DiamondIngot 685

    The World Of Elen. Sounds like good books. I’d get em insta

  • Ultrabest

    12:06 in our defense, you gave the AI good ideas to work with

  • arda kaykaç
    arda kaykaç

    Here is my silly idea: A machine that builds a machine building machine.

  • Hey Clown !!
    Hey Clown !!

    Is akkdnwijs achek about kosodj kssl wootah.undowotah wotahh

  • Hey Clown !!
    Hey Clown !!

    ngomong apa sihhhhhh 😀😂😂😂😂😂😂🤢🤢🤢

  • CAT_HQ_1

    Mumbo Jumbo is Michael Reeves if he was in minecraft and wasn't insane.

  • Conner Morgan
    Conner Morgan

    8:17 Pain

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell


  • tripleduoddw

    creat non red stone contraptions that destroy red stone contraptions, we need to stop the ai

  • The Quiet Kid
    The Quiet Kid

    The really-nice walking machine looks like an Among Us character, and could become one if you added an outer shell. That’s a bit... ...odd.

  • nerdprjncess shorts and streams
    nerdprjncess shorts and streams

    Lol, when all but the hardiest survive. In other words, the hardiest die, while everyone else lives

  • Evolutionary Giraffe
    Evolutionary Giraffe

    12:29 Turn on subtitles.

  • Rioz

    wait... so the Ai Made a BL fiction story called "The world of Elen"? 🤣

  • bald man
    bald man

    isn't the thumbnail billy from karlson 3d?

  • Keagan H.
    Keagan H.

    For the inflatable you could have attached an iron block to it then that iron block completes a beacon cuircet.

  • Axewgamer 73
    Axewgamer 73

    9:29 Dammmmnnn

  • Jan Carlo San Pedro
    Jan Carlo San Pedro

    You watched corridor crew?! I watch it also, and other channels that I watch, they also watch one another. Hahaha are we link or something

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human

    -good, he still doesn’t know the true plan of the AI- Uh I mean haha that one message was definitely just a fluke nothing to worry about fellow humans haha

  • jeb kerman
    jeb kerman

    Mumbo Jumbo Poultry Man Pheasant Man Farming Man Jormungous Man Rabbit Man Porcine Man Hearty Man Horse Man Kangaroo Man Cowman Man Hearty Man Panda Man Rabbit Man Troll Mouse man Hearty Coffee Man Rabbit Man Cowman Cow Cow Horse Man Hearty Porcine man Hearty Iris Hearty Omega Boy Rabbit Man Hearty Omega Boy Horse Man Hearty Rabbit Man Horse Man Lavender Man Mallory Cow Man Hearty Porcine man Hearty Porcine Man Rabbit Man Cowman Coffee Man Rabbit Man Hearty Mallory Cow Man Hearty Rabbit Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Cow Man Noodle Man This is what I got when I put “Mumbo Jumbo” and “Poultry man” into the AI

  • jeb kerman
    jeb kerman

    Mumbo Jumbo to get a new role as the super villain in the third season. Then the show's biggest question was whether it would have to adapt some of the characters. According to the show's producer, Jeff Kinney, the idea had been for The Dark Tower to be adapted. With more than 250 episodes to run, Disney was hoping to see more adaptations of characters from The Dark Tower, perhaps including more major character roles. Disney would not confirm that the Dark Tower was being made. "Yes, we can definitely bring in some good talent," Kinney said to PEOPLE. "We never spoke to people before. We talked to those and they got it. Everybody thought it should be done. What are we doing at the moment, where are we bringing them back? "In the near future, we have no plans to do that. That's the bottom line. Not wanting to take something away from the series could put us in a bad spot even with The Dark Tower. We never wanted to do that, so we always wanted the fans to see that it could be done, not just the fans who are excited to see our next show." When asked if we were planning on any collaborations between him and Marvel, Kinney said: "No. In fact, we didn't have any talks at all." This coming fall, the Defenders is set to move to Netflix. "When we first started work on This is one of the things I got when I put “Mumbo Jumbo” into the AI

