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  • Rachel Long
    Rachel Long

    He’s adorable 🥰

  • k96

    Nothing special here

  • red_ashcroft

    He sounds pretty much every white tiktoker I've seen.

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy


  • Karen Hardie
    Karen Hardie

    I think he dropped out of the competition. He was replaced by another contestant. Not sure why.

  • iago07

    He’s talented but his look is nothing new 🥱😴

  • Cecilia Lourenco
    Cecilia Lourenco

    Red marks from the mask?

  • the block
    the block

    What an awesome young man! Fun, humble, and certainly talented!

  • Gail Butner
    Gail Butner

    Miss Perry you have a beautiful attitude and you are so cute and will what can I say about the men they are so handsome I love you all take care and be safe love Gail from spruce pine nc

  • Sonia Díaz
    Sonia Díaz

    Nope 😊

  • Christopher Waldrop
    Christopher Waldrop

    He's really good

  • James Walker
    James Walker

    Benson rock's

  • Joseph Guillory
    Joseph Guillory

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  • Tanya Chewning
    Tanya Chewning

    Wow oh wow

  • Vickie Taylor
    Vickie Taylor

    This is the first time I have seen this young man. I hope he doesn’t get on the wrong path, I sense he could be drawn into the fast Lane and end up dead young. Please don’t drink and take drugs. Best of luck and enjoy your young life .

  • Heather Bose
    Heather Bose

    I think he dropped off Idol. He was MIA Hollywood week. Haven't seen him in any other episodes. He was good too

  • Amna Habona
    Amna Habona

    Me vibing to dynamite while his talking sorry it’s really catchy

  • Christina

    THE KATY knows Noah Beck...okay, well, I guess then he really achieved something....😂😳

  • GI Jane
    GI Jane

    I’m not sure about her prediction 🤔

  • Anna Acid
    Anna Acid

    did u just use dynamite as background

  • Donna Nelson
    Donna Nelson

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  • Dominique Archer
    Dominique Archer

    Who is that cute country judge? I love him!! 🥰

    • Auston B
      Auston B

      Luke Bryan

  • Deborah Robertson
    Deborah Robertson

    I like Willie Spence. I think he's going to be the one to beat.

  • Aiden Studios
    Aiden Studios

    So... is anyone going to acknowledge the fact that Katy Perry is like totally blasted?

  • daniel robichaud
    daniel robichaud

    He never sang duets or genre , probly quit or got a record contract allready 😊 who knows

  • S. P.
    S. P.

    No way he wins over Willie Spence. He’s good, but not even close to Willie

  • Kelly Renee’ Adams-Sowdon
    Kelly Renee’ Adams-Sowdon

    I love him 😍 ❤️❤️❤️. Best kid ever!!!!

  • Manume


  • HW2800

    Did not like the cut off of the song audition!😖

  • Jacqueline Larsen
    Jacqueline Larsen


  • Kelle Wirt
    Kelle Wirt

    Love it!

  • Annlt220 T
    Annlt220 T

    These kids😂...’’still in diapers’’ they remind me that I need to do something more with me life! 😂😎👍👍

    • Lynn Closky
      Lynn Closky

      Awww a1q1q1 °+!

  • Helen Burns
    Helen Burns

    Enjoyed this. A natural talent. Best to you.

  • Larry TRUSTY
    Larry TRUSTY

    That was painful to listen to.

  • Nazik

    there are better ones in the competition

  • Mateus Mendes oficial
    Mateus Mendes oficial

    Katy Perry

  • Darin Campbell
    Darin Campbell

    On IDOL, I am waiting for another Adam Lambert to come through one day! IDOL needs another pretty boy with a pretty voice! Right NOW!!! Peace.

    • joseph thompson
      joseph thompson

      Adam had the purest most powerful voice. Like he is not human. I was amazed every time he sung. Flawless

    • Samantha Vazquez
      Samantha Vazquez

      I am with you on that Adam was robbed he definitely was the winner of idol !!!

  • Joane Christine Acera
    Joane Christine Acera

    Just always give your best man! Your voice is mesmerizing!

