When Games Turn Into Movie Scenes #1
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Thumbnail credit: bit.ly/3tXHo6L RedcoatViking

Music from www.epidemicsound.com
0:00 Signal to Noise - Hampus Naeselius
2:31 Impulse - Hampus Naeselius
3:38 The Battle Of The Nile - Grant Newman
5:52 The Rodeo - Gary the Canary
6:27 The Sewers - Hampus Naeselius

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  • GameSprout

    Which clip reminds you of a movie you've watched?

    • the_mr_chungus

      2:17 what is that game

    • Kujexz


    • Dick Artist
      Dick Artist

      The Batman game clip reminds me of Batman movies because Batman is in it and fighting bad guys from Batman

    • Kujexz

      I love battlefield can’t wait to post more content on it soon!!!

    • Recondo Laidy-slayer
      Recondo Laidy-slayer

      How can I send a game clip? This is right up my ally, I always play like it’s a movie, I have a a lot of amazing game clips that I’d love to share.

  • Timo Rouw
    Timo Rouw

    The last one was litteraly that scene from Dunkirk

  • Michael Cantavero
    Michael Cantavero

    "When games turn into movies" *Plays Batman*

  • Sayf Mulz
    Sayf Mulz

    what is that game where man ducks over hellercopeter at the first part

  • Jake Mon
    Jake Mon

    When ww3 starts and millennials are committing war crimes killing the people who are "downed"

  • planetzog

    is it just me but the music just get used so much and its so loud it just turns in to a meme

  • k.samino

    0:40 What's the game pls

  • Thomas Furtick
    Thomas Furtick

    That ghost of Tsushima sequence was beautiful

  • Resonant

    Thing is. Any clip of hell let loose counts. Its porbably the most cinematic and atmospheric game out there

    • this account isn't real
      this account isn't real

      I make it my goal to contribute to the atmosphere in HLL I like pretending to bleedout as I cry for medics

  • Omstertron

    I have a feeling Battlefield may be featured in a lot of these clips just because it's battlefield and a lotta cool shit happens

  • goochy117

    Anyone know what game the thumbnail is from?

  • Gentelman Frog
    Gentelman Frog

    this is masterpiece! I love it!

  • Max Sznaza
    Max Sznaza

    Yeah, yeah I think about this all the time!

  • ChaoticHam YT
    ChaoticHam YT

    what is the game at 1:40?

  • tripical

    What game was the snowboarding in? Never seen something like that in a game lmao

  • Cali Knight
    Cali Knight

    whats the game at 2:12 called?

  • Intrus Gaming
    Intrus Gaming

    These games were fucking nice and I didn't even know any of them

  • Adruxit

    2:15 reminds me of call of duty black ops Cold War in the fracture jaw mission.

  • Tomáš Dvě
    Tomáš Dvě

    2:26 Game name please

  • Jan

    Half of the clips are from battlefield

  • Edgar P
    Edgar P

    Just cause is cheating cause the whole game is cheesy action lmao

  • Sw00t_y PrD
    Sw00t_y PrD

    Jesus Christ is the King 👑

  • BreadSlice

    Battlefield V is honestly a masterpiece at times

  • leaf

    cant say ive seen a movie that looks like 3:00

  • Humping Raider
    Humping Raider

    If you guys haven’t played Post Scriptum, it’s like Battlfield V except it actually looks and feels like you’re in WWII and they also kept the gargantuan amount of gey you’ll find in BFV. It’s really fun.


    The last clip. Has really good graphics of explosions very impressive

  • Taco Mandela
    Taco Mandela

    no idea what impulse is but considering those 2 clips cutting in and out I never want to play and why is that in here???

  • Jack B
    Jack B

    3:04 this reminds me of interstellar

  • Andy W
    Andy W

    The whole of The last of us part 2

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay

    What game is that @ :45 with the snowboard?

  • MrCole

    Why is it always Yoda running away from explosions xD

  • William Marks
    William Marks

    What game is at 2:11 ?

  • Mr Dooce
    Mr Dooce

    the battlefield five bridge one reminds me of jumping off the tower in siege of shanghai in battlefield four as it’s falling

  • Fatnut

    Shit like this happens a lot on squad

  • Kingram

    what's the game at 2:13 it looks cool :)

  • Kostiqq

    Why alomst all videos shot on nokia?

  • Halfamillionandone

    When batman turns into a movie

  • WaffleDoge

    Literally every war game like battlefield is like a movie

  • Rapid Boi
    Rapid Boi

    1:37 what game is that?

  • EDLCSonofDavid

    This was spectcular

  • Matt Rush
    Matt Rush

    9:48 my Xbox 360 would start to frickin melt if I tried to run this sh*t lol

  • JayJay Golden
    JayJay Golden

    2:22 what game??

  • Puzzllie

    what game at 4:30

    • Puzzllie

      nevermind it says it in the corner

  • the_mr_chungus

    2:17 what is that game

    • Lord of Autism
      Lord of Autism

      Star Citizen

  • Ydrm_red

    Metal Gear...

  • A Turtle
    A Turtle

    0:14 what game is that?

