WOW! Caleb Kennedy Amazes All Three Judges With Original Song ‘Nowhere’ - American Idol 2021
The style, the talent, the grit...the mullet! Caleb Kennedy has it all. After auditioning for American Idol with an original, future-hit song of his called “Nowhere,” Katy Perry tells Caleb: “You better finish that song ‘Nowhere,’ because it’s gonna take you somewhere.” Caleb admits to lacking self-confidence, but Luke reassures him that he’s “just perfect,” and has a “voice that tells a story far beyond a 16-year-old.” Watch here to see why Lionel Richie feels Caleb has “mastered a storyteller’s voice,” and why he has great expectations for Caleb’s future!
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith

    I’m buying this song as soon as it’s on iTunes

  • Clay Allen
    Clay Allen

    Caleb>Fluke Combs

  • Hannah Woltman
    Hannah Woltman

    I cannot stop coming back to this video and watching. It's time for the radio. I heard this for the first time the night the show premiered it. Still thinking about it. So amazing. You're going places. ❤

  • Kesha Johnson
    Kesha Johnson

    Got my vote

  • Heidi Potvin
    Heidi Potvin


  • Isaac Silva
    Isaac Silva

    Come on South Carolina...... support!

  • Sinfully Unapologetic
    Sinfully Unapologetic

    He’s definitely going places.. a true star

  • frederick douglass
    frederick douglass

    this kid is a star! I don't like country, but this song WOW!!

  • Pounds Cake
    Pounds Cake

    That’s a single!!!

  • mike stuebe
    mike stuebe

    Wow young man keep doing what you're doing. Your saving country

  • Tristan Chandler
    Tristan Chandler

    For anybody that hasn’t realized it yet, he finished this song and released 3 more, go check them out🔥🔥

  • fhs2013cb

    If him and Alex did a song together I would not be upset ❤️❤️

  • Alfonso Stevens
    Alfonso Stevens

    I'm with you my South Carolina brother

  • Andrew Braulio Manzo
    Andrew Braulio Manzo

    Luke Bryan write that second verse!

  • Derrick Conley
    Derrick Conley

    Her fake accent makes me cringe!

  • Blair Adamson
    Blair Adamson

    He wrote this?! Wow

  • M .m
    M .m

    I being feeling this way since I moved to a small town. Thanks for writing nowhere

  • Tonya Kennedy
    Tonya Kennedy

    Someone is impersonating Caleb and asking you to email him. Kennedycaleb188@@t IS NOT CALEB. DO NOT RESPOND TO OR SHARE YOUR INFORMATION TO THIS EMAIL. Caleb is not responding to comments. He’s too busy. Don’t be fooled. - One Proud Stepmom

  • Jack Boysen
    Jack Boysen

    Just wow!!!

  • Locster 187
    Locster 187

    Man this kid has amazing talent what an amazing song writer and awesome voice this song is gonna take him to the top cant wait till its complete

  • Collin Martinez
    Collin Martinez

    Everyone saying luke combs he sounds alot more like tyler farr

  • kyleknapp1985

    Send that kid to Hollywood. Tell everyone else to go home. Here’s your winner. If it’s a true vocal competition.

  • Nic Rosen
    Nic Rosen

    obsessed with this song

  • Ethan 31
    Ethan 31

    Idk if your gonna read this but I’m a 20 year old that mainly listens to rap but man your the only person I’d listen too if you made some songs your relatable and just know how to make a song 10/10 bro

  • mick c
    mick c

    Nice Lad, obviously making use of his spare time.

  • Nicholas Rea
    Nicholas Rea

    This song sounds like it could be a radio hit. Sound a lot like Luke Combs

  • Janice Headman
    Janice Headman

    I love this kid. He is doing Spartanburg and Roebuck proud!!!

  • Danny mac
    Danny mac

    The full version he sang the other night was awesome, this kid definitely is going somewhere.

  • Ryan Braun
    Ryan Braun

    LET GO SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!🇺🇸

  • Spencer Rhyans
    Spencer Rhyans

    Can we get this song released already

  • Jose R Suarez
    Jose R Suarez

    Wowww,he is pretty good,amazing...!

  • Beverly Manning
    Beverly Manning

    I love this! He is so talented!

