The *NEWEST* Worst Game on Steam
I didn't think it was possible but I've found a game with a ZERO PERCENT rating on Steam... it has take the crown for The Worst Game On Steam.
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  • TheSameZack

    When a roblox game is better than this

  • Daniel Duran
    Daniel Duran

    Mark at the end reminds me of fanf pizzeria simulator “there is nothing to see here, no hope”


    Is it worse than flatout 3? Funny how flatout 2 is amazing! but the third game got worse...

  • ISo2

    Now I want to play it...

  • K. M.
    K. M.

    When everyone started ice skating, I chuckled

  • nefariou5

    just realisd how much money there is in making a shitty game, getting 0 ratings, having a huge youtuber do a video about it, getting millions of views, and then making bank on all the sales of people wanting to try it for themselves. brb.

  • Prince_7557

    Games you can get for $20 dollars and under that you will sink hours into loving -Hollow Knight -Stardew Valley -Phasmaphobia (nice if you got friends) -Slime Rancher (I think if your from the states it's sub $20 -Spelunky -Cuphead (I think it's below $20 if your from the states) -Fran Bow -Undertale -Terraria -The Escapists -The Escapists 2 (I think it's also $20 and under in the states) -Starbound Games you can get under $20 during steam summer sale will prob be -Hades -Darkest Dungeon -Spelunky 2 and a lot more during steam summer sale will be loads of games most likely sub $25 but yeah I'd recommend all of these games and to get any of them over this one!

  • the helper of games
    the helper of games

    Ok worst part that wasnt even said, the game was made in 2018....its been 3 years and its still that garbage

  • Xylily

    "bitcoin mining simulator" - $30 on steam, just uses your computer to mine for bitcoins for the creator, doesn't do anything else Can you imagine? I certainly can

  • James O'brien
    James O'brien

    play awesomenauts, its a okayish game id think you'd find rage-y

  • IAmCorgi ._.
    IAmCorgi ._.

    You have to scroll wheel to turn?!

  • wu1ming9shi

    You know a team hospital like tycoon game but with schools and universities would be a pretty cool idea.

  • space base15957
    space base15957

    there is a game on steam named "nothing!"

  • Veronica Merrit
    Veronica Merrit

    Seeing Mark's work,including lixian and his dudes is worth $20 minimum,each,per person,per hour of entertainment,opinions,jump scares,etc if they so choose. Letting us know about a shitty ass waste of a game. You saved lots of ppl $20 markimoo,much preesh! We love you! Your efforts were not in vane

  • Tired And bored
    Tired And bored

    8:18 at that moment, I got an ad that started with the words, “you’re already doing it.”

  • Gianluca

    you literally have to play "The Amazing Frog"

  • Chokirase-desu!

    Imagine your school legit is like fall guys. That would be so jokes.

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name

    the devs used all the money to not give a shit

  • G.L.B

    next worst game :-1%

  • Captain Spoony
    Captain Spoony

    The thumbnail is ghotse. Enjoy that

  • Devon Parks
    Devon Parks


  • Erniedoggy


  • BlackBird. exe
    BlackBird. exe

    I think the Developers want us to complete the game

  • ThatDudeWithBoobs

    If there ever exists a vending machine that can give me a pair of balls, I'll take a kick in them gladly, rather than pay an exorbitant amount of money for surgeries.

  • Ashley W
    Ashley W

    I have nightmares about awkwardly placed or overly exposed toilets 👍👍👍

  • Ayla Atom
    Ayla Atom

    This is probably the type of game that is disguised as this just terrible terrible game but if you leave the simulation on long enough, the students are going to be taught everything in existence and they will become self aware and then they will create their own simulation

  • j g
    j g

    Their is no game, but for real

  • Darian Lachance
    Darian Lachance

    holy wow i paid half that for "Papers, Please" (thanks to your video) and it's addictive af lol

  • mav4031

    the part you read the post title "dont do it", an ad played with the first words being "youre already doing it." how does this happen? lol

  • Ruben Hogeveen
    Ruben Hogeveen

    Fortnite is a bad game you should try

  • TyTeph

    Someone should come fix this game and gets these people money back 😂

  • JalexC gamer007
    JalexC gamer007

    check out lost daughter, trust me, its god awful

  • Str4ngeV1bes

    13:44 at least you got balls if you didn’t have them before.

