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  • Morkanz

    They can make beautifull things when they let go their SWJ stupidity and the "if you don't like it, don't buy it" mentality. Guess you were the ones who had to change. Congrats

  • Nick

    Casualy no-scopes pilot out of a plane

  • Ferenc

    i can´t stop lookin


    I just realised when someone use it against me then i have nothing to do.

  • eight08jason

    only thing that was junk in my opinion is you have to always have a team to coordinate with to get these and that kinda sucks 😕. Also why wouldn't they make it an achievement unlocked when get these.

  • Mojammal Efty
    Mojammal Efty

    dead on arrival game

  • Strikefighter Xan
    Strikefighter Xan

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this guy's skill, like he's Crosshair.

  • Suck my toes hoe
    Suck my toes hoe

    is your graphics on low?

  • Jo Dalziel
    Jo Dalziel

    8:04 I think the german guy saying "hello" is a refrense from the end of the mission in the BF 5 story mode under no flag

  • Epic Mickey
    Epic Mickey

    Bruh, I hope the anti-cheat works lol

  • cornflake

    bro what this was 1 YEAR AGO and we still have shit audio

  • Fischstix95

    9:07 my man farted so hard he launched himself

  • Unknown

    better than cod

  • Cayden Porter
    Cayden Porter

    BF3: Iranian Warfare BF4: Chinese/Russian Warfare BH: The Second American Civil War BF1: The First World War BFV: Second World War

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    lol aim assist

  • Fighting Lion Enjoyer
    Fighting Lion Enjoyer

    5:24 damm, calm down Erwin Rommel The Des

  • Robert

    they dropped a bombshell? lol. battlefield bomb. get it? bombs are in battlefield? why aren't you laughing? what the hell? get the fuck out of my house.

  • xXxDeamonlordxXx

    Maybe some of them want to erase their negative K/D Ratio the easy way. I Play Hell let Loose, and there is no such Thing as a general K/D Counter. (as far as i know, at least) You see your Stats Roundwise, but not in General. What would be really Painful...

  • William

    f this game

  • Nathaniel Barker
    Nathaniel Barker

    How do you find populated games everytime i get on 5 its like 3 servers with 7 guys between them lol

  • Starlesslemon

    Still such a gorgeous game

  • Mr. Mochi
    Mr. Mochi

    With the quality of the graphics too, it would’ve been a great contender against modern day Warzone/MW2019. Tempted to watch the player numbers for a few weeks before I pick this up

  • William

    just play L4D2

  • ej mainville
    ej mainville

    Hey Jack, you dmshould try out the mothership blueprint tundra. I've think I've fallen in love. 😂

  • Gamer Crusader
    Gamer Crusader

    Jesus, this thing is gonna be like a thousand gigabytes

  • Василий Гаврилов
    Василий Гаврилов

    Just a roblox phantom forces graphics)))

  • SimpleAsDead

    Me who didn't played battle field even once: hmm interesting

  • metallicweeb


  • This clowns had a hard day
    This clowns had a hard day

    Hitting someone in the teeth with a anti vehicle rifle will never not be funny

  • Swathf 48
    Swathf 48

    When will Hazard Zone be revealed?

  • Kaden Schott
    Kaden Schott

    "one more shot and the ducks dead, quack quack mother fucker" -Jack Frags 2017

  • Archangel7th

    This is the AC Valhala we deserve

  • Mustafa Ziad
    Mustafa Ziad

    The shotgun guy with the PornHub tag didn't get lucky killing U twise it was pure skill and speed movement!

  • ShadowReaper2006

    I was worried it was gonna be a knockoff of Fireteam from Call Of Duty, this was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  • STK K
    STK K

    That MG3 sound tho. We don't get this in new BF games

  • Alluring Pegasu 13
    Alluring Pegasu 13

    many people came because it was free lol

  • Peter Turner
    Peter Turner

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  • Spaceman Spiff
    Spaceman Spiff

    At 8:43 does he hit the ammo storage on that tiger or just get lucky and catch them at super low health?

  • Steve

    I'm excited for this!

  • Kevin MacLeod
    Kevin MacLeod

    THANK GOD we can fix their shitty decisions this time and make actual game modes without their fucking specialists or gadgets.

  • Kevin MacLeod
    Kevin MacLeod

    But did they remove specialists and the awful weather effects yet? If not, the game flopped hard.

