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I cant believe he actually won..
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    • Alfie Forbes
      Alfie Forbes

      Love u Jimmy

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      Penguin !

      Ty bro so kind

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      Michael White


  • Lavi Jass
    Lavi Jass

    Love from india bruh❤️

  • Atome Cool
    Atome Cool

    hey Mr beast there is a question can you pls tell who the real jidaxan is

  • O P M -FF
    O P M -FF

    Mr Beast give me PS5 Please

  • Abaya Khatri
    Abaya Khatri

    🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵Nepal is also in the earth's map please come visit and try this game out here. 😂😂

  • •Joharah's Fallen_GaCha•
    •Joharah's Fallen_GaCha•

    Oh no I was hoping chandler would win T~T😭😭

  • EliteCraft

    Chris: *chasing Adam* Adam: AAAAAA!!! AAAAAA!!!!! AAAA!!!!!

  • yourfriendlynoob

    I bet sapnap is really happy

  • Blue Sweater
    Blue Sweater

    Can we just appreciate that Chris ran even when he had surgery on his leg

  • Odibros c Music
    Odibros c Music

    MrBeast how can I join the game I need some Money please 😢😥😥

  • mady lane
    mady lane

    i’m eating pop tarts and watching mr beast just to make me feel better🤌🏽

  • Anathrenier97

    My hearts racing just watching this. My adrenaline would be rushing the whole time from the thought of losing.

  • grace L
    grace L

    good thing sapnap moved lmao

  • Hammad Farooque
    Hammad Farooque

    Do one tag competition again I want Karl to win

  • Aaron Bradford
    Aaron Bradford

    Me the entire time:"SABNAB SABNAB"

  • Hilda Suaste
    Hilda Suaste


  • Ikran Ozil
    Ikran Ozil

    Bro I’m poor can I get free money because every time I watch you you give me but I’m there so please tag me

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    Sasuke Uchiha


  • Jerich Zach M. Salagoste
    Jerich Zach M. Salagoste

    Did you scammed your fans?

  • Abhinay Chettri
    Abhinay Chettri

    Mr beast do you still play battle pirates

  • Romeo Apil
    Romeo Apil

    Hopefully mrbeast can help me right now here in the Philippines because I have a lot of bills to pay. This pandemic loss my regular job..

  • Daniel

    Cuz I see you

  • livvy jones
    livvy jones

    "Why is the sink running?" Karl: "Cause I see you!"

  • Lori Underwood
    Lori Underwood

    I would have been the first one tagged, I'm slow and clumsy 🤪

  • Pidi’s Vlogs
    Pidi’s Vlogs

    Rip Chrises knee

  • Duviel Rosello
    Duviel Rosello

    mr beast a boss

  • Agham Mulia
    Agham Mulia

    Momment Of Roblox Flee the Facility but 2 Beast.

  • Alejandra Herrera
    Alejandra Herrera


  • Rachel B.
    Rachel B.

    They really jumped off the roof

  • M J Anderson
    M J Anderson

    I always get so excited when I see Karl in your videos

  • Charles Lim
    Charles Lim

    chris is a legend

  • Tru LazyyBoy
    Tru LazyyBoy

    I love tag

  • kingofcrazy zr
    kingofcrazy zr

    Happy Birthday

  • Josua seke 10 official
    Josua seke 10 official


  • Log Man
    Log Man

    I just subscribed

  • Doozy The GOAT
    Doozy The GOAT

    Chris also just flops into a door

  • Doozy The GOAT
    Doozy The GOAT

    chris: "Casually kicks door chasing people"

  • Jaclyn May
    Jaclyn May

    I love tag and freeze tag

  • Jaclyn May
    Jaclyn May

    I subed to all your channel

  • kings ruler
    kings ruler

    Karl your great

  • Luke Aubry
    Luke Aubry

    Chris: it’s to scary to jump down

  • VeE _K_gaming
    VeE _K_gaming

    Every time i watch your videos i forget all the stress in my life...amazing creator mr. beast! salute!🤗

  • Goddessfox17

    It’s just a Minecraft manhunt in real life

  • Don Wickstrom
    Don Wickstrom

    Mr beast is going fit after this.

  • Nicktrix

    "Do you hear my oxygen?" - Mrbeast

  • Willie Oropeza
    Willie Oropeza

    Where is the abandoned hospital

  • Anup Gautam
    Anup Gautam

    can mrbeast please do a minecraft verson of this PLEASE

  • Eva Mason
    Eva Mason

    I didn't think MrBeast's videos were gonna be this hilarious. I love this channel now! MrBeast may be my new favorite BG-chatr.

