Casey Bishop Top 12 Performance: The Rocker Teen Luke Bryan PREDICTED To Win American Idol!
@American Idol on ABC | Season 4 | Top 12 Results and Vote

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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returned to the airwaves in February 2021 for its forth season at its new home on ABC. The nationwide search for the next superstar kicked off in August 2019, as the virtual Idol Bus traveled from Portland, Oregon, to Orlando, Florida, in its pursuit for talent, covering many cities across the country. Auditioning was made easier than ever as hopefuls also had the opportunity to submit audition videos online, as well as via select social media platforms using an official tag, #TheNextIdol, cultivating over 300,000 posts. Also, for the first time in “American Idol” history, hopefuls had the opportunity to audition through a livestream platform. Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation, are music industry forces and superstar judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest will return as host of the beloved series.

Talent Recap

  • Andrew Labat
    Andrew Labat

    The BEST..!!

  • Norma Sarno
    Norma Sarno

    She reminds me of Nicollette Larsen

  • Rebecca Guzak
    Rebecca Guzak

    Always heard that the new millennials, born after 2000, were going to be stunningly talented, but I never believed it until I heard this young lady. I'm 72 and I've never heard anyone like her!!!!! Authentic, soulful, rocker- just defies anything I ever dreamed was possible. I'm a visual artist and I'm so inspired!!!

  • Roly Leavitt
    Roly Leavitt

    Casey is awesome! The whole look! The whole package. Brings me back to the sixties and seventies. Better than the " Animals"

  • Wanda Sanders
    Wanda Sanders


  • Irawan Sugimo
    Irawan Sugimo

    Dangerius girl

  • DjBj Jay
    DjBj Jay

    tf is with her voice.

  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay

    I like her sound and the rock ready for 80 rock to make a come back

  • adm

    she's the Winner.

  • Sid Plays
    Sid Plays


  • Dan Carpentieri
    Dan Carpentieri

    She's almost perfect. I just wish she was a few years older so her voice was a little more mature. You can still here a little of that youthful tone in her voice... But maybe that's part of her charm?

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G

    All of us Boomers are voting for her like crazy. YASS child.... bring rock back!!

  • Joshua Pretorious
    Joshua Pretorious


  • Lisa Z
    Lisa Z

    I love how genuinely excited she gets. And I believe she may be a generational talent. She is really unlike anyone else today. I love what she does.

  • Piyush Wagh
    Piyush Wagh

    I would really love to hear "Feeling Good" by Nina Simon from her😍

  • Remz Coronel
    Remz Coronel


  • Beverley Blanchard
    Beverley Blanchard

    Did not like the arrangement at all. She can sing alright, but that song is supposed to be blues.


    Slayed it I love her tone of her voice

  • M St. M
    M St. M

    Even her style 💃🏻⚘

  • Karyn Fen
    Karyn Fen

    She's gonna win!

  • Heet Crusher
    Heet Crusher

    Win or loose you would be a fool not to put money on this girl's future. She has that shakira thing going on and a great voice and ONLY 16 WOW

  • Kevin Tan
    Kevin Tan

    Same level as Adam lambert..

  • Dana Kot
    Dana Kot

    W I N N E R for Life !

  • Ruth Nagarya
    Ruth Nagarya


  • B Mom
    B Mom

    I wanted to hear her amazing vocals but band was way too loud IMP

  • Little Raven Red
    Little Raven Red

    She’s got poise and good stage presence. That song was a good choice. She knocked it out of the park .

  • Kelly Keegan
    Kelly Keegan

    She has got an amazing voice and she knows how to use it. I hope she wins or has an amazing career because of her time on AI.

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D

    Stop the show know. And let’s get a cd out now!

  • Stone W
    Stone W

    I think she's my favorite. She just brings it every single time. She's amazing!!

  • Sheri Allen
    Sheri Allen

    Most definitely a favorite. This is a tough year.

  • John C
    John C

    She can sing and looks great but ruined that song. Would love to hear her sing a good song.

  • Stacy Thomas
    Stacy Thomas

    Casey is a "loud" singer just bc she is so powerful...but she doesn't yell or scream like other performers. Her voice is strong yet so clear. You can actually understand the lyrics.

