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  • Feeluck

    way too cute for a doll brought to life

  • nub

    How many scissor puns??? I counted 14

  • Zenolegor

    "Gwen does constant damage" that's exactly what I wanna hear about an AP champion with a dash, true damage and an untargetability spell.

  • Ricgabriel villajuan
    Ricgabriel villajuan

    Can't wait for some "other" company to copy this hero and use this 😉

  • Kerben Agustin
    Kerben Agustin

    Hi sana mabisita mo bahay ko

  • 대리기사김기사

    Gwen is never good if you are in Gold

  • A Pony
    A Pony

    can't wait for riot to tease a champion through their onlyfans account in the names of constructing a parasocial relationship

  • Craby003

    A truly cool design.

  • Ken Roth
    Ken Roth

    I miss Vainglory.

  • AnimeGamer

    Scissors Vs Rock Gwen...

  • Straw hat chin
    Straw hat chin

    Sheele of akame ga Kill😂

  • Devin Beverly
    Devin Beverly

    I don't play Lol much, but I feel like I've heard this same passive and kit overall a thousand times now.

  • Shark Lover
    Shark Lover

    A FIGHTER THAT BUILDS AP ? im a pissed off otp pta fizz hybrid build spammer. so where can i copy strike diss champion ? Edit: of course im joking but diss didnt needed to exist.

  • Roby TV
    Roby TV

    i tried her and its so good

  • the dezzy dez
    the dezzy dez

    gwen is weak

  • Kobold Knight
    Kobold Knight

    The W in this video acts differently from how it works in live. I think the Spotlight W would be way better than the live W


    kill la kill., whers the papers im seuing

    • Avo Prim
      Avo Prim

      Trigger: Please do not sue.

  • Alexander walker
    Alexander walker

    Did you have to make this wedge?

  • ⸻

    whats with the stupid puns?

  • Jan Emerand Sotto
    Jan Emerand Sotto

    Well I like to use gwen but too soon,when the first time I met her in the summers rift when I laning phase and,before clashing I use ezreal and try to shot her using the true shot barrage and she use mist and I can't kill her when she use that anoying mist,but there is a solution for that teknique,if she already use the mist and trying to escape if she is low hp I'm going to use the true shot barrage,well piece of cake🙂

  • Afsar Ahmed
    Afsar Ahmed

    so you can never die to towers as long as you are in the mist....

  • theknight91 91
    theknight91 91

    Gwen is a knock off Shelly from Akame ga Kill.

  • Reaperfalll

    And yet anlther overtuned champion. Congrats riot

    • Israel gomez
      Israel gomez


  • Judge Pepper
    Judge Pepper

    Brand : why don't you move along dolly

  • n8doogie

    They’re really making any kind of Champion now, eh?

  • Dušan Bataveljic
    Dušan Bataveljic


  • Ishii

    Yung angela lang alam mo pero sawa kana mag support

  • ItsBart

    She is actually really good against squishy top laners and ones with skill shots (cho gath, illoai)

  • Iadad

    How long till she joins KDA?

  • E-den

    We're in Kill LA Kill now ?

    • Avo Prim
      Avo Prim

      Yes, yes we are.

  • Reyshelle Flores
    Reyshelle Flores


  • Bruno Tavares
    Bruno Tavares


    • Bruno Tavares
      Bruno Tavares


  • Xin Zhao
    Xin Zhao


  • Sswwaaggyy Zadar
    Sswwaaggyy Zadar

    3:00 It always has been

  • Namielle

    Welcome to another league of cringe champion spotlight. Featuring gwen. Just another anime e-girl.

  • PhillyDaK1d

    Gwenns passive is uselessness - Upon picking her the enemy teams win rate goes up by 100%.

