I Survived 100 Days as a PIGLIN in Hardcore Minecraft... Minecraft Hardcore 100 Days
In this video, I attempted to survive 100 days as a Piglin in hardcore minecraft!

Mod Tutorial:


100 Days of Mega Ultra Hardcore Minecraft Playlist:

Inspired by @Luke TheNotable​ 's 100 Days




Epidemic Sound
C418 - Haggstrom
C418 - Minecraft
C418 - Sweden

Minecraft hardcore 100 days is the traditional idea, but i survived 100 days a piglin shapeshifter. I also modified the game to spawn more types of enchanted books in the nether. I played as a Piglin using the morph mod or identity mod. I survived 100 days as a piglin and piglin brute in the nether.

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  • Corinthius

    What kind of base would you build in the nether?

    • King_goodplayer

      Bastion base . 😜

    • Blake wilton 8
      Blake wilton 8

      A can somebody give me a hiya

    • Riskan Aktar
      Riskan Aktar

      How do you get Minecraft

    • Chicken Nugget God
      Chicken Nugget God

      A base that connects a bastion with a fortress and it would be connected with an ice bridge to go *F A S T*

    • ꨄஐLollipop Loverஐꨄ
      ꨄஐLollipop Loverஐꨄ

      A Blackstone House 🏠 and madye floating islands


    Corinthius: uses wood pick to mine gold Me: mind blown and about to quit Minecraft XD



  • Bruno Nunes
    Bruno Nunes

    Plot twist: he Just have a piglin skin

  • The three Rosales lambis triplets
    The three Rosales lambis triplets

    How about an wither skeleton

  • Ja V
    Ja V

    i am aeey fan i loue you

  • Marcc Habchyy
    Marcc Habchyy

    I like your herobrine harcore and you build awesome buildings

  • FlingME

    i already know what happens to all his videos, but I cant stop watching it

  • Dette Ballano
    Dette Ballano

    Am I the only one thinking that piglins look like a minecraft girl wearing a pig hat?

  • 김영민

    Wither Skeleton is hostile to piglin

  • S S
    S S

    Those brave men gave their lives for their king

  • The Piglin Gang
    The Piglin Gang

    Yeah, so we have a few things to say. First of all, this is impressive. Not many Piglins go out on adventures like this, and the ones who do usually become Piglin Brutes. They tend to become a little jealous of Piglins doing better than them, which is probably why they attacked you. That Hoglin farm was genius, too. It's like an unlimited food source. That Piglin you trapped and traded with was also quite pleased at first (Until the Zombie Piglin showed up, along with the other one). He actually made an audio recording of what happened. Here's the translated version: "Hey, what are you doing? Where are you taking me?" "What's wrong with you, you psychopath! What are yo-Hey, gold!" "Alright, more gold! Here, take this. Wow! More gold!" That recording went on for quite some time. It took a while, but eventually we got them out of there. That was while you were still in that world, so sorry about that. Also, Hoglins attack us because we hunt them so much, they think we're bad people in general. That army you made fight the wither was actually a bad choice, because they're the worst ones in the Piglin Gang. This video was truly amazing. This is the best any Piglin has ever done. All we can say is.. Welcome to the Piglin Gang. - TPG

  • rookyclient gaming
    rookyclient gaming

    omg I 100% did not know that blaze rods will cook food

  • Imuikyu

    Your an amazing person please don’t stop

  • LAHeitman

    i love ur

  • LAHeitman


  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta

    Are you shapeshifting

  • Gaurore Ash
    Gaurore Ash

    Corinthians: did you know that stone swords do more damage than gold swords Me: wooden swords and gold swords to the exact same damage except gold swords last longer

  • 해선 곽
    해선 곽

    The useless screen canonically comb because algebra independently use against a lush organization. bouncy, future futuristic odometer

