Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer Reaction!
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  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming

    New trailer blew. me. away. Rendezook was the best part for me, so excited for this game!

    • GamingInSlowMotion

      @WariathZabiyaka nah is not all about the song 😂 lmao shows you never dedicated your heart to the games. Trust me over 1600H played, the song and theme gets old fast.

    • WariathZabiyaka

      @GamingInSlowMotion Pfff.....real BF OG would be like...eeey...wheres BF main theme?! Sorry no BF magic here for me this time....hopefuly in june 13th gameplay triler.

    • GamingInSlowMotion

      Only battlefield OGs know why and get the butterflies feeling

    • WariathZabiyaka

      I hate renderzookers tho.

    • IllKrak3nllI

      I was there with you on stream. Looks Amazing

  • Jace Winger
    Jace Winger

    This guy, sees players skydiving, DaMAvAnd PEaK?? Sees shipping containers, NoShAr CaVALs?? Bro they’re new maps wtf😂

  • Cronhole

    Your stream layout is class. How did you do the panels transition? cause that is slick!

  • Lamine Kalamine
    Lamine Kalamine

    Sceptik about this trailer and the information about the gameplay. My best battlefield game would be bf3 maps/4/new map/new vehicles/128 players in one game. Specialist look like jedi in starwars battlefront so i think they will be unlocked after lvl ??? and playable for x points in a game. hope i'm wrong.

  • fluzzles

    It all looks good but don't pre-order it. Don't forget, it's a cinematic Trailer after all. Wait for the *Gameplay*

  • Total Casual Player TCP
    Total Casual Player TCP

    You can say if someone is Veteran after reaction with Randezook

  • 134ZING4

    Thumb up and follow for referencing Noshahr Canals 1:23 and not CUD shipment! Ticks me off when YTubers say "Its just like CUD or BUPs" Grrr! Glad a modern BF is back!

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott

    original vidja took 10ml views 1st week

  • mathew honeycutt
    mathew honeycutt

    Watching this for the 7th time now. I dont really like how there is like no flow. There isn't a Frontline for say. They are all just on top of each other.

  • corey meyer
    corey meyer

    I hope dog tags are one stab and done no more counter....

  • Myles G
    Myles G

    Largest maps and 128 players on objective based modes AND NO battle royale. Thank you, dice.

  • Chaos Commentary
    Chaos Commentary

    You get so many brownie points for know what donavon peak and noshark canals are

  • Gamology - Charles
    Gamology - Charles

    G'day Ghost Gaming, Is it possible to feature short parts of your gaming clips on our show “Gamers React”? The show compiles gamers’ best reactions during their streams and playthroughs (with credits of course). We have a solid list of approved creators including CoryXkenshin, xQcOW, Hollow, iBerleezy, Marz and Gab Smolders. 1 mil subs and growing! All my best.

  • LOCKDOWN 24v7
    LOCKDOWN 24v7


  • Cecil

    I have to say I thought the trailer was a bit of a mess, like were they trying to create tension, grand moments or just pure comedy? Like BF1 trailer was really well done cause the theme was coherent with a grand battle larger than you with dark and tense undertones.

    • Cecil

      @Myles G there was no battlefield fan that wanted an political statement, just look at bf5

    • Myles G
      Myles G

      @Cecil you mean, the battlefield fans that want a political statement? Do you hear yourself?

    • Cecil

      @Myles G I get what you mean, seem alike they really want to show the fans it's back to being a game rather than a political statement, with the target audience for the trailer being fans(I do appreciate the devs for that). Seems like they should make another trailer targeted at regular people tho.

    • Myles G
      Myles G

      I think the word you are looking for is "fun". They are trying to make a game that is fun. Crazy concept, we'll see if they pull it off.

  • Ginkoman2

    i literally screamed my lungs out when they showed the rendezook

  • Kashmira Makwana
    Kashmira Makwana

    Ghost: I hope there are jets. Me: What’s a battlefield game without jets. Also I with that someday that COD, Dice, and Respawn colab and make a game with all there mechanics and game modes. Wonder how good that would turn out. Battlefield’s massive battle grounds, and vehicles, COD’s realistic ness, weapon verity, and spec ops game modes, and Respawn’s insane movement mechanics, abilities that would be considered hacking in battlefield and COD like pulse blade, and smart pistol, story, titans, and even a frontier defense mode just more Dice, COD, and Respawn combined version.

