Chivalry 2 - Before You Buy
Chivalry 2 (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is a medieval fighting sim with massive multiplayer battles. How is it? Let's talk.
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  • Jack C
    Jack C

    And James Hetfield is on the cover so even better

  • Bohannon

    Goodbye persona 5 royal steel book edition. hello chivalry 2

  • User90 00
    User90 00

    I wish we could use horses

  • paul flart blart clarp
    paul flart blart clarp

    Too bad they haven't tried to fix any of the issues this games had since launch

  • Chris Tran
    Chris Tran

    Buddy just got me this yesterday, been playing it since and having a blast! It’s so damn funny to me and I’m just laughing my ass off the entire time I play the game! 10/10 recommend!

    • Bohannon

      Dang i wish I had nice friends like that lol I wish I had friends

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher

    The game is just too awesome. Community is also so great. Gotta admit, I had 1 game full of toxic players, but after a few hours. I decided to play again, and man, I had never had so much fun experience in a game before, not just because of the gameplay, but mostly because of the community. The people were so great. And I gotta say, the game is so much fun. Way better than Mordau. But man, the community was just awesome. Everyone kind to eachother, everyone had fun. Some players just bowing to me and not killing me xD. Whoever is reading is, you need to try the game, no joke. I don't regret buying this.

  • Jackson Cason
    Jackson Cason

    So it's basically For Honor but with massive battles, a relaxing atmosphere, and a good community? I'm in.

  • Alex Davies
    Alex Davies

    4:42 i am de spy

  • Rawaf Alqahtani
    Rawaf Alqahtani

    How is it on ps4 ? Im really consider buying it, but I’m afraid of the matchmaking/servers, like if half the teams bots or something, not worry about graphics it’s looking a lot of fun nevertheless.

  • Renee Knights
    Renee Knights

    is this on nintendo switch?


    Does it need plus on ps4? To play multi player?

  • GOSEIi Hf
    GOSEIi Hf

    Here after Game of thrones

  • Xan monster 62
    Xan monster 62

    I havent bought a new game in months since I cant decide. Looks sick, and the comments are positive? Im sold

    • runningfromtheopps YT
      runningfromtheopps YT

      exactly literally every single comment is positive i just have to get it lmaoo

  • MrK3V1NR

    I was nervous about buying this cause of mordhau but this game is in a class of its own and so much fun.

  • Godly Megatron
    Godly Megatron

    The Kingdom of Swadia sends their regards. I can't wait until Mount and Blade 2 comes out on console. For now I have pathetic cousins of the Kherjits to contend with.

  • X

    Deleted Outriders and downloaded this.

  • cookierahabanator

    I always watch these after I buy...

  • Tinkerer Calen
    Tinkerer Calen

    my opinion TLDR: if you never played the first chiv, ull enjoy this. comming into chiv 2 for the "2" aspect of it. it's the same game, with waterdown sword physics (compared to chiv 1) wit hthe ability to throw some objects (which is pointless damage wise besides javalin)

  • J. Blackthorn
    J. Blackthorn

    love this game, great review.

  • Dominic

    Thanks for the video! This video convinced me to buy it. The gameplay was fun. Returned within 15 minutes because every lobby consisted of the absolute worst chat I've ever seen in my 20+ years of gaming. Myriads worse than LoL. Shame.

  • bryan Gibson
    bryan Gibson

    Ps4 and ps5 issues still not fixed :(

  • Vietnam t
    Vietnam t

    awesome video

  • LBPFTW10347

    Absolutely do not buy right now. Crossplay is nonexistent, the PC party system is broken, weapon animations are broken in some cases, tons of bugs, it feels more like a 40 dollar beta test of the game.

  • TheRobbler

    Thinking about buying this game the only thing holding me back is all the bad reviews on the Xbox store

    • TheRobbler

      @Kevin Alvaradothanks I ended up just getting it and it works fine

    • Kevin Alvarado
      Kevin Alvarado

      I have it on Xbox its perfectly fine as long as u have on the s or the x

  • Kris Clarke
    Kris Clarke

    I own the first Chivalry, was wondering if to get this as the US is twice my dollar. I skipped ahead and saw you said you threw horse poop and I bought it. One time. No Regrets.

