Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Grand Final - Live Stream
Eurovision Song Contest
The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place on 22 May. 26 Acts will perform in the final of which 6 countries are already pre-qualified. This are host country The Netherlands and the so called 'Big 5' consisting of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Ten acts will qualify from the first-Semi-Final and the remaining ten acts will qualify from the Second Semi-Final.


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  • Bomba STAR
    Bomba STAR

    Serbian was the best! Song.. dancing... performance and whole energy !!!!! They should of won !

  • Hans Christian Rodríguez
    Hans Christian Rodríguez

    This show is worse each year. Excessive graphics productions, horrible music and tons of overacting. Nothing compared to the calm and nice show it was decades ago.

  • Ed Mayo
    Ed Mayo

    Albania - Anxhela Peristeri @ 14:25 Beautiful song, native language, amazing performer; maybe a little too standard for Eurovision21. but I'd have voted Albania. Maneskin was horrible.

  • Maik De Gamer X
    Maik De Gamer X

    I think that Cyprus was the best

  • romy

    Is it just me who loves every single song this year? One of the strongest contests ever!!😍

  • Karina M
    Karina M

    Окей, нифига не понимаю но буду смотреть.

  • Илона.

    Maneskin revived Eurovision, and Eurovision opened Maneskin to the whole world! The last time I saw such excitement around a winner was when I was a child. All the songs from Maneskin's latest album are amazing and break all the charts. I am very glad that they have achieved success and recognition after years of misunderstanding. I wish them success in the right way. Do not be proud and take advantage of such a great chance. They still have a whole ocean of undiscovered talent.

  • Francesco Giovanni Zollo
    Francesco Giovanni Zollo

    This year's Eurovision was a TOP quality one!

  • N. Gökhan Torlak
    N. Gökhan Torlak

    Eurovision Song Contest still is a Big Joke despite great efforts! The Blind Leading The Blind…

  • Lemonius Longstar
    Lemonius Longstar

    bro gjon looked sooo cocky through out the whole audience votes part.

  • Inkar Talgatkyzy
    Inkar Talgatkyzy

    I'm sorry, but I think that Iceland performed very bad (it's my opinion!)

  • Crearosie

    2:24:06 Nikkie: “The voting lines are still open lovely people and remember this is the mo-“ Eurovision cup: “It is the moment to show me”

  • Folke3x

    03:26:15 - 03:27:28 ????

  • Gacha_queen47 Potato
    Gacha_queen47 Potato

    I’m sorry but Germany’s

  • 既視感

    1:50:34 maneskin😩✋🏻

  • Milan Bras
    Milan Bras

    Lets get real, the real winner was definitely: 1:29:51

  • kostas pap
    kostas pap

    2:59:23 someone said maneskin 😂😂

  • kostas pap
    kostas pap

    2:52:51 if he didn't do drugs then what he was doing? Because this is not a face when someone is breaking a glass

  • Fun Fun
    Fun Fun

    13 millions views

  • kostas pap
    kostas pap

    How the sea was soooo close to the singer when the winner of the ESC 2019 was singing?

  • Leon .-_-
    Leon .-_-

    I apologize after 3 Weeks for Germany! And i say... Ukraine was the best!!!

  • JASMINE sopon
    JASMINE sopon

    Just love all the songs 😊😊😊☺☺☺🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍

  • TA Tjarks
    TA Tjarks

    I feel sorry for Germany, like what was that 😐



  • Volkan Ozan ALTUN
    Volkan Ozan ALTUN

    3:51:52 Perfect

  • Soare Michele David
    Soare Michele David

    Italy was original, they sing in their language, made a hit song. The rest, just made generic songs, most of them in english, and were so flat, no emotion/life in their song. Bravo Italy!

    • Anna Chapman
      Anna Chapman

      I totally agree 👏 I don’t know why so many sang in English instead of their native language???