  • Dave Blevins
    Dave Blevins

    Just be true to yourself Benson 👍

  • connect with suhaani
    connect with suhaani

    The background sound wah 🤧🤧i thought someone was calling me

  • Trinity Phar
    Trinity Phar

    hes got such a nice bright voice

  • Mike Tettmar
    Mike Tettmar

    I feel hes the top guy so far......haters always try to find a debunk.....he dosent sing very much band a year ago...comon give the guy props for a special voice and talent!!!

  • Maricel Arcilla
    Maricel Arcilla

    I like this guy voice YOU'RE onn katty perry good choice he has a good voice ♡♡♡

  • Maryanna Thurston
    Maryanna Thurston

    Beautiful he is

  • Maryanna Thurston
    Maryanna Thurston

    You bever sung happy birthday thatcwas funny But i can already see this dear young man can see

  • Rosemarie Kennedy
    Rosemarie Kennedy

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    • Levi Arkinstein
      Levi Arkinstein


  • Sunny Justice
    Sunny Justice

    Do people even listen to words before the make up stuff, he didn’t say he didn’t use a mic 🎤 Katie said have you used a mic before? He said not really it doesn’t mean zero that just mean he hasn’t used one a lot! Always people to try to bring others down with stupid comments.. Always looking for the negative thing to say. How about the guy is actually quite talented in anything he does you can tell, I’m sure with proper guidance you could easily turn that voice into a star

    • Sunny Justice
      Sunny Justice

      @B. Webb absolutely could be who knows it was more the fact other said NO but he didn’t say no, and everything on those shows is fake when it comes to staging

    • B. Webb
      B. Webb

      He said in his intro he is the singer for his band. You honestly believe he hardly ever uses a mic. Get real. It's all an act to play up to the judges, and it was done badly. Yes, he can sing.

  • Adrianne Mason
    Adrianne Mason

    He looks like a Roman statue🥰

    • Jenn Wilson
      Jenn Wilson

      Like Disney Hercules!


      He really is my god and he looks like Nero lol kidding

    • M E
      M E

      He does 😂

  • Jennifer L
    Jennifer L

    This is awesome

  • Natalie H
    Natalie H

    🤨 Really? You never used a mike yet they showed a video of you using a mike on a stage with a band while you were on the piano..... yea looks like a faker to me... be glad you can sing dude but next time be authentic.

  • Agnes Aguirre
    Agnes Aguirre

    Nice voice

  • Sümeyye Kazdal
    Sümeyye Kazdal

    All Amerıcan darlıng...no deeper ground ...remınds me of justın bıeber

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    “I’ve never used a mic before” .. but there’s a picture of you using one? With your band.

  • Kobo mina
    Kobo mina

    Is the back round music bts dynamite

  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas

    Wow 😮

  • Laura's Kitchen
    Laura's Kitchen

    I've never used a mic! Really? They showed him with his band singing into a mic.

    • Mohomed Murshid
      Mohomed Murshid

      This guy is not showing off

    • Sunny Israelson
      Sunny Israelson

      Well, duh, he sang into a Mike, but did he USE the mic? He swears he never touched it!

    • Patricia Floyd
      Patricia Floyd

      I thought same thing ....he’s playing air head lol


    Army where are you? Light it up like Dynamite💜💜💜😊😊😊

    • Sana Yusufi
      Sana Yusufi


  • Peter S
    Peter S

    He's definitely got talent and a strong, unique voice. Whether he wins the whole show or not is another question. He might go far. There are a LOT of uber-talented people auditioning this year. I don't know if I've ever seen the depth of talent they have this year in any previous year, so you can probably find 10 people from the auditions so far who have enough talent that they could win if they just get the right songs every week.

  • Corrine Murphy
    Corrine Murphy

    I really don’t think it’s fair to post their predictions on social media. I think it would bring contestants down. I don’t understand this.

    • Karen Hardie
      Karen Hardie

      Then I think he dropped out of the competition.

  • Lynda Czika
    Lynda Czika

    This guy?! Win!!? Huh? Don’t see it.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    With all the amazing talent, they should make 2 winners this year! ❤

  • MrsManette

    He looks like danny gonzalez haha

  • PJ

    He’s got that X factor thing going on for sure.

  • Lynn yhost
    Lynn yhost

    I thought he was Okay but not win!

  • RaiRaiBrown

    I love this 💖 he's great, even if he doesn't win I'm sure there's a place for him in the music world.

