I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator
Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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  • Princess Doc
    Princess Doc

    Origin SMP idea: American: Resistant to explosions and fall damage, but increased knockback from them. Shovels do more damage and crit when you hit someone while you are in the air with them. You gain an ability that will blow yourself up, but will kill literally everyone around you. You can cause an explosion where you look that doesn't damage blocks, but will damage players. It's cool down will be lowered while not standing on a block. You also get increased momentum, and most importantly you have to constantly be wearing the turtle helmet to cover your eyes. Hopefully this combines two pieces of your nostalgia.

  • Brax_nate

    Techo should make a vid stabbing bedrock player that would be cool

  • Danny Anaya
    Danny Anaya

    Wildcat my child hood dies 😔

  • Memo Hüseyin
    Memo Hüseyin

    Techno:son.... im dying son:i will kill you fast techno:... son trying to attack. techno stabs son techno:not even close

  • Poke Drip
    Poke Drip

    Let me just say techno never dies baby!!!!!

  • Exo

    Please upload more maybe 1 a week

  • The Texas Pig
    The Texas Pig

    Technoblade, I need some advice. How do I deal with bullies? They haven’t hurt me yet physically. But I’ve told the teachers and they keep it up. It also gets worse. Please give me some advice. I don’t want to hurt anybody either.

    • QuackYeest

      i aint techno but, tell an adult, or an principle and your parents, give the names of your bullies to your parents and the principle

  • Rexy Gaming
    Rexy Gaming

    Techno can’t die he survived a nuke none can’t kill techno

  • Quick Cool Clips
    Quick Cool Clips

    Still loving the consistent uploads

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • Ceris Azura
    Ceris Azura

    Techno: "Don't laugh." Me: *_Already wheezing_*

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    Imagine wanting a $10000 fridge

  • C4T G4M3R
    C4T G4M3R

    LaserQuaser wants revenge

  • Andrew M.
    Andrew M.

    Techno in dream smp you should get a pig put a saddle on the pig and name it "THE PIG HORSE".

  • Nightmare

    Blood for the blood God 💉

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast

    techno be like _"as sun tzu once said fetus deletus"_

  • Luna A
    Luna A

    9m on this video POG

  • Matthew Gilmer
    Matthew Gilmer

    Wild cat is a pig with a hat and techno is a pig with a crown

  • Yvonne bashey
    Yvonne bashey

    When u revise that technoblade has 69.6 million subs (Hehe 69)

  • alex cross
    alex cross


  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer

    Techno blade should make a merch

  • Alexander Escalante
    Alexander Escalante

    What IED like to say is is that you,ll never catch me alive.

  • Kujo Jotaro
    Kujo Jotaro

    I love how mrbeast says how much he took the game seriously when its 10,00$

  • red potato3
    red potato3

    If u let me in the dream smp I will be channel sub

  • kookoonut

    Did i really have it in me, to sacrifice two of my peers for a measly refrigerator? "yes"

  • Colleen Donahue
    Colleen Donahue

    No one likes you dream is way better than you just give up and dream should of won the hundred thousand dollars

  • Al3xNovaSnow


  • King Joey plays
    King Joey plays

    He did take it sooooooo seriously like more then ever

  • Erik R.G
    Erik R.G

    69.6 million subskribers

  • Leonel Rivera
    Leonel Rivera

    Does Techno even know he has 6.96 subs

  • AJB

    we literally see in the first minute at 0:40 that he will choose wither for origins bruh

  • Emmett Jaakkola
    Emmett Jaakkola

    6.96M subs lol

  • Shawna Supino
    Shawna Supino

    Techno needs to get merch

  • Cayden Rump
    Cayden Rump

    wildcat: falls off the edge of earth flat earthers: EaRtH iS fLaT

  • David Gomez
    David Gomez


  • David Gomez
    David Gomez

    Technoblade can I know how to get your skin

  • mxsDD Franks
    mxsDD Franks

    Your voice is really good for like Narratoring it’s really good

  • Jon Boonstra
    Jon Boonstra

    Make a origins smp video

  • Rh1no

    Hello Dave

  • Cheslea Robertson
    Cheslea Robertson

    Wtf i just watch the first min of this on tiktok

  • Jordan and Sophia gaming Martinez
    Jordan and Sophia gaming Martinez

    What your number

  • Par

    techno be like 1:00 is the safest place when it's the most dangerous place in the world

