Evolution of Battlefield Trailers
The Complete Evolution of Battlefield Trailers

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0:00 Intro
0:10 Battlefield 1942
2:42 Battlefield 2
5:29 Battlefield 2142
7:40 Battlefield Bad Company
9:57 Battlefield Bad Company 2
11:18 Battlefield 3
13:06 Battlefield Hardline
15:30 Battlefield 1
16:49 Battlefield V
19:09 Battlefield 2042
23:57 Outro

  • NexaTerra Tech
    NexaTerra Tech

    I am trimming out Battlefield 4 due to copyright claim from EA 😞 You guys can check it out here : bg-chat.info/cd/video/fKSoq6R315N_dc8.html More gaming evolutions : Evolution of Halo Trailers : bg-chat.info/cd/video/b5pqbJaKmrycltc.html Evolution of Far Cry Trailers : bg-chat.info/cd/video/kHRloXeN0aSpYJw.html

    • JKH 1027
      JKH 1027

      eat all

    • Rob Horton
      Rob Horton

      @Charles Lesher youtube premium?

    • Miguel

      @Angel Marciel Arias did you just like not read his comment?

    • Only4You2Play

      Where is the trailer of BFP4F (play4free) and BFH (heroes) play4free was my first bf!

    • Zabavon Goldina
      Zabavon Goldina


  • Krieger 12
    Krieger 12

    battlefield 1 is the chaddest

  • Macyel Teles cel
    Macyel Teles cel

    BF 1 my favorito

  • Mr.Prestige

    Now it’s looks like that they actually put a lot of effort into 2042

  • Richard Heimburg
    Richard Heimburg

    No osea ya con el nuevo battlefield cod Valio xd

  • Fog Heavy Cruiser Takao
    Fog Heavy Cruiser Takao

    No battlefield Vietnam?

  • 지개미오너

    Where is the 4?

  • The Baum
    The Baum

    Where’s the battlefield 4 trailer???

  • Ethoras

    Battlefield 2 trailer looks dope

  • Stefano Guidi
    Stefano Guidi

    Who played Battlefield 1942 know all the emotions the trailer gave

  • Abdoo 3000
    Abdoo 3000

    battlefield 3 trailer hits different after all these years

  • Casperkp96

    Where's my battlefield modern combat

  • Omar

    BF1 is the best in history not just among BF games

  • maddog123tj

    Unpopular opinion: hardline was actually a lot of fun

  • Valyan The Incendiary
    Valyan The Incendiary


  • _-Lockezera-_

    13:07 ???????????????????😮😮😮😮😮 how can they not put the best BF ever made, they messed up a lot

  • SS Doom
    SS Doom

    Battlefield 2042 was the coolest one I seen

  • Francis Beran
    Francis Beran

    BF3 and 1 were the best. 1 could've been better if the weapon mobility was like the rest

  • Franco Matias Vicchio
    Franco Matias Vicchio

    You should have included bfv pacific trailer instead the reveal so we can all just forget about that thing happened

  • Hamdi

    You forgot bf hardline

  • IBBY -
    IBBY -

    I got bf4 over a year ago and I finally got to see the megalodon in game! bg-chat.info/cd/video/bZ6NdXR1rMSImak.html

  • Aroral Shine
    Aroral Shine

    Nobody's talking about battlefield 1942😭😭😭😭😭 I guess I am the only fann of this game...

  • Adrian Leathan Cano
    Adrian Leathan Cano

    Battlefield hardline gives me gta5 vibes .-.

  • J_T_O

    Where’s battlefield modern cambat 2?

  • Why_Did_I_Make_This Chanel
    Why_Did_I_Make_This Chanel

    oh boy the Battlefield Bad Company is good and othere ones!!

  • supermetallicman

    Battlefield V man, when I first saw it I already knew it was gonna suffer the same fate as infinite warfare lmao

  • MjK

    2142 trailer is garbage while the intro is legendary.

  • Família Ribeiro
    Família Ribeiro

    Man,we are now awaiting for Batlefield 2042 but we have batlefield 2142

  • domen kac
    domen kac

    Still remember seeing Battlefield 1942 trailer for the first time and it still gives me goosebumps in 2021

  • Michael Moncur
    Michael Moncur

    THEY SKIPPED VIETNAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Germanystyler 321
    Germanystyler 321

    bf4 ?

  • Aged Cheese
    Aged Cheese

    The battlefield 2142 trailer didn’t age well with the ice

  • Pranjal Shrivastava
    Pranjal Shrivastava

    Successfully disliked for not including Battlefield 4.

  • Jorge Larrocha
    Jorge Larrocha


  • Hudmeister08 ;-;
    Hudmeister08 ;-;

    Where the fuck is battlefield 4

  • SeBep


  • Angelo B
    Angelo B

    23:46 that new BF theme for 2042 sounds incredible

  • Tyretes

    it seems battlefield play4free has been forgotten.

  • Yuri Hendrix
    Yuri Hendrix

    Am I the only one having insane nostalgia for 1942? And what about the quality of the trailer and the feeling it gives, for 2002!?

  • Minner1337

    Where is BFH? Think you forgot it in the intro😃

  • Fan of Tactic Games
    Fan of Tactic Games

    Ты забыл добавить четвёртую батлу

  • Marklar

    I hope they bring the Bad Company franchise back

  • HylianN 92
    HylianN 92

    bf3 best bf in da world

  • Tony Gamer3402
    Tony Gamer3402

    Where is Battlefield 4?

