Murphy Hopes His Original Song Gets Him Into The Top 24 - American Idol 2021
Murphy has stuck to his true, unique and talented self since the beginning of this competition, so it’s no surprise that Murphy chose to perform his original song “Am I Still Mine” for his Showstopper performance. Will Murphy’s consistent uniqueness be enough to move him into American Idol’s Top 24? Watch here to find out!
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

  • magic2506

    This guy would have been huge in the 60's. HUGE

  • •Lazy artist•
    •Lazy artist•

    He is such a beautiful soul I fell in love with him the moment I heard his audition. I feel his music and the story he is conveying.I literally cried when they cut him from the show. What a huge disappointment! I sincerely hope this isn’t the last we see of him. He is truly a light of hope, a true inspiration knowing the hard road he has walked in his life.

  • jmaioran

    Murphy's journey is the back alleys of small crowds and conversations that will get him where he wants to go

  • mikigamba

    Am I Still Mine is an amazing song, the lyrics and specially how he delivers...touching

  • Peter Athanasopoulos
    Peter Athanasopoulos

    Kid's a star. He doesnt even know it. Makes it all that better. He's a storyteller. We need more musicians with originality. Get this guy a record ASAP.

  • Lilly Navarro
    Lilly Navarro

    He is sooo unique!...

  • A

    I miss Murphy

  • John Dinou
    John Dinou

    These judges are special-needs fuck-sticks for not putting this guy through

  • heaven knowsbest
    heaven knowsbest

    Just wonder how could someone so unique and talented and amazing. Be eliminated?

  • Rezanizer

    this man is real superstar

  • Jack Surrett
    Jack Surrett

    My wife and I are done with this show. If they don't want talent like this then what's the point in watching.

  • asplundh17

    Damn can we say Van Morrison biggest Idol robbery this year

  • Martin B.
    Martin B.

    Wrong show , he had to do The Voice

  • Dad Bod
    Dad Bod

    Katy is so fucking fake, I wish she wouldn’t be so tone deaf and bias. Not all of us cater to that pop shit. This dude was raw talent and I swear that sounded like a soundtrack to something I’d buy. He’s an artist, now he just needs the production and I’m certain his original work will appeal to the vast majority or the people with taste. Katy is so untouched with reality it’s pathetic.

  • T3T

    AI - Conform or bust Trust Artists - up yours

  • Oktavianus

    He should went for AGT and share all his songs. He surely win it as a bonus. This guy wrote beautiful songs.

  • Mona Halliday
    Mona Halliday

    Murray is the Bob Dillon of 2021 why is he not still on the show 🤔 very sad

  • Shauna Overton
    Shauna Overton

    Bring back MURPHY for crying 😭 out loud 📢!

  • Big Cosn
    Big Cosn

    An absolutely dumb decision. Only artist i connected with .. wth Katy perry talkin bout smh


    Anyone else get a Abe Lincoln vibe from this guy?

  • J. Renee
    J. Renee

    Please Publish this original on Spotify!!!! It’s amazing

  • Liz Marquez
    Liz Marquez

    This guys deserves more than American idol.

  • Danny Helderdenkende
    Danny Helderdenkende

    I hear Rod stewart in him. And Yes,i like it.

  • Bruce Carey
    Bruce Carey

    Bob Dillan reincarnated.! So special! They let him go. Why?

  • Jilani

    ed sheeran got knocked from one of these now look ;)

  • David Andronikus
    David Andronikus

    No one can sing his song. Thats why entertainment cut him

  • tuhin bhura
    tuhin bhura

    American Idol needs him... Not the other way!

  • Boon talai
    Boon talai

    He speaks like he’s delivering a presidential speech just before earths ends

  • kuya sam
    kuya sam

    Murphy's special, he reminds me of the Nepali contestant from the previous year's idol competition. Sorry, I forget the name! 🙃

  • Arlene Pira
    Arlene Pira

    Amazing voice, style and rendition...rooting for him...


    I understand the judge's know what's good enough and what isn't but they really didn't make the right decision on letting him go.

  • Hayden Owens
    Hayden Owens

    Love you Murphy. You should have won

  • Hayden Owens
    Hayden Owens

    Katy’s wow was so fake

  • Hayden Owens
    Hayden Owens

    This is all Katy’s fault. She’s never liked him from the start. He was the only reason I watched this show. Here I am coming back just to say how I feel about this. I hate Katy penis now and Murphy has a wonderful new fan right here. I will no longer watch American idol this season either. F U

  • John Dinou
    John Dinou

    The judges should all be fired (and thrown into the ocean) for eliminating this guy I literally thought to myself "This dude looks like the favorite to win" while watching him perform this

  • rjracing12

    When you can write a song, play a guitar, sing it and tell a story....... that’s an idol to me. I’m not even American. MURPHY YOUR MY CANADIAN IDOL

  • Largest Classifieds
    Largest Classifieds

    His curly-frizzy hair, especially his smile, and ofcourse his voice, truly iconic of a star in the making.