  • NHAsirduck

    she is extremely strong yet she has a bad winrate I don't understand, she legit has an ult on her w

  • Claasbkr

    was ist denn bitte aus dem spiel gewordedn

  • Claasbkr

    was eine scheiße

  • Big Zed
    Big Zed

    Once again, Riot games demonstrates their capability to completely make a champion overpowered and destroy the entire game, lovely. Can the next champion you make have an ability where he does %hp truedamage equal to the entire enemy's hp?

    • nv


  • Cyber Lich
    Cyber Lich

    dead game

  • Xanifer

    Just the dumbest concept for a champ....giant scissors, really ?

  • Saez

    U really running out of ideas Riot Games...

  • Xx_Michael_xX

    3:08 "skillshots"

  • Silver Crow
    Silver Crow

    Is the Idea for this champion from Sheele in Akame ga Kill Anime ? She also Uses and carries scissors as her weapon and also an assassin HMM

  • scp 343 AlexZel
    scp 343 AlexZel

    Balanced can u tell me a counterplay riot games?

  • Евгений Кривошеев
    Евгений Кривошеев

    I can't do anything against her, how should I play ?! WTF

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez

    These puns are legit more dead than heroes of the storm

  • Data Impact
    Data Impact

    looks like a sneaky cosplay

  • AK74

    Fr? This what we doin now?

  • maceo psv27
    maceo psv27

    pitit gason yon femèl chen

  • Giannis

    I just hate this champ.... childish design, and totally op.. doesnt fit into the game..

  • 3D Waffles
    3D Waffles

    Moonton: Write that down.

  • ErrorLocaloRBLX

    hey riot when gwen is gonne be out in wild rift?

  • Aryathehunter

    @RiotPhreak I've been playing this game since beta and to this day it makes me feel that bit of wonder and excitement when I hear your voice introducing a new champion. You're awesome man. Thank you!

  • Makarije Makarije
    Makarije Makarije

    Champs these days are just so boring and all the same. Everyone now has some kind of lifesteal and is basiclly versiob of aanother champ but still I understand that part, must be hard to think of something new with more than 150 champs in the game. I mean it is better to take more time to make somthing interesting and fun, for example lee sin is today still one of hardest champs to play and he is fun. And no, Aphelios is not hard bxs he has 5 weapons with passive lenght of Bible. Come on dudes what happened?

  • Всеволод Афанасенко
    Всеволод Афанасенко

    Hallowed mist. Let me remind you about Xin Jao ulti

  • Jacob Oakes
    Jacob Oakes

    guys is gwen a good top lane or no point in buying?

  • Aminah

    these champions are getting childish lol i miss those zed release days

  • Undyne Undying1
    Undyne Undying1

    Why does her in game model look like she has no chin?


    wilf rift? ;-;

  • DemonLord RimuruTempest
    DemonLord RimuruTempest

    What type of hero Gwen is mage or assassin ??

  • Ellpunkt Effpunkt
    Ellpunkt Effpunkt

    Still feels strange to have a new champ released when the last one is still so utterly burdened with bugs that it is banned from pro play.

  • DarkCinemaGaming

    Cant wait to get her

  • Warsmith Calamity
    Warsmith Calamity

    all we need now is a paper

  • Rita

    irelia re work

  • Mom

    league of simps

  • chari Muvilla
    chari Muvilla

    So basically a shenrelia. Interesting

  • Gwen

    Snip Snip!!

    • Avo Prim
      Avo Prim

      Trigger: We like your reference.

  • Good Goat
    Good Goat

    Inspiration behind the character is Lilibet from Epic 7?

  • Jayce Ventura
    Jayce Ventura

    When I first watch this, reminds me of the Baker dude from RE7, wielding that scissor-chainsaw.

  • Prashant Mishra
    Prashant Mishra

    The puns. Mmmm

  • Philip Penkov
    Philip Penkov

    3:08 FOR DEMACIA

  • Philip Penkov
    Philip Penkov

    -_- Gwen W has Xin'Zhao's Ult effect, to only being able to take damage if the enemy champion is in the area... How useless now Xin'Zhao's R is now.