  • Jonathan Roos
    Jonathan Roos

    I need a full cover of this song🔥🙄

  • Mike Killagreen
    Mike Killagreen


  • Catherine Hagedorn
    Catherine Hagedorn

    Loooooove this kid....rooting hard for him to win, from Alabama

  • Mind the Pace
    Mind the Pace

    This guy is going to win.

  • De L
    De L

    Yeah Katie ‼️❤️‼️❤️

  • De L
    De L

    If it’s about a truck 🛻❤️‼️❤️

  • T Web
    T Web

    This song already sounds like its on the radio! Finish it and release it to us please!! You are amazing!

  • Michael Caudill
    Michael Caudill

    Alex is way better

  • Loki.777

    This song blew me away.

  • Suzy

    Voting for sure!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏prayers for this amazing, talented young man❤

  • Kevin Perez
    Kevin Perez

    “Hop in the truck just to get nowhere” fuckin genius

  • kelley Holbrook
    kelley Holbrook

    My favorite this year....

  • Lorrine Palmer
    Lorrine Palmer

    He doesn't have half the talent as Alex Miller

  • Authors LinkedIn
    Authors LinkedIn

    I’m from union sc 37 mins from him

  • Chance Lawter
    Chance Lawter

    Omg he lives in the next Town next over from me I live in union 🤯

  • Gilberto Mercado
    Gilberto Mercado

    Man I can’t wait till he puts that single out so I can blast it !! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kim Yarbrough
    Kim Yarbrough

    Love him, his music and his accent.

  • Meredith Taylor
    Meredith Taylor

    He’s got my vote and we live less than an hour away from each other so...

  • Troyal Kylestewa
    Troyal Kylestewa

    Keep it up Lil Big Bro ,

  • Grantstheman Phillips
    Grantstheman Phillips

    He’s going to win it all and a star

  • AZW Pressure Washing LLC
    AZW Pressure Washing LLC

    Luke knows he has got it. That Luke to Katie says it all. He has real talent and he is humble which is what it’s about.

  • Justin Schwartz
    Justin Schwartz

    What the?? That guy is gonna leave Brantley Gilbert and Tyler Farr as a boot-print in the ground

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    he looks like a young Blake.

  • alissa dunn
    alissa dunn

    I am now going to watch this season!

  • Jesse Griffeth
    Jesse Griffeth

    When I watched this guy audition, I was thinking, "Is this guy the Chad Kroeger of country music?"

  • Ron Jaime
    Ron Jaime

    Katy Perry hears country , talks with a country accent..

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Kid will be a legend

  • budlightrebel28

    happy belated bday

  • Cassidy Hale
    Cassidy Hale


  • Raiden3

    I dont normally like country but that song is absolutely awesome

  • Davidd Wrightt
    Davidd Wrightt

    Caleb will win it all. Country superstar

  • Christopher Waldrop
    Christopher Waldrop

    Damn this show makes me cry unlike any other.

  • TheOfficalTrumpMan 2024
    TheOfficalTrumpMan 2024

    He’s got my vote. Win or lose he’s country next superstar

  • Lexi Crotts
    Lexi Crotts

    He goes to my school! That’s insane

  • Hotboy Ant The NawfEast Bandit Got Dammit
    Hotboy Ant The NawfEast Bandit Got Dammit

    Just downloaded nowhere from his ep I've been listening to it on repeat all day

    • Shae Barnes
      Shae Barnes

      Me to !! I think I can hear Luke Bryan doing back up vocals can you hear it ?

  • Shae Barnes
    Shae Barnes

    HIS ON SPOTIFY !!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shae Barnes
    Shae Barnes

    CALEB has finished nowhere and released some more songs on his BG-chat channel !! Agh , SOO good !!

  • Saul A. Mireles
    Saul A. Mireles

    Hellauva a song sure do need to finish it ..I'd rock it in my truck👍👍

    • Shae Barnes
      Shae Barnes

      He has finished it ! Go to his BG-chat !

  • Allyson Le
    Allyson Le

    I wanna add this song to my playlist so bad!!

