Chiliad - Gaming's Greatest Mystery
Grand Theft Auto 5's Mount Chiliad has been a mysterious location since the game's launch in 2013. However, over the years the mystery of Mount Chiliad has only expanded and gotten bigger with new discoveries and updates by Rockstar Games. Today, the Mount Chiliad Mystery continues to puzzle players and has even worked its was into Red Dead Redemption 2. Recent months have seen new theories emerge and the community has made some of the most startling discoveries yet. Thus, today we'll be talking about the never-ending Mystery of Grand Theft Auto 5's Mount Chiliad.

  • TheEpicNate315

    This was a bit of a side project that took a tiny tad longer than expected to finish (oof). Next video will probably be Skyrim (or maybe Fallout 4). Some Notes - A huge shoutout it owed to r/chiliadmystery, the Subreddit where most of the community had congregated to investigate. If you’re interested, I highly encourage you check it out to learn more. They have some great resources for beginners! Game file gurus also did incredible work thus far and are responsible for the majority of our recent discoveries, give their BG-chat channel a subscription and website a peek as they’ll surely be the first folks with any updates. I was unable to fit every single Chiliad-related secret/theory/mystery into this video. We left out a bit such as the Infinite 8 man, the Ghost of Vinewood, etc. This video will however fill you in on all the basics and our most recent finds!

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    • Cool songs to listen to
      Cool songs to listen to

      “Some notes-“ (5 paragraphs)

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      alex btw

      maybe the mysterious stranger is all part of this

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      maybe?? maybe not??

      You might wanna think about the fact that gta 6 might not be released until we figure this out 🤔

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      Nate come home

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    Dude its pronounced PARA DIME not para da gim


    humanity killing a bigfoot civilization what is this scp-1000

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    san andreas is actually not california... it is california and nevada. I also remeber there being a third state influencing it but I dont recall which one.

  • steve gayle
    steve gayle

    The red mural was a nod to the infinite 8 killer mystery

  • steve gayle
    steve gayle

    The red mural was a nod to the infinite 8 killer mystery

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    I just watched a 1 hour long documentary about a mountain in a 7 year old game.

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    We still got gta6 to see what we got for the mystery

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    i will steal ur primogems

    old but its probably the UFO above the clouds the storm and such being the clouds the mountains representing above this mountain the moon representing that it only comes at night edit: i didnt finish the video before i said this, so sorry

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    Harry and the Henderson's meets Teen Wolf.

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    its pretty easy to tell francis is a time traveler

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    The voice break at 0:12

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    Poob vs. Ploob: DougDoug's Greatest Mystery

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    dog trying to stop bigfoot from killing the werewolf: Bigfoot: you dare oppose me *kick*

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    8:25 I never knew that Salvation Mountain was in GTAV, but slab city is nowhere to be found.

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    I did the last quest not even thinking about how i beat 100% and i sped through it like it was nothing

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    wait is that new dlc coming out going to be that zombies and aliens mode. holy crap

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    Para-dime. It's pronounced Para-dime

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    Nothing happened bUt whAt we don’t know is that there was Aliens

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    me who understood the things that the geologist from RDR2 said be like: yo those are some romanian expresions

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    If I’m being honest, the consistent references to each other in Gtav and rdr2 is good evidence they are connected. Another piece of damning evidence is there is a book called red dead in franklins house written by… j. Marston, presumably jack marston.

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    I have been to the UFO in rdr2 at 43:30 and i didn't even notice it. I just thought the light was strange

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    the way he pronounces paradigm sends me

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    what if the fib is actually a game creator and resides inside mount chilliad and los santos is actually a simulation and their being tested on therefore why it is a island and that’s why you die if you try to go past to boundary

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    Egg - Gta Vice City Jetpack - Gta San Andreas UFO - Gta V

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    kevin Rodriguez

    News everyone the egg has been found in the new update its inside a train carry in a mission search it up its exact same one

    • kevin Rodriguez
      kevin Rodriguez

      Also the jetpack and egg are in the game now the only one missing is the person in a ufo we might be able to drive ufos in a later update

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    The black UFO above Fort Zancudo has a visible B2 bomber fuselage

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    Epicnate be like: Why did I move here? I guess it was the Mount Chiliad

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    I love how they had people racing around trying to figure out this mystery and how to get the jetpack when they just released it in Online. Very cash money of Rockstar...literally

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    13:28 a mistake like that in an otherwise smooth video is rough. Good video tho

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    aUtIsTiCkiNg#994 or kYi3R b1AsT

    they are in the same universe because when you watch TV there is a commercial that has John’s cabin from McFarland’s ranch in the background

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    Me playing gta 5: hm yeah thats a big mountian This guy: ALIENS! CONSPIRACY!

