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  • ITTzDare Bear
    ITTzDare Bear

    i got a question. Did mac jones have to go through inconsistency because of COVID? No. Fields did however, so we are just going to overlook that

  • dlp2600

    New Orleans Saints should snag him up and let him sit for a minute in Saints offense Mills would be awesome. He has the size, arm, smarts to run the offense.

  • Surfer Bob
    Surfer Bob

    Nobody is creepier on earth then Mike Greenbergsteinrosenbergsteinrosen

  • caper087

    Mel it’s not a completely different situation .. ones black n ones white.. green said if fields was to say that the roof would fall off

  • caper087

    Uh oh here we go 👀 lol

  • caper087

    Just because you Goto Stanford doesn’t mean you can read nfl defenses... might mean your book smart but certainly doesn’t mean your anything but book smart .. I mean he might be but it’s not “obvious” lol

  • AriSafari293

    This is what espn looks like with Lebron injured hahahahaha

  • Jamie Kent
    Jamie Kent

    The Florida Gators by 50pts 2021 lol

  • scd123

    These analysts right now: davis mills will be the 6th qb taken in the draft These analysts 2 days from now: davis mills will be the 2nd overall pick

  • Anon Mouse
    Anon Mouse

    trevor is a spoiled rotten white boy that has been handed life on a golden platter and believes he is better than other people on the planet. Don't draft the white boy or draft and watch him fail - cut your loser it is not 1970

  • Joe Harrison
    Joe Harrison

    I am sick of draft talk. Have the draft tomorrow. Maybe one of these experts will get something right. I will be drafted first ahead of Clemson qb.

  • Rodney Morrow
    Rodney Morrow

    I'm tired of having a quarterback why I got to count Mississippi before he gets hit

  • Niccolo Canziani
    Niccolo Canziani

    49ers are NOT taking Mac Jones....

  • Michael Levier
    Michael Levier

    Wait is Keyshawn Johnson even in Hall of Fame among all of the HBCU greats ?

  • Michael Levier
    Michael Levier

    Keyshawn Johnson its not down a level to coach at a HBCU! Know your history and don’t disrespect all of the Hall of Famer’s from HBCU’s. Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Michael Strahan and many others.

  • Jimmy

    bro a black Ohio St qb though yikes

  • Krandle 47
    Krandle 47

    This is trash

  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders

    No real red flags about fields

  • Jimmah Stinson
    Jimmah Stinson

    Desmond rocked this....

  • Jimmy

    AJ Hawk has the charisma of a wet sock

  • Jimmah Stinson
    Jimmah Stinson

    Jones is better off late in the round.... Greeny is a punk.....

  • Notfrom Thisworld
    Notfrom Thisworld

    49ers need this kid

  • Jeff Tee
    Jeff Tee

    Every year ESPN hypes QBs to boost draft ratings. Anyone who thinks Davis Mills could be the best QB in this class is smoking rocks. “Greeny” is a tool, and if McShay and Kiper were any good at what they do, they would be leading Scouting depts for NFL teams.

    • Randy Daniels
      Randy Daniels

      It has happen like Dak, Rogers, and I am definitely not saying that it's even possible but Brady 🐐 fell to the 199 pick never say never in the NFL draft

  • Chris A
    Chris A

    these teams are reachinggg

  • Brandon Fouts
    Brandon Fouts

    Fake it till you make it

  • Trey CPA
    Trey CPA

    All these QBs have about the same window of success. I will say that there is an advantage to throwing at CBs in the Power 5 vs other conferences, but that’s what practice and development comes in by the coaching staff.

  • Zeppelin L
    Zeppelin L

    Did not know that Drew Carey was the best walk on ever. (thumbnail)

  • Anon

    Who said they didn't get other opportunities and they preferred working with HBCUs?

  • Shawn Zachery
    Shawn Zachery

    For real Keyshawn? Don’t try and clean it up. Just think if all the talent came to HBCUs like back in the day it wouldn’t be considered stepping DOWN 🙄

  • Kazaam818

    I just want my Steelers to get Jaelen Phillips

  • Tommy Bryant
    Tommy Bryant

    Mac is not going to have the player he has at Alabama, he going to have pro players all around him he can only throw the ball they will have to catch them after all they are pro's go mac go and ROLL TIDE ROLL

  • Neogamerfort

    Do more interviews with head coaches talking about NFL draft prospects

  • Alex Grigoryev
    Alex Grigoryev

    It's manufactured so my jags don't pick him up the league hates us

  • Ae_2_Live

    Just like they did Lamar they doing to Justin Fields so I’m praying Justin prove them wrong big time

  • Parnell Speed
    Parnell Speed

    As an HBCU grad, Keyshawn's condescending words bother me. Just because USC made of bunch of money off of his back because of how the racist rollout of integration helped them steal top talent like him from HBCUs for the last few decades doesn't make USC and schools like it just makes them wealthy thieves. Hats off to Eddie George and Deion Sanders for doing what they can to bring HBCU sports back to its former glory.

