Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021
Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so much more than her cancer!
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Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent

  • Nancy K
    Nancy K

    Shes amazing i hope shes okey she gave me soo much hope!

  • imme500 Mwasi
    imme500 Mwasi

    So nice

  • M Imn
    M Imn

    the two seconds of silence after she stops singing....

  • Derrick Lumwachi
    Derrick Lumwachi

    Whenever I feel so down I always look for this song and I just broke down 😭 she really inspired me. May you be healed in Jesus name

  • Beezlebub

    My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 last year and just finished Chemo/Radiation treatment, i needed to hear someone say it’s ok who’s going through the same thing. Best of luck and beautiful song.

  • Ruby Sparrow
    Ruby Sparrow

    2% is something, shoot for the moon. I did in 1991 and I'm still here. Beautifully sung, love the song and all blessings NightBirde.

  • Missy Miles
    Missy Miles

    This is my AGT WINNER 2021 😇

  • ThereforIam

    Zanesville. I talked to a girl from there back when I was younger she was super cute and cool. Lots of good chicks there

  • Flykitty

    She won millions of heart with her presence! She's beautiful in and out she is the true definition of an Angel

  • James

    Performer: has cancer Agt judges: presses golden buzzer aggressively

  • Wilfredo Morales
    Wilfredo Morales

    NightBird..., I played your song back to back, over and over again! Your song and voice is so soothing to the heart, mind, and soul! It makes me think about my two brothers who have passed on to their next life, or journey should I say... In a good way though. Thank You NightBird. May God give you the strength, and time to give us more beautiful songs. You totally have my support 100%-And some; ;)

  • Lala

    if you just wanna hear the music, it's starts here 1:51

  • Barsha Kumari
    Barsha Kumari

    If you ever feel low in life just turn on this beautiful video.. 🥰

  • Shreya Ramakrishnan
    Shreya Ramakrishnan

    Istg I don’t know why there are so many dislikes! Wth

    • Gerald Carl
      Gerald Carl

      Hey, how are things with you today?

  • Artistic Trash
    Artistic Trash

    Dammit Simon you’re making me fuxking cry bro

  • Muqaddas Arif Dadani
    Muqaddas Arif Dadani

    Omg how can anyone be this positive and strong. Beautiful girl, beautiful voice, beautiful heart ♥️

  • kachal kachal
    kachal kachal

    2 percent is not zero.. i think she has decided to be happy

  • Yono Saryono
    Yono Saryono


  • dhikesh mm
    dhikesh mm

    It's OK............just pray to god

  • Heisnam Getabbalee
    Heisnam Getabbalee

    It teach me a valuable lesson I love you❤😘

  • Yoel Torres
    Yoel Torres

    Might GOD spare her life! She’s sooooo strong, talented and beautiful. She is an inspiration for many many many people…


    Yeah it's not just okay. Wow are amazing 😍❤️🙏

  • Pham Trang
    Pham Trang

    Touching to my heart, she gives us hope

  • Lalotoa Laumea
    Lalotoa Laumea

    I forgot I read the name of the video when Simon said he wasn't gonna give her a yes. I was so mad. I'm dumb. That was a good song and she seems pretty coo. Gotta stay positive.

  • yonas mekonen
    yonas mekonen

    I cried watching it. Loved her

  • Rev Saviour
    Rev Saviour

    God!, I'm actually left with 0 complain.

  • Kyle Phillips
    Kyle Phillips

    I don't know of Simon's going through anything negative in his life right now, but I feel like he needed to hear everything she had to say, like something became clearer to him after hearing her

  • Kasatsat Tv
    Kasatsat Tv

    You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore, before you decide to be happy. 😘 I love it... ❤️😍😍

  • xaverius billy
    xaverius billy

    she's so amazing

  • Nayan Nil
    Nayan Nil

    Thanks night

  • Ian Sherman
    Ian Sherman

    I will never forget what she said. "You can't wait for life to get hard before you decide to be happy". This girl isn't just an inspiration for everyone. This song is an inspiration for all of us who are fighting cancer

  • John P. Falzarano
    John P. Falzarano

    She was ready when the first tune started Nightbirde lit up like the brightest light with that smile! God made.

