I Trolled my Entire Fortnite livestream
► I Trolled my Entire Fortnite Stream
Today I pranked my Fortnite Livestream using Leaked Fortnite Skins (Neymar Fortnite Skin) and different funny Fortnite Memes.

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  • YouTube

    A lot of work went into this! Kudos - LET'S GOOOO 👏

    • Froxy Gaming206
      Froxy Gaming206

      Holy cow the real BG-chat

    • Tomato


    • Esther Velayo
      Esther Velayo

      Hi BG-chat-

    • Penny

      Can I get a random skin plz im a noskin

    • Marigold

      Hol up

  • Hamad Al Ali
    Hamad Al Ali

    Please I want to have my skin just like me

  • Nelia De Guia
    Nelia De Guia

    Not The Dababy car

  • Teshia Monique
    Teshia Monique

    I want to cut down foundation skin

  • Liezl Verga
    Liezl Verga


  • Liezl Verga
    Liezl Verga

    what youtube

  • Kitty Life
    Kitty Life


  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson

    Can I have a skin please

  • Max Kennett
    Max Kennett

    please give me a jonesy with ryus color with a nija

  • mario boss[RFH]
    mario boss[RFH]

    I want a drip naruto

  • Fortnite ernie
    Fortnite ernie

    A bunny not creepy and not human

  • Vikki Andrews
    Vikki Andrews

    Gohst henchmen on pikilly1920

  • Roxana Portillo
    Roxana Portillo

    Let’s go!

  • Zachary hicks
    Zachary hicks

    Can I have a Kevin cube skin

  • CitruStudios

    Please I subbed I want some shaggy dirty blond hair light gray hoodie with my youtube channel profile pic

  • Andres Rivera Trinta
    Andres Rivera Trinta

    mine is roblox themed it has blue hair black rainbow hoodie black and white shadow shirt same in the pants rainbow wings and as an emote its gonna be called ''the fight'' and a live event troll for all people its the roblox troll where you teleport to the game roblox and see me and then you will teleport into a game called funky friday or piggy you will 1v1 me but then you see the cube it will go down to the upsidedown and then you will see the mothership then it brings you inside and then i come too then a giant block falls ffrom the sky and then when you look back i get tied up and get pointed by guns and then i escape and charge a giant beam at them then we escape from the mother ship and thats the end of the troll and also sub to trimix

  • R games
    R games

    My username is duiven sniper i want a strong neon pants and shirt in the color blue and the pick acks has blue neon lighting going straight treu the pick acks

  • Lafu Polataivao
    Lafu Polataivao

    fortnite skin: DaBaby

  • Juzt_brand

    Can you make my skin look like my profile if I can get mine please I would be very happy

  • Misha Ahmad
    Misha Ahmad

    trimx i subscribed

  • Filip Czubaszek
    Filip Czubaszek

    can i have my own skin red hat eyepods black te shirt jeans dark green shoes thats all pls im now going to watch your vid

  • Lacey Stout
    Lacey Stout

    THANOS with the nano gauntlet

  • EJ R
    EJ R

    My skin should look like the nay'mare robot my name on fortnite is eboy365jj

  • Izzy max gamer
    Izzy max gamer

    And my user name is izzymax_yt

  • Izzy max gamer
    Izzy max gamer

    I want my skin to have flame pants a water sweat shirt and a head with half flame 🔥 and half 🌊 wave

  • Adrian Beast
    Adrian Beast

    Let's go

  • Adrian Beast
    Adrian Beast


  • sniper horner
    sniper horner

    Can you make me a skin refract armour will the weapon that the giant axe make me have a helmet what can be taken off how many people in there mate a flash bang on flashband peteh1978

  • Mysecondgmrchannelplssubthx

    I want a minecraft skin

  • Ethan Cooper
    Ethan Cooper

    Love your videos man!

  • Hazely hunt
    Hazely hunt

    I want a boy skin with a angry face and cool emoji face on the shirt

  • Emerald The Pro Gamer
    Emerald The Pro Gamer

    The kid LARI got me brotha 😂🤣

  • Shea El
    Shea El


  • David-John Mata
    David-John Mata

    I want a doctor skin

  • David-John Mata
    David-John Mata

    I want a doctor skin

  • Swag Ryan Mario 64
    Swag Ryan Mario 64

    I’m swag mario 69

  • Swag Ryan Mario 64
    Swag Ryan Mario 64

    I want Mario as a skin

  • Wwaszz 1
    Wwaszz 1

    Pls make watermelon skin

  • Gemma Anderson
    Gemma Anderson

    Lesss gooo

  • BananaPeely 1000
    BananaPeely 1000

    Pls me

  • Nico gaming
    Nico gaming

    I want my skin to have white skin and then black hair and then I would like it with a blue shirt and then blue jeans a.k.a. pants and the last thing I would like I would actually like a pickax which is going to be a controller