    • A Turtle
      A Turtle

      @Lord of Autism ty

    • Lord of Autism
      Lord of Autism


  • Eric Krahn
    Eric Krahn

    Squad has turned into the craziest sim

  • A - Boy
    A - Boy

    What was the hot garbage from 2:30 - 3:25

  • 스네일.

    This video is fuckin incredible!

  • SteamManx


  • McIvor 14
    McIvor 14

    7:30 Micheal bays filming his next movie right behind me LMFAO

  • Quick Brick Films
    Quick Brick Films

    “When games turn into movies” *literally every second of battlefield 1

  • WeebGamerReacts

    8:26 i got freaked out XD

  • Ellimonkonkezo

    Battlefield 1 is like being on a movie, having explosions at your front

  • Zakk G
    Zakk G

    2:35 you’re going to brazil

  • Zeddiy

    Gta is just one giant movie scene

  • Fransiskus Robi Sanjaya
    Fransiskus Robi Sanjaya

    You should put scene from sea of thieves "Captaaaain Loooooook"

  • GooseXD

    i played ghost recon wild lands and I was driving in a tunnel with guys chasing behind me, I bashed into the other guys car at the side of the tunnel and it flew in the air spinning and exploded into another enemies car . I just went “omfg this game is good”

  • Callum Doolan
    Callum Doolan

    What was the game at 43 seconds?

  • Thomas Scott
    Thomas Scott

    I wish movies had actually amazing stunts. I'm currently watching asian action because hollywood is boring af these days.

  • Thomas Scott
    Thomas Scott

    Those battlefield clips were noice

  • Rob Fr
    Rob Fr

    This vid was awesome !

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader

    Everyone: We will be watching your career with great interest.

  • Legolas MVP
    Legolas MVP

    1:46 what is that game?

    • Lord of Autism
      Lord of Autism

      Hell Let Loose

  • rendezook

    2:35 to 3:24 reminds me of Interstellar with matthew mcConaughey.

  • Tornadozzz

    What game is 2:26

    • Lord of Autism
      Lord of Autism

      Star Citizen


    The black bars man! You forgot to add the black widescreen bars!!!

  • Tryuxx Gaming
    Tryuxx Gaming

    Bro every battlefront 2 big fight felt like a movie

  • bruhmango

    what game is at 0:44?

  • The Fizzlee NL
    The Fizzlee NL

    0:55 Michael bay: "write that down, write that down"

  • Linyou Younil
    Linyou Younil

    I was supposed to watch one clip and move to the next video … just watched the whole

  • Julius

    Alternate title: battlefield compilation

  • YourLocalAsher :P
    YourLocalAsher :P

    5:01 I can't tell if this guy did these stunts by accident or on purpose, because it looks like kinda both

  • Mattpanther08

    damn that gta one was epic

  • Hugo Cox
    Hugo Cox

    07:20 - Sitrep! - It's Michael Bay out here!

  • kean klein Delacruz
    kean klein Delacruz

    7:47 man thats pure beauty

    • kean klein Delacruz
      kean klein Delacruz

      The driver has nice driving skills🙃

  • Christian Sylvester
    Christian Sylvester

    what game is that at 2:13?

  • Prince Rao
    Prince Rao

    1:46 loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
    Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    What was the game and streamed at 2:21?

    • Lord of Autism
      Lord of Autism

      Star Citizen


    What's the game at 2:11?

    • Lord of Autism
      Lord of Autism

      Star Citizen

  • Mattex

    That RD2 clip was amazing...

  • Brandon Rosado
    Brandon Rosado

    What is this game called 1:24

  • Malthrax

    2:24 what game?

  • GnomeBalloon

    Hell let loose is one big movie

  • UnspokenSeal28 :3
    UnspokenSeal28 :3

    Does anyone know what game this is? 2:18

    • UnspokenSeal28 :3
      UnspokenSeal28 :3

      @Lord of Autism Thanks!

    • Lord of Autism
      Lord of Autism

      Star Citizen

  • Uncanny Valley
    Uncanny Valley

    7:30 “It’s Michael Bay’s next movie behind me!” God, I love Squad so much.

  • YaBoi Mop
    YaBoi Mop

    Why is no one talking about how good the last one is lol

  • paeel

    GTA V clip is Fast and Furious 78

  • Paul Edwards
    Paul Edwards

    The first clip looked like something in Die Hard

  • YamatoTheLegendary

    lol brazil in Microsoft Flight Sim

  • Gilang W
    Gilang W

    1:31 where is the 'God is Great' chant that we always saw in Liveleak footage?

  • Mark Stafki
    Mark Stafki

    2:45 serious interstellar vibes

  • Reflex Taze
    Reflex Taze

    6:30 and people still think TLOU2 was better

  • Fresenbet G.Y Adhanom
    Fresenbet G.Y Adhanom

    5:56 - Karma right there. Haha.

  • Poggers Gaming
    Poggers Gaming

    Which game is that at 2:11 ?

    • Biojäte

      Star Citizen

  • Owly

    Hell let loose always looks like a movie

  • SpunkyPixel

    In Verdun, every moment is like this and it's sick lol

  • uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemuhwem Osas
    uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemuhwem Osas

    2:13 What's the name of this game?

  • belaksniper

    what game is 2:12

    • Quay


Look a tank!!!
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