Everything Epic DIDN'T Tell You In The CAR MOD Update! (New Mythic, New Bow, Primal Gone) - Fortnite
Today I give you everything epic didn't tell you about the big new car mod update!
Hope you enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything Epic didn't tell you in the new Fortnite Season 6 update! Today I go over the new car mod update, the new mythics, the new grappler bow and more! These have been leaked in the game files.. Hope you enjoy!
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  • lol kidz idk lol
    lol kidz idk lol

    Ayy yo anybody notice the boombow does headshot,bodyshot,and still explosive damage?

  • Nova prince 👑
    Nova prince 👑

    Sparkle specialist really SypherPK

  • UPJ Baseball
    UPJ Baseball

    Split bow will probably just shoot two arrows

  • Daniel Susanto
    Daniel Susanto

    i think i was the guy who left the recycler

  • Raeshon Sanchez
    Raeshon Sanchez

    1:53 did he say sparkle specialist and not sparkplug

  • Beast FN
    Beast FN

    He did not just call spark plug sparkle specialist

  • Melissa Davignon
    Melissa Davignon

    I can’t believe that he called sparkplug sparkle specialist

  • hayden rivera
    hayden rivera


  • Bubblez Da Noob
    Bubblez Da Noob

    Day 9 of asking for the battle pass. My epic is Trashmaam

  • maria Gorgo
    maria Gorgo

    So is the primal shot gun gun in Fortnite forever

  • Void-Controller


  • Abdulrahman Yahia
    Abdulrahman Yahia

    the car is good but the resikler is not that good

  • Neil Shah
    Neil Shah

    he sounds exhausted

  • NotMeep2010

    Did sypher really say sparkle specialist at catty corner 😂

  • Or Weiss
    Or Weiss


  • Eggnogfrog

    Could you do an overwatch video on your off channel

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes

    HEY ALI A 2.0 HOW U DOING and no im not trying to be funny

  • seth hodges
    seth hodges

    Where’s the bow

  • riško Jesenský
    riško Jesenský

    7:50 everithing is great by me

  • Sandudaniel71

    "Hanzo from overwatch" Thats my main on overwatch

  • mostapha chaarani2007
    mostapha chaarani2007

    Why did they take out the mythic primal shotgun and everyone is sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Martos Kingos
    Martos Kingos

    "Split bow" hahaha omg 8 IQ

  • Comfort iliya
    Comfort iliya

    *RX_TECHZ on IG* is a hack god... Contact him for all your hack jobs ( unlocking ,recovery ,hack ect)..

  • Comfort iliya
    Comfort iliya

    *RX_TECHZ on IG* is a hack god... Contact him for all your hack jobs ( unlocking ,recovery ,hack ect)..

  • Comfort iliya
    Comfort iliya

    *RX_TECHZ on IG* is a hack god... Contact him for all your hack jobs ( unlocking ,recovery ,hack ect)..

  • Tyrese Smith
    Tyrese Smith

    what skin is he using someone let me know

  • Tyrese Smith
    Tyrese Smith

    what skin is that

  • Tyrese Smith
    Tyrese Smith

    what skin is he using

  • King slayer 2233
    King slayer 2233

    Sypher said sparkle specialist

  • D's Youtube
    D's Youtube

    Remember Kids: It's Gay to smoke :)

  • Hseries760

    Bro that guy at the end got fucking beamed

  • FiShYNiShY

    Why does sypher still use his old thumbnail pictures when he was chubby?

  • Jess blaze 7
    Jess blaze 7

    Sparkle specialist Bruh🤣

  • Haydomcpotato

    It’s not split it’s splinter total different story

  • StratosGM

    Please read my name

  • pio FNBR
    pio FNBR

    psa5 is better then your pcc

  • pio FNBR
    pio FNBR

    nice fps lol

  • Mrdog011 -
    Mrdog011 -

    The mini gun attachment for a car

  • William Herrington-Young
    William Herrington-Young

    dummy is actually the op upgrading bow.

  • DaBaby

    Sypher try rogue company on stream

  • pgwicked

    Fortnite is actually fun now

  • MsGoldFish

    this season is *epic!* get it???? bad joke I know.

  • Cam Is daddy
    Cam Is daddy

    Haha man called spark plug sparkle specialist

  • NobodyT00jr

    It’s the splinter bow

  • Jack Israel
    Jack Israel

    did sypher say SPARCEL SPECIALIST

  • FireFlame Plays
    FireFlame Plays

    Sypher the NPC at camp cod also sells mechanical parts

  • Imran Kamal
    Imran Kamal

    Hmmm spark plug does the same thing as cabbie near pleasant he upgrades and sells up to 9 mechanical parts

  • WoW_Sharkie

    You literally look like my neighbor

  • Brockachu 924
    Brockachu 924

    Bro you said it was gone


    Anyone know what skin that is

  • BroThisGameTrash

    Good to see you won’t get killed as easy at the spire but there’s really no reward for killing her now

  • Micah Robinson
    Micah Robinson

    Honestly they should have like a crossbow attachment to the cars or a gun attachment to the cars

  • Ultratoaster305

    Sparkle specialist at catty. Wait what spark plugs you mean 😉

  • Assiraqa panji
    Assiraqa panji

    You speak so sad :(

  • Brian Nie
    Brian Nie

    I'm thinking that the split bow shoots like two arrows at once? What y'all think?