  • Alissa Saaristo
    Alissa Saaristo

    The drunk italy😂

  • Jimi Hulshof
    Jimi Hulshof

    France: 3:14:10 damiano: 1:51:07

  • Crearosie

    Wow iedereen zat gewoon in het Nederlands af te tellen aan het begin hahahahaha

  • Jimi Hulshof
    Jimi Hulshof

    damiano really said: I won now I’m gonna sing the uncensored version

  • Smorilac 2.0
    Smorilac 2.0

    france 2nd

  • Sammie Is de liefste
    Sammie Is de liefste

    Daði: how does it keep getting better Me: i dont know man but it does

  • Динара Анисбаева
    Динара Анисбаева

    Италия супер😍😍

  • Dora

    rivisitazione per l'Italia

  • CD Consulting Costa Blanca
    CD Consulting Costa Blanca

    Вітаємо, Україно! Воістину особливий та унікальний номер! Привіт з Іспанії!

  • CD Consulting Costa Blanca
    CD Consulting Costa Blanca

    Congratulations, Ukraine! Truly a beautiful, very unique song! Regards from Spain!


    reino unido


    san marino




    UCRANIA !!!

  • i love toys and dolls
    i love toys and dolls

    i love some cheesy eurovision in my life

  • E r a n e t h
    E r a n e t h

    I think that at 3:45:16 Damiano says sounding nervous: "li dici questi voti?!" Which approximately means "when are you gonna tell us the score they're going to get?!" 😂

  • Anthony Cárdenas
    Anthony Cárdenas

    ¿How did I get to the Hunger Games?

  • Krisです


  • Ariu Ariu
    Ariu Ariu

    Two French songs on the top fighting with each other for the win. Italy: - " Hold my pizza". *

  • fizzy

    well deserved ^^

  • Alex T
    Alex T

    La musica è bella in qualsiasi lingua viene cantata ma deve arrivare dentro le persone come è successo, bellissimo eurovision, complimenti! Per l'anno prossimo portate roba forte 💪

  • E r a n e t h
    E r a n e t h

    ESC 2021 best edition ever! Gefeliciteerd Holland 🧡

  • Mikko 2702
    Mikko 2702

    The join hand trough the door

  • Lisbeth Nilsson
    Lisbeth Nilsson

    A terrible noice the italian song.

  • Ziba Nejad
    Ziba Nejad

    Audience during 2021🤔🤔🤔🤔❓❓❓❓❓❓❓

  • Iamdoing ashby
    Iamdoing ashby

    1:17:30 da Türk bayrağı var

  • Unrelated Popcorn Fire
    Unrelated Popcorn Fire

    I think the jaja ding dong guy really overshadowed epic sax guy

  • Edkri07

    My Points: 1 - Spain 2 - Netherlands 3 - Ukraine 4 - Switzerland 5 - France 6 - Malta 7 - Lithuania 8 - Azerbaijan 10 - Iceland 12 - Italy

  • David C.E
    David C.E

    where is the all subtitles in all languages? its too much effort? i mean, is eurovision, not my bathroom. Thankyou.

  • ash ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
    ash ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    as an Italian, when I heard "2 French songs are on the top wow ty" me:scusa? no ripeti non ho capito. FDHFQGFHAVAGQ

  • Катерина Бабич
    Катерина Бабич

    1:07:38 внимание на её микрофон

  • utergote

    the most ironic thing is Israel singing about “set me free” LMAOOO

    • C CF
      C CF

      Nobody wants to open that can of worms that’s for sure 😂

  • Laura Williams
    Laura Williams

    It’s funny that I knew what happened but I still got emotional when Italy won !!!!!

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Justice for Azerbaijan,Cyprus,San-Marino❤

  • NoLyricsForFun

    If despacito would be in: *despacito wins*

  • Laura Williams
    Laura Williams

    I’m here only for Italy and Ukraine

  • TherobloxianMR MR
    TherobloxianMR MR

    I love Ukraine but the way she always looks at the camera like that always will haunt me.