  • Annalyn Bacud
    Annalyn Bacud

    I want a freddy

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G

    I want a doll baby skin

  • Itzz_Caleb

    Can I have like a galaxy soccer skin? My User Is Eli_GamerBest278

  • Mark Hayek
    Mark Hayek

    Obito uchia from naruto for 1M like

  • Haneen Salameh
    Haneen Salameh

    Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet go

  • Boo


  • mesum noor
    mesum noor

    Can I please get my own skin It should have cool dress and white eyes My username is meme4611

  • Spy Doge
    Spy Doge

    Lets goo

  • Oscar Sandbach
    Oscar Sandbach

    maby a Manchester City kit

  • Oscar Sandbach
    Oscar Sandbach

    With no beard

  • Oscar Sandbach
    Oscar Sandbach

    I want football kit with blue hair going on the right

  • Byron Lopez
    Byron Lopez


  • Ryan Mills
    Ryan Mills

    What do you use to make the skins and events

  • Carlos Guerrero
    Carlos Guerrero

    Yellow among us with a crown

  • Big Chunky
    Big Chunky

    Cat plz ilovecats

  • ok gamer
    ok gamer

    I subbed I would like a bush that has blue pants

  • sceptical

    Hi i love ur content i was wondering if you could make me a skin All i want is a doctor robotnik skin that would be great

  • M5HAYA

    How to edit lobby pic???

  • Naveen Sekhar
    Naveen Sekhar

    Hey dude im new in the fortnite map but can you make me a like a power skin that has a emote to like transform into anothere skin that looks like a human you can make the human skin but the othere skin HAS to be a power skin

  • Popping Balloo
    Popping Balloo

    Lesss goooo

  • Raxer

    I want my own skin Red hair A black hoodie Red pants Gucci shoes

  • nisreen sakr
    nisreen sakr

    Please I want my own skin in Fortnite

  • mugey Fogeys
    mugey Fogeys

    Dude I fricking love you and you are my favourite BG-chatr in the 🌎 flynn-thomo5 White Nike hoodie Black Nike pants White air forse 1s

  • Adam

    The skin I want is with a black hoodie and black pants and default in the hood

  • Hello Beautiful
    Hello Beautiful


  • Hello Beautiful
    Hello Beautiful


  • Hello Beautiful
    Hello Beautiful


  • Hello Beautiful
    Hello Beautiful


  • Hello Beautiful
    Hello Beautiful


  • Andre Lammie
    Andre Lammie

    Why dababy

  • VQuixyyDH

    Let’s gooo

  • vilas jivani
    vilas jivani

    I literally was watching the stream

  • Kathleen Gould
    Kathleen Gould

    I sub can I please have a skin Nike shirt Bum bag Gucci pants

  • Sandra Pacheco
    Sandra Pacheco



    I want xxxtentacion rip man

  • Kams_ Gaming
    Kams_ Gaming

    i just want a cool savitar (tha flash) skin

  • doge playz
    doge playz

    I'm on ps4 user itzsasha

  • Kevin strevel
    Kevin strevel


  • TheTb50


  • Neko_ Samples
    Neko_ Samples

    2:28 😂😂 and 4:18 😂😂😂😭😭

  • Snorlax Dude
    Snorlax Dude

    can you make a girl with a snorlax hat you design da rest

  • Kristy Smith
    Kristy Smith

    I want a Dino ailen my fortnite name is Cylo78790

  • WarGod Gaming
    WarGod Gaming

    i would really like a skin I would really like it if it had a black faZe hoodie and black Faze jogging pants with under armour shoes that has the face of the iconic skin

  • Gamer dawgs
    Gamer dawgs

    Can I have my own skin supreme jaket

  • Erfan Naderi
    Erfan Naderi

    Can I have a dababy skin you can choose how you want to design it

  • Myrna Omana
    Myrna Omana

    I want my skin is kobe

  • Marlene Pereira
    Marlene Pereira

    Can you make a pig skin pls

  • Mono777

    I want my skin to look like DREAM

  • senseij_132

    It’s a wolf pp

  • senseij_132

    I want a go to Galaxywolf skin

  • TTV_Fishy

    I want my skin to be renagade raider plzzz

  • Arron Calvine
    Arron Calvine

    lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bruh

    i want it to be a police man

  • Adiel


  • Freddy Fazbear
    Freddy Fazbear

    I want it to be Freddy from five nights at freddys and for my freind golden freddy

  • Jennifer Colon
    Jennifer Colon

    Can I just get a fort nite skin

    • Jennifer Colon
      Jennifer Colon


  • Elijah A
    Elijah A

    I'm subscribed I want a guccie hoodie And black pants And Supreme shoes

  • michael cancel
    michael cancel

    I want my skin to look like pennywise

  • Rex Animations
    Rex Animations

    My skin Could be like kit but a dog instead of a cat, can it be a poodle like my real dog. If I win I would be like: LETS GOOOOOOOOO (name could be agent wowsy)

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