  • Pam Meeker
    Pam Meeker

    You were fantastic and I’m not sure what they were thinking but so wrong and on his birthday! Cold 🥶 man!

  • macaronnieyatco

    my top 5

  • Ryan Juliano
    Ryan Juliano

    Let’s boycott this joke of a show

    • Deep in the Wood - Folk & More
      Deep in the Wood - Folk & More

      That's what I've done... I've stopped watching the rest of the show when Murphy was out...!

  • Hiva eb
    Hiva eb

    You deserve the best man.. Keep going We're here for you

  • i_run_ far
    i_run_ far

    I watched every video from the top 16 and thought. Damn, wish Murphy was here.

  • Donna Angell
    Donna Angell

    I watched American Idol for Murphy, peace be with you. 🙏🏻🙌🏻🕊️❤️

  • Kyle Cook
    Kyle Cook

    He don’t this America needs him

  • Dale Oriane
    Dale Oriane

    let this boy sing please !!!!

  • Jarrett Carroll
    Jarrett Carroll

    Murphy was by far and away the most interesting artist in this year’s idol. Things happen for a reason Murphy. God speed your ability to share something beautiful.

  • Fatoom Gierdien
    Fatoom Gierdien

    Wow WOW!! Phenomenal!!

  • Naabun

    Murphy may not be the idol of the year. But we all know he's the idol of the decade.

  • steveo R
    steveo R

    Murphy got robbed.

  • Terry Jeffery
    Terry Jeffery

    Love this music artist he should be more then American Idol

  • Astrie Arif
    Astrie Arif

    I still dont get it, why he didnt go into top 24.

  • Whale Cafe
    Whale Cafe

    I really respect and thank Murphy.

  • maddie gracie
    maddie gracie

    i’m always gonna be mad at them for eliminating murphy ✋

  • mrsdokerjams

    Big BIG mistake not bringing Murphy forward. We believe in you, Murphy!!!! You’re amazing!!!

  • Velvet Rose
    Velvet Rose

    I am not american, I am from the Middle East, and I am shocked they didn't allow this musician to move forward in this competition. Honestly, he is one of the BEST young singers I have heard in a while!!

  • Kimneufseventyone

    Damn, I cried. Not because he was cut, I think they did him a favor honestly. But the way he took the news made me cry. He's so genuine.

  • Addie

    The worst part is they eliminated him on his birthday he’s special he shouldn’t have a no on his day even though it’s his birthday but he’s top 10 and they cut him of like that I’m gonna quit watching if they do this to another one this is UNBELIEVABLE and they let people go who don’t deserve to go trough! Murphy I love your talent I hope he knows that!

    • Addie

      Did they not put him through because he is going to go blind in his 30s? Or because they are looking for someone that has something different than talent and an amazing voice what is this show?

  • Gangsta shrek
    Gangsta shrek

    It’s not Murphy who’s blind. It’s the stupid judges. (Cept Lionel. He wanted Murphy)

  • Notorious Mch
    Notorious Mch

    Very soothing great

  • Lionel Heystek
    Lionel Heystek

    " Finding the sugar man" all over again...Murphy's music intuition is far and byond "idols"...Godspeed Murpy🙏

  • Notorious Mch
    Notorious Mch

    Katy hated him her fault he didn’t make top 24

  • Angel Donda
    Angel Donda

    He had a chance of winning this year. So sad he didnt make the cut. 😥 Love him. 🥰

  • Bea CBM
    Bea CBM

    He was robbed! Murphy please never stop singing 🙌🏼

  • IceSwallow Come
    IceSwallow Come

    I personally believe that he would be good in those animated the one who gave wisdom to the young lion about life...his voice is just so calm to listen to

  • IceSwallow Come
    IceSwallow Come

    This guy clearly has a old soul in him... 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ace • 100 yrs ago
    Ace • 100 yrs ago

    He was my fav this season

  • Jeff Fraser
    Jeff Fraser

    Top 5 idol performances of all time.

  • Je'Anni N. Wallace
    Je'Anni N. Wallace

    At this point. I stopped watching American Idol. They keep putting though bad artists. Putting through popular quirty tiktok influencers for ratings. And eliminating artists over 30+ years old or, have no fanbase.