  • Mateo Kunzer
    Mateo Kunzer

    8:44 sus

  • Simeon Bell
    Simeon Bell

    3:35 this rivals Iskall‘s laugh😱

  • gayCitrusflower

    did you seriously ask what an automaton is mumbo??? dude u should know this *slaps papers*

  • Nikki Hidalgo
    Nikki Hidalgo

    just imagine joining that world after seven years and then you just start seeing “The world the height limit is____ “

  • Super Boots the dog
    Super Boots the dog

    i found a roblox account named the_puzzlax and he made that account the day the video was released lol

  • ThatTurtlesDude

    I seriously need more of this.

  • rat

    am rat commenter 9 vid

  • Koolkid0506 Stuff
    Koolkid0506 Stuff

    Make part 2

  • Torterrific 91
    Torterrific 91

    “HHHMMMMM the walking machine looks sus” -Spongebob Squarepants

  • Jacob Stoddard
    Jacob Stoddard

    That a star sequel looks like the avatar movie.

  • Read My Profile Picture
    Read My Profile Picture

    who here has subbed and hit the bell? smash like for yes

  • The Bee One in five
    The Bee One in five

    YOU WATCH CORRIDOR DIGITAL???? THATS AWESOME oh wait you do filming lol

  • Shark


  • Εβινα Μόρις
    Εβινα Μόρις

    mumbo gives me gender envy

  • Mudd


  • Madd Brody
    Madd Brody


  • Madd Brody
    Madd Brody


  • PuffyHitsHisHeadAlot

    wait is that a minons reference 3:02

  • Ninja_Sloth_377

    When I saw the inflatable flying in my mind I said. THE DUCK HAS RISEN

  • GoatGamerX

    I think this AI has putted all that stuff into google translate on the super smash bros. Ultimate web!

  • C H I L L I N
    C H I L L I N

    The "Shrek quote" actually had me laughing so hard that i choked

  • Remy Lebeau
    Remy Lebeau

    If AI will always use the internet for it's knowledge. We are good. Humans put alot of silly stuff online.

  • Maucaz alv
    Maucaz alv

    The AI have ideas that could change the world, is just that our mortal minds can´t understand it

    • J. Hawkins
      J. Hawkins

      Amazing world of gumball pfp

  • Elizabeth Harris
    Elizabeth Harris

    .. an automaton is a fancy robot that can think for itself

  • Joe Adams
    Joe Adams

    A machine that burns everyone else’s suggestions for a machine

  • BlossomBee

    Mumbo what's the biggest piston door you can make?

  • DisKorruptd

    Bacon Rises should have had a slime block piston to send the pig even higher while levetating

  • Katharine Williams
    Katharine Williams

    oh I see you no longer need us ]:

  • Zombrine Heu
    Zombrine Heu

    AI is weird

  • Animalcrossing Island bay
    Animalcrossing Island bay

    Wait no way I just found out... Read more

  • Randomly Redonkulous
    Randomly Redonkulous

    Make a 4 by 4 piston door with a door in the center that opens up into a trap door into another dimension and it shots you across the dimension, back to the normal dimension somewhere thousands of blocks away, and you have no idea hoe to get back.

  • Christopher Brinton
    Christopher Brinton

    12:29 the subtitles have sworn.. it is "SILLY", not "SHI-" this is ridiculous. Although it does sound a bit like that..

  • Kaboomkid 5
    Kaboomkid 5

    I’m dying 😂🤣

  • Julian The Elf Boi
    Julian The Elf Boi

    12:29 it sounded like mumbo said "shitty redstone" and it really threw me off

  • Mindset Lifestyle
    Mindset Lifestyle

    12:30 did Mumbo just swear

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C

    Tell us more about the world of Elen! I’m invested!

