This is impossible! (Behind the scenes) 🤐 #shorts
Crazy trick!

  • Leonardo Braga de Freitas
    Leonardo Braga de Freitas


  • djalil mezrag
    djalil mezrag



    Hay am I the only one that notice that he had a red cup behind his phone

  • Belen aurora flores
    Belen aurora flores

    E res un men tiroso

  • vicky rajput
    vicky rajput


  • Mr.Sraoster

    Hi check out my funny magic trick videos 😂😂😂 i hope you like it ❤️

  • Avita Rani
    Avita Rani


  • YusufAHED Shaikh
    YusufAHED Shaikh


  • Nebi Aliyev
    Nebi Aliyev

    Şaka şaka 😂😂

  • umer bilal
    umer bilal

    Pagal log dusry ku Pagal banatay hai

  • Pankaj Gupta
    Pankaj Gupta

    👃same me bean😂😂

  • Marget Njoroge
    Marget Njoroge

    First time reading this comments without seeing "HES THE TYPE OF GUY" legendary line

    • Xeyal İmamquliyev
      Xeyal İmamquliyev


  • Jovit Agader
    Jovit Agader


  • Shay & Kay
    Shay & Kay


  • Stephanie m
    Stephanie m

    Hey dude did you play that boy on high way to heaven sure sound like him

  • Rigo Ufer
    Rigo Ufer


  • prince_ bubble gum
    prince_ bubble gum

    Wow this is a very original not stolen video I have never seen this across platforms in my five year old cousin and brother have never showed me this trick ever this is very original and creative you deserve a reward and 10 million dollars

  • Bappy Mahmud
    Bappy Mahmud

    Your Teeth?

  • luisa

    nice tune

  • Michell yaretzi Guevara lopez
    Michell yaretzi Guevara lopez

    garigato nani

  • ME Need song
    ME Need song

    bruh I saw a red cup Wait a Minute Im I Exposing?

  • emerson Gonzalez
    emerson Gonzalez


  • ประยุทธ์ ออกแล้ว
    ประยุทธ์ ออกแล้ว

    난 너가 싫어

  • Valeria Landaverde
    Valeria Landaverde

    You can see the cup

  • Yesui Namsrai
    Yesui Namsrai


  • Jules Faulk-Lewis
    Jules Faulk-Lewis

    Your last name makes me want to give rhode island back

  • I’m Normal
    I’m Normal

    Morgz long lost cousin

  • Hasya Halide
    Hasya Halide

    Ni magic

  • Hasya Halide
    Hasya Halide

    Ni mafic

  • Guelmarys Gómez
    Guelmarys Gómez


  • Ivani Dantas
    Ivani Dantas

    Eita mentira

  • Isabell Hoppe
    Isabell Hoppe


  • سا جد حسن
    سا جد حسن


  • Yaneth Flores Vilca
    Yaneth Flores Vilca

    Qué escribirle esa idea

  • Beverly Ponce Mancilla
    Beverly Ponce Mancilla


  • Cuka Galarza
    Cuka Galarza

    Se notó el baso

  • Charl-Thom Bayer
    Charl-Thom Bayer

    So cool oh my God I wish you could do that to me so where do you get all the stuff

  • John Kamsi
    John Kamsi


  • mhamad faroq
    mhamad faroq

    فێڵ با ز هههههههههههههههههه

  • Génesis valeria Lopez huerta
    Génesis valeria Lopez huerta


  • rashmi sharma
    rashmi sharma

    But we can see a bit packit of chocolate 🍫 behind the phone


    🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮فيد يو هتك خيبه

  • Alexandra Siddons
    Alexandra Siddons


  • Yareli Valerio
    Yareli Valerio

    Comida en telefono

  • Brincando com a tata
    Brincando com a tata

    Me liga

  • Shakeer Md
    Shakeer Md


  • Janique Hurst
    Janique Hurst

    I saw the red part of the cup when u were pouring it out

  • Aleksandra Murawska
    Aleksandra Murawska

    I saw the cup behind it lol

  • فاطمه خزعل
    فاطمه خزعل


  • Giovanni Rao
    Giovanni Rao

    Vi dico una cosa è stupido e tagliato il bicchiere e a messo le palline di cioccolato nel bicchiere al telefono

