UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! (#35)
In this video I got UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 35 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series, Today I Built a Gold Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE Gold! I also built an Automatic Piglin Trading Farm for all my gold & I became the RICHEST Hardcore Minecraft Player! Want to find out how to get unlimited gold in minecraft hardcore? Watch the whole video to find out!
Gold Farm Tutorial:
"Minecraft Gold Farm for 1.16 - Easy and Efficient Build Design"
Watch the Series from Episode 1:
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  • Codey Slater
    Codey Slater

    Is it just me that kinda gets just bored at night so I watch him

  • Christopher Agudo
    Christopher Agudo

    Video idea: biuld a raid farm for infinite totems?

  • Tiger Mos*
    Tiger Mos*

    Me in before 2015:I just build an gold house and back to game mode survival and say to my friend it was made of survival👁️👄👁️

  • Lexie Simpson
    Lexie Simpson

    You should build a giant melon out of melons

  • The Fridodo
    The Fridodo

    Make a Giant Melon golem - like a iron golem but instead of iron there are melons

  • Amistrophy

    U can feed doggo with rotten flesh

  • Amistrophy

    4:50 Wait couldn't you just build another nether portal

  • Retaliate

    who would win in a Minecraft fight Like = WadZee Comment = PewDiePie

  • Dustin Morgan
    Dustin Morgan

    he should get super hungry and eat them all

  • Rafael Gonçalves
    Rafael Gonçalves

    I know what to do with the rotten flesh. Cleric villager, more emeralds

  • SmashBash Josh
    SmashBash Josh

    What’s the name of his intro song

  • Aloe Vera Games & Films
    Aloe Vera Games & Films

    make a giant melon from melons

  • Wut Cat
    Wut Cat

    I respec he actualy put the like in the description

  • A. Adithya Guru
    A. Adithya Guru

    Gold digger

  • Gigen Wang
    Gigen Wang

    Your next building for the city should be just melons

  • David Conceição
    David Conceição

    you should build a giant melon

  • Aditya Malviya
    Aditya Malviya

    you can make your own gold castle

  • why? why?
    why? why?

    Build big mellon

  • Krista Hughes
    Krista Hughes

    Trade the rotten flesh for emeralds

  • Lamija Korajlic
    Lamija Korajlic

    Make a mellon planet

  • mayank

    Bro if your are legit then you are best

  • Roddhhh

  • jacqueline jara
    jacqueline jara

    it dem


    Hmm, trade them for ABSOLUTE PROFITS and make a emerald house

  • Olive Consumer
    Olive Consumer

    You should probaly turn the fog of.

  • Wookiee gaming
    Wookiee gaming

    Who else has sweaty hands when a ghast comes

  • Salmon Gaming
    Salmon Gaming

    If we combine the world of stampylonghead, wadzee, philza, fru, and dream smp, it will be GINORMOUS

  • William Waterfield
    William Waterfield

    I had just died in my hardcore world and was really mad but then I started watching this video and it made me feel a lot better. So thank u

  • Alexander Rieken
    Alexander Rieken

    Make a Melon factory

  • Faulkal

    First walker enchant would help out well when placing magma blocks. No damage when walking in them!

  • Aj Schaare
    Aj Schaare

    bild a gint malln and make a gint cict of mallns

  • Will Brush
    Will Brush


  • Ethan Cui
    Ethan Cui

    you know what would be cool if mojang made a feature like a sort of block that could automatically craft items for you like you could set it to a certain recipe, hook it up to a hopper, and it would automatically craft the item you want and you just had to throw the materials in making farm so much easier

  • !-

    you should build a giant pickle with all the melons

  • Jaaziel Chavez
    Jaaziel Chavez

    Melón farm

  • Elias Wahlquist
    Elias Wahlquist

    build a nether fortress with melons

    • Elias Wahlquist
      Elias Wahlquist

      like, replace all the blocks of a prebuilt one with melons

  • Sebastian Flaxman
    Sebastian Flaxman

    melon tree

  • Tucker Cloran
    Tucker Cloran

    Make a melon Mansion

  • undying_ _goul
    undying_ _goul

    this is like a war of wadzee VS lukethenotable about who can survive the longest and who is the richest

  • MR gaming
    MR gaming

    melon world

  • Ioan Alexe
    Ioan Alexe

    Feed your dogs rotten flesh They make babies i think

  • codename 09
    codename 09

    What about a nice melon castle wadzee?