  • neosapiens

    Those velvet pants still aren't as velvety as her voice. Perfection.

  • bob conner
    bob conner

    she will be the winner. Just amazing talent

  • Eric Bailey
    Eric Bailey

    Lame. She should be singing jazz!

  • Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu Sharma

    I don't think she could be further improved by any margin. That's it. Its perfect, enough for us to adore her.

  • uncachalot

    Did the judges not comment on this performance?!?

  • Amy Owens
    Amy Owens

    Dam Casey . u rock the whole stage . keep the hard work up. U are amazing and u are a rock star . u sing like Adam Lambert . u are a winner and a champion in my thoughts.

  • Danielle Lewicki
    Danielle Lewicki


  • unjaded2

    DAMN !

  • april anderson
    april anderson

    Katy wants her to rock out/have more energy lol

  • Cheryl de Lavigne
    Cheryl de Lavigne

    I just love her, her voice makes me feel powerful inside.

  • loyd tiodianco
    loyd tiodianco

    She will be the winner this year

  • Jake Debnam_24
    Jake Debnam_24

    I agree with Luke, I think she to be the next American Idol ! Everything about her shows how much of a rockstar she is and I personally think she deserves to win! Rock on, Casey!! 🤘🤘

  • Roxanne Field
    Roxanne Field


  • Duke T.
    Duke T.

    The ending was great. Hugs.

  • Chachi Marie
    Chachi Marie

    My girl !! You NEED to WIN this for all of us !! 🤘🏻 you got the skills !!

  • Joseph Acain
    Joseph Acain

    go! go! Casey Bishop..Casey rocks...

  • Michael Craigie
    Michael Craigie

    awesome job Casey

  • Tammy Lynne
    Tammy Lynne

    YEP! SHE IS MEANT FOR REAL MUSIC! OLD SOUL MUSIC!! A POWERHOUSE!!!! She did great until the end.

  • Brandeis Jensen
    Brandeis Jensen

    bad. ASS!

  • Ian Nicol
    Ian Nicol

    Outstanding 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Carrie Soucier
    Carrie Soucier

    Did she win?

  • Diane D
    Diane D

    Casey's voice is so beautiful. I'd like to hear her sing something different

  • buixrule

    I'm so sick of hearing house of the rising sun. It's one of the most played out songs on these shows. There HAS to be other songs they can sing besides this song. Although I like the metal tone and how well she sang it.

  • Chris & Rolf
    Chris & Rolf

    Didn't like the arrangement, but what a voice. Would love to hear her sing some Linda Ronstadt.

  • Kevin Bailey
    Kevin Bailey

    Rocked it.

  • Josie Hyde
    Josie Hyde

    she should win

  • Michelle Hughes
    Michelle Hughes

    God the band sucked but she's awesome

  • Mark Rhein
    Mark Rhein

    Why no judges comments for Casey? Paula could have given her an endorsement, but they skipped her. Won't matter. America make her be top 3.

    • Mark Rhein
      Mark Rhein

      Also, Luke was the one who said she was the Damn winner, but was not even there because of Covid. If Luke has Covid, should all of them be in quarantine?

  • my2cents2u

    I really want her to sing 'My Beloved'. I think it would be a great song for her.

  • John Albrecht
    John Albrecht


  • Christopher Kohut
    Christopher Kohut

    why no judge comments? haha I want to see how much they loved it. :P

  • G.P. hankin
    G.P. hankin

    Unbelievable voice from such a tiny body. Just amazing. And she sings the blues like one of the great chanteuses.

  • Bongoman Eugene Howhat Xaweb
    Bongoman Eugene Howhat Xaweb

    Dynamites do come in small packages....

  • Dar annette
    Dar annette

    Back in 2012 this performance she has done "House of the Rising Sun" done by Haley Reinhart similiar but both good.

  • Andy Dibacco
    Andy Dibacco

    TOP 3

  • Andy Dibacco
    Andy Dibacco


  • Top Dog
    Top Dog

    Casey might win American Idol? Right?

  • Dol Di
    Dol Di

    A young hippie :)

  • DocRaunchy

    Finally the band is starting to rock. Her Ella/Vaughan style is a breath of fresh air in the rock world. If they teach her to perform, she will be unstoppable.