  • A sad Story
    A sad Story

    Mr breast u always give money in ur country people we from Bangladesh ... We are subscribed too...so can i need one.... 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • indianamations

    3:33 wait for it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ralph Yu
    Ralph Yu

    8:33 karl jacob's face

  • laura partida
    laura partida

    Ummm jimmy aren’t you going to give @sapnap a tweet *maybe spelled wrong*

  • Issac D.D
    Issac D.D

    Karl is the Meg of Mr.beast

  • Harry WweeWwee
    Harry WweeWwee


  • Ava


  • A Random Noob Who Plays Basketball.
    A Random Noob Who Plays Basketball.

    Made a children game more epic.

  • Karsyn Romero-Dunn
    Karsyn Romero-Dunn

    Im faster than all of all of you

  • burl phillips
    burl phillips

    Beast be said

  • reef fulton
    reef fulton

    Help spread the gospel of Jesus and for God

  • Plague doctor Fynn
    Plague doctor Fynn

    2:08 me trying to climb anything

  • Christina Christina
    Christina Christina

    Already subscribed, hope to win money for my struggling small business. 🙏

  • Christina Christina
    Christina Christina

    Hi, I'm in need of money for my small business, could you please help me with it? 🙏

  • el perro comunista
    el perro comunista

    Alguien me regala un dólar xdxd

  • LatestHail 6821
    LatestHail 6821

    chris is crying on the ground because he hurt his leg that he got sergery on. jimmys first word. which way did they go. and then leaves

  • xDarkKnight003


  • Ella S
    Ella S

    I want my cookie. I still don’t have my cookie:(

  • Drewoz

    im sub and you post this on my bday


    Im from philippines

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  • Darren Mcadams
    Darren Mcadams

    Love everything you are doing.

  • Darren Mcadams
    Darren Mcadams

    I'm subscribed

  • The Number One Danny Show
    The Number One Danny Show

    2:15 the epic chase

  • Xplode



    Why is the sink running Karl’s answer BECAUSE I SEE YOU

  • Jenna Ahmed
    Jenna Ahmed



    Nolan is too sweet I wanted him to win

  • Hoose Bloose
    Hoose Bloose

    And Mr beasts

  • tutorials

    They thought it was hard for them to run, but think about *Frank (the camera man)* He had to run even more and he didn't even complain about it.

  • -it's.bluey- :D
    -it's.bluey- :D

    Me : Karl has such a pure heart 5 seconds later : 𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗹𝘀 𝗷𝗶𝗺𝗺𝘆𝘀 𝗰𝗮𝗿

  • Hoped boss36
    Hoped boss36

    Can i have 5k too

  • bananabreadman man
    bananabreadman man

    do dod dod dod d this is smile direct club get the smile you love

  • abraham ethi
    abraham ethi

    Sapnap betrayed karl

  • GuineaPigGamer 336
    GuineaPigGamer 336

    thank god i got rid of that nerd LOL 12:10

  • Daithi

    Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during the quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much love.

  • محمد القحطاني
    محمد القحطاني

    All charcaters on the vid is jimmy chris karl Nolan and Jordan and sap nap and rick and Adam and Mitch and Sam and Christopher chandler

  • N O W R O S E
    N O W R O S E

    Give me a car ☹️

  • Mayo Bean
    Mayo Bean

    4:02 FUNNY

  • Aaron Nõmm
    Aaron Nõmm

    Cris epic moment

  • Aaron Nõmm
    Aaron Nõmm

    The sliting cris

  • Heidi H
    Heidi H

    I love your videos 😀

  • lama rashdan
    lama rashdan

    Hi. I want just 10.000 Dollar in cash...fast

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    “Chandler u should have just been running around ur fast” Chandler-Oh yea-

  • chandini parbhoodyal
    chandini parbhoodyal

    I dare you to spend 98 hours in a pool of cold water

  • Olivia Monaco
    Olivia Monaco

    What if Rick hid in a roll would it be a rickroll

  • SlimShady sims & nonsense x222
    SlimShady sims & nonsense x222

    I woulda hid in the money

    • SlimShady sims & nonsense x222
      SlimShady sims & nonsense x222

      omg he did lmaoooo

  • Sharpe

    Plot twist somebody knew parkour

  • Nolukholo Zanga
    Nolukholo Zanga

    I'm shocked Mrbeast doesn't have his own console 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cool days
    Cool days

    I love you

  • Rohit Uniyal - The Project
    Rohit Uniyal - The Project

    I hope i could afford that money 🥺 Still love from india ❤

  • Shazad Hussain
    Shazad Hussain

    I know who the cameraman is the flash

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