Battlefield 2042 New Gameplay Details and Secrets!
Battlefield 2042 gameplay details from the behind the scenes event I attended. Compass, Gun Customisation, UI, Specialists and More. Plus a breakdown of secrets in the trailer! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Reddit thread -

  • Josh Glueckert
    Josh Glueckert

    I hope they bring back the metro map that has got to be one of my all-time favorite Maps in the battlefield series

  • Amethyst752

    They had it right with BFV, I'd rather choose a template and be able to customize that "character" than to only be able to choose from specialists. Give me both.

  • Monkeynards 1
    Monkeynards 1

    everybody complaining about specialists, though i agree, should not lose sight of the bigger elephant in the room... nobody wants crouch sprint. dump that shit with bf5 where it can fester. sprint slide is brilliant, so leave it at that

  • mathieu mercken
    mathieu mercken

    Jack, for fucks sake please for the love of god fucking tell them that the specialist system fucking suuuuuuucks!!!!!!!!!

  • mathieu mercken
    mathieu mercken

    I'm genuinely getting pissed off by the specialist system

  • mathieu mercken
    mathieu mercken

    They better not go through with this specialist bullshit

  • justin janz
    justin janz

    Cant wait to see someone doing a Peek-a-boo in the game😅 you know, that move where you throw a tank into the air to take out a jet

  • dylvmo

    8.48 Yes. This is a Tuk-Tuk. I hope there's a map base on Thailand too.

  • TheDenver12311

    Maybe they'll get battlefield right next time, I'm going back in to hibernation

  • Colm

    I would wager that the lady with the lunch thermos on her back actually has an EMP, it would make sense imo

  • Jozinei

    Terá uma versão em português (BR)?

  • EyFmS

    People : please guys, don't put the specialist feature. For the love of fps, DICE don't make this another "Accept it or don't buy the game" situation...

  • EyFmS

    Everyone wants to be unique now, yet no one is. Anyways this specialist nonsense is really something we could pass...


    they need to ditch all that call of duty bs

  • cskiller86

    I don't think everyone will play as a specialist. I kind of pictured that only the squad leaders will be specialists, while the rest of the squad members are normal soldiers. That would make much more sense. Or maybe they're Battle Pickups, like the Tank Hunter in BF1.

  • Oliround

    They really messed up with the whole "operator" idea

  • Melodicfigure

    That's call of duty tff??? 1:20 - 1:35

  • Melodicfigure

    Dead ass one of the scenes is a cod map??

  • Akın iren
    Akın iren

    Bim'e ne zaman gelir

  • Koochie Hoochie
    Koochie Hoochie

    Alot of the things I'm somewhat okay with, specialists is fat no no from me though

  • Mert

    battlefield 5 unplayable now because of hacker, its gonna be same shıt as every single fps game.

  • donnieplaysroblos

    i hope that its well optimized

  • donnieplaysroblos

    im fucking stoked bruh

  • Jäger Meister_175
    Jäger Meister_175

    I just want to play as nameless soldiers and not be trapped with locked skins for specialists


    bf3 the best

  • Joshua McNew
    Joshua McNew

    Shouldn't have copied COD with fixed skins/players. Should be total customizable

  • SandeR Gaming
    SandeR Gaming

    Pls have a skillgap.

  • Gius3pp3K

    Did you cream your yfronts watching this?

  • Garrett McCullough
    Garrett McCullough

    Specialists would be acceptable if they were like Jedi or hero units on Battlefront 2. As in only available to people who are earning the most points and influencing the battle the most for their team. They shouldn't be any harder to kill than any standard infantry either.

  • ian mark dizon
    ian mark dizon

    but no battle royale!? big pass!!! we all know how messy a normal multiplayer is 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤦🤦‍♀️

    • Splinter6662

      Please dice do not make it a battle royale game, there would come so many kids thinking this is another fortnite. BF is all about big combat of 2 teams like 30v30 with vehicles giant maps and overall destruction, that's what people play it for, not battle royale which basically looks the same every round

  • Tlow21

    Bring bk squad up with xfactor lvcap and matimo

  • db ski
    db ski

    So instead of just great in-depth customisation, if I want to use a certain piece of equipment I have to chose a certain character, probably the same character 30 other players are gonna chose. So now there’s no individuality for your soldiers, it’s just everyone using the same characters and everyone looks the same. What if I wanna use a certain piece of equipment and play as a male soldier I can’t now if it’s some ded looking female character

  • TheSoulStirrer

    Jack acting like he didn't play as the player in this gameplay trailer.

