minecraft manhunt but SMELTING IS OVERPOWERED
today we play minecraft manhunt but smelting is overpowered
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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+

  • DrFlower

    It happend 2 times: I found a pink sheep near spawn

  • Jeremiah Katrayan
    Jeremiah Katrayan

    Minecraft manhunt but your in space

  • Atl 5
    Atl 5

    Nadwe more like badwe

  • Antidote: Lunar Wing
    Antidote: Lunar Wing

    rip pink boi

  • Puppy Girl
    Puppy Girl

    I heard a pink sheep was 1 in 642

  • Fallen Pheonix
    Fallen Pheonix

    Nadwe: What am i gonna do with all these shoes? Socks : You can open a shoe store Me: are little kids allowed to run a shop?? Thought it was illegal

  • Mattias Joseph Corcoran
    Mattias Joseph Corcoran

    Hi socky

  • Alfie Loveridge
    Alfie Loveridge

    Blaza kills pink sheep me: this is blazas revenge for Nadwe stealing his wood

  • A sad cup
    A sad cup

    Nadwe is like the socks smp tommyinnit

  • Burck Family
    Burck Family

    Never kill my pink sheep

  • Mr sherlock gaming
    Mr sherlock gaming

    i am a big fan of nicholas and darryl ware i am your biggest fan if you want to know who they are then i will say they are fatmemegod and blaza

  • FireInfernoYt

    "So that means you might be smelting up some raw chicken, and you might get A FULL NETHERITE HELMET"-Socksfor1-2021

  • Alfie Loveridge
    Alfie Loveridge

    Socksfor1 uses potion of fame me oh sheet...

  • reema banga
    reema banga

    socks have you noticed if u hold the netherite piece it gets enchanted like the helmet did

  • Shahadat Hossain
    Shahadat Hossain

    *Blaza was blown up by drowned* lol

  • Faisal Hamad Alsaadi
    Faisal Hamad Alsaadi

    YESSSS, MINECRAFT VIDEOS, LETS GOOOOO! I used to watch your among us videos, but among us got boring to me, so I stopped watching you ( I was still subscribed! ) but... don't worry, I'm gonna watch you and stay subbed for the rest of my life!

  • Keith Snyder
    Keith Snyder

    There was a mushroom ileand

  • Amogh Malgaonkar
    Amogh Malgaonkar

    Minecraft manhunt but I am the hunter

  • Maria Teresa Etil
    Maria Teresa Etil

    Nadwe is like #Badboyhalo When blaza killed very rare sheep

  • fihaan melethil_R
    fihaan melethil_R

    Blaza: I threw the boots to lava Netherite boots:I WILL NEVER DIE!!!

  • Ben Christopher Burgos
    Ben Christopher Burgos

    You can smelt stone, cobblestone and wooden logs

  • Sour Asian
    Sour Asian

    10:12 "MrBlaza_ was blown up by Drowned" HOW?????????

  • Noel

    Blaza your like umaru channnnn

  • Corban Gonzalez
    Corban Gonzalez

    "the sand lied" Blaza 2021

  • Purple Dragon
    Purple Dragon

    Socks when he kills a dolphin: “Sacrifices must be made for the greater good!” Me when I accidentally hit a dolphin once because I saw it out of the corner of my eye, thought it was a Drowned, and panicked: **lets the dolphin squad kill me out of pure shame** Yes this actually happened in one of my survival worlds

  • Mixer_ BG
    Mixer_ BG

    RIP pink sleep 😂

  • Cole York
    Cole York


  • Magdi Mohamed
    Magdi Mohamed

    rushinman mike 5:14

  • Andrew_doesyt

    rip pink sheep

  • Ali Kesserwan
    Ali Kesserwan

    ummmmm socks u do a man hunt like this u get iron armour get blaze rods in the nether in the nether fortress and get eyes of ender and get to the strong hold place them in the end portal and beat the ender dragon enter the portal

  • liza samson maddela
    liza samson maddela

    Pink sheeps have a 1% chance but baby pink sheeps have a 00000.01% of spawning alone

  • Greg Iann
    Greg Iann

    And BlazOoU

  • Lonely Notebook
    Lonely Notebook

    I’m ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK..

  • AJ /wizzard
    AJ /wizzard

    All the pink sheep were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Danilelun

    "of course, I'm smelting chicken for nugget ore"

  • Mateo Martinez-Burdette
    Mateo Martinez-Burdette

    doesnt let us download the mod ion the description Selfish hog

  • Tomato

    *”mrblaza was blown up by drowned XD


    Wait they were friendly? Never has been

  • MGuy8189

    Full Netherite Helmet Mmmmmm

  • Farhan AR
    Farhan AR


  • Sean Crisostomo
    Sean Crisostomo


  • Pillow The Tiny Hamster
    Pillow The Tiny Hamster

    Lets make a Mr. Pink Sheep momorial

  • What’s supp Doveees productions
    What’s supp Doveees productions

    I- socks shoulof used his godly axe to cook charcoal

  • Cams

    Minecraft manhunt but socks should be the hunter

  • Keson Jin
    Keson Jin

    "Cole" 3:22 "Tale" 9:10

  • Dana Edwards
    Dana Edwards

    Nice 2M subs congratulations socks :D

  • LemonBattery

    Blaza: I’m a little hungry tho Also Blaza: *has a stack 1/8 of wheat in his inventory*

  • Snowy Things 2
    Snowy Things 2

    Sorry socks your videos have gotten cringy. You have changed. Your milking this minecraft manhunt to much. Change back to Among Us.