  • Rachida Remila
    Rachida Remila

    You maybe dont now yet but piglins scares about zombified piglins


    Add face came in video


    You should build castle out of melons and melon king and put melony as his guardian

  • KirA 2 OP
    KirA 2 OP

    We need you create your own photo with melons lemme tell you how Take different colours concrete and use them to design the outlines of your face nose etc. And the melons Use it to cover your face

  • Kathy Tsamis
    Kathy Tsamis

    Please it's going through hard

  • Kathy Tsamis
    Kathy Tsamis

    And I have all noodies on and I subscribed please

  • Kathy Tsamis
    Kathy Tsamis

    Can I play with you in your world please I would jump off a cliff to play with you cuz you're my biggest fan I want all your videos

  • Kathy Tsamis
    Kathy Tsamis


  • Pallavi Rathi
    Pallavi Rathi

    Make a stachue of melons

  • Charlie Strother smith
    Charlie Strother smith

    Build a giant melon

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer

    Sell the rotten flesh to cleric for free emeralds :-)

  • MrEpicGamer BP
    MrEpicGamer BP

    Turn into emeralds then make a house of emeralds.

  • Bread Loaf Gaming
    Bread Loaf Gaming

    10:54 "Oh that is a big cubey boi" WadZee 2021

  • Rudy Smyth
    Rudy Smyth

    16:57 i love how the music said "carrot"

  • Paul McGarrigan
    Paul McGarrigan

    a melon factory

  • MessiMagisterial

    You can make your gold farm gold and rotten flesh go separate ways by using two droppers that go different ways. You can make rotten flesh go down to lava and it can burn. By: DaFlurest

  • Quarts YT
    Quarts YT


  • Quinnzo Playz
    Quinnzo Playz

    Melon out of melons melon 🍈



  • Oga I Sega
    Oga I Sega

    build your self of melons XD

  • Isaac Latter casas
    Isaac Latter casas

    you can sell melons to villagers

  • bhai ke experiment
    bhai ke experiment

    Make a city with mealon or make castel

  • icebluscorpion

    The great hulk out of melons

  • Pnk Andre
    Pnk Andre

    Make a meme out of the melons! Watermelon inside of a watermelon !!! :D :))

  • Le Monke
    Le Monke

    Wadzee, you could probably sell the rotten flesh to clerics for money

  • Astric


  • That's Easy
    That's Easy

    make a city of melons

  • Glitched Corruption
    Glitched Corruption

    Build a giant melon for melony to stay in

  • Timariu Gabriel
    Timariu Gabriel

    You could use the melons for bonemeal

  • Erkhes Erdene
    Erkhes Erdene

    I completely forgot it was an hardcore series

  • Thibeau. Fontyn
    Thibeau. Fontyn

    make a giant melon block

  • DarkBum

    I dunno how you fixed the gold dispensing problem, but for a workaround, you could just add another sorter, that filters out the gold that gets dropped into the hopper below the Piglin and loop it around into the dispensers.

  • N0_N4M3 YT
    N0_N4M3 YT

    hey wadzee just a lil tip fill all the spaces in your chest with one nugget for only gold in the chests

  • PyroYT

    How about An Giant Melon

  • HaykGuy 13
    HaykGuy 13

    Tip: For these gold farms you can use the rotten flesh to trade with clerics for emeralds since that’s a trade they have.

  • Keagan Korab
    Keagan Korab

    Make a giant melon out of melons the inside IS NOT HOLLOW

  • RoJ-0

    6:10 you have achieved *epilepsy*

  • Salma Younis
    Salma Younis

    Make 3000 days and build a melon city

  • Jump Lnd
    Jump Lnd

    5:34 🤨😳

  • Ava Wolverton
    Ava Wolverton

    You should do player out of melons

  • Koty Kollmar
    Koty Kollmar


    He should make different things out of the different ores. like the beacons. every type ore but a house, that stuff.

  • Cringe Gamer
    Cringe Gamer

    you should dd an item sorter so the gold and rotten flesh get seperated

  • Cringe Gamer
    Cringe Gamer

    he should make a big melon with melon

  • Thegamer 617
    Thegamer 617

    wadzee you can use the rotten flesh trading it to villagers

  • Zaran Chowdhury
    Zaran Chowdhury

    farmers sell golden carrots at master level if u want a easier way to get golden carrots, the base price is 3 emeralds for 3 golden carrots

  • Charlie Clark
    Charlie Clark

    Trade melons to villagers

  • Random Crits
    Random Crits

    Fill 1 chunk with melons

  • Kyree W
    Kyree W

    The cat

  • Kyree W
    Kyree W


  • Kyree W
    Kyree W

    How about a melon castle for

  • Toby Rawson
    Toby Rawson

    U can trade emeralds for golden carrots from a farmer

  • Melanie Law
    Melanie Law

    Make a giant melon

  • Melanie Law
    Melanie Law


  • as. ggs
    as. ggs

    City of melon called melon York

  • Mr Hotfeet
    Mr Hotfeet

    How bout trade them with villagers then make a tower out of the emeralds?

  • Tyler Storm
    Tyler Storm

    Melon mountain

  • Jennifer Parkes
    Jennifer Parkes

    If you have a dog your can feed it all the rotten flesh

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