    • Deep in the Wood - Folk & More
      Deep in the Wood - Folk & More

      That's what I've done... I've stopped watching the rest of the show when Murphy was out...!

  • Venus Libra
    Venus Libra

    WTF, why is Murphy not going forward. He is amazing. His voice gives me chills. He is soooo wonderful.

  • Nickolas Sharp
    Nickolas Sharp

    He was robbed

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan

    You deserve to be a legend my man!

  • Jimi F
    Jimi F

    Finally somebody totally unique and not appreciated for his original pure self ! Big bummer ! Boo to the judges

  • Craig Salzman
    Craig Salzman

    The only way this would be legit is if the pull the Jennifer Hudson Playbook out and send him straight to the recording studio with a huge recording deal

  • Craig Salzman
    Craig Salzman

    This just, without doubt, proves how ‘virtuously’ everything is upside down in todays world. Don’t you agree??

    • Deep in the Wood - Folk & More
      Deep in the Wood - Folk & More

      So true!

  • Spencer M
    Spencer M

    American idol is worthless

  • Suraj Takhellambam
    Suraj Takhellambam

    Last time GUNN and this time MURPHY...Lets see...👍...

  • Fiona Östlund
    Fiona Östlund

    In love w him

  • Harley FreeRiderz YNRA
    Harley FreeRiderz YNRA

    American Idol is a joke of a show turning away talent like Murphy. I'm so pissed off!!!

  • Ralph Dupre
    Ralph Dupre

    Just now realized that Murphy is gone. He was the only contestant that I connected with. I’m so not watching the rest of the season... Unless Jonny West makes an appearance.

  • Mariah Carruthers
    Mariah Carruthers

    He’s so good at writing songs he’s ready for the contract

  • Susan Feltey
    Susan Feltey

    I hope he gets a record deal. AI lost on this one. I was surprised that he didn't make the 24. Are they having any saves or bring backs? He is very talented. I'm praying for him. He deserves to have a large following. God Bless him. He is wonderful.

  • Tresa Keeter
    Tresa Keeter

    So when does his album drop

  • jtube411

    Great song, think Katy hated your style from the start

  • Kris K
    Kris K

    MURPHY creates, sings, and plays from his soul.💙

  • MzBrazen MindTrist
    MzBrazen MindTrist

    I think american idol made a big mistake on this man. He should be the next american idol..he is all missed the boat on this one..but I'll be waiting for more from him..praying someone signs him...

    • Julie Anderson
      Julie Anderson

      There was something fishy. Some of us think it was a liability issue with his vision. I think they had no idea just how much the audience would connect with him and his songs. Love him.

  • Thekillerg

    Murphy already has music on Itunes Music!!! Search him as Blind Boy!!! 😎 He is a star ⭐️

  • 8kings23

    I legit thought they were joking when they said he wasn’t going through! I don’t understand how they chose other people over him?

  • Nick Hadlick
    Nick Hadlick

    I subscribe if Murphy comes back...

  • Meredith V
    Meredith V

    I was so sure he was going through, that when I heard them say no, my heart broke and I couldn't believe it. I've never been one to go "And I stopped watching after that", but it's hard to keep watching after they reject a contestant that just performed an amazing original song.

    • Julie Anderson
      Julie Anderson

      That is exactly where I'm at. This one stings more than any other for me.

  • Emily Anderson
    Emily Anderson

    It should have

  • fubuhz626

    One of a kind dude ! Very awesome 👏 love it

  • Dianne Brown
    Dianne Brown

    Amazing I love love your singing never stop we need you ❤

  • Ldr Johnson
    Ldr Johnson

    he is a modern-day Bob Dylan

    • Ryan Seacrest
      Ryan Seacrest

      Hello my dear, it’s Ryan Seacrest I just wanna give a big shoutout to those behind my success ,love & support 🙏🏻...I'll love to have your Number so we can talk more on WhatsApp.💖

  • djoy4ly

    Who else wants to see MURPHY featured on NPR's Tiny Desk concert with his unique voice and his treasure trove of original songs!🎸🎶🎤

  • anthony komodikis
    anthony komodikis

    Love this guy. What an artist. I can't believe they dropped him, also felt like they led him on. 😔

  • Karen Wall
    Karen Wall

    Bob Dylan has paid us a visit!

  • Toni Silva
    Toni Silva

    the most original artist on this idol show no doubt hope gets big recording deal soon unique voice

  • Corrie- Onagoodday
    Corrie- Onagoodday

    I am a fan! No matter what they say never give up. Your a gem.

  • Marcele Carvalho
    Marcele Carvalho

    Nice music

  • Kadilyn B
    Kadilyn B

    SO GOOD!!!!!!!!