  • That kid masnun
    That kid masnun

    LEts go!

  • max4Q

    the rendezook was when I decided im gonna spend 110eur on this

  • NAGNEAU Gang
    NAGNEAU Gang

    Just came to see your reaction on the air shot

  • Ayden Starke
    Ayden Starke

    Ghost: Okay Okay I can wait four days, man Also Ghost: Ugh I can't be stressed for another four daaays

  • CCCowboy

    You can DO everything they've shown, that's why I've always loved the Battlefield games! :D

  • Abdul Rahman Lim
    Abdul Rahman Lim

    Something’s missing a much more aggressive & powerful jet than the ones we saw in this trailer, hope to see the attack jets making a comeback, i love bombing enemies into pieces & toasting vehicles into scraped junks hahaha

  • pspppe

    Only thing they are missing is f-22 raptor

  • Rupert Cortes
    Rupert Cortes

    First it was a trailer nothing special but jet scene is hell of a fun.

  • Kenny O'Brien
    Kenny O'Brien

    Looks cool but some details concern me. No classes. Being able to pick any primary weapon...balancing issue there. On the fly customisation.


    Please be a Belgrade map

  • Relax your mind
    Relax your mind

    Ripsaw tanks

  • Seekah

    Penguins at 1:57

  • Nicholas

    Not into future war games :( only current times.

  • Jason Quintana
    Jason Quintana

    Best battlefield ever made

  • Slixbrah

    Hopefully the vehicle enter/exit animations were removed (seems like they have)

  • Baal_Gaming

    Theres no better pleasure than watching a fellow BF player reacting to this trailer and pointing out only in bf things:')

  • Avi Pinhasov
    Avi Pinhasov

    I hope we will have alot of vehicle options per type , like for example not only the F35 as a fighter jet but maybe like also the F22 or even F18 , with like different basic stats like durability , rader package , stealth , max speed , re-supply cooldown , ammunition ect ... And same for ground vehicles .

  • Rogelio Rodriguez
    Rogelio Rodriguez

    Blows my mind that it says in game footage.

    • Rogelio Rodriguez
      Rogelio Rodriguez

      @Kerngedanke: REIN!!!! Ohhhhh I see. Thank you for the info!

    • Kerngedanke: REIN!!!!
      Kerngedanke: REIN!!!!

      No, it says game engine footage, big difference there. Game engine footage is basically what the engine they are using (in this case frostbite) is capable of at max performance. The ingame footage in almost all cases is not as good as the game engine footage. Im sure the in game footage is going to be great, but just not as good as the trailer.

  • pitbull nick
    pitbull nick

    Can't wait to hop on a tank

  • House Vibez
    House Vibez

    0:40 I thought the same!!! It must be damavand peak remaster :) I think they did remaster a couple of maps from BF3 they finally listend! 1:30 I thought the same!!! This really must be it :) 1:00 Metro!!

  • Assailant

    They might as well just call the game Battlefield: Only in Battlefield because this is literally what that is, a homage to all of us crazy bf players.

  • Dimitar D.Dimitrov
    Dimitar D.Dimitrov

    Yes dude! Im in love right now with this game

  • BiteBayKon

    It's a fancy looking trailer. EADICE have always done fancy trailers, they're great at it. But I don't see how there can be any comments on the actual game, we have zero literally zero in game footage. Let's not forget this is EA and we know for them money rules over everything else. I'M FULLY AWARE WHEN THE GAMEPLAY TRAILER IS, THAT'S NOT THE POINT OF MY COMMENT.

    • Raion Shishi
      Raion Shishi

      @BiteBayKon That we are simply gonna believe it because they said it was ? Or that we can believe it because we are believing the things that we already know and saw and have proven ? You aren't exactly proving much at all yourself tbh, only the what if...

    • BiteBayKon

      @Raion Shishi You right there have also completely proved the whole point of comment, so thank you.

    • Raion Shishi
      Raion Shishi

      Tho the point of your comments falls apart simply mentioning that there will be a gameplay footage literally in 3 days now, plus the trailer is based on the game engine, plus the fact that the things they showed in this trailer is based on the game and are literally all possible.

