Completely Original! Murphy Is Unlike Any Other Artist We’ve Seen! - American Idol 2021
Commanding the audition room with his distinctive voice and style, Murphy delivers a performance that is unique, inspiring and positively original. After auditioning for American Idol with his rendition of “Just The Two Of Us” by Bill Withers, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie are concerned with the “novelty” of Murphy’s voice. Murphy goes on to perform “The Painted Man,” an original song of his, but what will the judges think and will he make it to Hollywood Week?!
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

  • Devil Dog 4 Life
    Devil Dog 4 Life

    Hes the one yall messed up and didn't put through to the final 21. Huge mistake. Hes way better than alot that made it through.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    His entire persona, which is clearly genuine, is a value far too great for "mainstream" music.

  • Ryan

    His first song was just as good if not better than the second one, and the judges act like the second one was the kicker for them. Get the fuck outta here...they are idiots if they don't see his obvious talent

  • yding82

    Why is he there and not Got a reccord deal

  • Itz All Rosey
    Itz All Rosey

    He’s wonderful!! His energy is bright. I’m drawn in. So talented. Painted man, loved it

  • Donski II
    Donski II

    dayum... the difference of emotions

  • Newzionis

    Mainstream??? That's the problem wt perry's type of music

  • Paihau Kara
    Paihau Kara

    Oh they have no idea!

  • Gordon Pike
    Gordon Pike

    I cannot believe this was even a question of wether or not it’s a yes or no. He has an unbelievable talent and a storytelling voice to go along with it. MaInNnStTrReAaMm ... that’s the problem with music nowadays. Let’s see if people will be singing this mainstream music 10-20 years down the road. Not likely

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill

    Dude should be a villain in a Spider-Man movie

  • Kyle Morgan
    Kyle Morgan

    PERFECT opportunity to do Dr Evil’s version. Missed a great chance.

  • Marie Williams
    Marie Williams

    Wow. I’d but his album.

  • Achintha Hansika
    Achintha Hansika

    I just wanna say this, I am not a american. But this felt like america. (Love & best wishes from Sri Lanka )

  • Jilani

    hes an old soul

  • Hethi r
    Hethi r

    Wtf Katy perry.

  • dale hockin
    dale hockin

    Cool song!

  • Daniel King
    Daniel King

    Omg wow

  • hazeek schwartzengel
    hazeek schwartzengel

    Sometimes,cant help to think that, they purposely not accepting such kind and honest talented soul just because it will just 'disturb' the plan that they already had. Too many overpowering character in the show. Nevertheless, love his character. Dont giv up, believe in what u do.

  • Dav Id
    Dav Id

    Reminds me a little of The Tallest Man on Earth who is absolutely fantastic

  • human

    He looks like a good musician and that's about it.

  • RealRacingGURU

    A typical busker

  • chase clarke
    chase clarke

    Katy Perry always saying dumb shit

  • Kent Brockman
    Kent Brockman

    mainstream is lamestream... this guy I would pay to see.

  • tuhin bhura
    tuhin bhura

    Mainstream????? He is way better than the mainstream crap!!!!

  • Catholic Peace S
    Catholic Peace S

    Somebody in the biz better sign him up! Murphy, for the very best fortunes in your life. You are a fresh talent people are yearning to hear amd support!

  • Super Glued
    Super Glued

    THAT is the difference in performing someone else’s words and your own.

  • Keegan Pinto
    Keegan Pinto

    Decrease his guitar volume first

  • Desiree McClellan
    Desiree McClellan

    The show has been boring af since he got eliminated...on his birthday...idk what they were thinking. He would’ve killed it during fan votes

  • Smiles 4Life
    Smiles 4Life

    Absolutely incredible!

  • E Knight
    E Knight

    My dude look and sound like he could be Clarence Williams son

  • Phillip Goldsworthy
    Phillip Goldsworthy

    Ben Harper vibe going on, extremely talented guy and should have gone through..... I would definitely buy his album

  • Ellejah Eden
    Ellejah Eden

    "MAINSTREAM" Nowadays is BS coming from sellouts who call themselves "entertainers".

  • Fatoom Gierdien
    Fatoom Gierdien

    Original storyteller. X

  • Daniel Bythelake
    Daniel Bythelake

    AI is right....he is not an American Idol.....he is so far beyond AI it is crazy.....he is an artist, a musician, a song writer, a story teller, and he is real.....a true gift.....God bless him.....

  • C Hazel
    C Hazel

    I still don’t understand how they could drop him.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    Just remember folks - out of all the great artists of generations past....very few would have 'survived' these 'talent' shows.... This is about commercialism and mass marketability, not about artistry and talent. Only rarely do the two merge into someone you can actually really cheer for...but usually the artists...the true and talented tortured souls....get passed over because they're 'just not mainstream enough'......

  • Largest Classifieds
    Largest Classifieds

    Murphy is like an undiscovered, diamond. We are seeing a star here.