  • A


  • Agil Asadi
    Agil Asadi

    oh I loved her

  • Quinn Beasley
    Quinn Beasley

    This Gwen is more popular than Gwen Stefani

  • Populous3 Tutorials
    Populous3 Tutorials

    wait she can like avoid karthus r with just a w?

  • Galactic Potata
    Galactic Potata

    She's amazing jungle, and amazing midlane. She is also horrible top lane, with how the meta is at the moment. Champs like Riven, Fiora, Garen and mostly melee toplaners. She is horrible against them, yet for some reason. If you put her mid or jungle, suddenly she's the most broken thing ever which you can do absolutely nothing against. Unless you counter pick her by using champions who are normally used toplane, into the midlane.

  • MReg نتایج
    MReg نتایج

    Thank you very much for hearing the comments on the retrieval of the former champions, vladimir has one of them too. Want to see a vampire in a fast-paced version Thank you very much for hearing the comments on the retrieval of the former champions, vladimir has one of them too. Want to see a vampire in a fast-paced version 🥰🥰😍😍🥰😍🥰😍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

    • MReg نتایج
      MReg نتایج

      And I really want to see Assassin Vladimir. Vampires need to be nimble. Thanks again riot for listening to my thoughts.

  • Yasuo Monteg
    Yasuo Monteg

    scissors, needle, thread I won't. take her gift for granted . what a strange wonderful world. I must make sure it stays that way Still can't i believe. I get to move ky hands and feet all on my own . no time to rest. Another down. I'm getting good. What happens next... I get to decide

    • Avo Prim
      Avo Prim

      Trigger: We like your reference.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues

    Honestly, I only came here to check how op she is and tp hear the puns

  • Momchil Andonov
    Momchil Andonov

    2:19 - nope! It's also okay to run with scissors while playing Postal 2

  • Momchil Andonov
    Momchil Andonov

    A thousand cuts is a punishment from ancient China btw. Read about it in a book about tortures.

  • Joel

    Sheele? I miss sheele☹️

  • zetroXx100

    I hope this game wont turn into this trend of creating anime looking caracters.

  • Tia Gen
    Tia Gen

    Tons of damage. Love her, but her AA being a cut is..weird/her R a bit boring ani

  • Rasmus Österlind
    Rasmus Österlind

    Puns every 5 seconds the entire video. That's new

  • Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer


  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs

    Power creep, every new champ can Dash, block, and stun. Power creep is real and Riot does nothing to stop it.

  • OneShotPaddy

    Riot: How do we make a Kill la kill champion without people whining about sexism?

    • Avo Prim
      Avo Prim

      Trigger: Yes. Also, Riot, you already made a champion, that, was inspired by that very series, actually, two, in fact.

  • Sebastian Al-Mekdadi NA18B
    Sebastian Al-Mekdadi NA18B


  • Cayle Beneteau
    Cayle Beneteau

    Pre rework irelia - “hey that’s my ulti! Where did you find that?” Post rework “and also my passive”

  • Scp 049
    Scp 049

    Them: gwen looks OP Me: uhhhhh she reminds me of Sheele from akame ga kill

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K

    One more champion? Really? like there's not enough of them already...

  • Carlos Gomes
    Carlos Gomes

    They did Xin Zhao's ult dirty

  • Nikolay Kaloyanov
    Nikolay Kaloyanov

    She's pretty much getting nerfed soon. An assassin with dash who cannot be targeted from controlling mages? That's even more OP than Zed, no wonder Faker is maining Gwen.

    • Kyoko Kirigiri
      Kyoko Kirigiri

      She's actually not that good of a pick and Literally needed to be buffed because she got a 39% win rate

    • أمادو

      and a ranged ability and big aa range .

  • Rizki Munazat
    Rizki Munazat

    This champ should be in wild rift to

  • Madaras destiny
    Madaras destiny

    Ich kann mir Gwen gut in der Mitte oder im jngl vorstellen aber ich finde als toplaner ist sie 0 geeignet