  • Юлия Нестерова
    Юлия Нестерова

    Finland oh yea!!!!🖤

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      ну и этот чувак с луной тоже не плох ))

  • Maša Bundalo
    Maša Bundalo

    2:09:20 Damiano:I'm drinking now! F**k you😂

  • BЯEAD 23
    BЯEAD 23

    1:14:46 HU HU HU HU 1:14:50 HU HU HU HU 1:15:35 HU HU HU HU 1:15:39 HU HU HU HU

  • Hayfa42Twitch

    Swiss thought they will win , hahahah so funny and then they loose his face is soooo funny KARMAA

  • BЯEAD 23
    BЯEAD 23

    3:06:56 aur twelf points from Greece goe toeeee....badumm...pssss.... cyprrrrrrruus

  • Constancia López Martínez
    Constancia López Martínez


  • BЯEAD 23
    BЯEAD 23

    7:50 with a shong 📉

  • Valborg Leah Pálsdóttir
    Valborg Leah Pálsdóttir


  • rem



    все говорят, что им понравились выступления Италии и Украины, а я просто скажу, что для меня Финляндия, Германия и Швейцария - лучшие.💕

  • Petar Petrašević
    Petar Petrašević

    Omg I can't believe that Ksenija pulled Damiano from his group just to congrats him🤣

    • En Chi
      En Chi

      Highlight of the show lol

  • Baby Mayby
    Baby Mayby

    баба рука тоже норм

  • ArdaIronhand

    1:30:48 they should have put Eden Alene's scream to that flute part lol it sounds so similar

  • Анастасия Жигалова
    Анастасия Жигалова

    So wonderful show. Italy is grateful.❤Russia song is so close to my hurd. Ukraine- whatever everybody said, we have a one soul. I feel my soul sing when i listen this Ukraine song. ❤

  • Baby Mayby
    Baby Mayby

    ну и этот чувак с луной тоже не плох ))

  • Baby Mayby
    Baby Mayby

    Греция супер!

  • Forza Inter
    Forza Inter

    Греция зажгла во мне огонь. И я не могу его потушить.

  • Small sixten
    Small sixten

    3:45:20 LOL

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    This show was so expensive that they could not even afford flowers for the winner this year ;) I still remember when Lordi got his flowers.

  • Sedonia Dragotta
    Sedonia Dragotta

    Bolox Iceland was the best im Italian and Italy where crap. Also half the country's aint even in Europe I mean Australia? Russia ect ? I'm in the UK and I thought the UK was kinda like a garage track. Its all fixed.

  • Ömer Faruk Y
    Ömer Faruk Y

    2:52:53 Ma diversi da loro

  • Ömer Faruk Y
    Ömer Faruk Y

    2:27:34 wild dances Ruslana hey hey 🦾

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Германия копирует влада а4? Поч как для детей прям

  • Sedonia Dragotta
    Sedonia Dragotta

    Shes a fucking giant

  • Шкаф без вещей
    Шкаф без вещей


  • robertmuha303

    Россия, Мальта, Бельгия - промежуток РОВНО 4 МИНУТЫ между каждой песней

  • Anna Lida Frati
    Anna Lida Frati

    I'm so sorry for the low position of Netherlands, your song was very nice and I voted it that night ❤️🤍💙 So much love from Italy 💚🤍❤️

  • Unknown

    Which songs do you think should be in the top three?

  • david Holloway
    david Holloway

    1:44:47 - where I left off

  • twerp antine
    twerp antine

    satanic communist crap

  • Gonzalez

    3:14:09 Bárbara: "it's crazy that two french songs are on the top" Damiano 🇮🇹: 1:51:07

  • Rainer Jung
    Rainer Jung

    how does greece mange 2 fly , need answers ¡¡¡

  • giada pia lucente
    giada pia lucente

    i love Maneskin

  • Капкан

    Italy 🇮🇹🥵

  • Qaz7

    no one: italy's drummer: 👁️_👁️

    • random teen
      random teen

      his soul: ight imma head out

  • Waffle _
    Waffle _

    So many of the acts are so fucking good. I got chills from most of them. I think the the reason the ones that came on top did so was because they were unique in their music and delivery. I think next year will be even more diverse than this year and i cant wait.

  • AirGeo

    I'm British, but I'll admit the United Kingdom's entry was terrible.

    • romy

      I liked it :D It was stuck in my head the whole day😂

    • Eloise Yule
      Eloise Yule

      Yeah his song last year was so much better