  • حيدر كريم
    حيدر كريم

    another one another halsey⭐️

  • Ashutosh chaudhary
    Ashutosh chaudhary

    Help her get her own album

  • chabbi bacem
    chabbi bacem

    Thank you for this wake up!! Something really happened inside me

  • adigwe nwanne
    adigwe nwanne

    Now this made me cry😢 I love her I love her spirit I love how she's able to do what she loves to do even if she has so many limitations.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Big Milan
    Big Milan

    Me seeing Simon hug a person by his 2 hands..... This is the 1st time I'm seeing ❤🥺... Bcoz he always hugs by just a hand 🥺❤...

  • Lady Mephisto
    Lady Mephisto

    Moments like these make watching all the crappy performers on AGT so worthwhile! Bravo!

  • Josh Tenold
    Josh Tenold

    She so good! I hope she wins!

  • Phung Nguyen
    Phung Nguyen


  • Enjoyer

    She is the one who should win the Miss World title

  • Izzymar Mendoza
    Izzymar Mendoza

    Did someone noticed that Simon is matching her outfit (almost the same colors) !!! ❤️

  • ibrahim Saleh
    ibrahim Saleh

    R.I.P 💔💔💔😭😭

  • Harry's Dimple
    Harry's Dimple

    5:12 😭❤️

  • Sumeet jordan
    Sumeet jordan

    Truly inspirational.....Love from india...😊😊

  • Beth Sellers
    Beth Sellers

    You are friggifn awesome. Stay Strong

  • Jen D
    Jen D

    That was unbelievable. Her voice mesmerized me

  • Cathy Sutton
    Cathy Sutton

    I'm so glad she had this moment!!!

  • Norman Lee Mansueto
    Norman Lee Mansueto

    What a talent! God bless you! This breaks my heart, especially the way Simon tap Nightbirdes' back. It was so strong that you could hear it from the mic. Didn't she say she has cancer on her spine, too? My goodness.

  • Prof. Tarcísio - Química
    Prof. Tarcísio - Química

    100% addicted to this song. She's so special and inspiring. I wish you all the best, Nightbirde. We're all thankful for your life.

  • Scott Cleaveland
    Scott Cleaveland

    She made me realize my problems dont have to define who I am, everything is going to be ok. She's absolutely the most inspiring person I've ever seen. I hope and pray that she beats this cancer, she is truly one of gods angels on earth and we need more people like her. She has a beautiful soul that there for everyone to see.

  • Kebou Hicham
    Kebou Hicham

    Every Talent I watch in this great American got talent, I cry because I cannot understand this magical talents.

  • Rosalie Cortez
    Rosalie Cortez

    Such a beautiful person inside and out. I hope she records an album, because I would buy it.

  • Jason O'Phee
    Jason O'Phee

    the song itself i think is great but i don't think she has the greatest voice for it

  • Jojo’s toenail
    Jojo’s toenail

    2 percent huh, I’ve never been the optimist but maybe that is the proper way to be

  • VooDooTube

    I (we) all needed to hear your words and your song. You feed my soul. Thank You Nightbird 😎❤ Xx

  • Leigh Taylor
    Leigh Taylor

    I sing this song ALL THE TIME and forgot where I heard it or how I knew all the words.....THANK GOD I FOUND IT AGAIN! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah
    Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah

    How did the auditorium go that mute 🔕 from start to finish until Simon said Woooow.....

  • Will Pierce
    Will Pierce

    She and Simon even dressed the same

  • Stasia Tachuk
    Stasia Tachuk

    just love her shes beautiful inside and out and what a shame o m g lovely

  • Azh. A.
    Azh. A.

    It's one of my worst nights and this song is really soothing me

  • Leonardo Rivera
    Leonardo Rivera

    She will be cured by her talent.

  • 536ast1an

    I fell instantly in love with her

  • Be Yourself
    Be Yourself

  • Anton J. Melein
    Anton J. Melein

    Couldn’t finish watching without some tears … Nightbird is in my option the most inspiring Lady in all shows of #AGT #BGT etcetera

  • Shanillar Galiao
    Shanillar Galiao

    She's amazing

  • Adil

    The good die young❤️

  • Merunessa Saddique
    Merunessa Saddique

    I am obsessed with this video!!!!