  • Smurfy

    The comradery in the comments make me happy to be a battlefield fan 🥲

    • Kev

      Shit looks so good they did a good job raising hype 😂

  • Ethan Dunn
    Ethan Dunn

    I hope and pray that the uniforms worn are conventional military style. I hated the feel of bfV, like i was running around with a bunch of mismatched militiamen, rather than the greatest arrangement of military forces the world has ever seen. This time dice please make them look professional, as they did in BF4 and 3. Furthermore the addition of thousands of cosmetic items will make the game confusing and also just a front for a shop, the same way COD is now. I can't load Cold War without being bombarded by pop ups about things to buy, it just feels like a horribly commercialised paywall, rather than a video game. I bought the game, take the money and go away!

  • Appalachian boy
    Appalachian boy

    It's like a mix BF4 and BF2142

  • Peter Vesti Frendrup
    Peter Vesti Frendrup

    Happy you liked it! Nice video :)


    Best trailer of my life.

  • Kara

    u have no idea how hyped I was when I saw the rendezook part :D

  • Tom Xxxx
    Tom Xxxx

    How do we buy PS5 in UK nowadays. Amazon not available. More players on ps5 maps vs PS4….

  • nightmanphill

    Will probably be hacked for release day like all the others.

  • Cory J
    Cory J

    A big set piece, you haven't even seen gameplay dummies. It's gonna be stupid. You're ruining gaming!

  • brett boaz
    brett boaz

    When i saw the Rendezook I was DYING laughing. When he caught the jet I was lost man it was the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

    • Taylor Weston
      Taylor Weston

      They need to give whoever made the trailer a promotion


    The trailer was good

  • Purple & Black
    Purple & Black

    BF vet who knows the old map names and BF moment vid's.

  • 77th Airborn Müller
    77th Airborn Müller

    I dunno if Sierra already wrote it in Discord, but the russian (?) Jet chasing the F-35 was a SU-57 also known as the SU-50 in BF4.

  • John Smith
    John Smith


  • MegaShot

    People comparing this to COD makes me rage, battlefield is not cod, its it own game and way better than any cod. Who likes playing in small tiny maps with no vehicles. Battlefield is literally a World exploring game with all types of vehicles

  • radical konrad
    radical konrad

    So disappointed about no campaign but this multi-player looks damn good

    • radical konrad
      radical konrad

      @ZSchanestruction sure I guess but not having A campaign makes me feel disconnected from what we're fighting for in the game it's supposed to build a story and an understanding of the world of the game like battlefield 5 United campaign because we understand what we're fighting for not just random modern fighting with no meaning

    • radical konrad
      radical konrad

      @Kev yes classes are still there but instead of 4 it's 10 :/ and yeah I don't think we should be able to change weapon classes mid game to match our fight scenario, stupid

    • Kev

      @radical konrad I thought they said that there was still going to be classes but with special traits? Idk about the weapons tho hopefully we can customize

    • radical konrad
      radical konrad

      @Kev disappointed about same weapons for every class, I will miss certain classes having certain weapons and switching your class mid game is stupid

    • radical konrad
      radical konrad

      @ZSchanestruction who tf playin with bots 😕

  • welshjay74

    I’ve played battlefield since very 1st game on pc & this is just another futuristic bollocks that nobody asked for simple DISAPPOINTING GOOD LOOKING GAME DOES NOT MAKE IT GOOD

    • snonsig

      this is so far from futuristic

    • Unfortunate Son
      Unfortunate Son

      @welshjay74 nah go play modern warfare then

    • welshjay74

      @NurS Wasser I rather play game that’s based on today’s military DONT have to have robotic dogs running around etc no I don’t want worldwar 1 or 2 why don’t they give us what we ask for the fans game set in today’s battlefield or bad company 3 they always got a disappoint this game won’t do well watch and see especially now people know there no campaign and will be full price I’m out and lot more like me are out to.

    • NurS Wasser
      NurS Wasser

      You wanna play BF Vietnam or what? Semi futuristic is way better than some 1900s shit

  • Markus Alexander Jung
    Markus Alexander Jung

    What a Waste

  • brian stroughter
    brian stroughter

    Wish I seen some water vehicles

    • Sjoerd

      Boats they are called i think

  • Donovan Martin
    Donovan Martin

    i am vey, very, VERY CAUSIOTLY optimsic its still ea never forget it, but again this trailer was everything from my dream ideal shooter game and this is coming from a single player lover

  • Last

    "where is the jets dice?" dice took it personally and shows the epic jet scene

    • Nexodus

      @IcedRehab That's the loopzook

    • JuicyLemon

      @Last Just look up Battlefield 3 RendeZook. That's where Dice got the idea.

