Dream Manhunt Plays That Made Him Famous
Dream Minecraft Manhunt plays that made him famous. Dream plays with his friends GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo and Antfrost. Dream uses his 10,000 IQ brain to outplay his friends and survive the impossible. This Dream video contains his big brain and high IQ plays.

Dream manhunt plays that made him famous. This video isn't a manhunt or Minecraft challenge. Instead it is Dream clutch moments where he refuses to die in Minecraft Manhunt. This video was super fun to make!

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  • PurpleMatter

    Dream Minecraft Manhunt moments that made Dream famous today! I hope you enjoy

    • Deadl7250

      @Random Studios btw on the playstations editing software while using a controller it takes me about a minute to get the clips i need

    • Deadl7250

      @raph-raph and Reigne a: that doesnt even make sense and b: this isnt dream its a fan uploading a compilation of his "best moments"

    • Deadl7250

      @Random Studios do u not know how easy it is to edit clips together?

    • Adam Tazak
      Adam Tazak

      Dream Is very Famouse

    • Caston Sigauke
      Caston Sigauke

      Dream u freakin Minecraft player don't kill a sheep if u want its wool u use the freaking shears

  • Jack

    what did he do at 9:35?

  • MRAM

    5:31 which video ?????

  • fncfgfhggfh guchcgvv
    fncfgfhggfh guchcgvv

    1:47 Says the one that died like 20 times in one video.

  • SoldierGirl 2005
    SoldierGirl 2005

    I just realized that at 4:12, the only reason dream survived is because George killed sapnap and the ender pearls that he had landed in Dream’s hand first!?!!??!?? What kinda of luck is this????!!?

  • draxor

    Sadly its all staged

  • Motion

    someone missed the boat clutch

  • m


  • Antonino Elieser J F Magalhaes
    Antonino Elieser J F Magalhaes

    0:28 => What was Bad even thinking when he saw Dream jumping in the lava?

  • Semaj

    That enderpearl play was God tier.

  • Peter PGN
    Peter PGN

    I love how he trolled them using striders 3 times

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker

    I can’t believe I thought these weren’t faked😭😭😭😭😭

  • Carl West
    Carl West

    Dream is a terrible content creator

  • TheRobloxian Aviator
    TheRobloxian Aviator

    can someone please explain? 9:38

  • sniperloic

    Me : MLG water bucket Dream : That's Cute... *Ladder mlg*

  • zanior

    All fake

  • Miles Dyke
    Miles Dyke

    The somber panty apparently rush because wine cosmetically bury near a mature credit. acid, infamous sunshine


    Alternate Title - 14 Minutes Of Dream Out Smarting His Friends

  • Rus Dknv
    Rus Dknv

    Dream is like a cat he can’t die if he falls

  • The Scatman
    The Scatman

    Nice show but so obviously scripted like how do people think this isnt

  • Tom Frost
    Tom Frost

    Dreams biggest play was the mental gymnastics he did to fool stans into thinking his speedrun was legit lmao

  • Saba Gaming
    Saba Gaming

    8:26 wait how is a portal there isn't that the build limit

    • Pakins Gaming
      Pakins Gaming

      only on bedrock edition, on java you can build above it

  • Josiane Urbanski
    Josiane Urbanski


  • Margarita Rodriguez
    Margarita Rodriguez

    I want to see all of them to react to this video like in a live stream just to see what they think

  • Margarita Rodriguez
    Margarita Rodriguez

    Am I the only one who wants to see the face cams/faces of the others just to see there reactions

  • Eeveefor smashbros
    Eeveefor smashbros

    Dream: Does a cool thing. Dream: Thanks Reddit!

  • Ebenezer San Luis
    Ebenezer San Luis

    13:55 song name???

  • red not sapnap
    red not sapnap


  • GlitchyYH

    Ant always lives to these trap

  • Roma

    Let's talk about his insane 8-plank strat or the one where he flew off the mountain in a boat

  • Gabriel Gabriel
    Gabriel Gabriel

    Dream Minecraft Manhunt plays that made him famous. Dream plays with his friends GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo and Antfrost. Dream uses his 10,000 IQ brain to outplay his friends and survive the impossible. This Dream video contains his big brain and high IQ plays.

    • Gabriel Gabriel
      Gabriel Gabriel

      Dream Minecraft Manhunt plays that made him famous. Dream plays with his friends GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo and Antfrost. Dream uses his 10,000 IQ brain to outplay his friends and survive the impossible. This Dream video contains his big brain and high IQ plays.

  • Sp-01 IQ
    Sp-01 IQ


  • ☁❖Ìťź_ďãĺĺ_òffìćìãĺ❖☁

    pls do more videos :>

  • Bradyiscool

    Wow I can’t believe dream drank a potion mid air nobody has ever done that before …

  • Randy

    i think dream manhunt is fake to get views

  • Caden Hodson
    Caden Hodson

    He only survived because George died and he picked up his enderpearls 4:20


    Who in the heck isnthat in 1:05


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  • yinzburgh gaming
    yinzburgh gaming

    If mlg got on to ea sports, dream would be the cover athlete

  • Blue Jacket
    Blue Jacket

    Literally all the dialogue of the video: "WHAT?! WHAT'S HAPPENING?! " "YEEEEEES"

  • •*glitch Trap*•
    •*glitch Trap*•

    Him saying "OH MY GODDDD" is life ✌️ Also everytime they do a manhunt with dream they end up dying XD

  • jg games
    jg games


  • Bobby Joe
    Bobby Joe

    I’m pretty sure Dream’s reddit feed should be a sacred Minecraft text

  • awooopi

    14:16 the “there’s no helping you you will die” and the music gives me undertale vibes

  • Samir gaming 007
    Samir gaming 007


  • Samir gaming 007
    Samir gaming 007


  • Samir gaming 007
    Samir gaming 007


  • CHEEMS-1


  • William Luche
    William Luche

    Kindy disappointing that he actually cheated

  • black__ brothers __ gaming
    black__ brothers __ gaming

    6:26 harami dost

  • parrot group
    parrot group

    He will be best in bed wars

  • Subliminal

    9:59 Those rap bars though.