  • Danny Jauch
    Danny Jauch

    I will never stop watching her video when I found out that she passed I had tears in my eyes it felt like losing a family member

  • Danny Jauch
    Danny Jauch

    I just fell in love with her and her voice and she is just beautiful. I went out and bought myself a beautiful little dog and puppy and I named her Jane.

  • Gabe Fister
    Gabe Fister

    The 8400 people who disliked this are disgusting.

  • Jason O'Dell
    Jason O'Dell

    I believe all the thumbs down are people who are jealous of her gifts. Which are her talent for music and her inner strength of life. Beautiful performance 👍

  • Pranaya khadka
    Pranaya khadka

    The judges should motivate her but they r not motivating but after hearing her voice I think the judges themselves became motivated. Good voice sis......👍👍

  • Dr sentiakum longkumer
    Dr sentiakum longkumer

    When did Jeff bezos became a judge.,but ITS OKEY

  • LinkaBell GAME
    LinkaBell GAME

    i'm not crying you're crying omg i needed to hear this song 2020 has been a disaster and 2021 isn't much different....

  • athena ily
    athena ily


  • Aquanarid LLCL
    Aquanarid LLCL

    Not the religious people being egotistical of others pain. Ugh. That being said She has a wonderfull voice, and I hope she will be able to touch many people soo that she can live rent free in everyone soul

  • SHIL

    Dear God Krisna help him

  • Bard Zeta
    Bard Zeta

    What make she strong? Well here it is.. she accepted the pain n stop asking why. May God bless her always.

  • Gayatri Vanguri
    Gayatri Vanguri

    I really hope u recover

  • Gayatri Vanguri
    Gayatri Vanguri

    Y is she ssssssssoooooo good and that is y I love her she is amazing in everything

  • Gayatri Vanguri
    Gayatri Vanguri

    You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore,before you decide to be happy

  • Gayatri Vanguri
    Gayatri Vanguri

    I I I I I I love love love hhheerrr so happy u gave her the golden bazaar not only she is sick but sings so neatly and nicely she is the best of everyone amazing work judges and congratulations singer amazing zing zing amazing ggggooodd work.. Congratulations again

  • Alexander Quinn - Starseed
    Alexander Quinn - Starseed

    First time I watched this I teared up. I watched it another 6 times and I teared up every time. I occasionally go back and watch this I must have watched it 20 times.

  • Gilbert Paz
    Gilbert Paz

    its so soothing❤️❤️❤️ Love You Jane/ nightbirde God bless you always🙏🙏🙏

  • ۛ ּڛۣــمۭــٻۧــۃ sumaya
    ۛ ּڛۣــمۭــٻۧــۃ sumaya

    see the #israel #terrorism against palestinian kid who just wanted to buy bread 👇

  • Muhammad Akhiruddin El Islamy
    Muhammad Akhiruddin El Islamy

    Such a beautiful yet amazingly awesome human being :')


    You cant wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy...💔

  • •Swaggy blossoms•
    •Swaggy blossoms•

    The people who disliked are the people who feel bad for her

  • Carol Rolleri
    Carol Rolleri

    Hi Friends. Beautiful message and voice Ask Jesus Christ into your heart for true peace and love to fill the empty space in your spirit and life. Love to you all 💛🙏👍😀🐈


    Just wow 👏such beautiful soul & authentic voice....her lyrics was heartfelt.....truly an inspiration.....may God bless her.....

  • Silencer 777
    Silencer 777

    Amazing 👏 inspirational

  • Javi Loya
    Javi Loya


  • Javi Loya
    Javi Loya

    Happy genial tenk you🗽🗽🗽👋👋👋

  • rup solomon talluri
    rup solomon talluri

    When we are hearing this song, even judges faces were peaceful and calm. What a pure soul man. She may not win the prize but the has won people s heart.

  • altek Indonesia
    altek Indonesia

    Somebody all every happy Good job

  • jxns_candy

    The fact she and simons clothes are same kinda

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