  • Carson hess
    Carson hess

    Overcrowding in schools is a real problem... especially here

  • Athena loves cats
    Athena loves cats

    wait did the game get taken down? looked it up on steam but nothing came up

  • ragequit ment
    ragequit ment

    THE WORSTEST GAME EVER MADE BY NEWSET DEVELOPER markiplier: I BUILD A SCHOOL me: bruh why do people not doing anything

  • Jackie

    remember the millionaire in Wayne's World who was bragging about his arcade game that wouldn't let you get the next level, but the kids kept coughing up quarters anyway? this feels like that.

  • CT-1409 Echo
    CT-1409 Echo

    You sound like a teacher during independent reading time and I love it.

  • Meighan

    Mark I hope you never stop this series. I always cry laughing it's so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Joel

    we should collectively lower the rating of a good game on steam just for Mark to play and realize its good and get super confused....

  • TheFakePersona.

    I Know A Bad Game Called Fortnite, Very Broken, And Just Trash In General, Hope This Helps,

  • Xequilatina-lily

    This actually made me laugh so much, and that's because of Mark's struggles AND the game mechanic.

  • Wahib DutchAD
    Wahib DutchAD

    Lmfao This game is a metaphor for the actual value of college to the greater population. "Cool! I did the thing!... Now what?..."

  • Astrophel

    this gave me a really interesting idea im no gamedev tho, so anyone seeing this can use the idea of they'd like ^^ basically, make a game that's basically bad early access(it doesn't matter what the content is of this, but it has to be different from the next thing), give it a glowing outside polish on steam, and sell it for like, a dollar. then, make a game - something like an SCP or a romhack sorta thing. a horror game. completely different from what it used to be, and update it to be this new game w a new title and everything. and, at the very end of the game, add a line like; "do you even remember buying this game?" (this would fit especially well w an scp type thing, an anomalous game no one remembers buying? itd work well w a name that simply states what it's called, like entity 000 or smth ^^) idk, I think it's a cool idea^^

  • Sam Logsdon
    Sam Logsdon

    NGL the background music slaps.

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2021: 1597

  • RaTeD R KiTtY
    RaTeD R KiTtY

    I've played 10x better games that were 5 dollars...

  • SeiyaStars

    This is like...watching an ant farm. 😂 But ants are more interesting. And cheaper.

  • Antoinette Mercora
    Antoinette Mercora

    Bro I actually had a jutting out brick wall at my elementary school 🤣🤣

  • Bleento

    I love how mark is trying to actually play and enjoy it

  • Alukard TheDeathknight
    Alukard TheDeathknight

    Jurrasic Island dinosaur zoo. My dino drowned in a water troph so yeah that sucked

  • Zack

    Bad and broken? Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

  • Lago Playz
    Lago Playz

    What did i watch?

  • Forge Makes Stuff
    Forge Makes Stuff

    you know a game is bad when it can physically hurt me, a person who does not play games, just by watching it

  • Phoenix Borealis
    Phoenix Borealis

    People just appear and disappear at random, which is pretty much just like college.

  • Tales Smoke
    Tales Smoke


  • kelp storm
    kelp storm

    yknow sometimes i feel sorry for the devs who made these games, but at the same time.. _how do you even mess up this bad?!_

  • Hugurs

    John Doe the main character in roblox created this game. The students and teachers names are John Doe.

  • Rashad Patton
    Rashad Patton

    Play incredibox

  • Davi Fahreza
    Davi Fahreza


  • 日本の名前

    i mean might as well play a roblox game

  • DracoHandsome

    when the game is so bad mark makes the thumbnail goatse

  • Luke Zosky
    Luke Zosky

    Crap Visio crap games mark you’ve successfully succeed for success.