    • Owen Monast
      Owen Monast

      @Mookie Stewart they shall be the guinea pigs of bf2042

    • IcedRehab

      @Sonic J.Shadow it started in 1942

    • Sonic J.Shadow
      Sonic J.Shadow

      @Mookie Stewart Well even some BG-chatr or Live streamer come when Battle Unknown Underground become main they don't know much about battlefield (that around Battlefield 1 reboost) since that clip in 2011 and people just do clip, walkthrough or do there thing back in those day not streamer......and most come from Battlefield 4 and that clip start in Battlefield 3 though back in those day only hardcore Battlefield community will remember even that clip get viral, casual players don't remember it.

  • Tim Apple
    Tim Apple


  • ShneorPlayz

    1:15 this map is for flanks i'm telling u

    • A1pha Ch3rnovak
      A1pha Ch3rnovak

      @Marco Guida damn 40x ballistic scopes. Lol

    • MRJ2012

      Well the maps are about triple the size of an average battlefield map so that part is going to be a piece of the map

    • Marco Guida
      Marco Guida

      @Chris Wright haha m26 mass was such bs on that map

    • Mookie Stewart
      Mookie Stewart

      @Marco Guida def norshar canals reference there lol I called immediately, I’ll be destroying people on that map with a shotty 😂😂😂

    • Chris Wright
      Chris Wright

      @Marco Guida m26 🙂

  • Me1648

    I will get actually excited for when gameplay is revealed. The trailer did look amazing but the game could be absolutely terrible.

    • CelticDia

      @Daws Bhop The engine has performance issues but I dont think the engine has anything to do with the bugs in the game

    • CelticDia

      @Daws Bhop The engine has nothing to do with how buggy the game is.

    • Daws Bhop
      Daws Bhop

      The cutscenes were great in frostbite 4 but when game was finished it had alot of bugs.

    • Daws Bhop
      Daws Bhop

      @CelticDia Actually I do because I played it and battlefront 2 which used the same and the game had alot of performance bugs but I realize now that battlefield 2042 is using a upgraded engine so it’s fine.

    • CelticDia

      @Daws Bhop You dont know what you're on about mate

  • MajinBry92

    Helicopters check Trick shots check Motley Crew check

  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan

    They killed it with this trailer sick cod got competition again

  • Дмитрий Петров
    Дмитрий Петров

    Good reaction, man! I am very glad to finally see this game in modern settings.

  • TheRedbeefburger

    You can pause the trailer at any point and it looks great. Good job Dice

    • mCreedz

      @Carlos Romero Same here, spent so many hours in BF4. I know this game will be a hit.

    • TheRedbeefburger

      @Carlos Romero Im a massive battlefield fan as well and i hope u enjoy it as well :)

    • Carlos Romero
      Carlos Romero

      You couldn't say it better brother. Huge Battlefield fan here. Hope you enjoy the game once DICE launch it

  • Mak

    Boston Dynamics robot but with guns. Nice lol.

  • Eoin Coogan
    Eoin Coogan

    I am concerned about how excited I am for this. Please be good 😭

    • Kev


  • GuyWithaTopHat

    Has anyone else seen JackFrags video about the gameplay? Apparently the game is going to have specialists in it, which I'm really not excited for. I just wanted to be the classic Battlefield generic soldier with the 4 classes with maybe some new gadgets.

    • GuyWithaTopHat

      @Charlie yeah I think you’re right. I just hope it doesn’t end up being that there are 1 or 2 specialists that become the meta and no one uses anything else. That’ll really ruin the game for me.

    • Charlie

      The classes are still there but o think the specialists are just like subsets of the class with their own gadgets and abilities. They are basically like the archetypes from BFV that really never made it in

  • Anime Gamer714
    Anime Gamer714

    That last part with the tornado that place looks like Shanghai a little bit

  • himanshu yadav
    himanshu yadav

    This bf game man has so much vibes of BF3 I m soo much hyped

    • Kev

      Nah its the Bf4 vibes for me 😂

    • Mookie Stewart
      Mookie Stewart

      BF3 was heavily referenced lmao I can’t wait . The king has returned

  • cephalon owl
    cephalon owl

    i set up an alarm for the stream.

