McDonald Worker Makes Judges Totally SPEECHLESS With Her Unbelievable Voice | The X Factor UK 2017
Rebecca Grace - The X Factor UK 2017 - Full Audition
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  • stargazerjg

    Amazing talent

  • Arfa Kamyabipour
    Arfa Kamyabipour

    What a beautiful voice n song 👌 I think they’re all amazing 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌺

  • why creepy
    why creepy

    F*** Samsung

  • S S
    S S

    you would think that in the lineup outside they would give them shade and water

  • RubyRayRenteria Santeria
    RubyRayRenteria Santeria

    I love Simon

  • Nour xx
    Nour xx

    Ohhh Simon ❤️too much love for u

  • denboer908 Denboer
    denboer908 Denboer


  • Tom Cole
    Tom Cole

    I cried and then realized that the leg of my chair was on my toe. Great job singing though!

  • Gary Raymo
    Gary Raymo

    Wwow great voice

  • Little Raven Red
    Little Raven Red

    WOW 🤩 She’s got power and clarity, sooooo good .

  • Twigs of Life
    Twigs of Life

    I cried🤣crazy me... indeed a great voice with clear enunciation

  • Wayah Sequoia
    Wayah Sequoia

    Her voice is perfect and she should have a record contract. She sings better than some of the performers out there now.

  • Night Stringers
    Night Stringers

    What a beautiful voice

  • JA G
    JA G

    She looks like Pink in the face and singing expressions.

  • Mona Benton
    Mona Benton


  • John Anthony
    John Anthony


  • Cam W
    Cam W

    So glad I don’t work in McDonalds ... oh no poor thing she can do so much better

  • Lana Mukhled Nimer Alsaqer ICSBR1
    Lana Mukhled Nimer Alsaqer ICSBR1

    I’m speechless at how incredibly talented she is. I wish her the absolute best in her career.

  • Luke Wood
    Luke Wood

    What an amazing voice.

  • Daddy Horne
    Daddy Horne


  • Sunlight Artistry
    Sunlight Artistry

    She has a beautiful voice 💕 Can you imagine her singing without that piano?! Sheesh, chills! 😩🙌🏽

  • marynora little
    marynora little

    Lovely voice beautiful girl with lovely partner

  • Maggie Margaret
    Maggie Margaret

    Boyfriend is like SPOT ON~! when the introduction (sort of) the family happened and they had zero response he said: "I feel like I opened the door to the library, here." Quick wit~! He seemed to have to encourage them into that last hug, too. Funny how some families do not show emotions...or maybe it is at least not publicly? Anyway, Kudos to Grace & Boyfriend whom you can tell is the encouraging sort.

  • GOM 4 MARI
    GOM 4 MARI

    Sounds a bit Like pink?

  • RealHandEngraver

    Beautiful voice ... wow!

  • Scott G
    Scott G

    Raw. Incredible. I got here 4 years too late, but this sent chills up my spine. I hope she made it.

  • James Doidge
    James Doidge

    She seems like she is very scared and nervous but I find it amazing how she was so shy but she when their in front of many people and takes the strength to not listen to her ears and listen to her heart ❤️

  • Jake Fallows Griffiths
    Jake Fallows Griffiths

    I would score it a 10 it was stunning

  • Jennifer Tumbaga
    Jennifer Tumbaga

    Olay to me she reminds me of PINK!!!! LOVE BOTH GIRLS.... Who sings this SONG???

  • Light Shift
    Light Shift

    Shes a natural. And confidence doesn't come out of nowhere when you do and have no reason to be. Shes already professional but without an ego. So what.

  • Tim Burris
    Tim Burris


  • jmjpaton

    what a good job

  • Spiritual Awakening
    Spiritual Awakening


  • Saba Alsayyed
    Saba Alsayyed

    Nicole was so annoying the whole time

  • Karen josep
    Karen josep

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  • Meli Garrett
    Meli Garrett

    Such snobbery ! That little girl judge needs to grow up. Even after that awesome performance she was still felt ‘better than’.

  • Marlena Pitts
    Marlena Pitts

    Simon was so kind 🥰

  • Amy Talbott
    Amy Talbott

    I could listen to her sing for hours

  • Bill Rich
    Bill Rich

    Why doesn't Simon ever hug with his left hand?

  • Becky Pollock
    Becky Pollock

    Wow, she's great!

  • K J
    K J

    She is so gorgeous, and Simon was a darling man...

  • Dwayne Worthy
    Dwayne Worthy


  • Baggins1985

    She’s got gorgeous eyes

  • Shaun Pasoz
    Shaun Pasoz

    The numberless timpani affectively clip because plastic affectively bless pro a worthless move. flimsy, solid bay

  • Szilvi Kéri
    Szilvi Kéri

    0:30 that face when she tells she works at McDonalds

  • Ginger

    Love love love it!!!!

  • Winkie Blink
    Winkie Blink

    I like this darling girl. Glad she can sing....and that she’s not a wacko.

  • Motherofthree B
    Motherofthree B

    This had me in tears; beautiful voice.

  • Garrett

    1:34 you can literally see her warring with the fact that a mcdonalds worker could sing well. This lady needs to hop down off her mile high horse.