  • everett quissek
    everett quissek

    I think mordhau has more fluid combat and the held block of chiv 2 means there is less skill to surviving. However chiv 2 Definitely has a faster game's feel and has more players active so you aren't being destroyed by the same veteran player again and again like mordhau

  • justTful

    Lmaoo dude at 5:53 fought with a fucking arrow in his head. Take my money

  • JukeTheBox

    Armor does absolute dogshit, shortsword, executioner blade. Everything 2 hits..... either a guy made the game with no historical backgroud or they played mount and blade once and thought wow its easy. At this point, if you want a realistic feeling medeival game mount and blade 2 is probably the go to, unless your console. Then just play for honor atleast blocking makes sense. Wouldnt suggest ok playing unless you have friends

  • Blake Wunder
    Blake Wunder

    I wanted a game like that for so long

  • 420Blasian420

    I was watch before you buy after I buy the game

  • ClanSCC

    Yet another game that has great potential but lack the sense to make the modes practical and free, no duel mode which the game is centered around and auto bots on every game, a bit of a flop due to poor decision making, all that hard work of nailing a great dueling game only to be undermined by what is the assumed to be executive decision by people who are not real gamers

  • P

    Honestly really dissapointed w this game. When it works, ITS AMAZING. But the heavy abundance of bugs and lack of stats/customization is just game ending for me tbh. Sometimes the bugs are so bad it becomes unplayable and the controls feel sticky at times to me. REALLY wanted this to be more fun but it just lacks content and care imo

  • yout 333
    yout 333

    Ah yes call of kingdom: medieval warfare

  • Noah Boes
    Noah Boes

    Honestly, just thought about For Honor when looking at this, feels like a more chill version

  • Marc Anthony Beare
    Marc Anthony Beare

    the game is fine, its just very very simple. I was expecting a little more from them, it just gets repetitive and boring after a while, there is no clan games, or ranked, also archers only have very limited weapons of choice. ex: only one bow or one cross bow. all in all its a nice game but very very very simplistic

  • michael martinez
    michael martinez

    looks button mashy

  • VazVaz Gaming
    VazVaz Gaming

    I want to play it but wont im waiting for a steam release

  • Baskyps

    Where can you buy the game

    • Baskyps

      I cant find it on steam

  • A G
    A G

    probably the first time i am going to buy a game after watching b4 u buy

  • Monke

    So a medieval version of the battlefield games

  • need bettername
    need bettername

    This game is very fun but it's short lived.

  • Matt Shepherd
    Matt Shepherd

    I bought the game at 1:28

  • connor moylan
    connor moylan

    And with the ranked play I think that's why they have global ranks

  • connor moylan
    connor moylan

    Bought it last night, have yet to come across anybody with a mic but hopefully soon

  • Robert Burnett
    Robert Burnett


  • Postal

    Mordhau fans malding at Chivalry right now.

  • memo

    Is it free to download tho, I've searched a bit and it said it was free to download

    • ulknown


  • SandMan

    This is one of those easy to pick up/difficult to master games, It's amazing.

  • RememberDDay

    This game needs more maps I get extremely bored playing in the same maps and needs more factions

  • Jachym Štrup
    Jachym Štrup

    I bough it and then i started watching this

  • Haunted Astolfo Beantown plushie
    Haunted Astolfo Beantown plushie

    im not touching this until there is a steam release

  • Slimy Ghost
    Slimy Ghost

    To those torn between getting this game or not, allow me to fill you in with my 200 hours. *Buy It. It’s so much fun.*

  • Tahir Baksh
    Tahir Baksh

    Jon Snow has entered the chat.

  • Toebiwan Konobi
    Toebiwan Konobi

    I love it

  • mister24.7 gaming
    mister24.7 gaming

    If only kingdom come's combat was like this, i would have finished that game multiple times.

  • saib adam
    saib adam

    Amazing game

  • Rival 108
    Rival 108

    I WANT TO PLAY IT , Im buying it tomorrow

  • EmptyParadise

    eh its more like its easy to get into but hard to master cause theres a lot more behind the curtains mechanics going on then you might think

  • DPI

    This game looks like tons of fun. I've bought and am installing it rn.


    i just bought this game for 30 bucks!!!

  • Sam

    Ugh just imagine a chivalry 2 and ashes of creation combination with a massive map 😩

  • GamingFanatic

    Is chivalry 2 compatible with Xbox one?

  • koppensneller13

    Game is fun but lacks combat records and stats, etc.. I wouldn't mind a tad faster paced attacking. Outside of some mini bugs i'm having a blast 😂

  • El Ultimo Ars3nal
    El Ultimo Ars3nal

    The game is legit fun. I don’t care about dying or get upset at anything. Once you get the controls it’s satisfying. It’s a great break from the sweaty shooters.

  • Froggy Chair
    Froggy Chair

    It’s so worth it, I love chucking a axe at someone’s head and there still just running at me

  • Issa Suliman
    Issa Suliman

    i’m buying this tomorrow !

