UNHhhh Ep. 148 - Babies!
This week the gals are chattin babies - but they’re not having one, Mary! If you HAVE the baby, you can't BE the baby. So, forget everything you know about babies. In fact, throw the whole concept of babies out the window (and the baby too, if you want). Watch 30 days earlier, only on WOW Presents Plus: bit.ly/3cfNDfO

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Jeff Maccubbin
Ron Hill

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  • Tomb Keeper 203
    Tomb Keeper 203

    10:18 We LIVE for the Lady Gaga reference.

  • Rachel Cardwell
    Rachel Cardwell

    Trixie just completely ignoring Katya's 'have you ever wanted to eat the baby?'

  • Peeves

    I want to be adopted by Trixie and Katya. Like, I'm already an adult but like dress me up in a wig and slather me in make up.

  • mars

    11:30 is probably my most favorite trixie joke idk why i laughed so hard at it

  • lunarfear

    Legit watched this in the hospital going into labor.

  • Felipe Villarreal
    Felipe Villarreal

    the editors really go there with the jokes in this episode. and all I'm saying is: FUN

  • Marie Payan
    Marie Payan

    I was a devil baby and my mom said i was always sick as hell and I’d cry if she left the room to like grab a diaper. Gone for 2 seconds I’d scream like oh no i hope karma dont gimme a baby like that

  • Mochi Flower
    Mochi Flower

    Now I don’t know if naming my possible future kids rita and primrose (prim for short) is too much

  • Allison Parker
    Allison Parker

    "Cuz your butt?"

  • Cat Jackson
    Cat Jackson

    The Clue reference got me! Love y'all!

  • Boris Smirnov
    Boris Smirnov

    I’m at the point in life that Katya is a genuine roll model for me

  • Simone Hougaard
    Simone Hougaard

    I could walk at 9 months, and when i was a little older i would ran away everytime i was like in a mall

  • Mrs.Kelly Miracle
    Mrs.Kelly Miracle

    I did not want kids at all, then I had one, don't want anymore but my son really, he saved my life let's just say that, me and my husband...but like I said no more one is enough...but yes I would love a nanny lmao.

  • Kayla B.
    Kayla B.

    As a Kayla.... I agree with my entire soul fuck a McKayla! 🤣

  • * Mollz *
    * Mollz *

    2:30 in case I need it in the future

  • Quantum race
    Quantum race

    Trixie using a phone to show her baby pic, meanwhile Katyas got her etched ash rock drawings

  • liv macmillan
    liv macmillan

    i love imagining the editor googling “gay throuple”

  • Lucio Martínez
    Lucio Martínez

    Yeap, I don't like babies. I don't like kids. Maybe, maybe their fathers, maybe! They're needy, their selfish, and can't be bothered to tell me what's wrong with them. All they do is cry cry. They're shady too... You go to approach them with a big ole half-fake smile, they see you and and start crying. Like they just saw the ugliest scariest thing... Well! F U too! Hahahah

  • Mr_ Tinez
    Mr_ Tinez

    Season 1 dragrace Bob the Drag Queen has taken over Trixie this episode

  • Leonelle Q
    Leonelle Q

    You're both are not even supposed to have babies. You're degenerates, so just live your lives, there must be no continuation.

  • Robin Huggins
    Robin Huggins

    Everytime... EVERY, SINGLE, TIME... As of right now... That I've watched uhhhnnn deliver us from evil the movie keeps getting recommended to me, is this what happens when the algorithm accounts for TRIXIES makeup change?

  • Julianne Abad
    Julianne Abad

    1:27 I find myself quoting what they say multiple times a day. 😂😂

  • MimiDancer_BAP&VIXXtrash #BAPROSE
    MimiDancer_BAP&VIXXtrash #BAPROSE

    "8 pounds piece of shit who is here to ruin my life" is my new phrase ahhah I thought I was an asshole talking about how awful a baby could be haha here comes trixie to knock that shit down

  • Carol Bruce
    Carol Bruce

    I would not die if you had a baby

  • fredginger4ever

    "Poor people just want their baby to survive..... How about Beth?" And despite having no children, I felt that....

  • Melon Aine
    Melon Aine

    This gives me baby in the kitchen vibes

  • PurpleDuneEfa

    Are we gonna talk about the link at 4:18 ??

  • Dj Rodriguez
    Dj Rodriguez

    okay some one needs to throw shah that wig that tracy is wearing. just no…

  • Tania Owens
    Tania Owens

    I’m glad my babies grew up as soon as they were born…otherwise I would understand all the hype about crying babies and dropping them off at the hotel…

  • Jean-Michel Mayer
    Jean-Michel Mayer


  • Johnathan Curry
    Johnathan Curry

    Fontanel, I could totally see a Queen with that name. Sounds absolutely perfect!