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel

    They should add bumper spikes so it will do more damage

  • Astromello

    One the collab chapter ends, who wants chapter 1 to return? Like this comment and reply why u want it back

  • Jude Engstrom
    Jude Engstrom

    An engine upgrade would be awesome

  • Liam Rouen
    Liam Rouen

    Only recycler in the match.-.

  • Tyler A
    Tyler A

    Something I noticed: I opened a safe, and it opened MUCH faster than before, and it gave me a gold primal SMG.

  • Levi McDougall Fáaui
    Levi McDougall Fáaui

    That's alot of damage Me:just use flex tape

  • Aydin Khan
    Aydin Khan

    FORTNITE ISNT BATTLE ROYALE Its a car game🚗🚗🚗🚗

  • Connor Gardner
    Connor Gardner

    Hey sypher can we play fortnite I need help with Champs league grind

  • Drew Kogon
    Drew Kogon

    Builds are fucking terrible now

  • JavaJawa

    Now add car turrets

  • JayZSXY

    Everything Mojang did NOT Tell You in the NEW CAVE AND CLIFFS UPDATE!

  • Thomas N
    Thomas N

    (Primal gone) in syphers language actual means primal is not gone. Like you better when you didn't click bait so much

  • Juicy Memez
    Juicy Memez


  • MarcHorsin

    What skin is that ?

  • Davies Obioma
    Davies Obioma

    Supher your game looks so smooth

  • Dominic

    He called spark plug sparkle specialist

  • Clxtch_squidd 16
    Clxtch_squidd 16

    I have a concept for a new bow Its called the storm split bow and when you shoot it into the storm it kinda works like a storm flip but it will split the storm for 30 seconds and it does 50 to 80 damage to a player :)

  • Iricwildcat Maddog
    Iricwildcat Maddog

    0.44 green primal shotgun title primal shotgun gone like what the heck

  • RemDog Litty Army
    RemDog Litty Army

    Sypher you mistakes Sparkplug and Sparkle specialist at 1:54

  • Derek Thompson
    Derek Thompson

    How else thinks it’s now rocket league cars 😂

  • Fuzion Tar
    Fuzion Tar

    ᶜᵃⁿ ᴵ ᵍᵉᵗ ¹ ˢᵘᵇ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗˀ.... no hate

  • Mawma Is TRASH
    Mawma Is TRASH

    I remember overwatch 😭

  • KGC Sem075
    KGC Sem075

    How do you get the old performance mode?

  • Anna Hayes
    Anna Hayes

    What skin is that

  • Mawma Is TRASH
    Mawma Is TRASH

    What skin are you wearing at the beginning of the video

  • Darren

    Is that a new backbling

  • Nathan Shinholt
    Nathan Shinholt

    Epic needs to stop putting guns in the game people don't actually want to use.


    My friend wants to 1v1 u His name is Bigzany1 or ninjas uncle

  • Geovanni Duenas
    Geovanni Duenas


  • ItJustScythe on Twitch
    ItJustScythe on Twitch

    Why does your game look like 🗑?

  • Fire Notch
    Fire Notch

    T5G said that sypherPK what’s a noob

  • Brody Greening
    Brody Greening

    i want to point out the fact that thhe day this update happened tomarrow was burt gummer day (leave like for an f)


    Sypher pk is the best

  • Amir Razeghi
    Amir Razeghi


  • Marley Lindeblad
    Marley Lindeblad

    spark plug not sparkle specialist? lol

  • Killer Drip
    Killer Drip

    Sparkle specialist hahah u mean spark plug

  • qatarath

    Play with the ukulele kid again

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W

    Sypher I use your code in the item shop.

  • Gaurav Lamba
    Gaurav Lamba

    i am not able to skydive after i installed the new update. anybody else facing this problem? Any solutions? I also tried reinstalling fortnite.

  • Dorian Susac
    Dorian Susac

    Can somebody asnwer me, what's that skin shypher is using

  • Glug the Goldfish
    Glug the Goldfish

    how does sypher use shotguns that good? he must practise with them every day to understand the horrible range and weird c

  • danny

    Adding more mobility yessir

  • danny

    This update is kinda decent


    Yo sypher this is just a suggestion for a vid is to stack the mod tires like how u did when there where upgrade stations

  • Jason Godsoe
    Jason Godsoe


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