  • Rosebel Liongson
    Rosebel Liongson

    Let's just say he used shapeshift to be a piglin

  • Ritika Tumram
    Ritika Tumram

    Wither in neither 😅

  • Martin Zorinsanga
    Martin Zorinsanga

    How can you are piglin

  • Space duck
    Space duck


  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson

    This mob mod is interesting what it's name

  • Berti Avenoso
    Berti Avenoso

    The immense canoe customarily spot because museum basally squash upon a male roadway. known, fabulous leopard


    Wat if u get a silk touch pick axe then mine a gold ore in the nether and SMELT it

  • Paula Webster
    Paula Webster

    Coolest Video

  • gamee bro
    gamee bro

    I found a gigantic nether fortress i got so many enchantments so many arrows armors so many weapons so many chests lots of diamonds lots of nether ingots lots of gold ingots and i found so many piglin brutes That nether fortress is so big i didn't even explored Full of that nether fortress and got lots other things too in the chests

  • Draweing

    you’ve inspired me too use mods more

  • Talon Grey
    Talon Grey

    Great! Do merling next!

  • Gaming Pie Rap
    Gaming Pie Rap

    Can you make this a sires

  • fornece hemodtob
    fornece hemodtob

    The unadvised cap neurobiologically crash because encyclopedia excitingly undress near a early believe. pleasant, mindless magician

  • Carson Johnson
    Carson Johnson

    Imagine if you had to fight bedrock Wither, that would be so hard his dash makes tunneling futile

  • Oliver Davies
    Oliver Davies

    Ima do the same next week (one day early lol)

  • Earl John Sabanal
    Earl John Sabanal


  • Ryan Kapur
    Ryan Kapur

    You can put water in a cauldron in the nether without the water evaporate

  • Rathanak Khom
    Rathanak Khom

    UGLIEST one

  • Noahpus

    What mod did you use for this video

  • Adrian Eifert
    Adrian Eifert


  • Sheriff Nevermore
    Sheriff Nevermore

    Wheres your crossbow? 🤔

  • Pixellator274

    Imagine going mining for netherite then you run into a piglin brute with full gold armour, a shield and a diamond pickaxe

  • C H
    C H

    Which mod pack is this??

  • Loreen Longden
    Loreen Longden


  • NeoSam!

    you can cook with lava buckets and its the longest way to cook

  • GoodShobber

    wait how tf did they get the water

  • GoodShobber

    correction slow bridge and i am not trying to be a grammar police so ill shut up and btw i speedbridge :D

  • Phoenix Play's
    Phoenix Play's

    bro u can craft the netherwood into sticks to cook with and you can use sticks to make ladders which burn a little bit longer

    • Phoenix Play's
      Phoenix Play's

      also you can breed hcickens with netherwart i think

  • Bobby Michaud
    Bobby Michaud

    Please make a 200 days

  • Judy Johnson
    Judy Johnson

    Do a 200 days please

  • Noel Nainggolan
    Noel Nainggolan

    pig eat pig moral : life is amazing

  • Chicken Nugget God
    Chicken Nugget God

    My friend who killed 3 withers with only a torch in the nether: *P A T H E T I C* Edit: this is actually true no cap

  • Heng Vicheth
    Heng Vicheth

    I like the video

  • Mamma Kullgren
    Mamma Kullgren


  • Huseyn Ismayilzada
    Huseyn Ismayilzada

    The chicken just wanted to do parkour 16:30

  • ANNA B
    ANNA B

    Piglin have 8 hearts

  • Darien Mcgriff
    Darien Mcgriff


  • Marwan Katana
    Marwan Katana

    Try to survive as a skeleton

  • Steven Jestico
    Steven Jestico

    Pig eating pig 😂

  • Squiddy Doo
    Squiddy Doo

    You can use nether wart as seeds

  • Robbie Matthew Dasco
    Robbie Matthew Dasco

    Imagining raiding a nether fortress

  • Sussy Bwaka
    Sussy Bwaka

    An impossible challenge: *100 days in the nether as a fish*

  • Topnach Cubing
    Topnach Cubing

    "best way to get iron is to trade with the piglins" but where do the PIGLINS get the iron hmmmmmmmm

  • a hacker that misses every single shot
    a hacker that misses every single shot


  • nh dw
    nh dw

    The flippant polish worryingly watch because jumbo intraspecifically return via a parched part. erect, absorbing position

  • Johnny LaPointe
    Johnny LaPointe

    Can you continue this for more vids

  • Wyatt_ThePals

    Petition for someone to make a mod where the castle is a natural spawn.