  • Jojo Higher
    Jojo Higher

    Wow!!!! Her voice is incredible!!!

  • Christopher Kohut
    Christopher Kohut

    wow this was really good!

  • Harold Ållaberg
    Harold Ållaberg

    siobhan magnus did this way better

    • VioletFlameMusic

      Siobhan Magnus, is my favorite singer on this planet. And ... will forever be. With that said ..... Casey, knocked this out of this universe beyond everyone!!! That includes Siobhan & Haley. And the band .... incredible!!!! Love this so much!

  • Tino Stephens
    Tino Stephens

    The band was the real American Idol tonight

  • SinisterSmoke840

    American idol needs to call it quits. This girl can't sing she's awful! Just please go away and quit destroying real artists music!

  • Krystal Hockeygirl
    Krystal Hockeygirl

    Amaze balls!!

  • Anjennica Lewis
    Anjennica Lewis

    She looks like Sara waisisglass

  • Raven Blakely
    Raven Blakely

    I like Casey the best… Even if hard rock is not my favorite genre I think she really really does a great job… And maybe it's just me but I find American Idol this year pretty boring except for maybe two or three candidates… But it's probably because I'm not a singer and I like my music to be entertaining not just a singing contest which actually probably karaoke would've been more fun for me to listen to them some of these people...But not Casey, Casey is fantastic

  • Melissa Blanchard
    Melissa Blanchard

    I can't believe she is only 16! She is so confident and mature for her age! Wow..So talanted. I wonder how much training and experience she had before trying out on American Idol?

    • neosapiens

      @jade R Holy crap!!!!! She is AMAZINGGGGGG. Can sing anything. Vibrato is so velvety and ugh...the control, the power...the passion. Born to sing.

    • jade R
      jade R

      She goes to my school never knew bout her but she’s awesome

    • Melissa Blanchard
      Melissa Blanchard

      @sofia aldana Well that makes her a natural!! Just what American Idol is looking for. Not someone who has been training their whole life. She's has a natural God given talent. WOW!

    • sofia aldana
      sofia aldana

      I think in her audition she said she only sung in her bathroom and only her family and friends knew that she likes to sing.

  • Edward Mahagnoul
    Edward Mahagnoul

    This isn't signing, this is screeching. To her defense the music was atrocious.

  • Ranita Devonr
    Ranita Devonr

    I really REALLY want her to win.

  • Steven Gallo
    Steven Gallo

    Luke may very well have been right upon hearing her first audition. Truly gifted with an incredible voice.

  • K

    The whole package with also the look. Just can't deny she will be winning

  • merly ward
    merly ward

    Me too I want to see her win for rock ! What a voice she did a great job

  • merly ward
    merly ward

    Go Casey Love her voice hope she will be the next American Idol

  • GI Jane
    GI Jane

    Casey and Chayce are my pick!

  • Sin Jon
    Sin Jon

    I’d be okay with her winning

  • Tracey Tatara
    Tracey Tatara

    Love this girl, so talented

  • •LitzyEdits•


  • Glenford Bangguiyao
    Glenford Bangguiyao

    i like her hair

  • Hillary Tyner
    Hillary Tyner

    This girls a star no matter what happens on idol

  • Mark Katona
    Mark Katona

    Absolutely gifted young talent that can elevate several musical genres with class.

  • neosapiens

    Top 10****************

  • neosapiens

    Gotta be Grace, Willie, Alyssa or Casey

  • Traveler Day'Ve
    Traveler Day'Ve

    Nearly every act last night had parts that were off key…. Then you have Casey sing a song that was intentionally off key and she nails it… so who’s the real talent… Casey is young fresh, has long term marketability and a unique killer voice.. AI’s current favorite is a dime a dozen, she’s she’s good but we’ve heard it before…. Casey on the other hand is a money maker…

  • Teresa Wilson
    Teresa Wilson


  • LarsFrantz

    Sickest voice and control I´ve ever heard. She is a Janis 2.0.

  • Linda Leg
    Linda Leg

    She deserves to win but will probably get screwed like Daughtry did.

  • Nancy Munroe
    Nancy Munroe

    Again...she is great...the track is terrible!!! Tooooo loud!! Hard to hear her!!

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