  • olof .anttila
    olof .anttila

    The specialist system and AI soldiers kinda killed my hype tbh..

  • billy bob
    billy bob

    Sigh dice sigh

  • Mike Cunningham
    Mike Cunningham

    Some serious BFV haters smashing that dislike everywhere they can. It's a shame.

  • aidtibb

    I feel like if you use b-roll of what you're actually talking about it'll help me see it in the trailer rather than every other battlefield or halo

  • Bayu Rukmana Jati
    Bayu Rukmana Jati

    Specialist with antenna behind him is an air raider. Watch you skies, please.

  • tareko2142

    9:53 No one remembers 2142 feelsbadman

  • isaiah1516

    Pre-ordered for myself and my brother. Excited to get back into Battlefield again!

  • KrypCaine

    Battlefield 2042 AntiCheat ?????

  • Sean H
    Sean H

    Get. Rid. Of. The. Specialists.

  • itstheiceman11

    I'm so happy that the gun mechanics recoil is way more tolerable in this new BF. The way it was done in BF1/BF5 just drove me crazy. Looking forward to playing this on PS5.

  • KamsWarNPeace

    IT is STUPID they are not doing a Campaign PVP only is stupid

  • CyberPirate2008

    My biggest dislike is the specialists. It's too fortnite and Cod Like for my liking. Remove them from the game or just keep the specialits to the battle royal shit they will bring out. That way they can still have them but it's not in the main gamemode.

  • Guilherme Mattos
    Guilherme Mattos

    I like how u use mw content in the thumb and almost every single bf fan is going crazy on the cod comunity

  • Jack Katz
    Jack Katz

    From one Jack to another, tell Dice to bring back the fortifications, please. They actually added something to the gameplay.

  • Brohan from Rohan
    Brohan from Rohan

    Wow... Tell us more about the reflections and ammo counts that you've noticed.

  • Brownie's Bytes
    Brownie's Bytes

    Is is me or does the scaffolding on the launch pad look like the frostbite logo? Coincidence?

  • Dog Nails
    Dog Nails

    They shouldn't public test the game. Rememeber what happened with BF 5 guys

  • windell francois
    windell francois

    what happened to the story man?

  • Prime Trollex
    Prime Trollex

    Idk about these specialists. I think BF1 might be the last great battlefield for a long time

  • Jesse Harris
    Jesse Harris

    Battlefield 4 with tornados ..... So Battlefield just recycling maps now like COD.

  • The Rambler1941
    The Rambler1941

    No one going to talk about the bot's in the large game modes?

  • James

    I'm fine with the specialists as long as they keep it in line with how BFV did their Elites

  • William Sanders
    William Sanders

    We need just normal soldiers, the specialists just restrict us from better play and customisation

  • GreninjaDude Gacha Life
    GreninjaDude Gacha Life

    I just wanted to be a random ass guy I know nothing about now a got damn specalist YOU PRICKS

  • Dimitri

    Honestly, it looks good, and looks like DICE has learned from BFV and is willing to recreate/improve on the BF3/BF4 experience. The arrogance they showed with BVF and refusing to listen and mocking the BF community has cost them $ and a failed game that was EOL way before it should have been.

  • Creamy Dog
    Creamy Dog

    So is it pay it win

  • fishan 1996
    fishan 1996

    Dare you not to play it jack.

  • Rogerio Balestra
    Rogerio Balestra

    My preference is style battlefield 1

  • StarfireIX

    4:03 Jack acting like RTX is new for Battlefield xD

  • OMEGA Studio
    OMEGA Studio

    Just cause 5 online?

  • Timo Pätzold
    Timo Pätzold

    I, grunt. Delete specialists.

  • MarkQuat Mathis
    MarkQuat Mathis

    Jackkkkk please talk to them about the specialist 😭 nobody wants it

  • Max G
    Max G

    If they intend to keep Specialists in the game (which they most likely will), they should make them work like in Battlefront where you use points of some sort to spawn as them until you die. One can only hope that it'll be like the squad score system in BFV.