  • xkaem xkaem
    xkaem xkaem

    It's a viral and beautiful personality. .

  • Sophie L
    Sophie L

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    • Bryan M
      Bryan M

      For higher just wanted what Jack or Sunday fled Paul waterfalls

    • Linda Kay Holevas
      Linda Kay Holevas


  • J Blanco
    J Blanco

    He snaps and I wonder what music choices he makes!

  • Zipperneck

    Stop saying 'You guys' for Christ's sake.

  • Renlys Other Lover
    Renlys Other Lover

    They see humble I see fake as hell

  • lhj276

    Wowza. Easy on the eyes much.

  • Dora 2020
    Dora 2020

    sing well. normal. nothing special

  • Cyarra Bleu
    Cyarra Bleu

    I’m glad she thinks he could win cause I don’t haha but he’s super good

  • kenneth schwartz
    kenneth schwartz

    But one has to know that katy is a buffoon and drama queen who constantly mugs to the camera and give insincere advice. She always thinks she is funny--someone told her she was a laugh riot and actually believed it.

  • Elmar Belimac
    Elmar Belimac

    Winner for me at this performance

  • Barbie

    He's great!

  • Carla V-BehindTheMonitor
    Carla V-BehindTheMonitor

    He is adorable and is so humble and talented!

  • Sam Wright
    Sam Wright

    Winner of the competition? Please Katy...lol

  • Darth Mulder
    Darth Mulder

    He looks like the Hercules from Disney.

  • Mark

    He okay but there are three other singers on the show that hands down sing better. So this now about song selection. One wrong song its over .

  • Kayley Bates
    Kayley Bates

    Cant stay here to long English is soon 🥱

  • Zizi Salou
    Zizi Salou


  • kelly smith
    kelly smith

    So please chime in. Wasnt this song written by a contestant on one of these shows . So who ended up with the rights to the song? This show or....

    • Se gul
      Se gul

      It's by Aiden Martin, he sang it on X-Factor UK. He owns the song and has released an album.

  • TBona

    I see this as the last season for AI. Katy Perry needs to control her mouth. And what's with all those blingy outfits when she sides with lefties who don't dress that way? Big mouthed Hypocrite.

  • Rosine Alessi
    Rosine Alessi

    can t see his name ...??

  • Zulma Rodriguez
    Zulma Rodriguez

    Where is army?

  • Kimberley Herron
    Kimberley Herron

    He is great, can he keep it up, with his history

  • June Blossom
    June Blossom

    She may be right!

  • jerry_ zuhrinart
    jerry_ zuhrinart

    how u say it in english? he is likeable??

    • June Blossom
      June Blossom


  • Arun Bryce Walter Jagdish Chand
    Arun Bryce Walter Jagdish Chand

    He is a sweetheart... makes me smile

  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen

    You still in diaper. I died laughing with Luke 🤣

  • Capt. B
    Capt. B

    Dude is a con.

    • Renlys Other Lover
      Renlys Other Lover

      Totally but truth is that whole gimmick he’s pulling is what the young kids eat up now so it will probably work

  • Ricardo Pierre
    Ricardo Pierre

    I didn't like it, judge me!

  • Ravi ⟭⟬ Mishra
    Ravi ⟭⟬ Mishra

    First is bts fan I'm biggest fan bts

  • ali Mohammad
    ali Mohammad


  • Shady

    This was my favorite after and punchline is my fav song

  • • Passi0n2hate •
    • Passi0n2hate •

    Whoa I’m pretty early for once.🥰🙃

  • Moody Music
    Moody Music

    People watching this like :- - in bed......... - not in a full screen...... - reading comments......

    • Gab W.
      Gab W.

      You caught me.

    • Tonya Gardiner
      Tonya Gardiner

      Why are looking at me???? I'm doing the exact same thing

    • Tabatha James
      Tabatha James


    • Michelle Mckenna
      Michelle Mckenna

      😂😂😂 that's exactly what I'm doing now here in Ireland .

    • Amelia Watson
      Amelia Watson

      You stalking me?

  • Jacob R.
    Jacob R.

    They always say that then they drop them off before the Live. meh

  • Lovelyn Villareal
    Lovelyn Villareal


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