Innocence Episode 1
Innocence Episode 1
English Subtitles
Bahar(Deniz Çakır) is married and has two children. Her life changes completely when her 19 year old daughter falls in love with the wrong man. Her daughter Ela’s (Ilayda Alişan) first love is not a boy from college her age but it’s her 35 years old boss who is about to marry to another woman. Bahar tries to get her daughter out of this relationship but no matter what she’d do, she couldn’t prevent the things that happened. Bahar and her family’s life changes forever on Ela’s 19th birthday.
Hülya Avşar
Deniz Çakır
Mehmet Aslantuğ
Serkay Tütüncü
İlayda Alişan
Deniz Işın
Selen Uçer
Tolga Güleç
Asena Tuğal
Ertuğrul Postoğlu
Alayça Gidişoğlu
Kimya Gökçe Aytaç
Gizem Ergün
Asena Keskinci
Ozan Kaya Oktu
Rüçhan Çalışkur
#FOX #Innocence #MasumiyetEnglish


    A mother instinct

  • Ĕttăh Tăűfă
    Ĕttăh Tăűfă

    is that the same actor...that is sultan suleyman..sister...??


    Ilkher is a hero or villain??

  • Juwita Maksum
    Juwita Maksum

    Ozan in bay yanlis

  • Julie Bauer
    Julie Bauer

    Is this pregnancy test a COVID-19 Test..? 😂🤯

  • Mary Cristine Duran
    Mary Cristine Duran

    This girl looks like Camila Cabello 😮

    • Your Spy
      Your Spy

      You will find Dakota Johnson, Miranda Kerr, Lily Collins, and Priyanka Chopra in Turkish series. 😅

  • Coleen Pine
    Coleen Pine

    Now I found you ..nice one

  • cutiepie 2003
    cutiepie 2003

    I have just watched till 53:15 but lemme say it this girl is DUMB AF like wtf

  • Marisca August
    Marisca August

    Also , thank you for including English Subtitles !!! I feel like Turkish dramas are so good that they'd have over 100 million views if there were English subtitles lol. I loved watching Istanbulle Gelin ;)

  • Ann N
    Ann N

    Mother's instincts are very strong, protect her child, cherish mother's love, mother reprimands for goodness, be a good child and obey parents, surely our lives are happy

  • Blink Riffia
    Blink Riffia

    The father is disgusting

  • Blink Riffia
    Blink Riffia

    First of all, turkey is BEAUTIFUL

  • pfanelo bernelee Muvhali
    pfanelo bernelee Muvhali

    I absolutely hate the dad

  • Loi Greis
    Loi Greis

    I'm here after loving these Turkish movies.

  • xxxPanda

    Oufffffya toxic relationships 😖

  • Ms. Fe
    Ms. Fe

    This all from tiktok im here

  • Angilyn Francisco
    Angilyn Francisco Turkish movie since last year 😍 Naiiba Kasi 🤦‍♀

  • Tori Gigi
    Tori Gigi

    The girl be like 😡🤬 Him: you are my only love Her:😍😍

  • Maverick Sres-ta
    Maverick Sres-ta

    Any other series that is good ?? BLACK MONEY LOVE is my best!!

    • Your Spy
      Your Spy

      Siyah beyaz ask and Kara Sevda. 👍

  • Aslam Hossain
    Aslam Hossain

    This series is full of sh*t, just a waste of my time.

  • khotim mei
    khotim mei

    Daddy issue here

  • Michelle Anysa
    Michelle Anysa

    I thought Camila Cabello

  • Tania Steffany Studios
    Tania Steffany Studios

    Ela's mom so beautiful!

  • Fenina Tauaefa
    Fenina Tauaefa

    Okay here I go. Starting this series when I have 2 other series. Let me say great start off. Love Ela

  • Havva Alexander
    Havva Alexander

    Where can I watch the full series in America? Çok teşekkürler!

  • Puja Thapa
    Puja Thapa

    No offense but another girl is also so beautiful🥰

  • Amirasuldaano j
    Amirasuldaano j

    Okaaay my first time watching turkey drama and soooo much has happened in the first wow I’m hooked

    • Your Spy
      Your Spy

      Yeah, it's just like telenovela.

  • Judith Wafula
    Judith Wafula

    I wish it was dubbed to english,

  • Vonchilo Patton
    Vonchilo Patton

    i thought camila cabello was. from turkey😣😐

  • Agnes Kyompiire
    Agnes Kyompiire

    Any out there after watching Mr wrong???