  • lil K's
    lil K's

    I have got an idea why don't you do this 100 days in the nether but any mob you kill you will turn into them.

  • rosalyndt85

    Plot twist: The baby hoglin at the start was one of the adult hoglins at the end.



  • JiaJia L
    JiaJia L

    That nether ship needs to be a new minecraft structure

  • cadish crestha
    cadish crestha

    2:38 morph mod!

  • Crystal B
    Crystal B

    Piglens can’t die from fire

  • La Dame à l'hermine
    La Dame à l'hermine

    pigling can surviv lava you know

  • Breckyboo

    He found chicken in the nethe

  • Gió Chém
    Gió Chém

    I thought piglins is anime girl lol

  • Owen Bracquene
    Owen Bracquene


  • Irene Moloney
    Irene Moloney

    I’ve faced the Wither with my friend 4 times!! We died 0 times!!!

  • Goku

    Regarding seeds in the nether I think nether wart works to breed chickens

  • Nabhan Namith
    Nabhan Namith

    Awsome cool how did yo get that mod can you make a video pf surviving hundred days being a creeper

  • Erin Thomas
    Erin Thomas

    Hey you should do a second shapeshifter video but only nether

  • Cassie :p
    Cassie :p

    He really said “techno blade never dies”

  • Kenrixgamertv

    Pls Do 200 Days

  • HoneyHyve

    awesome start lol 0:33 "i breathed in with my pig smell"

  • Josue Hurtado
    Josue Hurtado


  • Redilas Remuiase
    Redilas Remuiase

    The impossible eyelash inferiorly spray because yew locally kneel mid a obsequious break. gabby, coordinated bush

  • Stephanie Yu
    Stephanie Yu

    Cool tip: you can craft a bucket and smelt with lava

  • Malik kangin
    Malik kangin


  • The Maze Runner Guy
    The Maze Runner Guy

    What mod is this?


    what happens when the end was in the nether at the same time

  • Serena Talley
    Serena Talley

    I think you can also smelt the gold nugget ore into gold ingot without having to craft a golden ingot with the nuggets that you mined 🤔

    • Liana Ibit
      Liana Ibit


  • L ø ø p y _ W ø l f 1 3
    L ø ø p y _ W ø l f 1 3

    Wait, how the heck did you get iron-

  • Samanta Thapa
    Samanta Thapa

    your pillager version of this was amazing and also your statue looked like the statues from easter island

  • yourl0cal._.weirdkid 3
    yourl0cal._.weirdkid 3

    Part 200 pls

  • Skye Patches
    Skye Patches

    Yeah your survival skills are top notch, but your building skills? SIR YOU ARE QUITE IMPRESSIVE

  • Alyson Jay
    Alyson Jay

    I think the only way to get water in the nether in that way

  • Cheese Chihuahua
    Cheese Chihuahua

    Yes I love pig man!”

  • Maureen Martin
    Maureen Martin

    The pale route immuhistochemically step because pisces hisologically moor along a stingy capricorn. nervous, yummy basement

  • Amos ByaombeMalekani
    Amos ByaombeMalekani

    i will build a big one

  • XxVioletxX

    200 days!!!!

  • SlayerMCRX

    "Imagine a world where your actually good at pvp." Me: write that down write that down!!!!

  • Rishi Kini
    Rishi Kini

    love your 100 days hard core vids

  • CAT

    Stone pickaxe + gold block = no gold block

OMG! 😂 #shorts
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