  • Fairuz Hussaini
    Fairuz Hussaini

    I can see some of you who got riled up over Katy and her goings about “mainstream”. But she’s not wrong. She didn’t say that he’s no good - but the music industry WORKS on mainstream. Now, he’s clearly talented. He could even get himself a career even without AI which to my understanding is exactly what she meant by that. Personally being in AI doesn’t do just to people like him. We thought Alejandro Aranda or Arthur Gunn would “wipe” the norm out of the industry, although good for them that they get to the finals, but in the end it’s people like them and him does not need to be molded by program such as this to be a star imho.

  • Emmalee Robinson
    Emmalee Robinson

    he sounds a lot like Labi Siffre

  • Joey Vuitton
    Joey Vuitton

    Ray lamontagne vibes... he’s way past this show

  • Faith God1st
    Faith God1st

    I'm aussie, so don't watch this show. but this...this man has a gift from God. and how he was so humble and resilient when brought forth that comment about being 'mainstream'. i'm gonna pray for this man, he needs to keep playing. there's no need to be mainstream. it may sound cliche, but stars don't blend in the sky to set a foundation. they shine and they keep shining, and that's what this man does right here.

  • Andy Ngo-Ton
    Andy Ngo-Ton

    You'd be a fool to give him a no when it comes to music, not only is he a good singer, he's a great musician, and true artist!! His skills were beyond mainstream. Shallow much, probably cause he didnt have the "look"

  • Dying-Lucky

    Wow. Wow. Wow absolutely speechless

  • aHipMom

    Regardless of his authenticity or musical talent, he's too guarded and so he gives off an uncanny valley effect to the judges. They need to select people that will draw a wide audience, which is why they call him a novelty.

  • nEEr 111
    nEEr 111

    That's how reality shows are killing originality

  • never using this again
    never using this again

    Actual musician not auto tuned shit. Nah

  • Max 7even
    Max 7even

    People we have the power in our hands. Boycott Perry's music..stop watching her songs..stop giving her views. Stop buying her merchandise! Lets all get together and bring her down ..where she belongs! She's got no talent..she isn't a real musician afterall..she can't sing without autotune..can't play no musical instruments.! Bring her down to the ground!

  • i_run_ far
    i_run_ far

    Bring Murphy back!

  • Victoria

    I think he's great! Maybe we're tried of "mainstream".

  • andrew slayton
    andrew slayton

    Mainstream? What a pinhead. mainstream music SUX. They all sound the same and can't write a tune to save their lives. This kid is good and can finger pick quite well.

  • maleman julpax
    maleman julpax

    Cat stevens + bob dylan. That's what I heard. No need for him to be pop

  • SaidaHOURIA - السيدة حورية
    SaidaHOURIA - السيدة حورية

    Dear Murphy, I'm writing you this, you look the exact same as my son, He's been through a lot, and *He's a Musician Too* , I know precisely, how much does it take, to keep on fighting for your passion in Art and Music, I really hope you get a better chance, so I can see you burning stages with your brilliant talent, Sincerely yours, *Saida HOURIA* .

  • SaidaHOURIA - السيدة حورية
    SaidaHOURIA - السيدة حورية

    *Oh, You've No Idea* This one, got all my face in wet, like OMG!!!!

  • Timothy Kappel
    Timothy Kappel

    Gives off that serial killer vibe

  • the Artifact
    the Artifact

    Dis guy is definitely a time traveller


    Katy perry STFU!!

  • Sb 322
    Sb 322

    Pop is novelty his music is artistry

  • Lee Salt
    Lee Salt

    His 2nd song was just amazing and these judges don't know original lyrics and music when they're in the same room as a music genius

  • E-regular Head
    E-regular Head

    I appreciate your insight .. the best reply This guy is somewhere else.

  • Michael C
    Michael C

    Katy Perry knows nothing😂 why is she a judge?

  • Josh Gregory Real Estate
    Josh Gregory Real Estate

    Please don't let American Idol have ANY influence on your Mr. Murphy! Be yourself. Sing to us! We need you.

  • Terry Jeffery
    Terry Jeffery

    This guy needs a record deal period

  • Wandering Wade
    Wandering Wade

    There is that parody video of John Lennon going on one of these shows and the judges are not impressed and very critical. I'm reminded of that video as I watch this.

  • Jered St Onge
    Jered St Onge


  • Brandon Donnelly
    Brandon Donnelly

    This clip is exactly why American Idol and 'mainstream' music sucks

  • Tom Laroche
    Tom Laroche

    The judges made a huge mistake by letting him go.

  • kinch613

    Coming from a boilerplate novelty artist like her to say he needs to be more “mainstream” explains why she is so irrelevant now! He’s from the vein of Dylan, and Lennon, Simon, etc. He has a genuinely old school but so needed quality, that perhaps can reinvigorate what true music is suppose to be. His tempo is a bit too fast for me, but perhaps it was nerves! I think he has something to say, something to relieve himself of. It would be wise to allow him to and to just, listen!

  • 090George Lalruatkima
    090George Lalruatkima

    I really hope to see him play with john mayer actually. I really don't have a reason but i don't know but i think they'ed make somethin great something out and above mainstream.

