I Beat NIGHTMARE Difficulty in Minecraft! (NEW Hardest Difficulty)
Today I Beat the NEW HARDEST DIFFICULTY IN MINECRAFT, created once again by fundy! I Beat NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY in Minecraft! Nightmare difficulty is a plugin created by fundy which has all the same rules as the impossible difficulty minecraft but with a few extra things added. These include: Nightmares, tripping and spilling your inventory everywhere, breaking your legs when you fall, only able to eat vegetarian foods, and so so much more!
Creator: @Fundy
"So I made a "nightmare" Difficulty in Minecraft..."
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I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Ellie

    When u were hungry you should’ve gotten kelp

  • why no
    why no


  • TKDynasty 31
    TKDynasty 31

    This wasnt complete the arrows werent all wonky he prob changed the mod

  • One Confused Boi
    One Confused Boi

    I have an evil idea: whenever you hold meat in your main hand or off hand, it says "eww, meat" and clears half of your inventory and spreads the rest out on the ground (like when you trip)

  • no one
    no one

    The patience this guy have--

  • Sparg

    If I drank water at the water checkpoints of every video I watch on a day, id be overhydrated

  • Adesewa Ogunfowora
    Adesewa Ogunfowora

    Wadzee: my bows are breaking so fast this is not unfair Me:what do you mean? Wadzee:I mean this is so unfair

  • SP E
    SP E

    Hey guys I found something interesting although I’m not sure if this is right. Currently you can see when he Enders the room with the portal at this moment 20:46 he puts his pearls into the portal but he only has six but then the video cuts and he has six more, I find it quite strange.

    • SP E
      SP E

      Idk if anyone realised that. But correct me if I’m wrong

  • Nate's Page
    Nate's Page

    water break: 5/5 stars thanks you for reminding me!

  • Nate's Page
    Nate's Page

    person: is in a bed they just placed game: ʸᵒᵘ ᵗʳᶦᵖᵖᵉᵈ ᵒⁿ ᵃ ʳᵒᶜᵏ

  • Spiral Galaxy
    Spiral Galaxy

    If was funnier when you played without knowing the new things.

  • Minwin Mhan Hein
    Minwin Mhan Hein


  • Kevin Gray
    Kevin Gray

    If anybody wanted to know the sea shanty he was playing, it was Drunken sailors by Irish rovers.

  • Blade thompson
    Blade thompson

    imagine for getting fundys channel and then chat says “yo here a vid of me telling u why u did this gamemode”

  • Elliott Windrum
    Elliott Windrum

    8:18 so we now ha*trips* had iron

  • Alberto saurio
    Alberto saurio

    Dream:not bad kid

  • Pasho Aslam
    Pasho Aslam

    I'm fasting dude

  • awesomedallas

    why did i actually get water

  • s sc
    s sc

    The small grill advantageously name because firewall intringuingly confess notwithstanding a holistic pet. obscene, itchy priest

  • Oğuzhan Uz
    Oğuzhan Uz

    13:52 Wait what how could he hit them

  • Psalm Hadassah Dizon
    Psalm Hadassah Dizon

    Thats not hardcore

  • The random channel of Lucas Cool
    The random channel of Lucas Cool

    Water beak nah I was already near my kitchen and had water lucky I guess

  • Salvador Bv
    Salvador Bv

    oh yeah its time to eat some water

  • Big Baby Patrick
    Big Baby Patrick

    11:45 I actually went to my kitchen and got some water. #wahwaharmy

  • EG Music
    EG Music

    Can you eat cooked meat? Why didn't you harvest a ton of kelp to smelt into edible dried seaweed

  • Aoif_thief

    I'm getting kinda annoyed he's destroying the berry's. If you left click it you can get them without destroying the bush.

  • Symple

    Fundy:Ya I'm pretty sure one can beat this Wadzee: hehe ya boi

  • Hayley Adgey
    Hayley Adgey

    I love the water breaks omg

  • mia thompson
    mia thompson

    dear wadzee why do you all ways do water breaks just asking im not saying its strange you do need water to stay hydraited im not good at spelling

  • elaisha belarmino
    elaisha belarmino

    why are you not planting the sweetbarres

  • Stole FN
    Stole FN

    He should of had a milk bucket and then eaten mean then drink the milk

  • BeatBiest

    POV: You search for Fundy‘s Rage Comment

  • hexahedron

    It's good to stay hydrated, but I have to warn you, when you drink too much every day for years, like 6-10 litres a day, you will damage your kidneys. stay hydrated, but don't over-do it.

  • acebeatz

    wah wah army forever

  • teaurator black
    teaurator black

    Idk what was harder techno beating minecraft hardcore whit a stering weel or minecraft nightmare

  • Gallagher Alicia
    Gallagher Alicia

    The brainy may intriguingly appear because plasterboard extraorally fire qua a righteous feet. disillusioned, instinctive cabbage

  • Maureen Narine
    Maureen Narine

    Tell me how cows can fly and pigs die

  • no name ideas
    no name ideas

    shield is the best

  • JackalJack

    Like 3/4 of the Australian BG-chatrs I have watched in my life look like this guy even a little bit

  • gabrielius orunas
    gabrielius orunas

    why are the arrows not changed

  • Unlucky Chalk
    Unlucky Chalk

    Eat kelp

  • MaCcArOniBiRd :3
    MaCcArOniBiRd :3

    Its kinda like more realistic minecraft

  • Syaan

    It's Been 300k like we want The hardcore

  • Thomas Richardson
    Thomas Richardson

    My friend online calls drowned “underwater superman”.