  • Frații Grigorescu
    Frații Grigorescu

    This game it's Modern warfare 2019 🤣

  • Raxis


  • Mudhor Ikef
    Mudhor Ikef

    No specialists plz dice

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris

    turn off the specialists were sick of games doing too much extra stupid stuff nobody asked for this

  • RobertTheTire

    Dear dice, please let us customize our specialists so we can be unique

  • thelaginator

    A specialist that can see you when your behind them that’s Over powered Might as well just let us see through walls I guess I have to walk everywhere I go There better be a perk to Counter that

  • Lunar4

    no specialists please.

  • Bulldozer

    I just need to know if it comes to Stadia, I don't want to buy a new computer 😭

  • Craig Stidham
    Craig Stidham

    So I’m hoping this will allow 5 man squads like BF4

  • P Caps
    P Caps

    This game is basically battlefront with different operators and maps..👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Bob Stringer
    Bob Stringer

    SPOILER ALERT: the premise of the game ⤵️ The premise of the game is to prevent the launch of the world's most powerful nuclear weapon -- the Russians Satan 2 👍

  • James Bertin
    James Bertin

    I just wanna be a nameless soldier, like the ones that always die in a cutscene.

  • Nathan

    I really wish they hadn’t made it a hero shooter. Once a meta is established you can guarantee almost everyone will be playing as the same person with the same (probably) cringey voice lines. And since weapons aren’t locked to specific classes the class system is pretty much only a name outside of a few specialists. Like the Canadian specialist. There’s almost nothing that makes him having a grappling hook an assault specific type of specialist.

  • RJ

    Looks shit.

  • C2O Alcatraz
    C2O Alcatraz

    Personally I want them to have animations for attachment changes because it happens so fast and I don’t want Battlefield to keep getting arcadey. This game def won’t be slow. At all. Its just I don’t think we should branch too far from realism. Its still battlefield at the end of the day.

  • Brian Frisbie
    Brian Frisbie

    am i having a stroke?

  • ace350z DIYGarage
    ace350z DIYGarage

    Anyone not care about customization and just a good solid well balanced game?

  • Adam

    Not buying

  • BonQuiQui HGII
    BonQuiQui HGII

    More women in battlefield GROSS

  • Murphy’s Law
    Murphy’s Law

    haven’t bought or played BF since BF3 I might get this one

  • Caleb Thomas
    Caleb Thomas

    i think i need to upgrade my PC so that i can play this when it comes out

  • Ryan

    No one likes the specialists just let us play as normal soldiers.

  • WIII All DEAD Earth is ALIVE
    WIII All DEAD Earth is ALIVE

    This is your 2nd million view in 3 months

  • Ryan Kahlie
    Ryan Kahlie

    I just wanna know if I can wingsuit up the tornado and use it to fly around or if I'll get sucked up into it lmao

  • Arko

    Is anyone else tired of this “operators” shit in every single aaa multiplayer game? I just want to be a random soldier not a fucking Marvel superhero off the bat. To me it’s just ridiculous and campy.

  • SeoulBeats x 822
    SeoulBeats x 822

    I'm hoping the factions stay the same!! USA vs RUSSIA VS CHINA like in BF4!!

  • Quentin Hacker
    Quentin Hacker

    I’m not quite sure about the specialist. Bit played out. I would like full custom !!!

  • geeked slotter
    geeked slotter

    Everything sounded pretty decent until I heard fucking AI. Why are they adding AI?

  • EYEZ2K

    No Specialists Please

  • EYEZ2K

    Having access to every scope attachment at anytime INSTANTLY without an animation sounds like a balancing issue , this is gonna be abused

  • Average Seal Enjoyer
    Average Seal Enjoyer

    They had the chance to make the dog a own class...

  • Robert Wages
    Robert Wages

    I'm really skeptical of the specialist system. Every time a shooter does this it feels like they're trying to be a hero shooter like Overwatch without fully committing. Overwatch is fucking great, but that's because it really leans into its heroes. Battlefield has always been about the "battlefield" to me, not the grunt holding the gun. Plus specialists and heroes just fucking scream monetization.

  • Luke

    I liked playing as a random soldier. It made it feel more personal as it made it seem like that you are the specialist when you play good (if that makes sense). Like have specialist traits but not the same character if that makes sense.

  • Camal Bruce
    Camal Bruce

    I haven't a watched a jackfrags video in a while

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