  • dylan napoli
    dylan napoli

    Were is battlefield 4 trailer

  • n0rie9a

    what, no BF 1943?

  • S A C R
    S A C R

    do u guys see the diffrence between battlefield 1942 and battlefield V??? thats why bfv failed. didnt feel real

  • Jizzy Cheese
    Jizzy Cheese

    God i hate channels like these that just pump out more and more videos about the evolution a gaming franchise's trailers, everytime a new game comes out

  • Anton Soko
    Anton Soko


  • Boomshalak

    No Battlefield Heroes trailer? :)

  • sibaboy

    If there's one thing these guys know what to do, it's to make an amazing trailer.

  • Slick

    He forgot Vietnam And 1943 And play4free And online

  • YugoslavianPlatypus

    the BF1 trailer is the best trailer for any piece of media.

  • Abhishek Bhowmik
    Abhishek Bhowmik

    Honestly, there's no evolution after that BF1 trailer, only devolution

  • Joseph Lembcke
    Joseph Lembcke

    Me and the boys in dodge ball

  • greateagle87

    There better be golf carts in 2042

  • Navi Falcony
    Navi Falcony

    Where is battlefield 4?

  • samurich

    Idc what you say about Battlefield 5, the graphics are impeccable


    Faltou Battlefield 4

  • driftbos Fallout
    driftbos Fallout

    Battlefield 1 trailer is the best, battlefield five could use some work

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    So far I have the game that is called battlefield 3


    who else remembers getting so exited for bf Vietnam just me ok

  • Wilson Webb
    Wilson Webb

    God is great yooo

  • Özgür Uysal
    Özgür Uysal

    Everybody talking about how bf1 or bf3 trailers is good but bf2 trailer gives me goosebumps everytime i watch, specially artillery shoots

  • icrank _alt
    icrank _alt

    where tf is bf4

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy

    I know Battlefield 5 made some mistakes, but tbh in my opinion, I love every single Battlefield game.

  • Dj_Stalinounet

    They ruined everything with BFV

  • Milan Van der Steen
    Milan Van der Steen

    I still remember playing the beta of Bf1 like it was yesterday,man i wish battlefield 5 would've came later so that bf1 was still active,bf5 was fun but it could've been better, Battlefield 1 is my personal all time favorite, the trailer,the gameplay aw man

  • Kirliva 7
    Kirliva 7

    Bf4: am i fighting in another place am i fighting in another area where is my trailer

  • NiCO

    battlefield 4?

  • Bastian Koop
    Bastian Koop

    Battle fielf v is soo bad why robot arms

  • Aurélien

    missed vietnam/battlefield heroes

  • dragon vn
    dragon vn

    Hey men where Battlefield vietnam

  • near-ruler5

    0:17 flash grenades be like

  • Vicen

    Battlefield 1 is incredible

  • Sergeant Price
    Sergeant Price


  • Oscar Raul
    Oscar Raul

    Battlefield 4,🔥✍️🔥

  • Magnus

    Hardline was so fun

  • john adams
    john adams

    BF1 Trailer is on another level

  • Pimo FF
    Pimo FF

    Badcompagny 2 best bf for ever

  • Adrian Fabbri
    Adrian Fabbri

    Bad Company 3 when, WHENS BC3 EA HELLOOOOOOOO

  • greyson daniels
    greyson daniels

    Battlefield 1’s trailer, is going to be INCREDIBLY hard to beat. It captures the whole “oh fuck, shits hitting the fan” reality of WW1. All of the weapons, tanks, bombs, etc had never been involved before, then next thing you know, the whole world is trying to kill itself with them.

  • FireCloud14

    Bad company 2 brought back a ton of nostalgia

  • Fase Game
    Fase Game

    21:00 penguins perfect cinema


    You skipped 4

  • Барсик Барбос
    Барсик Барбос

    ? Battlefield 4 where is he

  • SuperSane

    Where’s battlefield 4 lol

  • Shadow Boyy223
    Shadow Boyy223

    I haven’t played battlefield since hardline and really wanna get the gold edition to 2042 but really don’t know if I should Bc I missed all of battlefield 1 & 5… can someone tell me something that I don’t know

  • NKBlazer

    Oh man so the 2142 trailer didn’t even tease the Titan mode? Man what a surprise that must have been.

  • Thematore

    22:29 En el Aire weon en el AIRE!!!!

  • Dumblin

    BF 1942 was my go to game when I was 7, I got goosebumps watching the trailer again

  • K-miloevil97

    Nunca ví el BTF4

  • danny patpat
    danny patpat

    Could you send me that thumbnail photo? I wanna make it my screen saver

  • Linus Islam Tips
    Linus Islam Tips

    Forgotten Trailers and Titles: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Battlefield Heroes Battlefield Play4free Battlefield 1943 Battlefield Vietnam Battlefield Bad Company (2?) Vietnam

  • piterplayer911

    Battlefield 4?

  • Dylan Anders
    Dylan Anders

    Just skip bf4?

  • CoolsixYT

    Ah i missed the sniper in bf 2

  • Moshow

    BF2 & BF3 ❤️

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce

    Glad I missed 2142

  • Dimitris Yfantis
    Dimitris Yfantis

    15:30 legendary