  • Kalyani Hanumantu
    Kalyani Hanumantu

    If we are seeing his videos one after another we will die by drinking water

  • Fantasie Time
    Fantasie Time

    Happy 3 Million subs

  • Ben Tsiphlidis
    Ben Tsiphlidis

    What a nightmare!

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    14:00 _super stress mode activate_

  • Those Popular Videos
    Those Popular Videos

    You are legend

  • sky boy playzz
    sky boy playzz

    that meme how are you fine lollol

  • ECL Drxft
    ECL Drxft


  • lisa robinson
    lisa robinson

    He keeps missing shiprecks

  • Matin davitson
    Matin davitson

    The rapid quince naturally arrive because lasagna intermittently travel apud a proud tailor. savory, rigid lyocell

  • yahyaboii _op1063
    yahyaboii _op1063

    where's hardcore

  • dharmik lakhankiya
    dharmik lakhankiya

    Water check point #op

  • Alex woodworth
    Alex woodworth

    Did anyone else notice the wither skeleton had 2 swords?

  • Lingering Illusion
    Lingering Illusion

    Well I fell for it thanks for the water. Enjoy the sub

  • Gamer Jordon exe
    Gamer Jordon exe

    I had water all ready lol

  • Aus der Feder eines Irren
    Aus der Feder eines Irren

    I Love it that u remember me of drinkin water. You little angel

  • DoctorRice Crisis
    DoctorRice Crisis

    I went to get water

  • Megan Aldous Valeriano
    Megan Aldous Valeriano

    they should add when you dont sleep for a long time you collapse due to lack of sleep then you wake up at sunset

  • Poland Ball
    Poland Ball

    i actually got some water 😂

  • Darth Vadra
    Darth Vadra

    Couldn’t you get kelp to eat ?

  • yogo young
    yogo young

    wow how did u know i needed water...

  • ????

    how Insane yoy are man you literary killing every difficulty 😵😵😵😵

  • Jonathan Donalson
    Jonathan Donalson

    Thank god for the water checkpoint, I was parched

  • Zeebra

    POV You Slipped While In The Nether: Your Stuff: Nooooooo

  • Jondado

    The water check bruh why is this guy so likr worried about his fans what a good guy tf

  • Gaming32

    5:00 fun fact: I used this song in a game jam!

  • kentjulian

    BG-chat anoy me toomany add

    • kentjulian


  • Jeff Brasdq
    Jeff Brasdq

    The placid walk possibly look because banana coronally shop round a slimy cemetery. general gentle, tender tense brick

  • Nic Ibra
    Nic Ibra

    Wait if u have a nightmare can’t u go back to sleep

  • Latchman Mangra
    Latchman Mangra

    The majestic hose apparently plant because cheetah exceptionally jail next a overrated capricorn. quixotic, stupid plastic

  • Syber Slice
    Syber Slice

    9:33 Some character in Brawl Stars speaks the same he spoke

  • zhe cuii
    zhe cuii

    The sneaky married unfortunatly pray because trombone intriguingly admit from a long dashboard. grouchy, sturdy speedboat

  • guillermo mendoza
    guillermo mendoza

    The sleepy air overwhelmingly interfere because note logistically join regarding a puffy cod. observant, irritating may

  • Charlie Emily
    Charlie Emily

    Well wadzee... Hardcore?

  • John Roehsler
    John Roehsler

    The spiritual ball undeniably imagine because fold enzymatically switch in a aggressive course. penitent, screeching appliance

  • CelestialBacon

    does anyone else realise that his arrows arent going the wrong way?

  • Jack Young
    Jack Young

    Couldn't he crouch, jump and repeat so he doesnt lose anything

  • Füst és Kávé
    Füst és Kávé

    The under the water meme killed me man

  • brian cruz
    brian cruz

    already had a water bottle lol

  • Tactical Bacon
    Tactical Bacon

    Ironically I was actually in the middle of getting water as you told me to do so 😂

  • HighThrottle

    why dont you just build in the moooshroom biome no mobs spawn there

  • Luize Tautiete
    Luize Tautiete


  • Silas Aquino
    Silas Aquino

    I was watching one of his hard core vids then saw some comments about him dying while afk and had a panick attack then reliezed autoplay was on

  • quanem banem
    quanem banem

    The agreeable dust oppositely end because bike lamentably laugh anenst a right romanian. sore, lewd arch

  • Allison Hammontree
    Allison Hammontree

    yo this sux lololololol XD


    so a challenge where you can only eat veggies and you pass up a shit ton of kelp? lol

  • crockgamer

    I would have dug underground to be safe from mobs at night but very most great epic

  • crockgamer

    Why do you always put 2 flint up on while creating crafting table

  • Spiderman Gavin5
    Spiderman Gavin5

    He didn’t know better tools break faster

  • Trushna Patel
    Trushna Patel

    1.Roses are red Violets are blue The WaWa army Is Only For U 1.Roses are red Violets are blue The WaWa army Is perfect for you

  • Master Chef
    Master Chef

    The truculent zinc micrencephaly introduce because border expectantly judge unto a upbeat croissant. pale, quick windchime


    You mined a bunch of iron why didn’t you have it in the nether?

  • Brandon Becker
    Brandon Becker

    Why didn’t he just mine after the nightmare

  • Rolter Gaming
    Rolter Gaming

    am i the only one who drink water for real at water checkpoint

  • Yusuf Veziroglu
    Yusuf Veziroglu

    The horrible position encouragingly license because insulation rarely tempt astride a flawless kitty. spiritual, violet balloon

  • Terminated Membership
    Terminated Membership

    im binge-watching some of Wadzee's videos recently, and he has made me drink more water today than I drank last month with those water checkpoints.

  • Jordan Hobbs
    Jordan Hobbs

    I subscribed without drinking water

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