  • jesse again
    jesse again

    Don't tell me straight white people aren't the most creative with their baby names, because "Katie" can be Catherine, Katherine, Caitlin, Catelyn, Caitlyn, Caitlynn, Caitelynne, Kaitlin, Katlin, Katelyn, Kaitlyn, Kaitlynn, Kaitelynne, Cathleen, or Kathleen.

  • onyx mxmd
    onyx mxmd

    8:20 11:07

  • Anna-Maria

    Ah yes, Trixie and Paul Rudd a match made in heaven 😂

  • Kiera

    this is the best ep i think maybe

  • kay lee
    kay lee

    The read on my parents for naming me kay lee but spelling it as fucking ridiculously as possible, to the point that i had to change it. I feel seen ❤

  • StayMoo

    „Not one flickering fleeting millisecond of my life has been spent earnestly pining for a child.” -Katya Zamolodchikova

  • Captures In Time
    Captures In Time

    I refuse to believe this is already a month old

  • Cherry Wilson
    Cherry Wilson

    How you only coming for white baby names….black mamas add three names, a dash and spell it anyway they choose…come on 😂 my girl raysheet’a isn’t white

  • Bridget Barry
    Bridget Barry

    What got you this episode girls? For me it was “Christian? That’s like escaping Scientology and naming your baby L. Ron.”

  • Nick Neuharth
    Nick Neuharth

    “ I have a question, it’s more of a story”

  • Aleksandar Ilić
    Aleksandar Ilić

    I wanted a baby until my cousin got one and I saw how fucking effort it takes so that the baby is not in 💩. I'm not changing you 19 times a day. We can cuddle for 30 minutes, and 👋

  • Haileu

    The Nanny reference 😭

  • Mars Goddess
    Mars Goddess

    Try breastfeeding a colicky baby while having postpartum depression. *_IT SUCKS!!_*

  • Xiomya Donaldson
    Xiomya Donaldson

    “Have I sucked at everything because I’m supposed to be doing that” ... I felt that 😂💀

  • Alex Rader
    Alex Rader

    Next episode: Serial Killers

  • Heidi Roggendorf
    Heidi Roggendorf

    My dads name is kristian 😂 8:10

  • youngwan


  • Language Resources
    Language Resources

    Those silicone babies freak me out. I used to be a teacher and I had a student who was obsessed with them and kept showing me those unboxings and I just wanted her to take it away from my eyeballs. Not kidding, made me tear up from fear. They trigger my fight or flight response worse than almost anything. They're too uncanny valley and they are so realistic yet limp they end up looking like someone is handling an unconscious or dead baby and I can't look at them. The ones that have their eyes open make my insides churn.

  • Cesar Nuñez
    Cesar Nuñez

    Katya's make up is flawless like always love her

  • Preston Deschee.
    Preston Deschee.

    I know why I watch you now. you stole material from the queen grauden of good, from Colorado. theses things expose them

  • Neko Mochi
    Neko Mochi

    Guadalupe Mcgiilacuty isn't that from the Jasmine Masters video? XD

  • Harriet Alice
    Harriet Alice

    We have a long proud tradition of forgetting/leaving babies in our family; my mum was left, my youngest cousin was left, I've been left (twice).. I've taken it as a sign that maybe child-rearing is best left to other families. 😂

  • Kaleigh Berley
    Kaleigh Berley

    Wow even they hate my name but it’s ok I do too

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming

    okay but like why does the dangling babies link go to another yt video (danglingbabies.com)

  • Generalissimo

    Having a baby is just keeping cum as a pet.

    • Jack Thomas
      Jack Thomas

      I had about 5 varying reactions to this comment in the space of as many seconds

  • Luke Sattler
    Luke Sattler

    I got Lisa Rinna vibes from Trixie at the beginning! 😂😂 not sure if that was intentional.

  • Sonia del Valle
    Sonia del Valle

    ok but if you're poor and you want your kid to survive you don't name her BETH, you name her Amy and watch out for frozen lakes

  • Macky Bodo
    Macky Bodo

    Katya complaining about Kayleigh, I wonder what she'd think of Irish names

  • thescribification

    "Are you hiding? I'm coming." Madeleine Kahn as Mrs. White in Clue (1985). My favourite film and I love that Katya quotes it all the time and no one gets it. 😂

    • Another youtube channel name
      Another youtube channel name

      I'm here for it too :D

  • sky peters
    sky peters

    As someone who is adopted. Yes you can return a baby

  • sky peters
    sky peters

    I would be way less concerned leaving a baby with Katya for a second. It would probably just be on the floor. If I left it with Trixie it would be dismembered or being poked and prodded or inspected in some way 😆

  • sky peters
    sky peters

    How does Katya looks larger than Trixie? It’s the damn hair Trixie lost a foot of her height

  • sky peters
    sky peters


  • Deus Ex McKenna
    Deus Ex McKenna

    My mom and sister were brown as kids and got lighter as adults. I was white from day one. White/Asian/Black Indigenous peeps shout out. Métis peeps wassup? Hope everybody has been finding peace and support with all of the news in Canada

  • Gabriel Carvalho
    Gabriel Carvalho

    Katya and Trixie having a baebee I personally vote for this name. Bimini Bon Babee Kayllaegh MA-GI-CAL.