  • TheHoundGirl 5846
    TheHoundGirl 5846

    uh socks i think just geting rid of the poton of fame was better then letting only the speedruner use it

  • Jacob Ramirez
    Jacob Ramirez

    Blaza,”I’m a little hungry” me: sees a stack of hay for bread...

  • Ismail

    I saw the thumbnail but how about you just wanted chicken?

  • jessica brehe
    jessica brehe

    Nadwae my sister can drive and she 16 and u 14

  • devansh Jogadiya
    devansh Jogadiya

    Socks is looking chute na big fan from india

  • Red Reaper gaming
    Red Reaper gaming

    Is it just me or nadwe's voice changed

  • Marcel Denneman
    Marcel Denneman

    You can smelt cobbelstone

  • Dat1Memer

    welcome 2 chilesguy died I think :(

  • My Lost BrainCell
    My Lost BrainCell

    3:24 hm yeas cole

  • Olden Days
    Olden Days

    The thumbnail changed from elytra to totem

    • kard is cool
      kard is cool


  • The Turtle
    The Turtle

    Once I found a pink sheep and killed it thinking it was a pig, I was sad when I saw wool in my inventory and realized what I had done

  • Travis C
    Travis C

    It’s kinda dumb that you need so many handicaps. Your always going to win. What’s the point

  • Matthew Chen
    Matthew Chen

    10:10 blaza was blown up by whut?

  • Sickboy

    It basically blaza who makes this funny

  • David Doyle
    David Doyle

    Socks don't Smelt with logs turn log into plank 4times more wood more smelting 1:45

  • Brendon Hager
    Brendon Hager

    Blazas legs tho

  • SKULL88 yeet
    SKULL88 yeet

    delt da smelt

  • Bartek Górny
    Bartek Górny

    I now see that the thumbnail is changed.

  • Jotaro

    Did y it change the BG-chat picture cuz it used to be an elytra

  • Martin Leon
    Martin Leon

    Actually its a 0.1Chance of finding pink sheep

  • Lily Porter
    Lily Porter

    imagine stealing thumbnails

  • Potato Boi
    Potato Boi


  • Mega Shark
    Mega Shark

    Blaza: Drops N E T H E R I T E boots in the L A V A Mojang: You cant burn NETHERITE boots.

  • MrSwiftGuy

    Literally copied sbs thumbnail wth


    Blaza:I burned it in lava Netherite:is not flamable

  • IviDieKiwi

    How i count now: 12, 13, Nadwenumber, 15..

  • Dragon Garlo
    Dragon Garlo

    Minecraft manhunt but you have infinite range

  • Christian De guzman
    Christian De guzman

    Did i just see cole instead of coal? On what blaza says?

  • Mikael Makivirta
    Mikael Makivirta

    I am so sad, socks used logs instead of planks to smelt at the start. Planks smelt the same amount as logs, but you make more planks than logs.

  • The Cat Lord
    The Cat Lord

    3:24 (subtitles) What if I mine cole? Ah yes, my favorite ore... c o l e


    This dudes face is so long the devil and god both see it simultaneously

  • Tracey Mazzei
    Tracey Mazzei

    I love how every time Nadwes character is mad it looks like he jumped in a pool of salt

  • w.d the yeeter
    w.d the yeeter

    He has the luck of god and satan

  • Greatgamer 66
    Greatgamer 66

    45 seconds of fame

  • Mr cheese
    Mr cheese

    I love how blaza and Nadwe quarrel about the tree .

  • Stego Kiwi
    Stego Kiwi

    Socks:welcome to chili's Me:remembers the vine. Rest in peace to the guy who made that vine 😔🤚🙏🙏

  • Lava Legend
    Lava Legend

    2:40 we all know that dropping netherite into lava is gonna destroy it


    Ive seen something like this before

  • Lyseang


  • guenter albrecht
    guenter albrecht

    welcome to chili’s has died yesterday

  • ab2t

    Nadwe: I Found a pink sheep thats like a 1% chance! *its a little more rarer then that (0.164% chance)

  • Soham Agrawal
    Soham Agrawal

    congrats for 1m subs on this channel

  • Jayvee Asis
    Jayvee Asis

    0:25 Sox:gets a full netherite helmet Shows pic of full netherite armour

  • cyborg dragon
    cyborg dragon

    If you can't smelt food use fire aspect sword it always gives you cooked food when you kill it

  • Magic Pringle
    Magic Pringle

    How do you guys come up with your characters

  • Grape eater
    Grape eater

    Wait can't you smelt kelp i heard you can do it

  • seen

    I’m surprised the whole comments section isn’t getting mad because you maid a single spelling error. Should I have more faith in the comment section?

  • Piper Smith
    Piper Smith

    “For the greater good.” -Albus Percival Wolfric Brain Dumbledore.

  • ThunderStrike

    Bruh, the people want more fnaf!

  • Mr. Wolf
    Mr. Wolf

    You cheated

  • Drip Doge
    Drip Doge

    All the manhunts are so unfair for the hunters

  • JJ Booster
    JJ Booster

    god natway is a 12 year old lol

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