  • Garrett

    My dumb ass brain literally thought her name was McDonald Worker... I think I need some sleep

  • Donneita Fullmer
    Donneita Fullmer


  • Diana Felix
    Diana Felix

    Wow! She gave me chills. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼

  • Black Widow
    Black Widow

    Oh hell........ and the tears are streaminggggggggg down my face!!!! You are not just INCREDIBLY STUNNING, your voice is ANGELIC too little Sweet Pea!!!!!!!

  • Trina Sky
    Trina Sky

    Damn it. Made me cry

  • D Gray
    D Gray

    Nicole's expression concerning McDonald's, would have been better given about Simon's unbuttoned shirt ! I think since becoming a Father, he has come off that ? I would hope ! 🎶 😎 🎶

  • Bee JayGee
    Bee JayGee

    Great voice !

  • Amanda Levell
    Amanda Levell

    Such a beautiful voice just absolutely amazing!!!

  • Theresa MacBride
    Theresa MacBride


  • Janelle Lewis
    Janelle Lewis

    Reminds me a little of pink

  • Juliana Monteiro de Andrade
    Juliana Monteiro de Andrade

    QUEM escreve essas legendas? Credo! Melhor sem elas, caramba!

  • Michael Keating
    Michael Keating

    so emotional, tears welling, and then Simon says "it's okay, we've got the same shirt anyway" and I just BURST out laughing - god, he has some funny one-liners! lollll

  • Christie Anderson
    Christie Anderson

    Where is this girl's album? I'm in love with her voice!

  • V

    Right here, I really wished Simon just casually kicked Nicole out for that face she made.

  • Stevie Barrios
    Stevie Barrios

    I got goosebumps when she started singing

  • Linda B
    Linda B

    I LIKE Simon. He's genuine. He might be frank, less than tactful even, at times. Yet, I would rather be surrounded by 4 neighbors like Simon who tell it as it is with no sugar-coating & no lies than 10 best friends who candy-coat. Communication & honesty are the very foundation to good relations! Plus, anyone ANY good at reading people could see he's a sweetheart to his core.

  • Carissa Josselyn
    Carissa Josselyn


  • Dollie Louise
    Dollie Louise

    I love this girl, and I just love Simon so much. X

  • Steve Ashley
    Steve Ashley

    What an amazing tone! Awesome!

  • Joanna Elizabeth Cherian
    Joanna Elizabeth Cherian

    Ugh why is Nicole pouting? She wasn't expecting her to be soo good and even after she sang she didn't stop

  • V Coster
    V Coster

    What a gorgeous girl. You nailed it.

  • Lindsay Smith
    Lindsay Smith

    She's fantastic. However ... it's NOT MacDonalds. lol. It's McDonalds and she is better than anything you can eat there... even the fries.

  • CateSimulate

    I'm confused by the description box saying this is "Human" by Christina Perri ..... I do believe it's "Piece by Piece" by Kelly Clarkson 🤔 And she sang it beautifully!!

  • Jack Spratt
    Jack Spratt

    I liked her voice. I would like to hear her sing something else.

  • C D
    C D

    Damn she sings with such emotion

  • Patty Maron
    Patty Maron

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  • Cadaver Cakes
    Cadaver Cakes

    I'm sorry but when tf was the last time Nicole put out anything unless I'm living under a rock...and y'all wrong af for that thumbnail.

  • Debbie W
    Debbie W

    OMG.....this is the voice of a professional!!!

  • Jenessa Sierra
    Jenessa Sierra

    Amazing 🤩

  • Harry Van Der Meulen
    Harry Van Der Meulen

    Bad transcript

  • Anita

    I never listened to those words before either, but I did tonight, a beautiful rendition.

  • Elahe musical
    Elahe musical


  • Marie Violet
    Marie Violet

    Such a beautiful voice and amazing women she is

  • Elina

    Her voice gave me goosebumps! I would love to see her make it really big one day 😍😍😍

  • Susan Mann
    Susan Mann

    Button your shirt Simon!

  • Barmy Neddy
    Barmy Neddy

    Maybe Nicole had a raw burger or one with some of their infamous dressing? Either way it’s a shame it comes across as disrespectful.

  • Lori Mendenhall
    Lori Mendenhall


  • Rakeb Raki
    Rakeb Raki

    She is sweet beautiful and she hv powerful voice ...i just love her❤😘

  • designs4dance

    I cried, I love her

  • marie b
    marie b

    It’s a real big deal if Simon gives you a hug

  • Ginger Blair
    Ginger Blair

    One of the best I've ever seen or heard!

  • ABK 1
    ABK 1

    Oh. My. God.

  • David Jupiter
    David Jupiter

    She bit sound like Ellie while speaking

  • Oswaldo Garcia
    Oswaldo Garcia

    Beautiful girl and she sings like an angel great voice

  • EJ Beil
    EJ Beil

    Why do you announce her as McDonald Worker as if people who work common jobs can't have talent or something.

  • Alexander Ishere
    Alexander Ishere

    Very talented.... Every word gave emotional meaning

  • Gina Welch
    Gina Welch

    What's the name of this song anyone know?

  • boysinthesouth

    She reminds you of a young Pink

  • David S
    David S

    Simon can be so kind.

  • Quanda Burrell
    Quanda Burrell

    God bless her. Beautiful performance.

  • Emily Fago
    Emily Fago

    Gave me chills all the way to my face