  • Erin Wozniak
    Erin Wozniak

    i wanted a baby no one cares it's all a joke and my basic human rights have been exploited

  • Tim Bingley
    Tim Bingley

    My mom heard of a man named Hymen Doodlesack

  • Scorpi-hoe 26
    Scorpi-hoe 26

    This show is pure serotonin

  • Charles Cook
    Charles Cook

    There are plenty of photos of these women holding babies. However, I did not say this is safe lol.

  • roxxylala26

    @8:56 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Finn Tran
    Finn Tran

    7:44 Funny because in a distant Feudalist Japan, when a woman gives birth the midwife (person who helps delivery the baby) would ask: Do you want to keep it, or do you want it RETURNER??? Post birth abortion is a thing mom

  • Gwendolyn Newby
    Gwendolyn Newby

    I swore that Katy’s had kids?

  • Tenzin Phelps
    Tenzin Phelps

    I wished they said Moira Rose iconic “bébé” or anything Moira in UNHhhh 🥺🥺🥺

  • New Eyes
    New Eyes

    Cut to katya holding a baby video

  • cecil le
    cecil le

    Glad to see trixie has stopped her abusive relationship with blush and move on to a semi-amicable long distance drunk dial

  • Chelsea Lovelace
    Chelsea Lovelace

    I’m HERE for every Clue reference. Every one of em. Every time.

  • Georgia Wheaton
    Georgia Wheaton

    The way Trixie said “hello gurl”, I cannot determine the energy, but I love it

  • Tee leSynclair
    Tee leSynclair

    I'm terrified of them, I hate the noise they make, I like spending my money on makeup and clothes, I hate redundant questions and foolishness, I effing panic when another woman brings a baby around me, I'm like PLEASE don't hand me it next, the baby/child package isn't for me rn

  • Elise Brodeur-Jacobs
    Elise Brodeur-Jacobs

    Katya reminds me of Jackie Curtis. I love her so much more now!

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me

    "Did your fat chunky ass just break that steel chair?" -Trixie

  • Kayla

    As a Kayla who everyone calls McKayla, thank you

  • Kayleigh Bevins
    Kayleigh Bevins

    That’s it I’m changing my name

  • Laine Taylor
    Laine Taylor

    “Are you hiding? I’m coming😏” OK Mrs. WHITE!

  • Zach Parker
    Zach Parker

    I know this is a random, stupid question, but what is the piano melody that plays at 4:30? Just curious :)

  • Grant D
    Grant D

    You already know that somebody's gonna name their baby McNeighvee Inglebirth Humperdinck... and I feel so sorry for them.

  • Brick the f4g
    Brick the f4g


  • Rocket Backhander
    Rocket Backhander

    I keep rewatching this just to listen to Katya say "Berth."

  • Moon Beam Hill Goth
    Moon Beam Hill Goth

    f*ck my drag, right?

  • Lukas Laube
    Lukas Laube

    My cousin named their child Navy and I feel uncontrollably attacked

  • Seraphim

    As a person named Kaleigh I feel attacked

  • misterlister

    Katya should have stood for this whole episode that look is 😍

  • Renee DeWolf
    Renee DeWolf

    Ive discovered my spirit animals.

  • estella2lenne

    Serving realness!!

  • Cain Withey
    Cain Withey

    Can we have an episode about Serial killers/true crime

  • Bett33 BoneZ
    Bett33 BoneZ


  • Guillerm Perrier
    Guillerm Perrier

    0:49 Bœuf: an ode to “Foux Du Fafa.” Katya’s *cultured*-cultured. 🤌🥐😌🇫🇷✨

  • a. r.
    a. r.


  • jo.jo. 3
    jo.jo. 3

    I have honestly said that to my husband- babe how do you feel about a third? He was like if you’re into it I’m good with it. Honestly having a third parent to help out and get to have fun sex with is a win win but then comes the jealousy and bickering which is something my husband and I never do is argue or fight so idk if I could handle the drama of another women in the house 😂

  • ren ren
    ren ren

    i love these f-slurs

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