  • Asmr tingles Fernandez
    Asmr tingles Fernandez

    I saw the red cup still

  • zelia galgino
    zelia galgino


  • Avakin Tiana
    Avakin Tiana

    This is like a thing that even a baby could see

  • Nono Saeed
    Nono Saeed

    محمد رسول الله 😢😢😢😢😢😥🎉😱😱😭🤯

    • Kaiplays

      Did you just have a fucking stroke

  • ณัฏฐ์ชนากานต์ เหล่าผง
    ณัฏฐ์ชนากานต์ เหล่าผง

    • ณัฏฐ์ชนากานต์ เหล่าผง
      ณัฏฐ์ชนากานต์ เหล่าผง

      พิ 10000&$?ปิยณัฐ สิทิธาชิ

  • Alexuta Postolache
    Alexuta Postolache

    Cum te ceamă

  • jakeline garcia
    jakeline garcia


  • Ratry Rana
    Ratry Rana

    My favorite candy



  • Mary joy Delos reyes
    Mary joy Delos reyes

    I love you! Dan rhodes!

  • Gregoria Sisor
    Gregoria Sisor


  • Yash Shinde
    Yash Shinde

    Wow what a big brain

  • Neetu Dubey
    Neetu Dubey

    Your teeth are so dirty😵😵

  • jason


  • James Bond
    James Bond


  • Susana Dedich
    Susana Dedich


  • Khrisna TriAtmaja
    Khrisna TriAtmaja

    18 rb

  • Railey Caleb A Lasquites
    Railey Caleb A Lasquites

    I see a red behind the phone :v

  • Pink Gam
    Pink Gam

    Evhxhivifuucibekvhv jcbbc on gjg

  • Nu Do
    Nu Do

    Lộ r kìa

  • Zahra Abid
    Zahra Abid

    You were not poured into the glass from behind

  • Agata Rynkiewicz
    Agata Rynkiewicz

    Czy tylko ja słyszę w tej piosence babuszka😂

  • Waheedah Roc
    Waheedah Roc


  • Zari Cheema
    Zari Cheema

    Sara kush nazar a raha tha

  • Danil Putra
    Danil Putra


  • Sekar Sari
    Sekar Sari

    Ngak lucu

  • Marilyn Villanueva
    Marilyn Villanueva

    You could've choked it when you threw it in the air and catch it using your mouth

  • Saka Lenggadai
    Saka Lenggadai

    WOW banget

  • Jagal Prasad
    Jagal Prasad


  • Rolando Mider
    Rolando Mider

    Well basically u want us to show your result and u comment it was impossible but its not

  • Eman Brucal
    Eman Brucal

    Sabi ng kasama ko baliw ka daw hindi naman daw totoo yung magic mani a fake daw fake dota 2 bad news doyoung bad new sabi niya kalbo millennial

  • Niluka Eranga
    Niluka Eranga

    I see that mug

  • Cosmic Zodiac
    Cosmic Zodiac

    Dude I don't understand why everyone just keeps roasting him

    • Trevor Philips
      Trevor Philips

      He has dumb head style

  • Kath Amata
    Kath Amata

    i saw the red plastic cap behind the phone

  • mailyn kim
    mailyn kim

    Maltese ima ask my mom

  • imelda vicente
    imelda vicente


  • Cole Dahl
    Cole Dahl

    You kinda suck at these cause they are not that good of a joke/prank

  • Gopi Krishna Gopi Krishna
    Gopi Krishna Gopi Krishna

    Worst videos doing

  • Taher Gadiwala
    Taher Gadiwala

    U are talen

  • Taher Gadiwala
    Taher Gadiwala


  • Menma

    música: Babooshka

  • tapgameplay5010 terjo
    tapgameplay5010 terjo

    You should be making your video of something public no one will know but since you showed at everybody I see all of your videos but now it's too late because everybody saw that😡

  • tapgameplay5010 terjo
    tapgameplay5010 terjo

    you should not show that to everybody in public you need this private is that you showed everybody they're going to copy you😡

  • tapgameplay5010 terjo
    tapgameplay5010 terjo

    And secondly since you are holding the phone and the cup I saw a little beat tiny cup from the left and right😡

  • tapgameplay5010 terjo
    tapgameplay5010 terjo

    why did you even show that to everybody they are gonna know on BG-chat and i heard a guy from your comment from tic tok this is how your not supposed to do that and that guy from I heard from the Comets everybody's going to know that!!!!😡

  • Melvin Estrada
    Melvin Estrada


  • ashish panwar
    ashish panwar


  • Lol YeeT
    Lol YeeT

    The way he smiled was weird

  • I’mMikeD

    How in the world are millions of people watching this nonsense

  • Mariana Polanco Arevalo
    Mariana Polanco Arevalo

    Se ve el baso

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