  • JB

    I will never understand why you would predict a mock trade in a mock draft

  • Randy Daniels
    Randy Daniels

    Mond,Trask, Mills one or all will be the steal in the draft

    • Randy Daniels
      Randy Daniels

      @MAGA Productions it's a great chance of that happening given draft history, I hope Fields, Lawrence, and Wilson have decent careers

    • MAGA Productions
      MAGA Productions

      One of them will be the 2nd best QB in this draft. Zach Wilson, Fields, and Lance will all be busts.

    • Randy Daniels
      Randy Daniels

      @tajmier Laws Tampa, Pittsburgh, New England

    • tajmier Laws
      tajmier Laws

      To who tho? They won’t be immediate starters on any team til 2022 unless injury takes place

  • Gaming Dreams
    Gaming Dreams

    Woke espn trying to to destroy a white man's career.

  • Hum Dee
    Hum Dee

    Really weird seeing ESPN College or ESPN in general talk HBCU. Cause I just scrolled through this channels playlists (for clarity before I posted) and not one HBCU has a page connected or even talk, none dated until Primetime became head coach of JSU. Just stating what I saw, and if I'm wrong, then please correct me...this is just my opinion!

  • What Fruit
    What Fruit

    Hooo boy I can't wait to watch the jaguars ruin this kid. Ryan Leaf/Johnny Manziel 2.0

  • FitzWorld

    Justin Fields pretty much fills the void of us missing out on Deshaun Watson. Justin Fields is who I would like to as a 49er.

  • Justin Carr
    Justin Carr

    He's going to Washington at 19#, feel free to @ me april 29th.

  • Led Zeppy
    Led Zeppy

    I'm a Steelers fan and I'm hoping they take Mills in the 2nd round.

  • Alex Graham
    Alex Graham

    Because he’s trash

  • JB

    Mac Jones would’ve been there at 6 or maybe 12

  • Drake Willis
    Drake Willis

    how can you say ATL is gonna be a team that needs a qb pretty soon? so much hate for a hof qb in matt ryan.

  • They Call Me Pappy
    They Call Me Pappy

    But this guy shouldn’t be talked about, he’s not that good 😂 Trask and Mond are the ones not being talked about enough.

  • GooogleMan

    If Justin was white with exact same skill set this wouldn’t even be a conversation 🤦🏾‍♂️ Wait..... Trevor is a white version of Justin 🤔

  • Bryce T Sawyer
    Bryce T Sawyer

    I wasn't impressed watching Stanford. Maybe he will be a better pro

  • twinz2008

    Huge red flag, he won't win any Superbowls. Especially on a team like the Jags

  • spurtree1

    Mills and Monds from A& M could turn out to be the steals of the draft. Mac Jones will end up being a perennial back up with starting potential. Lawrence, Fields and Lance have the highest ceilings. Whomever lands in San Francisco will be in the best situation if they can sit a year behind Jimmy G. Nothing to say about Wilson other than the weakest schedule of top 5 and lost to Coastal Carolina I believe. Baker would never have let that happen 🤨😂! Spencer Rattler has better arm talent than Wilson. Just saying 🤔.

  • myko freder
    myko freder

    Look at the feet of Task and Mills on the highlight, who's looking all over the field and who locks their feet in concreate. Mills feet are lose and looks for receivers, did not see a lot of deep throws in the highlight. If the Bears take Trask in the 2nd round, it's a waisted pick, 5th round OK, I would be excited if they took Mills in the 2nd. Even in the small number of highlights shown here you can see him hunting for receivers, most of the bottom half QBs in the NFL and almost all the collage QBs show that characteristic rarely. Nagy complains he cannot make his calls, what's he mean, his QB gets locked into 1/2 or 1/3 of the field on setup and he is forced to roll him out to delay setup and layer receivers in front of the QBs fixed eyes.

  • Jakefrum St8farm
    Jakefrum St8farm

    Its the NFL!.. You need an edge.. He will not have the best talent around him like in college and highschool.. He is going to get sackes alot.. What will keep you going? Honestly its not Trevors comments that worry me.. Its the father and coaches comment.

  • Sed Said
    Sed Said

    Niners are taking him or Mac Jones at 3 overall

  • JT

    thats cause nobody knows who davis mills is

  • The Realist
    The Realist

    Mac Jones feels it..recognizes it. He’s gonna be a beast in the NFL!

  • Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson

    I hate this game 🤮🤮😫

  • Kareem Lopez
    Kareem Lopez

    HBCUs need to be represented. Keyshawn need to wake up. These coaches should be honored to coach at an HBCU. Our black players need to come to where they are appreciated at an HBCU.

  • Reed Thompson
    Reed Thompson

    As a Memphis fan its sorta weird seeing this guy playing for our former coach

  • Joey Hernandez
    Joey Hernandez

    Think your mock draft is wrong there mel

  • Jeff Wilson
    Jeff Wilson

    I have Mills drafted in the 95 round or never.

