Beast Reacts

Beast Reacts
Beast Reacts

Chris and the MrBeast crew roast and review the internet's favorite life hacks and experiments.

  • ikaiko

    no.3 was in Japan right?

  • Yeeter One Two Three
    Yeeter One Two Three

    Wow great description.

  • vissen en anders
    vissen en anders

    6.12 i like fish 😭


    Respect for Chris wearing juice wrld merch 999 4 life

  • NelsonPlayz114 114
    NelsonPlayz114 114

    Unspeakable was in one of them

  • BiG dawg
    BiG dawg

    the editing in the react videos is way over the top and kinda annoying

  • Doggy

    I have Covid

  • Alexis Muse
    Alexis Muse

    #3 is X2 at six flags magic mountain and yall didn't even notice the flames that shoot out when you go through one of the loops :(

  • Iowa railfanner 101
    Iowa railfanner 101

    Ride number 4 I have scene and been on. It’s at adventure land in Altoona Iowa and the ride is called the dragon

  • BiG dawg
    BiG dawg

    the juice wrld shirt lmfao

  • Anusha A
    Anusha A

    Petition for jimmy to run the government

  • Santiago Romo
    Santiago Romo

    He said my life sucks and he called me stupid 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Sutton

    #3 is called X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita, Ca. My girlfriend and I went and she passed out on it last Sunday.

  • Reversalz

    I rode on number 15

  • Xd gibbe09game 1
    Xd gibbe09game 1

    can you do this whit karl

  • Mats_YT

    Nick King

  • theRaxo

    you should have reacted to the tron rollercoaster

  • eleonora trusso
    eleonora trusso

    One time I saw a man wearing a spiderman costume and he jumped on my n a car !!!!!!😨

  • SownFlea5

    Why isn’t wildfire on this?

  • ninjashark554

    ive been called cool

  • Owen Hopkins
    Owen Hopkins

    Editor: How many visual effects do you want? Jimmy: Yes

  • Madamia

    Hydraulic press’ can crush everything.” Yes, they can even crush kokichi 🤪🤪

  • minecart12e

    I like how his sub County is 6.9 Million. Manager to Reach this Chandler in time.

  • Myles Grodzienski
    Myles Grodzienski

    Number 13 I rode


    the last one was canibal in Utah in lagoon

  • Siena Cameron
    Siena Cameron

    Yeah the movie it’s probably older than I am because I’m 9😋

  • OficialBlox-cloud

    Me a washingmachine

  • Flora Pablo
    Flora Pablo


  • nerds alot
    nerds alot

    1 is in lagoon

  • PlayStation gamer
    PlayStation gamer

    This is why i like Jimmy's editor 2:17

  • Héctor Manuel
    Héctor Manuel

    We are in the funny number people

  • Krystal Brown
    Krystal Brown

    I'm allergic to dogs and have horrible Adhd

  • Eppie Marecheau
    Eppie Marecheau

    Stop posting sike lol I like your videos

  • RageMouze

    6,9M subscribers😎🥳

  • Tsunami Gamer
    Tsunami Gamer


  • Love Essling
    Love Essling

    ""Play a two second fight scene from naruto"" plays two seconds of boruto

  • luuk boddeke
    luuk boddeke

    Netherlands, efteling. Python and baron

  • Toma Minkauske
    Toma Minkauske

    Happy yesterday birthday jimmy😀

  • MushyManuel

    The first one is from 6 flags

  • Modiwynez

    6,9 million subscribers on this channel noice

  • Kamren Gant
    Kamren Gant


  • Settling Acorn
    Settling Acorn

    #23 was the hulk coaster in universal studios adventure island

  • FullTuber _YT
    FullTuber _YT

    Respect Chris’s shirt “Juice WRLD

  • Theo Blanke
    Theo Blanke

    Chris number 22 that u wanted to ride is in NC

  • Piper Calasanti
    Piper Calasanti

    6.9 mil

  • Isaac Shue
    Isaac Shue

    number 4 is called the monster in adventure land

  • tyson terry
    tyson terry


  • Danny Flores
    Danny Flores

    Chris likes juice:)

  • Regan Williams
    Regan Williams

    6.9M subs yes

  • Jojowinner1

    12k comment is right here

  • Jasper Jowitt
    Jasper Jowitt

    6.9M hehehhehehe i just had to...

  • Sophia Alexandra Rosa
    Sophia Alexandra Rosa

    This guy is amazing :D

  • sharkboy21 games
    sharkboy21 games

    Iron rattler is better than 30 its a 6 flags in San Antonio

  • Chris Dury
    Chris Dury


  • Cooper Fenton
    Cooper Fenton


  • Chris Dury
    Chris Dury

    Yo I've been on that it's called nemmesis and it's at Alton towers

  • Dana Camrud
    Dana Camrud


  • Tiny

    #4 is in bush gardens ive rode it its called cheeta it goes up to 60 mph

  • Dana Camrud
    Dana Camrud


  • Cash Flannery
    Cash Flannery


  • LING Yll
    LING Yll

    Chris likes roller coasters because it feels like you are going to die why would you want to die??

  • Ayazali icfpb
    Ayazali icfpb

    He is Pakistani

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    The number one roller coaster is called cannible and is in Farmington Utah

  • Controversial Coasters
    Controversial Coasters

    To all my fellow enthusiasts, this was funny just cuz of how GP they were 😂

  • Brayden Mulder
    Brayden Mulder

    1:08 Chris' wife be like; YOU *W H A T*

  • Darren Bellamy
    Darren Bellamy

    The wooden coaster is actually it a hibrid coaster

  • Lebo 6k Eddine
    Lebo 6k Eddine

    6.9M subs NICE

  • Anon Goffart
    Anon Goffart

    Happy birthday I'm a day late sorry happy birthday

  • battlethebollocks Rodgers
    battlethebollocks Rodgers

    Why is he beast? The content is made for low IQ, constantly focused on materialistic endeavor's... Channelling soy frequencies...steer you into disaster. Mindless dribble! This is definitely triple 6 programming....that's why he's goofy mr beast. Seemingly harmless, the slight of hand 🧤 has purpose

  • Dom The great
    Dom The great

    Let's start the movement #mrbeast2036 #mrbeastforpresident2036

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez

    Me seeing these rollercoasters Me getting scared in the 3-4 year old rollercoaster😂😂

  • Filip Filipsson
    Filip Filipsson

    I know one that should be on the list top speed 105 km/h it’s tilting like this / (almost) it standing still when it’s starting to tilt for 10 seconds. Some other you showed was like 70 and you said it was fast. The rollercoaster 🎢 has smoke when it’s under the ground. Just some of the things. Name valkyria

  • Winslow_Gaming

    6.9M? Nice

  • Jaguar Peters
    Jaguar Peters

    The last one is "Cannibal" at lagoon near Utah. It stops at the very top after going on an elevator. Hit me up if you will go with me!

  • ItsMeSophDaily

    Oml. The first roller coaster is at Lagoon in Utah and I go on it all the dang time it’s so fun.

  • Pokemongenix Coffman
    Pokemongenix Coffman

    29 is outlaw run in silver dollar city

  • Ian Garr
    Ian Garr

    I would vote for Jimmy

  • Ro Lee
    Ro Lee

    Just now watching one of your videos and I left you are ready

  • Chill Now
    Chill Now

    is it even a katana?

  • Eggrollgaming

    Cris has a juice wrld shirt my respect or him📈