  • Malex AnimatesStuff
    Malex AnimatesStuff

    Al AI one has an L One has an i

  • Chase Finch
    Chase Finch

    i bet this guy does a mean ringo starr impression

  • John Kemp
    John Kemp

    8:16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣

  • Rebecca Bugg
    Rebecca Bugg

    I think you should build a chair, and if you touch it, it scoots forward a couple blocks

  • FF Egel From Denmark
    FF Egel From Denmark


  • Crabbo

    B. R. A. D.

  • gabrielchcosta

    What shader pack are you using? I see ambient occlusion and other stuff going on

  • Isaac Podhoretz
    Isaac Podhoretz

    You should make a machine that builds fruits and vegetables

  • Rocky 85
    Rocky 85

    Mambo you’re so good at Redstone I wish I was as good as you were trust me you’re awesome I’ve been trying to make more Redstone videos because of you

  • c4 lemon
    c4 lemon

    Dani: fr*ck you billy

  • Arda Baki
    Arda Baki

    You have us mumbo

  • Eternal Mercy
    Eternal Mercy

    LIghtning: Strikes Duck: levitates Me: uhhhhhh... MOOOOOOOOOOOOM look an inflatable! ITS FLYING!

  • Charlie He
    Charlie He

    Mumbo: “What is an automaton!?” Also Mumbo: Builds giant walking robots *The answer is within you*

  • NEWDOG3628 Boomer
    NEWDOG3628 Boomer

    You should write a book about the world of elen

  • Benjamin Winkelman
    Benjamin Winkelman

    How do I get gpt 2

    • hi there
      hi there

      Google it

  • Sus Doctor
    Sus Doctor


  • K C W
    K C W

    6:40 Shreks wise words

  • TheDev3000

    E l e n

  • Bushyn charge
    Bushyn charge

    make a tree that opens up its mouth, and eats another tree that shoots dogs

  • My channel is Died by YouTube
    My channel is Died by YouTube

    automaton basically just means robot

  • Alex Sun
    Alex Sun

    8:17 aaaa!

  • ryan_oussoren_yt

    Maybe a machine that removes the scarr of harry posters face

  • superaibplayz

    "Hey what's minecraft?"

  • Calvin Lyver
    Calvin Lyver

    what was the censored bit?

  • sofia barker
    sofia barker

    create bob the burger

  • FabLP0

    who just watched this vid bc the thumbnail looked like billy from karlson from dani, is it just me or am i not alone gamers?

  • Fernando Mendez
    Fernando Mendez

    but you only used only the good ideas if we build off of the good ideas we could be good too

  • Sarojini Sabale
    Sarojini Sabale

    What was the last sentence "probably" probably what?

  • Alro 12343
    Alro 12343

    If you're looking for an okay, maybe not possible, Redstone idea then what about a piston feedtape that uses slime machines to power it. If you could get it to work you could potentially have an infinite distance feedtape instead of complying to the block limit.

  • WaterWeb


  • Hex Tonic
    Hex Tonic

    Can you use rotators somehow to make a walking in circles machine? Or has that already been done without? It would be nice to have a small house that walks in circles and has despencable flying machines that drop bombs downward

  • Koni GamingGR
    Koni GamingGR

    1:37 Whoopy Cussions

  • Koni GamingGR
    Koni GamingGR

    Thats billy from KARLSON in the thumbnail

  • TotallyNotTéo

    "Oh, what, that needs to be censored" *TELL ME*

  • soshimee

    you made the word puzzlex

  • MasterZenII

    The fact the top comment isn't by a user named the_puzzlax is disappointing...

  • Dominic 5082
    Dominic 5082

    make a house and iys all redstone like the crafting tabels come from the ground

  • Zevox

    7:32 THANK GOD

  • tIDEsRturning

    i... what?!?

  • George Bennett
    George Bennett

    An automaton is like a robot but is controlled with mechanical parts set in a certain way to make it move in a sequence

  • Duck Duckerson
    Duck Duckerson

    Mumbo: Says that he watches Tom Scott Me: •o•

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