  • AngelicDream708

    I littraly died wheezing when techno said that he'd actually sabutatage two ppl lmaoooo

  • insight 177
    insight 177

    40k to 7 million


    Not even close baby technoblade never dies

  • Toxic

    6.96 million subs

  • Bradley Shuster
    Bradley Shuster

    Nice narrating

  • MaxSaidNo

    Wait is this how bold works No

  • Kaed Collins
    Kaed Collins


  • baloonz -
    baloonz -

    techno the pig is going to be in my fridge

  • Gabrielle Waak
    Gabrielle Waak

    Techno with no brim

  • Your Local idiot
    Your Local idiot

    Remember “training my 5 year old sister to kill people” Yessir

  • trumpetsounds

    hey technoblade congrats on 6.9mil subscribers. nice

  • Aisha Chaudhary
    Aisha Chaudhary

    please pin me

  • I do stuff
    I do stuff

    at the time I'm writing this tecnos sub count is 6.96M subs

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    happy 6.96m subs techno.

  • 이쭌

    Technoblade could you please able hypixel skyblock backpack? :(

  • Casey Huvane
    Casey Huvane

    Anyone notice the wither master skin

  • Julian Davidson
    Julian Davidson

    I feel like next stream He Should do a face cam Like If u agree

  • AppolloBoi

    Where are your storytime videos?

  • Sage O'Mara
    Sage O'Mara

    fridge reveal?

  • Riverthecat

    technoblade: i literally just got nuked me:TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES

  • Maja Eder
    Maja Eder

    6,9 million subs nice

  • Rick Voß
    Rick Voß

    pls more viedeos

  • Himouu

    1:13 and thats proof the world is flat, checkmate round earthers

  • Mister Banana
    Mister Banana

    Get back to the lore blood god


    Wildcat falls off the Earth, like boss

  • Enderman Eli
    Enderman Eli

    Wildcat was being stupid in the hide n seek video

  • Marina Pinheiro
    Marina Pinheiro

    I don’t really like teck blade

    • Ashfer2

      Then why are you here?? Lol

  • Krish Subra
    Krish Subra

    Techno you gonna accept the offer from dream for a manhunt?

  • Ben Joe
    Ben Joe

    How was ranboo in water?

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl

    Techno at 6.9 mil

  • Melissa Johnson
    Melissa Johnson

    Aaaaayyyyy 6.96 mil subs 👌

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton

    my fried "loser" loves your vids so i hope you make more content to make her happy

    • Crying like a Loser
      Crying like a Loser


  • The Guy
    The Guy

    "Even if I lose, I win." - Technoblade 2021

  • Loitersake

    I just imagine mr.beast holding everyone hostage to do these videos

  • Alex

    Saw in your Skyblock stream that you are looking for a new Mic etc. and that you don't know much about it yourself. I know a bit about mics and stuff and could give you some recommendations. If you are looking for a simple plug and play USB Mic that has a great sound the best option is the shure mv7 it's basicly the USB version of Philzas and Tubbos Mic. It even has some simple software configurations which can do quite a lot for a better sound. But there is also the normal Shure SM7B for that you'd also need a cloudlifter and a basic interface like a Scarlet Solo. And if you don't want to spend quite that much the Rode Procaster is about half of the price of the Shure and has a great sound. But you'd still need the cloudlifter and the interface. Those are all dynamic mics so they won't pic up Keyboard and Mouse sounds quite as much.

  • Jedi 6666
    Jedi 6666

    Petition to have techno play with his sister again!

  • Tec PhIn
    Tec PhIn

    I love how when technoblade goes serious he loses

  • Karl cedric Mongis
    Karl cedric Mongis

    Techonoblade more like techono pig!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dream


    • AnonTRP

      Man really made a whole new account just to chat shit 😂😂😂

  • Gacha Angel
    Gacha Angel

    So you are telling me the enderman hid underwater

  • Volticslayer

    When you relize that techno didn’t get a 5k fridge becouse mr beast said if you win

    • Volticslayer

      Can’t disagree with that

    • Ashfer2

      I mean, if Mr. Beast didnt realize that, who was Techno to correct him lmao