  • Masumiyet

    Why this IKR so charming 🥺🥺😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Adik Kakak
    Adik Kakak

    I think her mother more pretty 🤭🤭🤭

  • TusNeegHaibHeev

    Stupid girl. The only ones with sense are mom and the friend. EDIT: Omg, I can't stop laughing. Ela's shirt collar at 1:25:47 says "Hello 911 I can't stop eating" at such an intense scene. I am dead. LOL.

  • Annalisa Andreato
    Annalisa Andreato

    Non ci sono i sottotitoli in italiano qualcuno mi può aiutare grazie

  • Simona Moldoveanu
    Simona Moldoveanu

    În romana nu traducere?!!

  • Osman Shk
    Osman Shk

    Can't wait for Urdu translation for this drama.

  • Czel Fiy
    Czel Fiy

    Tiktok made me go here hahahahha

  • Iza kim
    Iza kim

    So we're all here because of tiktok? lmao

  • Dawodu Joy
    Dawodu Joy

    I finally decided to watch this series hope its worth my time

  • Viska Oktaviani
    Viska Oktaviani

    Ini seperti cerita wattpad yang aku baca

  • maricka GC
    maricka GC

    What I see here is that whatever age you are parents will always wants what's best for you like the mother of ela and the father of the ex girlfriend.

  • Marielle J
    Marielle J

    This girl is a little too obsessed with this man and it’s honestly infuriating

  • Shay Ladayah
    Shay Ladayah

    I came here from Tik tok and now I’m addicted to watching these series

  • Amela Sasa23
    Amela Sasa23

    anyone from indonesia here?🇮🇩

  • Ryi Who
    Ryi Who

    She better have a good character development because I literally can’t stand her, she’s so entitled and annoying.. especially the way she treats her own mother

    • filmi

      And the guy?

  • amyanne_

    the main girl kinda reminds me of Tini Stoessel

  • MS NUR
    MS NUR

    Coming from Tiktok. I never watch Turkish drama but Tiktok suggestions makes me want to try it😩

  • Esther Nuñez
    Esther Nuñez

    I’ve been into Turkish dramas before tik tok but tik tok has the best recommendations😩🤌🏻

  • lifester

    Another amazing serial on the way🤩 watched the first episode today and now i am thinking why i wasted alot of time while only deciding this to watch it or not, i mean just look at the cast and the acting is phenomenal , actress did a great job and the actor had no dialogues at all but he gave us such toxic expressions that one can start hating him, i am 19 and turning 20 in 3 days and i can say that the girl was soooooo silly, I won't be like that at all at any case, i can judge people easily , not all girls are like ela attt allll, thats why this show is named as masumiyet she is really innocent but actually she iss so silly and dumb, well, the story iss eyeeee catching and i ammm hookeddd again🤦😂

  • Tokyo.nur Huron
    Tokyo.nur Huron

    The Turkish Actor ...Serkey in this Drama look alike The Famous Indian Actor Hritik Roshan

  • jennifer lo
    jennifer lo

    Here cause of tiktok 😭

  • Just AM
    Just AM

    I'll admit, I'm here because of tiktok

  • Peter Webb
    Peter Webb

    If you give movie English title don't fake none english talking. Give title in the foreign language thanks!!!!!

  • Isaia Leuila
    Isaia Leuila

    Omg when that body came rolling out the car, it gave me a fright 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  • Puspa kumar
    Puspa kumar

    I feel ilker looks like hirthik roshan

  • Luis Singh
    Luis Singh

    One thing about Turkish drama, it's not tooo dramatic

  • yuni afrita
    yuni afrita

    Indo sendiri

  • Nur Syazwani
    Nur Syazwani

    I'm here because of tiktok😁

  • Sarpong Emmanuella
    Sarpong Emmanuella

    We want episode 9 already 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Silvabarrosjaneide Janeide
    Silvabarrosjaneide Janeide

    Coloca tradução em português

  • Nayelle Kemylle
    Nayelle Kemylle

    Alguém do Brasil

  • Zahrandra Aura Pramanti
    Zahrandra Aura Pramanti

    Nonton sub indo dmn??

  • Suhana Ali
    Suhana Ali

    I love Turkish episode

  • Annalisa Andreato
    Annalisa Andreato

    Come posso fare per vedere i sottotitoli in italiano grazie

  • Annalisa Andreato
    Annalisa Andreato

    Ma non ci sono i sottotitoli in italiano

  • gloria naa lomoh
    gloria naa lomoh

    I think she talks too much than she listens and read people....she is not a smart 18/19 year old🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️because if she was she shouldn’t have gone back after the guy said he will kill her.