  • MoonGangster

    9,307th comment

  • Trxpical Vibez-yt
    Trxpical Vibez-yt

    Follow me because why not🙂

  • TheTard The first and only
    TheTard The first and only

    Holy shite this game 😬😖

  • tbjas

    The thumbnail looks like that goatse image.

  • TifaSohma

    10/10 would watch again. I cried laughing XD

  • Caution Hazardous
    Caution Hazardous

    This is gonna turn into 0% game reviews

  • EineKartoffel

    The thumbnail looks like someone stretching their back entrance to its limit.

  • Aiiiko 71
    Aiiiko 71

    these characters walking animation are scary almost like fnaf

  • Natjo

    The reviews seem accurate alright. Looks as if it's a great basis for a game; they've had the art style down, the theme/mood down (sorta highly professional-lite), but it clearly needed way more development. It's seems more like a level to test prototypes on, ngl.

  • Hanna Kamal
    Hanna Kamal

    Little nightmares 2 😾

  • Evilnemo21 Gaming
    Evilnemo21 Gaming

    University/Resort tycoon might be made by EA from how much it costs to do nothing

  • PineOfTheApple

    Realistically in being the worst game on steam and being reinstated by markiplier makes it technically incredibly popular due to his fan base getting the game to see it for themselves

  • TheQuark6789

    Tbh this seems better than the skyscraper game. At least Mark entertained himself with building for a few minutes.

  • TheQuark6789

    I like how the power sources look like radioisotope thermoelectric generators. You know, just at your university instead of on a space probe.

  • Zander Cohill
    Zander Cohill

    If he was trying to sound like chris pratt.... It would be an Identical voice

  • •


  • Toast and Toasty
    Toast and Toasty

    Me wondering where the forest is

  • hatmaster

    Welp just lost 20 dollars feelin good :D

  • vengeful warrior
    vengeful warrior

    This is a Zoe Quinn level of a scam.

  • Jon Black
    Jon Black


  • Rachel

    PLEASE finish Hunie Pop!

  • Nuked Pyro
    Nuked Pyro

    Game bad

  • Evelyn Midnight
    Evelyn Midnight

    WhY ArE ThEy SiTtInG On ThE PaRk BeNcHeS AnD StAnDiNg aT ThE DeSkS?!?!

  • Jessy

    am I the only one who sees something else on his preview pic?..

  • Illusionary Gull38
    Illusionary Gull38

    This game is more expensive than Minecraft, the literal most creative game ever mad, can you believe that??!!!!

  • Paxtyn McClelland Ladouceur
    Paxtyn McClelland Ladouceur

    10:09 actually yes

  • Ryker Rathje
    Ryker Rathje

    First the soviets infiltrate the government... now they're infiltrating the space program

  • Jonathan McKeown
    Jonathan McKeown

    For it to give you balls to kick you in...thats another 20$

  • EGA

    This has 0% from 2 votes, yeah, it's *B A D*

  • Chris Kyng
    Chris Kyng

    Marks full of shit. He doesn't like space he won't even play Outer Wilds THE BEST SPACE GAME ON MARKET. Literally lies.

  • andrew reynolds
    andrew reynolds

    This is hard to watch... even online classes work better than this game

  • Howdy ImDaby
    Howdy ImDaby

    I dont even want to watch this but its like its *DISGUSTING* and it tells you that to *NOT* install this *SHIT* game

  • Joseph

    You think this is bad? You should check out PvZ: BfN.

  • CheeseCake !
    CheeseCake !

    I somehow have the same wallpaper as Mark does.

  • Kameron Bowers
    Kameron Bowers

    Huniepop 2 part 6?

  • Redchicken saqh fan ,
    Redchicken saqh fan ,

    This looks like a mobile ad game

  • Elder Maxson
    Elder Maxson

    ALL copies of this game should be scrubbed from the internet. Abominations like this should NOT exist

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