  • iMann iFail
    iMann iFail

    Personally with his talent, I have no idea why he is even on there.. he’s better off, going it alone and building his own following. But I guess people don’t want to put the hard-work in obtaining their dreams.

  • Jen Randle
    Jen Randle

    I hate Katy's response. That is literally the dumbest shit I believe I've ever heard. You need to be more mainstream! The fuck?! I'm sorry, she's just mad because he's light years beyond her with his musical talent. If you read this, Marshall, you got this shit. Do not let that hag change how you make music!

  • Rohit Lakai
    Rohit Lakai

    Broo if you are reading this you're a legend

  • Dan C.
    Dan C.

    Nathaniel Rateliff is more original than this

  • margelatu trandafirul galben
    margelatu trandafirul galben

    Murphy,if you will ever read this,don't be mainstream ever. Give us your music and we will make you to be The Mainstream. Do you hear me?

  • sluton10

    Made the hair on the back of neck stand up

  • Kamal Singh
    Kamal Singh

    He is an interesting artist.. His channel is blind boy music

  • Robert Lintner
    Robert Lintner

    good voice good lyrics good guitar-( trouble is too fast to loud) besides that I would look at him as an artist with potential as well

  • Nicholas Morettin
    Nicholas Morettin

    He's Edema Ruh, through and through! Storytellers of the ages. Could be a Tinker, ya never know... "A tinker's debt is always paid: Once for any simple trade. Twice for freely-given aid. Thrice for any insult made."

  • Peter Richardson
    Peter Richardson

    Brilliant just brilliant there’s not much more to be said

  • Bildencarlia

    To be more main stream? Give us a break you ignorant woman-dont you already have countless indifferent main stream jokers to ask for one more?You have already disqualified so many people for just being ordinary and now that you have found someone extraordinary you give him a negative vote for not being another ordinary mainstream singer?You are nearly a laugh but you are really a cry...

  • Julesy Medlin
    Julesy Medlin

    I kind of vehemently disagree with American Idol on him. He was kind of genius.

  • Julesy Medlin
    Julesy Medlin

    I love him. Honestly he made me hear parts of that song - I've never heard.

  • Angela Cook
    Angela Cook

    If American Idol continues after this season. Lionel Richie needs to be lead judge and on the producer team. He hascexperiencecandvtgebbudiness perspective and rules. I do great opportunities to have Katy P. As am Pop related judge and I enjoy Luke Bryan (unless forced to deliver awkward scripts. (He is joyful and not tense saying things he is told to say). The judges should make equitable salaries. Morevm9ney should go to contestent

  • Tammy Summerfield
    Tammy Summerfield

    Our Judges need to take some chances like with this guy. He is going to be a SHOCk to AI

  • SteppinRazorUK81 Bim
    SteppinRazorUK81 Bim

    That's a beautiful voice, rich n soulful

  • Eric L
    Eric L

    shame on you, for letting go of talent, especially you Lionel.

  • Angel Felix
    Angel Felix

    Based off of this song, I’d buy his album, or download it, it gives me The Lumineers vibes. Love those guys!

  • Alex King
    Alex King

    Damn sad he's gone

  • Holmzy

    He’s rushing his playing, let it flow freely man it’s good just rushed

    • Blind Boy Music
      Blind Boy Music

      Lots of cameras. ^^

  • Top Notch Grooming
    Top Notch Grooming

    He’s far to good to the show I think she’s trying to say

  • Tyler Carpenter
    Tyler Carpenter

    My only problem about Lionel Ritchie as a judge, he IS NOVELTY, very hypocritical

  • Pancake 543
    Pancake 543

    I looove how positive he is, so wholesome. I would also love to just spend one day with him and talk. We need more people like him

  • MrPG41

    Maybe American Idol should become less "mainstream" because shows like this, do not deserve artists like Murphy anymore.

  • Marcella Smith
    Marcella Smith

    I would buy "Painted Man" right now! This guy is awesome! He would of won!

  • Scott Cale
    Scott Cale

    Katy Perry is wrong.

  • Krisztina

    Lionel and Luke new it right at the first second-Murphy is talent and art itself.

  • John Datiplang Duia
    John Datiplang Duia

    Unprofessional judgement from Perry's side. She couldnt even do half of what Murphy just did.

  • KING S H A D Y
    KING S H A D Y

    Nobody Literally nobody Murph- the told me they should put a bell on me I took they’re advice

    • Blind Boy Music
      Blind Boy Music

      Actually, my Dad used to make that joke alot. I used to surprise him as a kid by just walking quietly behind him and saying "Hi dad!" Just to make him laugh or give him a shock, and often he'd remark "Oughta put a bell on you." as he shook his head and smiled. :)

  • Ldr Johnson
    Ldr Johnson

    finally real talent on this show, love it

  • Bryan Kingsford
    Bryan Kingsford

    Can't believe they let him go.. by far the most interesting unique artist on A.I. l Wish him the best as he continues on his journey in the big wide world.

  • Charli Blake
    Charli Blake

    Honestly...fuck AI....this dude is DOPE!!!

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