  • tittysprinkle

    Hey guys wake up, its 2014 and jackfrags just posted a new crazy awesome video! So keen to try it out! Who wants to hop on bf4 after school?

  • Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon
    Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon

    I remember the switch from CRT to LCD and noticed the refresh rate was wayyyy lower as well as the response time. So much blur and ghosting those first few years of LCD. So i returned the LCD and stuck it out with the CRT for a long while until better ones came out. The LCD made competitive counter-strike 1.6 very hard. Glad those days are over... ish.

  • pigmarty

    Warzone freaking sucks only have great graphic balance and that royal mode it’s way has been

  • CdotDeppe

    Is that boyinaband?

  • Technishon

    I am actually becoming more apprehensive the longer they go without showing proper gunfight gameplay...

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo

    Great video but my aim sucks 😢

  • Indiana Brunner
    Indiana Brunner

    I’m imagining a game mode where it is 64 vs 64 and everyone has knives. The MPV (most kills) of each team is given a gun, but will be marked. If someone else on your team gets more kills than you, then they get a gun and you go back to a knife.

  • zzz xxx
    zzz xxx

    I swear if fps games had a default skin this would be it

  • Frank Prutznal
    Frank Prutznal

    I want the Vietnam dlc from bfbc2 remade for new consoles

  • Lisa Moore
    Lisa Moore

    Me: Mum can we have battlefield 1. Mum: No we have battlefield 1 at home Battlefield 1 at home: battlefield 5

  • Donald Guerrero
    Donald Guerrero

    11:11 video Jack with the good vibes 🙏🏽

  • Raccon t.v
    Raccon t.v

    I need to see dragon valley 2021

  • MagicFanny

    Wait there is a starwars ester egg at King Snake near the edge of the map in a cage. Its Luke's lightsaber in a box. There is also a Forest Gump Easter egg i think at the shipyard with a dead body on a bench with a box of chocolates.

  • Gabriel Wagner
    Gabriel Wagner

    strike at karkand !

  • Simply Joker 00
    Simply Joker 00

    Team play is important to me I just hope is more deep with the vehicles

  • Robby Covello
    Robby Covello

    Yo we need a part two once the new one comes out



  • Suleiman Haider
    Suleiman Haider

    Also, Jack acting like he hasn't already won 3 BF2042 Esports tournaments.

  • Suleiman Haider
    Suleiman Haider

    I just want Frontlines back with BF Portal. Really dislike Breakthrough as because its a landslide for one side most of the time and I can play so much Conquest.

  • Ausmodeas

    Fingers crossed for some 2142 carrier gameplay.

  • Hoobering

    don't want to be over hyped but this looks like a game changer

  • Zhello

    BFV is alright. I don't feel like a badass in it compared to BF3 and BC2. And those moments brought forth some good games and players to play with. TPA was a very great platoon to fight with and against. Also I miss RUSH. BFV is so *agonizing* to play when you can't 24/7 Rush Mode.

  • Col L
    Col L

    8:14 THAT RIGHT THERE! Now THAT is what makes battlefield better than any other game. That was trailer level shit almost I never see trailer level shit in any game I can think of

  • LJT

    I want to see a 64 vs 64 metro at a major event with commentary, I wouldnt want to look away from the screen


    Conquest layouts make the battlefields feel empty.

  • Kalim

    Hardline was definitely meant for people that like playing as infantry, which is why it's my favorite

  • Harrison Manthei
    Harrison Manthei

    I personally feel that Bf5 at its final state had become one of my favorite Battlefield games around. They nailed the game's physics.

  • 10secondsrule

    Looks good, especially the world. Shame the enemies are as dumb as ever. With all the progress how come this never gets any better? And those animations… so stiff and unnatural.

  • iMad

    Man that gun bench 15:31 looks awesome, customizing the colour of your camo is pretty awesome!

  • Jaque- C
    Jaque- C

    no dynamite! we are past a powder in 2042. exceptance noses.

  • Instead Of Mayo
    Instead Of Mayo

    OH MY GOD The garand has a grenade attachment?

  • Dominik Aleksić
    Dominik Aleksić

    I remember playing this through childhood, loved it

  • Filipe Carvalho
    Filipe Carvalho

    what is the best? Call of duty vs battlefield 2042? what is the best to buy?

  • Chicken god
    Chicken god

    I just found out about this in 2021....murica


    They should call it Battlefield Remix instead. Portal just makes me think of... Portal.