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    GTA 6 will definitely have Easter eggs about Chiliad

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    The missing alien egg also appears in a box cart in one of the missions of the new tuners dlc! Also the sasquach in 'The last one' says the same line as the one in red dead redemption

  • Travisscottburger9

    The sasquach mission appears after you do all the main missions, you dont have to do all of the other side quests or collect any letters or spaceship parts, it becomes available before that.

    • Travisscottburger9

      @Studio Tefałen I play on pc, maybe its different since the pc version is updated more and the developers thought not enough people were playing the entire game to get the mission so they made it available earlier

    • Studio Tefałen
      Studio Tefałen

      @Travisscottburger9 ps4 and Im most certain I did not, I only have one stramgers and freaks mission left and its not spaceship parts or letter pieces.

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      @Studio Tefałen maybe you already did it, what device do you play on?

    • Studio Tefałen
      Studio Tefałen

      @Travisscottburger9 I have my game on 97% and it has yet to appear

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      @Studio Tefałen No, I have played the game, it appears before that

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    I have a feeling the new heist might take place in either Area 51 or The Pentagon

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    Damn.. Rockstar could make a great mystery game. Solving puzzles and shit, dedicating months to solving it

    • Dafi Wilks
      Dafi Wilks

      @Albert Whiskers I didn't know they did that game lol but yeah true. I was kinda thinking something more along the lines of this kind of easter egg hunt in gta 5 but as a dedicated game. Maybe like it's not even obvious what you have to do. It's a mystery disguised as a gta style freeroam

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      Albert Whiskers

      LA Noire?

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    Where Has The King Went?

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    I can't stop thinking about how much you sound like Heisenberg, and now I have this mental image of Heisenberg talking about a digital mountain for an hour

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    Slightly wrong only the hippie camp ufo has the fib name the chilliad one does not

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    wasnt there a ghost sometime on mt chiliad?


    the ufo over zancudo looks more loike experimental aircraft. the center reminds me of the SR-71

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    What if mount Shan is mount chilliad but at a past time?

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    Paradigm is pronounced ‘pair-a-dime’ Paradigm is a way of looking at something, a world view.

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    Okay, so the bigfoot scene in red dead made me sad. thanks.

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    29:55 this is exactly what alien conspiracy theory videos look like.

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    Secret is there is no secret. Get over it. Stop.looking into it. Stop making up theories. Nothing is there. It's simple. All this is giving you is the story to the new gta and how both of these games follow the story. Multi mapped.

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    GTA is gonna make an update about this pretty soon and make so much money

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    They say this gen ain't good for nothing there sherlock Holmes over here

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    Personal opinion here, but I believe the Giant bones, and the Big Foot are two different things/creatures

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    Are you not going to talk about how the hunter from Red Dead and the hunter from GTA look exactly the same?

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    this mystery is the doomsday heist avon's base lol

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    Maybe Francis is not just a time traveler and is also a dimension traveler one.

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    I think the big alien queen looks like the peyote plant a little…

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    What a coincidence, aliens are real in this universe as well. Also, with all the times you've heard "San Andreas" pronounced, how can you butcher it so badly? Also, San Andreas isn't California. As was clearly established in GTA:San Andreas, it's the name of the area, not the state.

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    nah herobrine is easily a bigger mystery

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    There was also alien survivals where you play as aliens invading San Andreas

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      @Lee Ruby it was a limited time thing in Halloween of 2019

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      How the hell do you play those or do you have any other explanation for it

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    On the mural, there was 5 small boxes, 2 had ‘/‘ and 3 had ‘X’. The ones with the X were the ones with a weather symbol of some sort

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      Yeah, maybe the slash vs. the x represents finished and unfinished, so at some point the slash represented murals maybe become legible

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    Hey nate what if the 4th paragim wasnt a place in reality but yet a point in time?????

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    35:33 well if they’re saying he was emperor of the 4th paridgim, and paridgims ARE planets, maybe they’re talking about planets in the Solar System. The 4th planet from the Sun is Mars, so maybe an ancient civilization lived there (or maybe still does)?

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    God it bothers me how he says paradigm. Parad-gims?

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    theory: that mural in the rack caring hunters house isn't him its the strange man who has been considered to be an alien and also predicted the death of John uncle and Abigail in one of the three or so missions he's in, this would explain not only the alien part but also the time traveling and the mysterious teleporting as that's kind of what the strange man does in his shake in lemony you see some paranormal stuff too and I will let you explore that on your own

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