  • Left Coast
    Left Coast

    Mac Jones is and will be the best QB in the 2021 NFL Draft. Remember this comment.

  • Mark

    He just has a very good understanding of the game and his decision making is top-notch. He plays with his brain rather his athleticism, but obviously no one is gonna appreciate it because his game doesn’t produce flashy highlights. He will be a decent starter in the pro ONLY IF he falls into the right system

  • Jason Clements
    Jason Clements

    Players !!!

  • ryan geck
    ryan geck

    He has one of the most successful lives I’ve ever seen he’s a true hero and deserves all the recognition he got but he got the recognition because he wasn’t searching for the recognition he was just waking up every day to do the right thing great dude

  • Andres Rivas
    Andres Rivas

    I like Justin, but it won’t work in sf...

  • Nautilus1972

    Anyone look at Mills' stats? There's why.

    • MAGA Productions
      MAGA Productions

      College stats don't matter. Scouts look for traits, not stats. Justin Herbert, Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Jordan Love all had underwhelming or even bad college stats. Case Keenum set a bunch of college records and went undrafted. You're a casual.

  • Steven Griffin
    Steven Griffin

    The saying is he can “ light the field on fire “ the division is grown men ( half NFL rosters come in as free agents schools like NDSU)

  • Roxum Eternal
    Roxum Eternal

    Roll tide !!!

  • Joshua Ferrell
    Joshua Ferrell

    These type of inexperienced/talented college qb's rarely pan out in the NFL. Plus, he's dealt with some injuries. It's going to take atleast 2 years to develop him as he needs in game reps. To me, he shouldn't be drafted until round 3. Kellen Mond has the most upside outside of the top 5 qbs in this draft. Plenty of college game experience, less of a project.

    • Mad Willi
      Mad Willi

      Yeah they should go to teams that have a Vet QB to sit behind for 1 or 2 years

  • Private Brown
    Private Brown

    Tomorrow Mills will be #3.

    • Fox Noel
      Fox Noel

      Next on ESPN “will Justin fields get drafted?” And “why Mac Jones is the next Cam Newton”

  • mistajones315

    If the bears take trask, ill be looking for a new team to root for

    • MilkMan Productions
      MilkMan Productions


    • Nautilus1972

      There's a fan ...

  • Charlie Steinberg
    Charlie Steinberg

    Josh Rosen 2.0

  • Scottie Pimpin
    Scottie Pimpin

    3 QBs from Georgia in first two rounds

    • Scottie Pimpin
      Scottie Pimpin

      @Escaped Away born in Tennessee raised in GA, he's a Georgia boy

    • Escaped Away
      Escaped Away

      Lawrence is from Knoxville, TN...

    • Scottie Pimpin
      Scottie Pimpin

      @Aplestamatos2 Lawrence Fields and Mills

    • MilkMan Productions
      MilkMan Productions

      @Aplestamatos2 Lawrence

    • Aplestamatos2

      Fields and who else?

  • True GA Champion
    True GA Champion

    Alabama did not win the title this year. It was not an official year. The title remains vacated. Like AL fans would let that go for the rest of us. They changed the freaking schedule for them several times before the year started a lot like they change the rules for them every time they lose to Auburn. They can not win when its a fair playing field. Figures.

  • Sharrybay Thompson
    Sharrybay Thompson

    give it a couple days and you'll have these espn experts saying Davis Mills will go before Justin

    • Richard Joseph
      Richard Joseph

      @Surfer Bob OSU where good high school QB'S go to ruin their careers!!

    • Surfer Bob
      Surfer Bob

      I’d take Davis over Fields without blinking. Those dudes that go to Ohio State, do they actually expect to have an NFL career? Fields should have went to Michigan, anywhere that runs a pro offense. The Cardinal runs pro sets. USC. Alabama. Lots do but Ohio State doesn’t. I wouldn’t have Fields on my draft board. Wasted pick.

    • Richard Joseph
      Richard Joseph

      @MAGA Productions Ok Monds played at Texas A&M & Fields played in the Big 10 but I agree Fields sucks. People who think he's an elite QB don't watch film!!

    • MAGA Productions
      MAGA Productions

      He should. Won't take a lot for Mills to be another Kirk Cousins. Fields will be a bust. Mond is better than him, but Mond had a bad supporting cast at Mizzou and had to face top SEC defenses while Fields pad stats against cupcake Big 12 defenses on a stacked Ohio State team.

    • Randy Daniels
      Randy Daniels

      No not before Fields that would be crazy most likely he will be a 2nd or 3rd pick by New England, Pittsburgh, or Tampa Bay

  • Juggie Bonebrain
    Juggie Bonebrain

    Trevor is a hippie, maaaan.

  • Juggie Bonebrain
    Juggie Bonebrain

    Let's just say, if he doesn't have a chip on his shoulder now...he's gonna when he's mowed down by a defensive player a few times

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide

    I'm hoping these terrible qb are taken im 1st push the genrational talent to my team .lol plz force 49ers to take feilds my team plays them thus yr 🤣 😂 😅