  • Kimleahn Millares
    Kimleahn Millares

    Rupok ampupu. HAHAHA

  • Nur Ainn
    Nur Ainn

    Hahaha org Malaysia tak de erk ?

  • sasukeGutsZeroLevi alucod
    sasukeGutsZeroLevi alucod

    There's nothing wrong dating 35 years and u are 19 long as he is single and respectful to u and ur family ..and loyal and honest The guy actor is so handsome yyy hahh...

    • Kavya Dabla
      Kavya Dabla

      Yes, as long as the younger one is mature enough to handle the relationship. Some people get married when they’re are 18-19 because they are mature enough.

    • Adik Kakak
      Adik Kakak

      Yup.i agree 👍

  • M. Revan Ramadhan
    M. Revan Ramadhan

    Sub indo please....

  • lee taiwo
    lee taiwo

    Wow, the mom is really pretty 😍

  • Kimleahn Millares
    Kimleahn Millares

    Wtf, ang gulo

  • Ryo Ryo
    Ryo Ryo

    Every minutes, advertisement 🥴

  • Ryo Ryo
    Ryo Ryo

    TikTok Brought Me here 🥴

  • Kimberly Rose
    Kimberly Rose

    Is he emir from kara sevda?

    • Your Spy
      Your Spy

      No. He is Ozan from Bay yanlis/Mr. Wrong and Volkan from Afili ask.


    Urdu dubbed please

  • Najd Alzahrani
    Najd Alzahrani

    Guys you all should watch “her yerde sen” series it’s like my favorite summer series 😿😿

  • SuperRiya16

    Bastard wanted her to die! Negative role first time Burkan

  • Annabelle Naza
    Annabelle Naza

    Turkish sounds Indian

  • suzue

    Girls that's not love you idiot that's a crush why go after a men who's successful and old why girl, date guys even 5 years older men are okay for you to date

  • SuperRiya16

    Why do guys have to break hearts like this 😭

  • samhrya

    English subtitles finally 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Susan Johana
    Susan Johana


  • poison break
    poison break

    I read some of the comments, and I must say that you guys must remember that she is very young, and young people make mistakes and get manipulated easily. Regardless of her actions, she's still a victim. It's not necessary to be so harsh on the kid.

  • Rosalie Leanza
    Rosalie Leanza

    Thanks you for the translation English we understand the story

  • Rashel Acabo
    Rashel Acabo

    I hate Ella 😑😑

  • No Name
    No Name

    ilker is such a manipulative person

  • Cherefer Gwynith Sarmiento
    Cherefer Gwynith Sarmiento

    tiktok thank you for suggesting this Turkish movie hahaha 🤣

  • Cherefer Gwynith Sarmiento
    Cherefer Gwynith Sarmiento

    tiktok thank you for suggesting this Turkish movie hahaha 🤣

  • Zesvya Ayvesez
    Zesvya Ayvesez

    the mom is the only good person in this show, and she is the only lonely one-

  • muzna suaad9b
    muzna suaad9b

    why there are so many ads

  • Ïsla Riego
    Ïsla Riego

    It feels like i'm gonna watch full of violence series again

  • Meher

    He is furkan from " Tera mera pyaar " 😍😍😍

  • Ayusha

    Came here after tiktok but tf 2 hour per episode

  • Jumeru Desu15
    Jumeru Desu15

    A lier daughter and a cheater husband ! Hahaha. Teenage now a days...

  • Jocelyn Sagunabrico
    Jocelyn Sagunabrico

    kalouy mn kng nny... the daughter forgot how to respect the mother.. the husband forgot the wife...

  • Younggirl OfficialTH
    Younggirl OfficialTH

    I love Turkish series, so fire. WE NEED TURKISH SERIES ON NEXFLIX 🥶🥶

    • Your Spy
      Your Spy

      Watch 'The Protector'.

    • julia pamintuan
      julia pamintuan

      They already have, like 50m2

  • shoba gs
    shoba gs


  • Destiny xx
    Destiny xx

    I feel deeply offended by the fact no one has ever told me how good Turkish series are and it makes you feel all emotions. I had to find out from Tik tok🙄. LOVE THISSSS😍❤️

    • Your Spy
      Your Spy

      U will addict. I'm start with Dolunay and can't stop to watch turkish series.

    • Eve Kibira
      Eve Kibira

      Same here😅😅😅

    • G.E

      Turkish dramas are different.

  • Usharani Sundararajan
    Usharani Sundararajan

    This girl... Was acting as mahidevran?

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