Deion Sanders upset about items being stolen
In a strange twist of events, Deion Sanders was visibly upset after winning his first game as Jackson State's head football coach. He explains to the media that his personal belongings were stolen from his office during the game. (The items were later recovered according to the school)

  • Tyrone Bryant
    Tyrone Bryant

    Why public inhouse sir. A millionaire and crying He LOVES THE LIME LIGHT why prime why this way

  • Michael W Dagle
    Michael W Dagle

    I'm pulling for Prime to succeed

  • Keith Dudley -
    Keith Dudley -

    See dont look for respect with BLM. Until we change the stigma that comes with being black we wont get anywhere. Somebody gonna rip of deon sanders. White people are laughing at us.

  • Burnt Money Rison
    Burnt Money Rison

    Once upon a time I was a recruit from Cali attending MSVU. I was taking a shower and when I got out I noticed my watch was stolen. I see some things dont change. Self hatred.

  • Man Of faith
    Man Of faith

    It’s all D u got it

  • Romario Christiano
    Romario Christiano

    I would just leave and cash out for security reasons!

  • Abdus Salaam Al Barmudiu
    Abdus Salaam Al Barmudiu

    For Proud Afro American, Blacks, Slave descendants? There are immeasurable aspects of economic , political, social decay, family decay etc that leads to this opportunistic type of behavior. Dr. Martin Luther King jr gave his life among others for the love of his people. Yes there are many enemies to ensure the destruction of black family, community, political power etc. but there’s also a reckoning with each individual upon deciding to be a liability or asset for their people. This is truly awful but unfortunately a common expectation. There’s a need for reparations and a major need for moral uplift.

  • Fred Ball
    Fred Ball

    Welcome to HBCU ball Prime..smh

  • Renegadeproject

    That was a pathetic display of dysfunctional criminal behavior 🙄

  • Patrick McGovern
    Patrick McGovern

    He Still Has His Watch On

  • Kevin Dorival
    Kevin Dorival

    I hope the person that stole his things needed to buy food for their children. That is absolutely despicable behavior.

  • Jayden Brindley
    Jayden Brindley

    Yeah that's messed up they did that to Dion!!!! If I were as famous as he is, I wouldn't be bringing watches and credit cards to leave in the locker room if I had that type of status. To be safe.

  • Jaylen Dusean
    Jaylen Dusean

    Hire a security guard, to watch your locker, no one will steal nothing out of your locker again.

  • Fakename70

    Football in Spring😒

  • Derrick White
    Derrick White

    Yep, there are a lot of thieves down there.


    Only in duval

  • Lashea evans-smith
    Lashea evans-smith

    All that stuff can be replaced. Nonetheless, that’s shameful

  • Holly Taylor
    Holly Taylor

    What do you expect? It was bound to happen.

  • George W Bush Center for Intelligence
    George W Bush Center for Intelligence

    I never seen him angry before in this way . when your dad is ripping you and nodding head in a certain way it's serious .

  • Audrey Ledbetter
    Audrey Ledbetter

    It's ashamed y'all let this stuff happen to Dion, what the hell is his staff doing to get paid, fire their ass all of them because somethings just not right, Dion might pack his bags and go back home , JSU should be ashamed of this bullshit .

  • J.C. U later
    J.C. U later

    Damn that's crazy I thought somebody randomly broke into his car but they went up in his private office that's another level they bogus

  • Lawrence Williams
    Lawrence Williams

    Speaking of defunding the police, who is all of that money going to that BLM raised?

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    I’m so sorry. I was just telling my wife 3-4 days ago. What a tremendous player and human being you are Deion Sanders

  • Terrance614

    God Bless Deion we love u mane hope things get better there I think this is the 2nd time since he has been there his stuff has been stolen what ah shame

  • Mustardgas203

    Shit happens, man. You ain't the only one who's been crushed by a theif.

  • Edward Crooks
    Edward Crooks

    For those who don’t value your own- Suffer the path of fools.

  • Jersey Bro
    Jersey Bro

    Blame it on white supremacy why not ? Shessshh

  • Orion Belt
    Orion Belt


  • Vaughn B
    Vaughn B

    This man don't age

  • Juice world
    Juice world

    Waiting for someone to blame whowhite people....