  • Matas Juodzevicius
    Matas Juodzevicius

    Where the f are the horses

  • Enlightened Nomad
    Enlightened Nomad

    If reading only play this game unless your hard-line to your Internet other wise its trash

  • Moto_CrownXD

    Would you guys recommend i get it ? really look good i am super keen.

  • Dominik

    do they have first person only servers?

  • Thomas Nielsen
    Thomas Nielsen

    Its a cheap mobile game.. My biggest mistake to buy this.

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon

    If you're plating on ps5 you can download the ps4 version and join your friends who are on ps4, im pretty sure they just can't join your party so they have to invite you

  • Double D
    Double D

    I like when you went for the revive the enemy let you do it

  • Diezil1987

    7:55 had me cracking up! Made up my mind to get the game

  • Ward86

    My buddy at work recommended this to me and it was this or the new dark alliance and not even 2 mins into both videos and this one hands down sounds like the best choice. Downloading now sir 👌👌

  • SilentBob420BMFJ

    At the beginning it asked which faction I wanted, so I chose Mason. It put me on Agatha anyway. Is this on purpose? Do you turn on them later? This doesn't seem like a storyline game but I most definitely chose Mason (red) and it didn't work.

  • Lawrence Kao
    Lawrence Kao

    I bought this game on the recommendation of a friend. It's a lot of casual fun with decent strategy and gameplay that's hard to master because of the chaos of it all. It'd compare it to Battlefield meets Battlefront (heroes mode) meets For Honour. Big team battles with sword fighting that's easy to pick up, but hard to master. I like that you can "feint" by switching your attacks mid-way through, and how there are several types of blocking all with their own advantage. The fights where you get outnumbered and actually win are exhilerating. And the mini modes are decent at keeping the swarms of combatants together. If you're looking for a pallet cleanser, this is it.

  • rasinshuriken

    Wish it had coop

  • DigitalDeath

    Listening to Ensiferum and playing this is a perfect match.

  • cs_mansion

    I didn't know there were equal amounts of female knights holding heavy axes and broadswords on the battlefields back then as men. Very cool.

  • Alberto Barbosa
    Alberto Barbosa

    But can you xx2 spam?

  • Crimson

    4:44 that guy got shit whipped. 😂

  • 𝓵𝓪𝔀𝓫𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓻

    Where can i buy it?

  • Big Chimcken
    Big Chimcken

    This game is hilariously fun but I still hate the archers and I will never stop hating them.

  • organicleaf

    still mad that i have to w8 1yr for chiv 2 to release on steam

  • Steve Read
    Steve Read

    They need to sort out the bugs on ps4, it's getting worse.

  • Special Order_937
    Special Order_937

    I got hit in the head with an Anvil 🤣 Hardy folk to throw an anvil at someone’s face

  • Special Order_937
    Special Order_937

    This game is awesome , I’d like a 4v4 or 1v1 tourneys in the game but other than that this game is kingdom come deliverance battle sequences but the frames never drop And if anyone hears “GOD WILLS IT “ that’s me

  • Richard Sleeve
    Richard Sleeve

    He was not in the least bit scared To be mashed into a pulp. Or to have his eyes gouged out, And his elbows broken. -The Game

  • Maliki King
    Maliki King

    Chivalry 2 is a broken game, specially if you play on console, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this crap to anyone until they fix the issues that plague it! Gaming companies and even the Platforms have to do a better job, no more unfinished games should be accepted by gamers period!

  • Lonebucket

    Fun game

  • Evan

    Me watching this as it’s downloading 😯

  • Logan Hopwood
    Logan Hopwood

    Imagine proximity chat

  • Kevin

    it is to bad i wont be able to play this game till next year on steam. I spose if it is still popular then i will purchase it

  • David Kenway
    David Kenway

    When you pull off a 1v3 with them barely touching you then you'll understand how awesome this game is. Its a rush very few games give you

  • Edward Dahlstedt
    Edward Dahlstedt

    This looks pretty good. I kinda dislike the down mechanic but I can see how it helps flesh out the game.

  • Bossup inc.
    Bossup inc.

    Watched one video said bett no regrets

  • BigBoyDanny2009

    Welcome back to another I'm too poor for this game so I'll reminisce on playing this game

  • room120times

    Is it me or does the guy in the thumbnail look exactly like Macho Man Randy Savage?

  • Aaron LIM
    Aaron LIM

    This game is hilariously fun and you explained it very well with the horse poop 🤣🤣 cant wait for more content on the game

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