  • Kanna Kamui
    Kanna Kamui

    I thank god that I never became a dream fan

  • Marija Mladenovic
    Marija Mladenovic


  • mine fire
    mine fire

    Msuytyyy my cat chat thus

  • Trickstabber

    And people actually believe this is real. Then again... only kids watch this kind of stuff.

  • jay-den azares
    jay-den azares

    I'm getting sad if Dream and hunters getting die.

  • PinDevice YT
    PinDevice YT

    *Dream half a heart* Dream: COME HERE GEORGEEEEEE!!!!!!! George: HELP ME GUYS HIS GONNA KILL ME!! **GeorgeNotFound Died** George: NOOOOOOOOOO!! Sapnap: **Finds a way to kill dream** Sapnap: BYE DREAMMMMMM Dream: *survives* Sapnap: NOOOO BBH (Badboyhalo) Noooooooooooooo! BBH (Badboyhalo) OMG How did he do that? *Dream full hearts* BadBoyhalo: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dreaaaaaaaaam Dream: leave me alone

  • J Studio
    J Studio

    No more of the actor Dream, please BG-chat!

  • Léo Tagliavini
    Léo Tagliavini

    summary of this video : WHAT'S JUST HAPPENNED

  • Blubla lyrics
    Blubla lyrics

    That ice play tho😮

  • Deadl7250

    the thumbnail of this is the easiest clutch to do and a really obvious answer to falling in lava. this wasnt anything near groundbreaking

  • Fans undertable
    Fans undertable

    Lmao, that thumbnail, how hard is it to drink a potion in mid-air?

  • Alien Peep
    Alien Peep

    There’s a weird pause 4 mins in

  • X_RapidZen Gaming
    X_RapidZen Gaming

    I am better

  • Lyndsey Manzo
    Lyndsey Manzo


  • ur are sus
    ur are sus

    Bakara means in english imposible :D

  • น้อนแมว

    8:12 มาละๆหรือว่าผมหูฝาด

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez

    1:29-1:32 Sapnap instead of killed the green alien (YES I KNOW DREAM) he gave him content

  • Jose Bonifacio Barcelos Ferreira
    Jose Bonifacio Barcelos Ferreira

    dream is literally a player hunter kkkkkkkk

  • Yem Yamaak
    Yem Yamaak


  • 『Rainey Season』
    『Rainey Season』

    "What happened?" "YESSSSSS" "Oh my god"

  • Mathew Viray
    Mathew Viray

    how is drinking a potion mid-air an epic clutch??? (thumbnail)

  • john wise
    john wise

    Dream: Smart Technoblade: Fighting Skills

  • สุกัญญา สุมโน
    สุกัญญา สุมโน

    I love ladder MLG

  • Star Fazer
    Star Fazer

    he admitted he cheated :)

  • Mart Hafner
    Mart Hafner

    The move in the dungeon where he presses f5 and george dies at 9:40, explain me pls

  • Clonemace

    "It's over, we have you four to one." "I like those odds." -The Mandalorian.

  • Clonemace

    2:37 *I saw that on Reddit*



  • Anko de Groot
    Anko de Groot

    He,s to op

  • Arrive Nebullæ
    Arrive Nebullæ

    Poor bad

  • roman rios
    roman rios

    Me getting chased by my friends that put on pvp Me who made fire res in the,nether Me: 00:22

  • 212_16_ สัณหวัช พิราณรัมย์
    212_16_ สัณหวัช พิราณรัมย์

    7:28 sus amogus

  • Hamza Melhouf
    Hamza Melhouf


  • Robert Woodmore
    Robert Woodmore

    This made me so happy idk why-

  • m k
    m k

    Everyday plays no one cares about until they are recorded by someone with a following...

  • mrgreen

    Dream:does the boat clutch Me: speechless 🤐

  • Kirvy Heinrich
    Kirvy Heinrich

    Dream: does insane stunts Reddit: I raised that boy

    • Luki xD
      Luki xD

      Dream: does insane stunts (cheating) Reddit: I raised that boy Kids: I WILL USE DREAM SKIN BECAUSE I WILL BE DREAM 2.0

  • Philip Ma-Suong
    Philip Ma-Suong

    Jeee Au

  • Universe Devon
    Universe Devon

    knowing the boat clutch was fake idk about these other ones, still cool ideas though

  • Jake Moschetti
    Jake Moschetti

    The ladder one is insane I don’t think I believe it’s true but cool nonetheless

  • Kamsiyo Echibe
    Kamsiyo Echibe

    these guys think they can outsmart dream but they being outsmarted everyone that does speedruns with dream only on sentence GO BACK TO SCHOOL

  • adorbsxlizzy

    Is it just me or does ant like never fall for the traps?

  • Preeti Singh
    Preeti Singh

    Dream manhunt plays that made purple matter popular


    I watched this vid

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

    The gaudy russian monthly borrow because tortellini unusually concentrate inside a aboard fire. wanting, skillful loss

  • Miles McDonald
    Miles McDonald

    And he just admitted to cheating

  • Jamila Chowdhury
    Jamila Chowdhury

    10:06, bad: uhhhhhhhh

  • Long Pham
    Long Pham

    I wonder when is dream vs 7 hunters (that would be so cool

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