    • Shae Barnes
      Shae Barnes

      Check out his BG-chat he has finished it and posted more songs

  • Mason Johnson
    Mason Johnson

    Kinda reminds me of Luke combs

  • Kim Gordon
    Kim Gordon

    This 16 year old has my vote all the way. He’s a winner for sure!

  • Blake Barnett
    Blake Barnett

    Dang man! Heck yeah. Keep that outlaw sound ! !!!!!!!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Lisa Sironen
    Lisa Sironen

    Huge fan, can't believe some of his original songs aren't already on the radio. He is a star ❤️

  • Wannahitmyjuul15 Jm
    Wannahitmyjuul15 Jm

    Bday twins

  • Danny Letcher
    Danny Letcher

    Caleb! My boy!! You are a champ

  • Ken Yoshimoto
    Ken Yoshimoto

    Where the hell can we get that song!! Patiently waiting and it’s been a couple weeks now lol!

    • Shae Barnes
      Shae Barnes

      Released full song plus more on his BG-chat channel ❤️

    • The Yeeter
      The Yeeter

      He goes to my school

  • Sheba Harris
    Sheba Harris

    He is my favorite on American Idol. That boy is going to be someone if not idol then somewhere. And I can't wait to buy his album. His voice is amazing and he is getting my vote all the way to the top.

  • Tristan Haney
    Tristan Haney

    He reminds me of Luke combs, absolutely amazing.

  • Hope Byrd
    Hope Byrd

    I highly doubt Caleb will see this but you are extremely handsome and an amazing singer youll go somewhere in life anx i hope its amazing❤

  • Dee Day257
    Dee Day257

    Such a talented songwriter. 😮

  • Reece Martin
    Reece Martin

    The next Jason Aldean 👌🏻

  • LifeIs Good
    LifeIs Good

    Over the years of watching Americans Idol there’s always a performance that makes me rewind to hear that one again. This song written and performed by Caleb was just that. Wait...what? How does a 16 write lyrics that laser beam straight to my grown heart? What an amazing song writer. Love your humble ways and your outlaw edge.

    • The Yeeter
      The Yeeter

      He goes to my school

  • Tara Rhodes
    Tara Rhodes

    I predict this kid is going to be a huge star..imagine him 10 years from now. His writing at his age is incredible. Cant wait to hear him on the radio .

    • Caleb Kennedy
      Caleb Kennedy

      I want to Specially appreciate you for being a big fan. Thanks for your love and support, it means a lot to me. I want you to send me a direct message via hangouts using my personal email that will be indicated below. Also endeavor to add your name to the text so I can know you are the one texting because I don’t reply unnecessary messages. Hangouts mail:

  • Third Base Gawd
    Third Base Gawd

    Hes 16. Jesus Christ this kid is a Legend in the making. Fuck

  • flesher junior
    flesher junior

    The holistic tire tinctorially slow because bedroom cephalometrically phone round a brave refund. naive, rustic kilometer

  • Thomas Mallory
    Thomas Mallory

    Best that’s ever been on American idol!!!!

  • Josh Corliss
    Josh Corliss

    Bat I've seen on American idol ever Hands down

    • Josh Corliss
      Josh Corliss


  • Brad Lacko
    Brad Lacko

    Man shouldn’t be self confident about his voice hahahaha

  • Randall Waters
    Randall Waters

    This kid gas got what it takes. Best I've heard yet

  • William Heinsinger
    William Heinsinger

    This Young Man is Gonna make it BIGTIME, CHANGE My Mind.

  • Duan Van Wyk
    Duan Van Wyk

    Anyone els getting a luke combs vibe ?

  • Pat Rick
    Pat Rick

    Incredible talent. Kid can write lyrics AND sing. The next big thing right here.

  • Belonce Kamz
    Belonce Kamz

    Wow! He is not just an amazing singer but a songwriter too.❤️

  • Endless Fashion By Brandy
    Endless Fashion By Brandy

    I'm upset that they didn't air his duet! Whyyyy?!?!?!?

  • Emily G
    Emily G

    I'm jamming out to an incomplete song that is gonna be a hit no joke

  • Spencer Rhyans
    Spencer Rhyans

    So I need this made and released like now

  • Cheryl Draper
    Cheryl Draper

    Sounds a little like Luke Combs. Love it

  • Patrick Hackett
    Patrick Hackett

    He's got my vote

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