  • Phillip Beckman
    Phillip Beckman

    That's terrible they took everything.

  • James Curry
    James Curry

    He's upset because he thinks he was set up.

  • LordofDublin4

    Great, all around athlete. Only Bo Jackson was better as an athlete. And Bo was a much better person too. Deion dumping on a well respected broadcaster, Tim McCarver, showed the world what a jive ass turkey Sanders was.

  • justin Pennington
    justin Pennington

    Lmao you can see the pain on his face

  • Zachary Mullins
    Zachary Mullins

    What color was the thief? Race matters nowadays...

  • Carolyn Klenk
    Carolyn Klenk

    There's much more things that are important!!

  • Upper 90
    Upper 90

    It's probably one of the media members.

  • Mike Lowrey
    Mike Lowrey


  • justin Pennington
    justin Pennington

    Someone took socialism in their own hands.

  • Tomorrison28

    This is why wealthy black folks don't want to give back. I don't blame them

  • Erick Hodges
    Erick Hodges

    Haters gon hate smmfh

  • marquise kennedy
    marquise kennedy

    Makes Jackson, Ms look so bad.. im from there and its disappointing as fuc.. glad I moved to atl..

  • David Wheeler
    David Wheeler

    Karma will prevail 🙏

  • LC Thatsit
    LC Thatsit

    WOW! I hope this was a silly College prank.

  • i can't trust a soul.
    i can't trust a soul.

    *smh man ppl be grimey af.*

  • Him Bike
    Him Bike

    People steal ? Who knew

  • Bjay Brown
    Bjay Brown

    That’s so foul man. A whole legend and one of the realist ones still putting in work today to help our future players. This is wrong man.

  • alwayzz ontime
    alwayzz ontime

    Pale face stole the stuff to cause division

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Who let the Trump extremist in Good luck Primetime

  • Bear Bino
    Bear Bino

    U can’t have shit at an H.B.C.U. 😂

  • dkdcn Knuckles
    dkdcn Knuckles

    Thank God for necklaces? material things can be replaced lives cannot......

  • Not even a little
    Not even a little

    That's horrible. He and his crew and those kids are working so hard to elevate their games and the status of HBCU's and for this to happen. I hope they find the person who did it. Disgraceful.

  • Lucas Maggart
    Lucas Maggart

    Damn. That “How” hit me

  • T. Brown
    T. Brown

    Please support prime.. bro really tryna make a difference & surrounded by bullshyt / dont give up bro

  • Abran -EL
    Abran -EL

    shit sad who does this

  • Abran -EL
    Abran -EL


  • Kyle Drake
    Kyle Drake

    It was probably the security who took it in the 1st place! Think about that one smh

  • A B
    A B

    What’s the big deal? They got insurance. Times is tough... they probably needed it more anyway

  • Brenda Jaramillo
    Brenda Jaramillo

    That really sucks!!! This is exactly how I felt the night President Trump won!! Then we wake up in the morning and the ELECTION WAS STOLEN!!!!

    • Brenda Jaramillo
      Brenda Jaramillo

      @Live free or die No apologies needed. We are on the same team! GOD BLESS YOU! AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

    • Live free or die
      Live free or die

      @Brenda Jaramillo my apologies!! Please disregard my last statement. I’m the one needing to do the homework 🤦‍♂️

    • Brenda Jaramillo
      Brenda Jaramillo

      @Live free or die Hello read AGAIN!!! 100% TRUMP WON!!!! ELECTION WAS STOLEN FROM ALL OF US!!!!

    • Live free or die
      Live free or die

      Come on man, you think Trump stole the election! WTF!! Were you under a rock on this last election 😂 please do your homework before you comment about something you know nothing about.

  • TheOgron24


  • R S
    R S

    Inside job.

  • big boy
    big boy

    Haha america i$ full of dreams one min you're trying to not get deported the next youre flying back to Mexico with 1 million

  • Dorothy Green
    Dorothy Green

    OMG 😱. Bless you Deion.