  • Kenmeri

    i am being very carefull with this one. Its still EA that we are talking about. Im going to wait untill i see actual gameplay before even the slightest hype sets in. Either way i hope they keep outfit customisation to a minimum, but from what ive seen so far this will most likely not be the case....

    • Kenmeri

      @Tyler Armstrong the new age of gaming sucks ass bruh

    • Arys

      @Tyler Armstrong According to JackFrags' video, there is a free tier and paid tier for the battlepass. Free tier will include actual playable content including specialists, while paid tier is cosmetics only.

    • Tyler Armstrong
      Tyler Armstrong

      @Me1648 Not sure about other platforms but if you look at the Steam page for the game it confirms "specialists". It also does say that with the ultimate edition of the game you get 4 battle passes and 4 specialist, so chances are it will be like Call of Duty where every season a new character comes out and you get them by buying the battle pass. I'm assuming Specialist will be like the specialist from games like Black Ops 3 where certain characters have certain abilities (the wing suit from the trailer for example). So if you are worried about pay walls that might be something to look out for., It is possible that they might not be included with the battle pass and you may just be able to unlock them by doing challenges but as of now nobody knows. There are a few other small things mentioned like, Specialist skins, weapon and vehicle skins and weapon charms. all of these seem to have rarities' to them such as "legendary" or "Epic". So I think there will either be loot crates like the Battle Packs from past Battlefields OR like an in game shop for cosmetics similar to what Modern Warfare and Cold War have in their games. Either way there seems to be a lot of different things that will cost real money, but lets be real that is pretty much expected these days.

    • Me1648

      Same for me to I’m waiting for some extra purchases or something hidden within the game behind a pay wall.

  • Grimfate_87

    Very cool. I'm looking forward to the gameplay trailer.

  • Barry Haggerty
    Barry Haggerty

    Already too hyped for your 2042 jet guides

  • VinRPWorld

    This absolutely blows the new CoD coming out right out of the water. Nothing can compete in this current time, absolutely blown away by this

    • Ramirez445

      @Jk 1 yes really

    • Ramirez445

      @UCvn-DE7_8oszpPtmRs__zvg if cod 2022 is the modern warfare 2 then ye maybe

    • Ramirez445

      @UCvn-DE7_8oszpPtmRs__zvg probably not it depends

    • Ramirez445

      @Jk 1 yes really

    • Ramirez445

      @Udina Mursona yeah but know they have learned a lot from their mistakes and it's really starting to show. And yes I do think it can bring back the franchise

  • Voltaire

    I couldn't stop smiling during that trailer, only in battlefield moments, rocket taking off, giant tornado rolling in, the insane looking maps, epic music; I am beyond hyped!

    • Last

      @Ben Dobbing tbh yeah. Dice work smart this time around😂 even if there are females everyone is wearing a helmet. Big brain time😂

    • Ben Dobbing
      Ben Dobbing

      And no politics was a major one aha :)

    • Last

      @adam law whats oct ?

    • adam law
      adam law

      Does anyone think that the scalpers will still be holding NEARLY ALL of the stock of the next gen Xbox and ps by OCT release ???

    • Last

      @adam law i jumped in bf4,1 and 5 after the trailer just to play one match in every game😂

  • atiwi almalki 🇸🇦
    atiwi almalki 🇸🇦

    great game

    • BiteBayKon

      But we've only seen a trailer using engine footage, we haven't even seen the game yet.

  • Marc

    Don't get too hyped, this looks all good but we all know how things fall apart with EA.

  • ethanjiinkies

    So hyped

  • Ilias G1
    Ilias G1

    I'm beyond Hyped. I just don't like the idea of the Battle Pass :(

    • Ergonamix

      @Ilias G1 I'm fine with them milking the whales with the battlepass if it means I wont have to buy dlc maps, tbh.

    • Ilias G1
      Ilias G1

      @Oeriam I agree but I really like cosmetics. They should be part of the game for me. Especially considering how expensive it is ($70). But we'll see. I care more about the actual game 😊

    • Oeriam

      atleast it's just some cosmetics and the main game stuff is free to everybody I don't like it either but they gotta make money somehow I guess

  • smokey.

    I’m so excited

  • HD 1483
    HD 1483

    I was in the stream.

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