    Ya'll dealing with the wrong one now. Deion dont play about his belongings and its blatantly disrespectful for anyone to steal this man's stuff!!! Appalled 🤬🤬

  • esteve lasteve
    esteve lasteve

    Welcome to Jackson :)

  • Basketball Ave
    Basketball Ave

    The cleansing must come within any community...students faculty everyone....Even in the hood no one snitches even if an innocent life is taken pretty Spike Lee said “Do the right thing”.

  • Basketball Ave
    Basketball Ave


  • duhbull aught
    duhbull aught

    i'd check the desk of dean's office

  • Bernice Opare
    Bernice Opare

    I had no idea this is an HBCU

  • Charles Banks
    Charles Banks

    This a damn shame .

  • Goffe

    This is exactly why you must be like OJ in these situations. You can have clarities and outreach programs and what not, but never go back willingly. Look how it turned out for NH in LA.

  • VSOP Sleep
    VSOP Sleep

    Damn they really trying to hit a lick on primetime prayers going out to the GOAT and his family

  • Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi

    & then you start thinking it was one of your boys 😂

  • ClassicGameMusic

    Po’ brother man vs. Rich bored careless man

  • MJ

    Come on man!!!!!

  • Jeffery P
    Jeffery P

    Can't turn a frog into a prince got to have your top elves in line to change all that good luck coach I know you can do it ,👍🏾

  • norberto valentin
    norberto valentin

    Couldn't of happened to a nicer guy. Stop flashing evil

  • Steve Sherlock
    Steve Sherlock

    Hope they catch em coach. Keep it up

  • Dark Waters
    Dark Waters

    Lmao...Black Lives Matter

  • JR the Gent
    JR the Gent

    That’s how you change the culture of a school, call that shit out!

  • rene lopez
    rene lopez

    Thats some fucked up sht smdh

  • Maurandis Berger
    Maurandis Berger

    Never humiliate Primetime like this...Completely disrespectful.

  • macreal65

    We are not going to blame systemic racism on this are we? I mean it's kind of hard to do at an HBCU.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Damn. He's a Hall of Fame player, father, coach, etc. and someone did this, smh. He's still getting hated on. C'mon now. I hope they catch the idiots who did this. Bless Coach Prime.

  • Esadrian Weldon
    Esadrian Weldon

    They hating , that’s how you know he’s making a difference, don’t give up coach

  • G unit Undaboss
    G unit Undaboss


  • SHTF Van
    SHTF Van

    Damn shame. I knew a dude who was extremely wealthy and would steal stuff from people. Ironically he is a son of a famous football player. Anyway, point is it could be anybody. Probably his right hand man

  • Bombaclaat

    It was two white guys in MAGA hats.

  • Henry Harrison
    Henry Harrison

    welcome to the real world

  • Eric Carrillo
    Eric Carrillo

    This is how I feel about where I work. I got sick with panic over people slacking off at my work place and the unprofessionalism twice this past week. This sums up how I feel. How?! I show up 100% and go at the highest standard. When we float at the lower percentage level is when mistakes happen, items get lost, stolen. Lives get lost. We can’t afford to have this type of work ethic in any professional setting.

  • Bearded Ubffnkk
    Bearded Ubffnkk

    Why is he asking he press how this happened ??

  • Choppybeats

    One of the greatest athletes to bless the field and is able to give young people a opportunity to be coached up by a legend. Wow.

  • Scheme Team
    Scheme Team

    He'll find out when he sees the kids coming up by selling it. Way go go black kids.

  • Strong Cat
    Strong Cat

    I can't take deion serious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 13th Floor
    13th Floor


  • RG G
    RG G

    Dion Sanders is a theat. To all the white university and there Athletic programs. Dion be very careful.

    • Live free or die
      Live free or die

      Let it go man, you know how racist that sounds.


    Them chains are bought slave owner team money... That man who stole it needed it more than u fam


    The BS don’t stop

  • EzMoney95

    Where's lebron and all the woke athletes to blame the police .

  • theGorn68

    Get out of the 20th Century Deion! Wallets are not practical and SUCK! Use a money clip and keep in your front pocket ALL the time. What do you need a wallet for? To keep pictures? Pictures can be stored on your phone. Speaking of, phones are small enough now that you should be able to keep on your person at all times.

75 хил.
75 хил.